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Scene Title Patience
Synopsis Desree and Brian are out on a walk
Date Januar 19 2009

Roy Wilkins Park

The evening is a pleasant one, the breeze soft and welcoming for the fraying nerves of Desree. The long cotton dress, layered at the skirt shifts with her walking, her rms folded infront of her. Biting at her lower lip, she curls her fingers around the paper she had read and re-read a dozen times.
Stepping off the walking path and deeper into the darkened shadows of the trees. Her free hand reaches into the small purse hanging at her side, brushing over the phone with in. Dark hair is undone from the braid earlier, long waves and kinks brushing about her face.

And right behind her is the somewhat more anxious and rambunxious Brian. The jacket zipped up tightly around him. For once he's not wearing a hat. As he walks behind Desree, he frequents stops at different trees. Jumping to test and see if he can reach the lowest branch. Minimal effort is put into climbing the various trees and he gives up quickly, but gives it a try anyway.
Finally with a huff, the young man falls in behind the girl, walking close up behind her. "Whatya readin?"

Desree looks down at the paper and then over at Brian a bit. "Just thinking.." She says and folds it up to stuff it away in her purse. She turns to smile at him. "You like to climb?" She asks, having noticed his antics not far back. The woman moves over to one of the trees and reaches up, with a small jump to try to grasp at a clear enough branch. She misses and falls back to her feet. Hmmming softly, she tries again and still does not make it.

"About Rickham?" He asks, "The whole president thing?" Brian intones gently, but when she asks him a question he gives a shrug. "Not really. Just bored." He confesses to her with a little grin. "Not that you're boring, but you kinda are." He teases, following her over to a tree. Arching a brow at her attempts he just shakes his head. "You're great at this."

She throws him a look. "Boring and now you mock me.." She trills her fingers in the air and turns on him, stalking closer. "Ready for magic touch?" She asks and grins slowly as she closes the distance between them and reaches for his arm. She laughs and her smile grows, showing her teeth.

"Mock? What are you fifty?" Brian asks, taking a step back, his own grin growing as she comes after him. "Don't come a step closer, woman. I have a rape whistle, and don't think for a minute I won't use it." He declares, taking another step back.

That causes a laugh from her and she watches him with her mirth growing. Slender fingers reach out for him and she takes a quicker step after him. "Whistle away…I am sure they will believe it is you." She waggles her brows. "Us women are always the victims." She grins at this, her dark hair bobbing away from her face as she makes a lunging grasp for him.

"Rape!" Brian yells out, throwing his arm back as he stumbles back and away from Desree's grasp. Backpedalling swiftly he manages to turn and full on run away from the attacking girl. His course is to run into a loop and then he leaps powerfully up to grasp the branch that Desree had attempted and failed to get into. Pulling himself up quickly he attempts to make a safe perch up and away from the shocky fingers.

Placing her hands on her hips as she looks up from where she stands below the branch, she smiles. "Come down here." She says and looks about, hoping that people hadn't heard the cry. Desree taps her foot and then eyes the middle of the tree and the smaller branches she might use to get herself up. THe dress could be a problem, but she moves then, trying to wedge herself up. She goots one foot up into the larger mid branches, gritting her teeth as she starts to climb up and in.

"Heyull no." Brian says adamantly. Then as she starts to climb, Brian shakes his head. "You're gonna rip your dress or something and then you're gonna be all nakey, and cold in the park. At night time." He warns, suggesting this is not a good idea. "Just stay down thurr."

"How come you get all the fun.." She says and is already starting to get herself up and in, grasping tightly to the tree in fear of falling. Looking back down, she gets a bit dizzy but closes her eyes and breathes. Slowly she starts to make her way to the branch he is now on, carefully placing a foot against the intersection where his branch meets the main part of the tree.
Her other foot follows, slowly as she reaches out for something to grab onto.

And there's his hand, grasping hers, going to pull her up into the little nook that he is perched in. Using both hands to pull her up, he is careful not to make her dress go windy and whatnot so nothing embarrassing happens. But once she's finally settled he grins. "Cause I'm fun, and funny. Once you learn to be fun or funny you can have fun too."

The thing she holds is not covered in bark, rather it is warm and fleshly. Her slender figure is lifted easily and she gets one arm up over the nook and then she is sitting there after a bit of situating. "So I am not fun then?" She asks, drawing a few deep breaths to stave off her racing heart and dizzy head.
Desree doesn't look down, instead she fixes her eyes to him whom she sits next to. "I think I'm fun!"

He gives a little laugh. "Go ahead and think whatever you want, dearie." Brian says with a little grin. He glances over at her then down to the ground. "Are you afraid of heights? It's like six feet down." He says, narrowing his brows a bit. "If you fell you'd get a little bruisey. No biggie." He says, trying to comfort her.

"Well then, if you don't think I am fun, why are you here?" She asks and seems to avoid the topic of heights. "Heights..oh..just fine. I know its only six feet." She murmurs something and brushes hair from her face. Her free hand clenches the branch beneath her though.

"I'm fun enough for both of us!" He says cheerily. Brian looks down again and gives a little shrug. "It's okay to be scared." He comments softly, one arm slipping around her shoulders. "I'm not scared enough for the both of us, okay?"

The added support from his arm seems to drain some of her nervousness. "Then what am I for the both of us?" She asks, grinning a bit. "You can't have two things. Serious and scared aren't exactly positives." Desree smirks a bit and gazes downward a long moment, her eyes fixing on the ground.
The soft wind stirs the edges of her dress and the curls in her hair. Her lips part, as if she were to say something, though nothing comes.

A little smirk comes up at her yelp, his head going to lean against the tree. "Calm down, kiddo." He says, grinning a bit. "I won't ever hurt you." Brian attests, "Even though you hurt me all the time. Stupid magic shocky fingers."

"I know you won't.." She says and looks out over the park a moment. Her hand lifts to look at her fingers, turning it in the light. Desree replies softly and offers him something to consider. "Its not shock like all the time.." She admits and folds her hand back to her lap. She looks at him as her next words come, "You said that my powers could help you feel thats true for you? I you use them that way? And how?"

"Well.. I would make an awesome three legged racer.." He starts, "An interpretive dance team, street basketball, charade champions forever." He rambles off the list of productive things he could give to society. Brian gives a little shrug. "I'm tryin'." He adds on a more serious note.

She smiles at his words and lets her feet swing a bit, but at his last she considers him a moment, "We all are." She intones in understanding as a finger lifts to tap his chest lightly. "It is the intention that counts." She says, "And from what I can tell, its all good in there." Her hand rests there a moment, very lightly.

"Thanks." He says softly, his arm still left to dangle around her shoulders. His eyes wander away from her for a moment to idly examine the rest of the park below. He doesn't seem to mind the hand on his chest, he doesn't really make any outward reaction to it.

The hand is drawn back and rested into her lap as feet swing back and forth slowly. Desree shifts and unexpectedly her arm is around his lower back and her side leaning against him as he sighs. "All we can do is try…the world is not…fixed yet. It won't be for a long time and there are those that will never want it we have to try, to make up for all the evil in this world." Her face is unreadable, staring outward her gaze remains, as if searching. "You better start making up now for my lack of fun." She says in some mirth.

"God. I think you're like infecting me." He murmurs, when her arm goes around him, his heart starts brutally beating against his chest, though he makes no outward reaction. "Making me boring." He teases quietly, tilting his head back he lets out a little yawn. "I saw Kameron again." He brings up, to break the silence. "She's nice. I've never had a blind friend before."

"Sorry, it happens. I am just dull like that." She smirks a bit, gazing out over the park's landscape. "She was very nice. I agree. How is she by the way?" She asks and tilts her head down to look at her slip-on shoe which has become somewhat loose.

"Good I guess. She lives in the same building you do." He points out. "First floor.. uhh she told me the room number but I forget. She said if we're by there we could stop in and say hi and whatever." Brian says, his head slowly tilting to the side, going to rest itself on top of her head.

"We should.." Desree starts, not having realized how close she lived to the woman. As the weight of his head rests on her own, she freezes in place. Her smile increases and a color slowly settle to her cheeks. Turning slightly against him, her other arm wraps around him. Her knees brush his and she closes her eyes, cheek soon resting on his shoulder, helping to support his head. "How are you trying to help?" She asks again in a whisper.

Now it's his turn to freeze. His free hand twitches nervously for a moment. He gives a little shrug at her question which may not help the whole head on head on shoulder thing. "You know.." He says lightly, trailing off, clearly not going to add anything after that.

"I just thought..I could help too. It seems you have more surity of what more you are doing." Desree's eyes open slowly and she adds, "I can help my kids, but not too much. I could reveal myself and help the cops..but I don't..want to register." She whispers and holds more tightly to him. "I am sorry…its just. You are the first person I have shared this with. I don't know if I could go public…it scares me, more than heights." She admits.

"Don't tell the cops." Brian says softly. "I donno.. Maybe if you just wait God'll give you something you can do.." He offers, giving another gentle shrug. "Just be patient."

"You are right." She says and then lifts her head, probably shifting his own. Her arm stays around him, but her other loosens a moment, hand now resting on his chest. "I won't tell them." She wrinkles her nose slightly and eyes him, "If this is too boring for you amazingly fun self..we can go get ice cream. I don't want to rub off on you too much."

"Oh, shut up." He mutters, his hand going up to hers, going to grasp it and put it where it was before, forcibly. "It's too cold for ice cream." Brian notes, releasing her hand.

That draws her closer again and she blinks, coloring a bit at her cheeks. Her hand rests where he puts it, Desree's own heart now hammering. That faint smile remains though, her gaze softening from its surprised look. "Alright.." She says, presses her lips together in jest of being quiet. Slowly her head moves to rest against his, her temple against his jawling and the back half on his shoulder. "You should come with me to Rhode Island in a month.."

"Eh. Maybe." He responds, resisting moving his head as to not disturb hers. "It might be hard to get off work.. I'd love to Des. It just.. It might be important that I be here." Brian says softly.

"It's okay.." she says gently and then adds, "I could barely get the time off as it I know how you feel. I thought I would offer." Desree opens her eyes and stares at the side of the tree a moment or two. Her head lifts, getting a slight kink in her neck. The warmth her cheek had found is not brushed over by the wind and she shivers a moment. There is a hesitance about her and slowly she tilts her head, leaning in to place a kiss against his cheek.

"I'm not saying no." Brian corrects, "I just.. I'll try. We'll see though. There's a lot of stuff going on and—" And suddenly there are lips on his cheek. He freezes up, and his face reddens as his eyes go wide for a moment.

At his shock, Desree pulls back a moment and colours as well. "I am sorry.." She starts and clears her throat. Her hand comes from around him and she sits up slowly at his side, not so much leaning against him anymore. She nods then, trying to redirect the topic. "Yes..if you can..that would be nice, but I understand." She looks away, her eyes flitting here and there somewhat embarrassed.

"No, wait, wait, wait." Brian quickly interjects, bringing up one hand to her shoulder. "Pretend I'm not totally awkward and a social retard and whatever, and try that again. Just.. go again." He pleads.

Okay, that is odd. Desree blinks at him and uhhs softly, her lips parting. "Alright.." She barely says. Swallowing, she bites at her lips before releasing them and then leaning in to gently place a kiss upon his cheek, as she had before.

With her approval of his requested do-over, the young man rotates his head after the second kiss on the cheek. He leans in to press a kiss aginst her lips, his arm climbing around her back as he does.

Her breath catches this time, not truly expecting this change in the moment she was asked to replay. Desree tenses in his arms and slowly her eyes close. Her nose brushes his before her head tilts. Kissing him gently, she does not pull away, her hand lifting to brush at his cheek, a roll of butteflies climbing in her chest.

After a long moment Brian finally parts, a little smile climbing up his lips. He can't help but let out a little laugh. Leaning back he gives her a broad smile. "You liiiike me." He says in a sing song tone.

She smiles as well and then stares at him. "Well you like me too!" She states, giving his chest a gentle push with her hand. Desree blushes this time, rather brightly as she looks away. " was just a kiss..and it was a short one at that. You can't prove anything." She smirks at this tries to hide her smile as she turns away, dark waves bobbing about her face.

Brian keeps grinning, though his arms are still locked around her. "You liiike me, you wanna be my giiirlfriend." Leaning forward he plants another kiss on her cheek. His eyes practically twinkling.

Her lips part in surprise and she laughs, turning to face him again. "What if I do?" She asks, her cheeks still red. Desree grins at him and then places her arms back around him again. She leans in to meet his gaze closeup. "You are just fooling yourself.." She murmurs, her smile brilliant before her nose touches his.

"I guess I'll keep you around." He says, despite the large smile still creeping up his cheeks. Pressing his forehead aginst hers, his grip around her lessens slightly. "It's cold out here. Maybe we should go back to your place or something."

Nuzzling her forehead to his, she laughs and smiles, "thanks..glad you want to." Desree's brown eyes open slightly and she nods. "Yes, that is definitely a good idea." Noticing the cool breeze now, she shivers a moment and then pulls away, gazing down with a bit of reservation.

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