Patient Endurance


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Scene Title Patient Endurance
Synopsis Brennan and Michelle find out what's behind the second picture
Date January 23, 2010

Brennan Household, Brooklyn

It had started out as a lark. One of the young recptionists in the office of the medical group had been talking about it. This website thing and how she'd cracked it and there was this audio file. In the interest of keeping in touch with his staff - and so that they'd focus on work, he'd had her show everyone the file. Download the image, unecrypt it and voila. Garbled but, audible. Had been interesting.

Then she'd come in again, said there was another one. She couldn't figure it out though.

"Susan, you're pulling my leg, someones putting in secret files behind pictures and putting the information in the New York Times online? Just pay attention to our patients today instead of this thing please? I'm fine with you cruising the net in between patients and work but remeber that you're on my time" Brennan had chided and carried about his day.

The picture though, the new picture that was up and not the imploding mushroom cloud, haunted him, niggled at the back of his head. What was familiar about that picture? It was an organism of some sort. The text across the image had niggled at him too. Everything niggled.

He eased through the door of his home, kissed Michelle good day, kissed the kids and carried on with life in the Brennan Household as normal. Eat dinner, talk about school, fingers moving as much as lips do to include Marlena in the conversation. Baths, cartoons, tuck them all away for the night in their beds safe. No going out tonight, the two of them we're going to stay in tonight. Which left them parked in front of the TV. Michelle had her reading glasses on, going through some medical journal, highlighting things as she went.

Brennan had the laptop on his back, staring at the picture, left arm around Michelle's shoulders. "You have been staring at that for some time love"She murmurs in her accented English. "Maybe you will not figure it out? "

"Or maybe I will. Susan kept looking at the page source but…" But, something tweaks him about the picture. He's bringing up another window in chrome, tabbing back and forth and writing down things. "Susan thinks it's a conspiracy by the government. Someone released the picture and then there was the news article about the incident down in Antarctica?" He's not a conspiracy hound.

"Someone played a hand and they had to release information" Michelle murmurs, looking over the top of her glasses at him. "The government doe snot always show it's hand, you know that, even more so with regards to things that are not on american soil hmm?"

"true" He answers, still tapping away. "What do you think the picture is about?" He points to the printed out image on the couch beside him.

"I think that it's… a biological specimen under a microscope is what I think it is love" There's a playful smile on Michelle's lips. "Why this interest in this? Why did you not leave this to Susan to do?"

"Because I'm curious. That's a CDC image and it's not exactly one that would be available to everyday john Q publ-" He stops, raising his brows at what he's got up. "It's the poem" He grabs up the picture, holding it up to the screen before unwrapping his arm from around his wife and sitting up straight.

Patient endurance:

the foremost austerity.


the foremost,
so say the Awakened.

He who injures another

is no contemplative.

He who mistreats another,

no monk.

There's a gesture to the last work. "Poems not finished. Think it's… I mean, the page source has something different…"

Now Michelle is looking over at the Wikipedia page that Brennan pulled up. "Try it love? Cannot hurt yes? You are already so far down the rabbit hole yes? Monk"

There's a huff and a roll of eyes at her as well as a shoulder shove to push her out of view of his laptop screen while he brings up the page, going through the motions that Susan had showed him how. What came after had them both staring at the sceen.


"I know Mish, I know."

They both stare at the pictures, PDF's and files one by one, all reflected in Michelle's glasses.

"Mon Dieu"

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