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Scene Title PAUSE in the conversation
Synopsis Nalani kisses Tracy's ass for a story. Tracy likes it. Poses toward the end get kind of short, because it was super late.
Date May 16, 2009

Orchid Lounge

Curfew puts a dampener on the social scene of those in the upper echelons. 9:30 leaves very little decent time to schmooze and schlepp with others of the same social status. So it is that Nalani and Tracy both find themselves in the same lounge, the Orchid Lounge, enjoying what the Martini Bar has to offer. Nalani and her part are rising from their leather upholstered corner to descend upon Tracy. "Ms. Strauss!" The British bollywood beauty calls out.

In Tracy's defense, she's changed. And showered - smart girl. She wears a slinky silver dress, haulter top and backless. She pauses mid-sip in her martini when she hears her name called. "Miss Hollingwood - I had no idea we were going to have the pleasure tonight." She says politely, that secret-chuckle smile adorned on her features. "Join me, please. I've been sitting here all by my lonesome with only a few bottom-feeders to entertian me."

"I was just on my way out" Same mona lisa smile on the other womans face. "But I can spare a a handful of time for you. I was hoping to actually catch you and the fates decide it should be so." Nalani sweeps a hand under the skirt of her dress, Christian Audgier today for her, something red and tailored. There's the traditional air kisses to either cheek offered up. "A little birdies tell me that if I were to offer your boss a cover, he might take it?" Her muddled accent causing her to nearly purr through half of it.

Tracy chuckles, her hair down but still as immaculate as ever, even as the cheek-air-kisses are accepted and returned, though much more reserved. Tracy does it out of necessity, not dsire to do so. "It must have been fate indeed, the President has me working…well. You know how it is." It's always on the record when talkin to someone of the press. At the question, Tracy offers a soft chuckle, stirring her martini with an olive-swizle-stick. "You know I can't answer that. But now I admit I'm curious - what sort of cover were you thinking? In the hypothetical reality where President Petrelli might be interested."

"In the hypothetical cover, i'm thinking some bill blass, with the white house lawn, backdropped behind him. OR maybe something a bit more causal. Perhaps an intimate afternoon with the President as the focus of the article. To be the bridge between everyone else, and the leader of the free world and show just how human he is. in touch with the people he's leading" Nalani eases back. "Of course, that hypothetical"
Tracy raises her martini glass in a silent little cheers. "Hypothetically indeed. Would this piece, if it were real, which it is not at this point, be strictly a character feature?" She asks, sipping her martini and motioning ot the bartender. "A drink for the pretty lady," She urges, talking about Nalani, obviously.

"If it's needed to be a Character feature it could be. I have been dabbling a bit with the political side of things, and could, again, hypothetically be inclined to perhaps, slant the article such. I mean, if the President has something he wants to speak to the americium people about, heart to heart, then a personal article would only drive home what a … important issue it is to the man, yes?" Nalani's not about to turn down the Martini, even though the rest of the people she had been dining with have taken off. "Miss Strauss. The place in which PAUSE would secure in it's pages and cover for the most important man in the United States, is a blank slate. Waiting to be filled. Filled
with what it is, that that man and his handlers wish it to be filled provided that it won't adversely affect PAUSES sales"

Tracy listens. Why on earth would she not? After all, it's a very intereesting proposition. "Well, were it my call, which it isn't, in this hypothetical situation, the idea of a character piece does have some appeal. It's terribly hard for a politician to connect with the people in a comfortable and casual setting these days, partcularly given the political polarity."

"PAUSE would certainly jump at the chance to be that particular stepping stone and bridge, if it were to be presented to him. We are in the very ground zero of the issues facing the states these days. I can ensure the best of all that we have to offer, that I have to offer, to see that he's portrayed as how he and his handlers, this including you, need him to be seen." The bartender sends over the Martini and Nalani crosses one smooth leg over the other, watching Tracy.

Tracy can't help but raise her eyebrows at the open ended offer. "And who would you have in mind to cover such a story?" She asks, drawing her finger gracefully along the rim of her martini glass. "Someone in your political field?"

"I can supply a list of those who I feel would be best to handle the article to be vetted by the President's team. Nothing but the best for him" Of course nothing but the best. How many people get to actually have the president on their cover and in their magazine. "I can't get it on the next issue, but I can certainly give the cover of July's issue" Which means it would come out in Mid june.

Tracy takes a moment before she nods. "I think that, hypothetically, that might be quite feasible." She takes a moment, sipping her martini while in thought. Another moment is taken, the lovely flavor caressing her tastebuds before letting it slip down her throat. "I'll see what I can do. Of course, I can't promise anything, but you know I'll try my damndest for you, Nalani."

"I have to try. Be a feather in my bonnet and god only knows, when I deign to step on the political forum, people listen. I'm in the homes of the housewives of America all along the coast and midwest. From those who swim in our shark pool to those who wish they swam in our shark pools. I'll give nearly one hundred percent Carte Blanche to him, if he wants"

Tracy nods, draining her glass and sliding it across the bar for the tender to take away. She shakes her head when he offers another. "It's much appreciated." She says, even before she's spoken to the President. Why? Because it is much appreciated - having a media forum that popular willing to work so cooperatively during a story is all aces to Tracy Strauss. "I'll give you a call within the next week or so? I may be able to get you more information on the possiblity, but up until FRONTLINE comes up to vote, President Petrelli's schedule is rather tight."

"This months issue is already going to press, so there's not need fret and worry Tracy. I don't expect it to be even vetted to him until even the end of summer, but I had to try and get the bug in your ear" there's a wink from the darker skinned woman as she take a deep mouthful of her martini. "So other than working for him, how are you?"

Tracy sighs, relaxing as the martini starts to help her relax. "There's something beyond work?" She asks with a semi-playful chuckle. "I suppose it's alright…still branching out in the city." Yeah, she's sort of lacking the friends. "And wherever it is you hide your good men in this town, I've yet to find it."

"Good men? Well. There's always the gentleman who runs Rapture. You should visit there. Eliot. Or I can dig up some male specimens from within my little empire and send them your way. And there is something beyond work. I've just heard it's a myth, like the Easter Bunny, or Santa, or .. fat free chocolate"

Tracy has that same 'political' smile on her face. "Eliot? Tell me about him. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with 'Rapture.'" She says, somewhat curious, but not overly so.

"Eliot is good for a distraction. He runs, or owns it, I can never quite figure it out, we're running an article on him later in the year and his club. But he's tall, dark hair, has piercing blue eyes. Charmer."

Tracy chuckles, glancing sidelong at the magazine editor. "Aren't they always?" She asks, amused by the idea of that. "Well distractions have their places, and uses." She admits, with a soft shrug. "But we'll see. There are always much more important things going on that make it impossible for men to be anythign but."

"I'll see if my assistant knows of anyone in the single men working in the company" The last of her Martini drained, Nalani looks to Tracy. "I should be going. I have somewhere else to stop before this aweful curfew. But, it was good to stop and see you"

Tracy nods with a soft smile. "I suppose I'll be going towards my apartment soon as well." She assures her friend. "Be careful getting home." She says to her friend with a gentle nod. "I'll be in contact with you soon, I'm sure."

"I'll be waiting with baited breath either way" The exotic woman answers as she rises, more of those socially required air kisses that both despise before off she teeter on those expensive heels to pick up her fur and head out.

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