Pause Magazine Raided

Controversial Reporter Rose Westen Wanted In Connection to Messiah

AP Wire
October 7, 2010

In connection to the list of names discovered by the Department of Homeland Security following the raid of Columbia University History Professor Rupert Carmichael's home yesterday, a warrant for arrest was put out for West Rosen, also known by his alias Rose Westen. Rosen was among the name listed as Messiah conspirators discovered in Carmichael's possessions taken by the Department of Homeland Security.

The offices of Pause Magazine were raided in conjunction with further discovery of a plan designed by Carmichael to frame New York City Mayor Sylvia Lockheart by means of the utilization of a voice impersonating Evolved believed to be connected to Messiah. This information casts a large shadow of doubt over the alleged veracity of the interview Rosen purportedly had with Mayor Lockheart.

Finally breaking her silence on the interview following her harrowing rescue from the terrorist attack at Columbia University, Lockheart stated that none of the questions or answers in that interview were provided by her during her time with Rosen. Furthermore, the fabrication of an audio tape is believed to be an attempt at smearing the mayor's good name by radical pro-evolved extremists.

Editor in Chief of Pause Magazine, Nalani Hollingwood, has cooperated with authorities but did not have a public statement to make at this time.

A full investigation is still slated to happen into the interview, however Rosen's alleged connection to Messiah and his absence from his office on the day of the raid leaves many unanswered questions. If you have any knowledge pertaining to the whereabouts of West Rosen you are urged to contact the Department of Homeland Security Terror Hotline at 1-866-SAFENYS.

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