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Scene Title Pause, Rewind, Delete
Synopsis Magnes and Melissa get movies, talk about dates and public use of power.
Date March 15, 2010

Best Buy

Since Abby's worried about his general health, Magnes decided to buy a new jacket. Waiting in Best Buy after making the call to Melissa to meet him, he's wearing a heavy black jacket designed like the Venom symbiote. The hood, while laying back, is still obviously Venom's head, made to look like's eating the wearer's head. Right now, standing in his jeans and black snow boots, he's waiting inside for her to arrive.

Melissa isn't dressed in her normal skirt and corset. Maybe it was just time for a change. Who knows. But she does have her heavy black winter wear, and is looking…like she'd rather be bundled up under some blankets in a nice warm house. She steps inside, pausing to stomp her feet and dislodge some of the snow, but her coat and gloves remain on for now. Gotta thaw out, after all. "Mags…why in the hell are we meeting at Best Buy? Have you seen the weather outside? It's fucking cold."

"Well where would you have suggested?" Magnes asks, grinning as he flicks a hand in her direction, and most of the snow laying on her just kind of blows away. "I'm buying a television for my room, since I realized my satellite package covers three rooms, and I only have two televisions. And I want you to help me pick out some movies, because I wanna hang out and be lazy with you today, if you're not busy. I was gonna ask you something else, but I forgot how cold it was."

Melissa stares at him for a moment. "Are you serious? Man…You're lucky my foot isn't connecting with your ass right now," she says with a sigh. "Fine, let's go grab some movies. And what was the thing you wanted to ask me?" she asks, grabbing a cart and heading off towards the movies.

"I was bored, and suddenly I realized I'd never been on a real date before, that didn't involve flying picnic blankets and lunch on the Statue of Liberty. Since I don't wanna end up in a relationship or anything, I thought I'd ask you out on one, since I know you won't like me that way." Magnes heads for the movies with her, looking down at his jacket with a proud look. Apparently he loves the jacket.

Well that has Melissa stopping dead in her tracks. "Whoa…Pause, rewind, delete," she says, holding up a hand. "First off, why does flying and the Statue of Liberty mean that a date wasn't a date? Second, you date when you're interested in someone, not when you want to…practice. Third…dude. I'm not going on a date with you. Didn't we cover this already? I'll give you pointers or somethin' if you like, but no date."

"I'm not saying it didn't count, just that I've never been on the kind of dates that normal people have. My last girlfriend was a fugitive, I was kind of on a limited house arrest when I was sort of dating the girl before her, and there was on girl I asked out on a date just to show her what it would be like to date me, even though that was my first one, I think." Magnes starts walking again, motioning for her to as well. "I won't need pointers or anything, I kind of don't plan to go on any genuine dates. I was just curious I guess. Let's find movies."

There's a soft snort from Melissa. "Yeah, like I'm not a fugitive," she mutters, continuing on towards the movies. "If you're not plannin' on goin' on a date though, why ask?" she questions, glancing at him as she starts moving slowly down the aisles, looking at the movies.

"Like I said, I was curious. This whole no more women thing is complicated when you're still trying to do a lot of things you missed out on." Magnes starts going through movies, pulling out quite a few horror and sci-fi movies.

Melissa rolls her eyes. "Not really. It would be less complicated if you'd just stop fixating on the fact that you're trying not to fixate on women anymore," she points out.

"If I don't fixate on the fact that I'm not fixating on it, how am I supposed to stop fixating on it?" Magnes asks with a raised eyebrow, then points her to the movies. "You can pick stuff out too, y'know."

"How about if you just…stop thinkin' about it?" Melissa suggests dryly. She moves down the aisle, and picks out a few movies. Mel Brooks. Who doesn't like Spaceballs and Blazing Saddles, after all?

"I'm afraid if I don't focus, I'll end up liking some new girl, or having a one night stand or something." Magnes reveals his fears, starting to head into the electronics department. "I just try to make sure I won't slip up."

Melissa reaches out to try to grab his arm. "Magnes, listen to me. Think of it this way…If you were an alcoholic who was on the wagon. Which way do you think it would be easiest to not drink anymore. But constantly thinking about alcohol, or by trying to keep it out of your mind?"

"Yeah, I guess that's a good point, I was just trying my best, y'know?" Magnes smiles, then starts to walk again. "I'll just keep it out of my mind, then."

Melissa nods. "Good. Now…do you really need me for pickin' out a TV? I'm all for offerin' movie suggestions, but I don't know jack about TVs. And do you really wanna be…well, guess it doesn't matter for you. Though not sure why you show off in public so much."

"What do you mean show off? Lots of people buy televisions." Magnes sounds a bit confused, starting to look through the smaller of the HDTVs. "I just wanted you here so we could head over to my place and watch movies when we're done."

"I mean how you use your power in public all the time," Melissa explains with a shake of her head. "And sorry Mags, but no can do on watchin' movies. Got too much to do today. I gotta head in to work, check in on some sick friends…"

"People have seen me lift choppers on television, I'm a bit beyond hiding. If Humanis First or whoever is gonna come after me, there's not a whole lot I can do about it. My face is plastered all over YouTube." Magnes finally finds a modest television for his bedroom, lifting it with little effort, then sits it into the cart. "And alright, guess I'll just watch movies with Kendall or something." He sounds a bit disappointed, but he doesn't complain.

Melissa shakes her head. "It's not all about hiding, Mags. It's also about public opinion. On one hand it's good for the non-evolved to see someone using their powers and not hurting anyone, but on the other, there are those who are going to be uncomfortable, or see it as you flaunting what you have that they don't."

"I could try not to use my ability so much, it's just difficult. I'm, well, used to it. But I'll give it some thought, I promise." Magnes starts heading for the register now, motioning for her to follow again. "Everyone's busy with things lately. But that probably just comes with dropping out of the 'save the world' life while everyone around you sticks to it. I'm not against it or anything, just a bit lonely, being the odd guy out."

Melissa arches a brow. "Managing a Goth club is saving the world?" she asks dryly as she follows him to the register. "Just get a hobby though, or somethin'. Hobbies are good."

"I didn't know you managed a Goth club, I always thought you were the underground vigilante type." Magnes shrugs, starting to put the DVDs on the belt, leaving the television for last. "After I get this stuff home, I can fly you to where you need to go, if you want."

Melissa winces. "If I was, it's not something that I'd like to have spoken about in public," she mutters, shaking her head. "No flying though, but thanks for the offer. Like I said I gotta swing by the club to do some work." Which is what she does after he pays!

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