Peace Of Mind


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Scene Title Peace of Mind
Synopsis The day after the incident with the Evil Ex, Elaine and Quinn spend some time together in the hopes of preventing each otehr from getting down about it.
Date July 12, 2010

Gun Hill: Quinn's Flat

The sound of her iPhone going off to indicate that she had a text had caught her a bit off guard, sitting in her music room with her notebook in her lap, trying to play the part of lyricist for the day, following the distractions she’d found previously. Looking to see who it was, she smiles. It was unusual to have Elaine paging her, but given what had happened the other day, she was happy to see that her friend was up and about, willing to come back down. Still, a text message is fired back, saying “You sure? I don’t mind coming up there.”

Quinn was pretty sure she knew better, though. Hopping up from her seat, she first makes her way to the front door, cracking it so Elaine knows to just come on in, and then over to the TV, slipping it on and tossing the remote on the couch. Making her way to the kitchen, the Irishwoman begins preparing something. It take a few minutes, hopefully she could be done before Elaine got there, though.

Considering the fact that the usually quick-to-the-door Elaine had a bit of a slow pace, even if she had been heading to Sable's apartment, which was only a few doors down, there would have been time to fix something. It's a few minutes after the text that was sent before Elaine arrives at the door, grateful that it was open a bit. She pushes it open and heads inside, peeking around. "Quinn? It's me." As if Quinn wouldn't notice her voice. Her injured arm, nicely bandaged, hovers near her stomach, almost cradled there reflexively. She's got more movement in her hand, which indeed doesn't seem broken, although stiff and painful—that had been one of James' favorite moves, since it left no real mark but a lot of lasting pain.

After a moment, Quinn peeks back out from the kitchen. “Elaine! You got here, uh… a bit faster than I thought. I’m glad you’re up and about…” Her gaze looks up and down Elaine appraisingly, a nod given to her. “I was just fixing some- well, more like thawing something. Go ahead and sit down, find somethin’ on TV. I’ll be out in a moment.”

"Take your time, don't let me intrude." Elaine comments, though she does smile. "Thanks for letting me come here. I like the change in scenery." She moves to the couch, taking a seat before she picks up the remote, flipping through channels in an attempt to find something good on. "Kinda funny that Magnes and I had to switch up who was taking care of who, though, huh?"

“You two are trouble, I swear,” Quinn remarks with a laugh. “What do want t’ drink? I have some Srpite, and a six pack of cola. And Guinness, but i think it’s much too early for that.” The sounds of silverware clinking can be heard, plates knocking together and silverware dinging. “And Elaine, you’re never intruding,” she adds, warmly. “Particularly not now. I just… thought you’d be a bit slower. Not t’ be mean.”

There's a bit of a smile, leaning her head back against the couch as she shuts her eyes for a moment. Elaine opens them to peer towards the kitchen. "Sprite is good. And I will confess to you that I probably should have been a little more cautious taking the stairs and a little slower. My leg will be thanking me for that shortly, I'm afraid."

Quinn chuckles. “I can get you some aspirin or ice, if that’ll help.” The sound of the fridge opening and closing, followed by more clinking and the sound of pop tops opening follows. “I have a little food from earlier left, too. Ran into Colette, Jason, an’ Tamara, after they did some work we got the kids together and ordered pizza. Still got some left if you want some.” Quinn finally reemerges, twp plates and forks in one hand, full glasses of Sprite delicately held in her other hand. Set down on the table, she retreats again to the kitchen.

"I'm good with anything. You didn't have to get all awesome and offer me food, now I'm feelin' spoiled." Elaine nods, glancing back to the TV. "Asprin would be nice. I'd probably better take it now before it gets any worse. I've noticed that it sort starts light and then gets worse for a while until it fools me into thinking it's gone away only to flare up. Doesn't help that I actually try and use my leg."

Once again, Quinn reemerges from the kitchen again, and this time she’s carrying a pie tin, set down on the coffee table and revealing it to be one of those premade Oreo pies, placed next to the placed previously laid down, and from her other hand, the half empty Sprite cans. “Dig in. I’ll go get some aspirin from the bathroom.” And again Quinn vanishes from sight.

Elaine scoots forward, gaping at the pie as Quinn disappears. "Quinn, have I ever told you that you might be the most awesome person in the entire world? Cause you kinda are." She'll try not to eat the whole pie herself. Though she wants to. She moves to get a slice for herself, setting it on her plate before she does, indeed, dig in.

Coming back into view, a bottle of advil in hand and placed down besides Elaine’s drink, Quinn shrugs. “I had it sitting around, an’ when you called I figured hey, good time for some pie. After what happened I figure you deserve t’ feel a little spoiled, an’ between Magnes, sable, an’ me, I’m hopin’ you do.” With that, Quinn leans forward and takes her own piece of pie, taking to it with gusto. “I dunno how well it’ll go with all this, but if you do want some pizza, just let me know.”

There's a genuinely warm smile, between bites of delicious pie. Elaine looks over to Quinn before she moves to take two of the painkillers with a swallow of Sprite. "If I get hungry after this, I'll tell you. And thanks… the three of you are amazing people. Couldn't have asked for better friends. I just hope I didn't freak you all out too much. And I'm just glad James wasn't around when you showed up."

Quinn furrows her brow a bit, shaking her head. “You didn’t freak me out. I was just glad that you were okay, you know?” She doesn’t elaborate on what did freak her out. “It’s no problem. I… can’t imagine what it was like, bein’ stuck in that situation, and then…” She cringes visibly, ‘cut by that bastard. So, I just want t’ make sure you’re all comfortable today an such. Try t’ take it off everyone’s mind.”

"That's a good idea. Wouldn't mind forgetting a bit of that, I think. This pie is a good way to do that… and I like the whole… spoiling me thing. Kinda nice!" Elaine murmurs, grinning mischievously. "So what all am I entitled to with this whole spoiling thing?" She takes another generous bite of her pie before peering over it towards Quinn.

“Whatever you want,” Quinn says with a nod, taking a big bite of her piece of pie. “I’m serious. As long as you’re here, ask for somethin’ and I’ll try to make it happen.” She staring ahead at the TV, wondering what exactly might be on in the afternoon on a Monday. After a moment, chewing another bite, she turns to Elaine with a smile. “Seriously, though, are you doin’ okay? Holdin’ up well?”

Not much on TV, apparently. Elaine glances back to Quinn, taking another bite. "Yeah, I'm fine, so long as I don't let my brain go too deep about it. I mean, I can think of what happened and feel slightly scared, but it doesn't bother me. If I start making connections between the incident and the past, though, that's when I'm not so okay. He's.. gotten worse. He never used to threaten me with an actual weapon."

Quinn wrinkles her nose, and nods. “That’s… Magnes was willin’ t’ bring one to defend you, t’ give you an idea of how serious that is.” Not that she approved. At all. “But anyway, that’s what today’s fot. For not thinkin’ about it. Not that we should just forget about t, but I don’t want you gettin’ all unhappy or paranoid on me.” Quinn nods, glancing back at the TV. “I can put somethin’ on if you can’t find anything.”

"Could you?" Elaine asks with a bit of a plea. There's nothing tolerable on. "Can't find anything." She proceeds to lean forward and snag herself another slice of cake. "I'll try not to be unhappy or paranoid on you, Quinn. I feel better, being around you. You're comfortable, remember?" She smiles warmly, then proceeds to stuff her mouth with Oreo pie.

“Good.” Quinn states simply as she rises to her feet, digging through a still unorganised box of DVDs – oddly despite the fact that the still empty DVD rack was right next to it. “There’s Doctor Who again, I have everythin’ before this past season. Silders. Uuuh… Star Wars, A Better Tomorrow…” Quinn continues listing off sci-fi and action movies, hoping one catches Elaine’s attention.

Oh! There's one thing that catches Elaine's attention, and she perks up. "Star Wars. I haven't seen those movies in so long that I'd absolutely love to. Which is funny, because I haven't seen Magnes turn it on in a while. Too much to watch, I guess!"

Quinn laughs, nodding. “I’m surprised Magnes doesn’t have a TV dedicated to them. He seems like that kind of guy.” As in, a total dork. Meant lovingly, of course. The DVD for A New Hope is retrieved and slipped into her DVD player, Quinn settling back into the couch. “Maybe we can marathon the lot of them, if there’s time. I haven’t watched them in a while myself.”

"That'd be cool. I'd love to do that. Definitely been a while and Star Wars is classic." Elaine comments with a grin. And another bite of pie is engulfed. "This stuff is too good… I think I'm in heaven!"

“I try t’ keep one a’ those around for when I get indulgent, or in case a special occasion springs up. Ice cream too.” She snickers a bit, shrugging. “Plus, I eat like crap. But I think you knew that.” As the yellow text of the opening crawl begins, Quinn grabs another slice, and the pie is beginning to run thin. “I’m glad you’re enjoyin’ it, though.”

"Course I am." Elaine is definitely happy as she bites down on the pie. "I could just melt into a puddle of happy right now. You, me, pie, and a galaxy far-far-away. A good damn day, if you ask me." She looks cheerful. Seems she is doing okay.

Quinn’s fork is placed on her plate, the musician reaching out to rub Elaine’s shoulder, a very genuinely warm and happy look on her face. “Like I said, good. You deserve it after yesterday. An’ if you think of anything else you want t’ do, let me know. I could always give you another lesson, or play some music for you if this gets tiresome.”

"I'm gonna have to see what else I can get out of this!" Elaine melts into the rub on her shoulder, clearly contented. "I might ask you for the music later… I loved hearin' you play." She shuts her eyes for just a moment before looking back at the movie.

Quinn laughs, with drawing her hand so that she can finish her peice of pie. Barring conversation or interruption by Elaine, Quinn quickly becomes drawn into the movie, having one more peice of pie, and then leaving the last for Elaine – after all, there’s ice cream if she wants more sweet stuff.

Elaine doesn't have to spare a second thought as she gets the last slice of pie, happily eating it. She's quiet, eating her pie throughout the beginning before she sets her plate down, focusing on the movie. She leans in against Quinn's side as she watches, though she doesn't seem to be too distracted from it this time. She's genuinely enjoying the movie and watching it.

Quinn herself is wrapped up enough in the movie that she actually fails to notice when Elaine first leans up against her, but once she does, an arm wraps carefully around her, careful of both her cut arm and her crushed hand. “The best part of this movie they escape the Death Star, an’ have that shoot out with the fighters. Always loved that scene.”

"Pfft," Elaine argues. "How is that the best scene? There are so many other good ones. Pretty much everything between Han and Leia is my favorite because they just hate each other and love each other so much right from the start. I dunno that I could pick a favorite, though." She comments.

“At least we can agree that the best scenes involve Han Solo, If there was a man I’d sleep with…” Quinn says with a nod, laughing. She grows silent again, watching the moving, occasionally tracing her finger up and down Elaine’s arm.

Elaine giggles at that. "Good choice." She murmurs, leaning her head in against Quinn, falling silent again as she watches the movie. The finger's tracing seems to relax her, smiling a bit more broadly as she watches.

A kiss is placed on the top of Elaine’s head before Quinn returns her attention to the movie, continuing to let her fingers play on Elaine’s arm. Occasionally she laughs, or points at the TV, making comments like “Man, it’s that so feckin’ cool?” or “See? This is why this movie is totally awesome!” She glances down at Elaine on occasion, mostly to make sure that she’s still okay, not in need of any ice, aspirin, or anything else she might want.

For the most part, Elaine seems okay, though she does gradually get closer throughout the movie, relaxing in the simple touch of her movie-watching companion. She glances back to Quinn, smiling at her from time to time. Head resting back on Quinn as she watches, she murmurs softly. "Thank you. I'm happy."

Quinn chuckles, attention drawn from Rebel Alliance preparations on Yavin 4 and down to Elaine, a warm smile on her face. “I really wouldn’t have it any other way, Elaine.” She leans forward, placing a quick kiss on the other girl’s forehead, a somewhat awkward thing given their current positions. “That’s the whole reason I told you t’ give me a call. I’m not going t’ sit back and let what happened drag any of us down.”

"Did it drag you down, Quinn?" Elaine murmurs, looking back up, shifting a little. "I mean, I didn't get to check with everyone yet… are you okay? It wasn't something anyone should have had to deal with and yeah, while it happened to me, I can't imagine having to find a friend like that, especially a close friend. I know I'd feel kind of sick if something like that happened to you."

“I… was worried. Worried ill and uneasy. Both because I was scared you were much worse off, an’ I was honestly a little scared of what Magnes might do if we actually had run into him there, with you in the state you were in.” Quinn wrinkles her nose, sighing. “But I’m fine now. Like I said, that’s what part of today is. A day to bring spirits back up.” Her hand rubs Elaine’s shoulder again, looking down at her with a smile. “Appreciate the concern, though.”

"Well, if it's a day to bring spirits up, then I have to make sure yours are okay, too." Elaine leans in to kiss Quinn's cheek. "Magnes is being really level-headed about things. I'm proud of him. Really, weaponry or not, he's being quite focused. He's really matured…" She smiles a bit. "Besides, I'm glad he was armed… haven't seen James quite like this before and his idea of 'not hurting me' involves cutting me up with a knife, so I can't imagine what his idea of 'fighting' would be."

Quinn blushes at the kiss, and then shrugs. “I dunno. I just… it made me really, really uncomfortable. Magnes bein’ all strapped. I’d never normally say he should bust out his ability in front of everyone else, but that was a time I really wish he’d been more willing t’ rely on that.” She closes her eyes for a moment, shaking her head. “Wasn’t gonna let that keep me from coming, though. You’re more important. And it’s past, now. I just hope he thinks through a bit more next time.”

"He's making plans. Getting help from allies. I think because it got to the point that it did he's trying really hard to get it taken care of fast and quick." Elaine stretches just a tad. "I think he's trying to be strong for me, too. It's… I really like that he's doing so much."

Quinn nods slowly, slinking down a bit into the couch. “That’s good. That he’s seeking advice and help from some other people. I just hope none of them get that crazy,” she says with a wink. “Magnes, crazy as he is, mean well as far as I can tell. Just… don’t let him get too crazy.” What she’s heard of Magnes when he gets really into things doesn’t sound terribly pleasant. “So, when this one’s over, want t’ move on to the next? Or music? An’ want anything t’ drink?”

"No matter what happens, the situation will take care of itself. James will get what he deserves." Elaine sounds confident, and almost stern at this idea. Her gaze flickers to the movie. "Actually, now that I think about it, I really need to check on Sable. You're doing pretty okay, but she was kinda queasy after stuff last night and I want to make sure to spend some time with her and calm her down if she's not okay. So I really shouldn't start another. If she's okay, though, I'll text you and let you know and maybe I'll drag Sable down for movie-watching?"

“Alrighty,” Quinn says with a nod, withdrawing her arm from around Elaine. “If you guys run outta things t’ do, go for it. I’ve got nothin’ else t’ do today, really.” After a moment, she leans over, giving Elaine a hug. “Be careful, an’ don’t strain your leg too much goin’ up and down the stairs. Last thing we need is that gash reopening.”

There's a nod. "I'll try my best, Quinn. I'll take it easy while I'm walking. I won't rush." Elaine slowly gets to her feet, hugging Quinn tightly. "I might see you later. I'll text you if we're bored. And thanks for the pie. It was delicious… and the movie. We'll watch the rest of 'em sometime soon, yeah?"

“Totally,” Quinn remarks, grabbing the remote and turning off the DVD player. Slowly, she rises up from the couch, plates and glasses grabbed. She begins to turn, but pauses, turning back an tipping up so she can put a kiss on Elaine’s cheek. “Don’t overdo it. And don’t worry ‘bout the door, I’ll get it.”

There's a warm smile at the kiss, and Elaine turns to head for the door. "Thanks, Quinn. I'll be careful. And I'll let you know if I want you to come up to Magnes' place sometime. I won't work this leg too hard.." When Quinn gets the door for her, she heads out, but not before sneaking a light kiss onto the Irish woman's cheek. "Seeya, Quinn."

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