Peanut Butter and Boxers


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Scene Title Peanut Butter and Boxers
Synopsis After their first date, Adam sings: Are You Gonna Be Mah Girl?!
Date September 12, 2009

Adam's Apartment

Lola did exactly as she said she would - she spent the night on Adam's sofa, eating his food and watching his movies. She was up rather early, and has already showered. Now she can be seen wandering around Adam's kitchen, barefoot and in a clean pair of his boxers and one of his expensive button-down shirts. Her hair is up in a wet, messy ponytail as she stands on her tip toes, peering into the cabinets to look for some food. She's humming to herself as a radio plays, "Hot Child in the City."

Adam usually gets up at what one might call a reasonable hour. He gets himself dressed, not one for walking around the house in a robe or something. So, when he steps out of the bedroom, he's already fully dressed and apparently ready to take on the day. He glances over towards Lola in the kitchen. He takes a moment to take an appraisal of Lola's body before he says, "I don't recall giving you any clothes."

"Your drawers ain' got locks on 'em," she counters, shuffling through his shelves. "I'm hungry. Where's yer cereals?" Because she doesn't even bother to eat things like bacon or real breakfast foods. Nope, instead she eats things like cereal, dry, hand in the box. Finally she turns ot see him, hands set on the counter behind her as she smirks. "No such thing as a lazy sunday fer you, huh?"

Adam hmms, "One never knows when you'll have to get ready and be on the go." he makes his way closer to Lola until he looks down at her, "I don't own cereal. I don't spend enough time here to keep milk." he pauses, "There's eggs and bacon."

Lola blinks up at him, as if he just grew a second head. "Ya don' spend nuff time here fer milk, but ya do fer eggs an bacon? That don' make no kinda sense. Sides, I don' need milk. Just need the cereal." She turns back to the counters, and finally gives up on trying to reach. Instead, she crawls up on the counter - in his boxer and shirt no less - and sits back on her knees as she rifles through the shelves. "So I've decided somethin'."

Adam tilts his head, "You only need to buy four eggs at a time and they last a few weeks when properly refridgerated. Milk only stays fresh about a week after it's opened." he leans back against the wall as she starts crawling all over his kitchen, "So what is it you've decided?"

She finally finds some extra peanut butter up in the shelves, scooting back. "Get over here an' help me down," she scolds, waiting for him to do so. "An I decided that I'll let ya find me another place that ain' on Staten," she murmers, begrudgingly. The truth isthe place is about to be turned into a warzone anyway.

Adam walks over towards the counter and slides his arm around her waist to help her down from the counter. At which point, he listens to what she's decided and hmms, "How magmonious of you." he says, "So, where should we look for an apartment for you?" he questions.

Lola sticks out her tongue at him, leaning agianst the counter and pulling open the jar, sticking her finger in it and licking it clean. That's one way to do it, surely. "I dunno, ya said ya had some ideas. This ain' my city, sugar. I thought you'd know all 'bout it."

Adam shrugs his shoulders again, "I just meant what sort of neighborhood were you looking to live in. When she sticks her finger in the peanut butter, he frowns and says, "You'll be replacing that." apparently he has a problem with the whole finger as a spoon thing.

Lola sticks her tongue out at Adam, wiggling her peanut-butter finger at him. "Aw, it ain' like ya ain' swapped my saliva already a yer own accord, aincha know!" She winks at him, and continues to eat, sucking her finger clean with each scoop. "I dunno. No place rich an snooty. If I see a single poodle…."

Adam replies, "There's poodles everywhere in New York." he says as he walks out of the kitchen and back towards the couch. He sits down a bit, "I'm sure we can find you somewhere…working class enough, I suppose." he pauses for a moment, "So what do you have to do today?"

Lola shrugs, following him, still sucking on her finger as she plops down beside him, sitting cross-legged. "I dunno," She confesses, pausing to look at her finger, to make sure she's licked it clean, before scooping more peanut butter onto it and doing it again. "Ain' like I got a job, an I really ain' got nothin' ta do but rob folk." She watches him, curiously, something in her mind that she's not saying.

Adam crosses a leg and leans back comfortably as he considers Lola for a moment, "What?" he questions, "You look like you have something on your mind." he arches a brow, "Are you looking to rob someone I know?"

Lola waves a dismissive hand. "Naw, I coulda robbed yer Kaylee the other day - see when I broke into the bar I took down her address too so I went ta say hi an all - an I didn' steal a single thing." She smiles proudly, licking her finger once more. "Naw I was just thinkin bout why yer willin' ta get me an apartment an all…I ain' exactly yer type or nothin'."

Adam hmms, "My type.." he looks thoughtful at that sort of statement and says, "My type is rather variable. Perhaps you've just rather grown on me." he says, "After all, it's not exactly as if we're not dating now." he comments, "So I guess you have to be my type now."

"Hang on," Lola says, lifting an eyeborow. "Not exactly as if we're not dating now," she mouths the words but doesn't say them, accentuating each word with a little tap from her peanut-butter finger. "Now I remember in like 8th grade they done told me double negatives don' make sense…so if ya take that out…"Exactly as if we're datin now…we are?" So it takes her a minute to get there, but she gets there.

Adam arches a brow at the woman, "What was last night?" he questions, "That's something you do in the normal course of events?" he pauses, "I would have called it a date."

Lola runs a finger through her wet, matted ponytail. Her clean fingers, thank god. "Well…I spoze it were just…never thought we was 'datin' an all. I mean I spoze we are, I ain' got no problem with that or nothin…." she murmers, a touch of a blush in her cheeks.

Adam smiles, "Well, good, I'm glad we got that straightened out." he says. He leans forward, putting a hand on her knee and then leans in to kiss her again. "I would hate to think we were confused about what was going on."

Lola kisses him back - she tastes like peanut butter and finger. Not that finger has a distinctive taste, but she's had both peanut butter and a finger in her mouth, so it stands to reason that both tastes are there. "What bout yer friends at the bar, they ain' gonna mind none?" She asks. She does sort of like the idea - he is growing on her.

Adam mms, "Well." he says, "You're still on probation at the bar. Any more trouble and you're going to end up banned." he warns. "On the other hand, they don't exactly get a say in my dating life. I don't really know how they feel about you." except Michael who doesn't appear to care for her, "But, it doesn't really matter. Of course, a few of them can be a tad over protective…so I suppose you should make sure you stay on my good side." he says with a bit of a smirk.

Lola leans forward, wrinkling her nose playfully. "Yeah? An what's a girl got ta do ta stay on yer good side?" She asks, a light giggle in her voice, her own, very comfortably, playful nature shining through. "Sides not break inta yer place an not eat yer peanut butter?"

Adam considers that, "I suppose you should just make sure that you don't make a mess of my place, or get in my way." he says with a bit of a smile. He leans in, kissing her again, "You know, doing what I say is always something that helps your cause."

Lola chuckles. "Maybe on yer birthday," she responds. Hey, he ought to know she's not the sort just to roll over and take it like that. She's a fighter, and she'll fight…well, a lot of times just for fighting's sake. "When is yer birthday, ain I sposed ta know that? An know how old yar?"

Adam hmms a bit, "Well….how old do you think I am? All my identification says I'm 42." he turns his head a moment to the side and says, "What do you think?" he questions, showing off his cheek, "Forty two sound good to you?"

"Well if ya were a slut when ya were real young it makes ya old 'nuff ta be my dad," she points out, but shrugs, not seeming to mind. She looks over him a moment before licking her finger clean and screwing the top on the peanut butter, setting the jar on teh floor. "Ya look a little younger'n that, I'd say. But then again I was always real bad at the whole 'guess my age' thing."

Adam nods, "Fair enough." he says before he says, "As for my birthday, what if it's today?" he questions. He seems to ask the question with sincere innocence, "I mean, it's just as good as any other day, isn't it?" he question. He even leans forward to adjust one of the buttons on the shirt she's wearing, "You wouldn't want to disappoint me on my birthday, would you?"

"Ye'll have ta show me yer ID ta prove it," she says snarkily. "Otherwise I don' believe it. Sides, whats it exactly ya'd want me ta buy fer ya? Maybe a puppy?" Somehwere, Kain is laughing, or at least trying to scowl through a laugh. But it will never get old. "Little Chihuahua or somethin?"

Adam mms, "I'm not really much of a puppy person. I guess you'll just have to think hard. As for needing an ID, I'm sure I can find one." he says. He has IDs that say lots of different things, after all. He reaches up and brushes her bangs back, "I guess you'll just have to think of something else to get me for my birthday."

Lola chuckles, "Annoyin' old mesye," she says, dropping a strange word into her speech. It sounds some derivitive of French, but it's certainly not - chances are he has no idea what it is. "I offered ya three IDs when I met ya, but nooo…maybe one a them had his birthday today. But it ain' yers today." She leans forward, kissing the tip of Adam's nose. "Maybe a tie?" she asks, touching the neckline of Adam's shirt.

Adam seems a tad disturbed by that idea, "To be honest, I'm not much one for ties, I tend to go for business casual…also…I'm a little concerned over what kind of tie you would choose." he pauses, "Your…style isn't really my style." he says. He reaches forward and strokes a finger under her chin.

Lola chuckles playfully. "What, ya don' trust me? Now I'm gonna buy ya somethin' artsy. Either a paintin' or somethin, just ta see if ya hate it as much as ya say," she smirks, letting him touch freely for the moment. "Speakin' a which, can I decorate my new apartment like I want?" She asks, though he knows her design style - bare.

Adam shrugs a bit, "It'll be your apartment." he says, "I suppose whatever it is you want is what will be best. I suppose.." he says, "On the other hand, I'd like to put in a television. I'll need something to do while you're killing chickens or whatever it is you like to do."

Lola laughs easily. "What, do ya expect ta be spendin a lotta time there, watching T.V.?" She asks, raising a brow. "Heres a good train a thought. What do ya like ta watch on TV? I kin buy ya DVDs or somethin," Notice how loosely she seems to use the word 'buy' when everyone knows that's not how she rolls.

Adam mms, "Oh, I've got quite a few different favorites." he says, "To be honest, I don't have a lot of time to spend on movies, but I always liked the Godfather." which is a tad appropo.

Lola moves, laying down on the sofa, resting her head across Adam's lap and lying on her back. She props her knees up at a 90 degree angle, draping her arms above her head. "Why do I believe that," she comments cheekily. "Well give me a hint. I'll bite on it enough ta buy ya a present fer yer birthday, what do ya want? Need?"

Adam puts some thought in it. "To be honest, there's not much I need that I can't buy. So I suppose you'll have to think along sentimentality lines." he looks down at you, "So, I suppose it's time to put your pretty head to thinking." he reaches down and touches her nose.

Lola grins as he taps her nose. "Sentimentality…we ain' very sentimental, as folks go, you an I. I kin steal somethin' for ya. Or somethin'. Or I kin push ya off a buildin' an laugh while ya fall?" That's got a connection to their short past. "I dunno, watcha consider 'sentimental'."

Adam lifts one shoulder, "Well, there's all sorts of things, I guess you'll just have to think about it." he reaches down a moment and brushes her hair back, "I suppose you'll just have to make your best guess. Besides, even if you do poorly, there's always another birthday." for all she knows, it could be another birthday tomorrow.

Lola streaches, letting out a little yawn as she does so, still streached across his lap. "Well in the meantime, feed me grapes an wine an get me some pool boys with big peacock fans," she orders, playfully, rather enjoying her position at the moment. It's not so bad, being told 'you're mine now'. But she'll see how it feels tomorrow. New things always feel very nice. "An another couple a vials if ya got 'em." she winks playfully up at the man.

Adam mms, "We're fresh out of pool boys." he says, "And frankly, I find peacock fans a bit tacky." he pauses, "I'm sure I can scrounge up a couple vials for you." he leans down and kisses her lips gently, "But you'd have to move for me to get them."

Lola grumbles, pulling herself up and - surprisingly - wrapping her amrs around him to give him a little peck on the lips. "Fine," she drawls. "How come you ain' never indulgin? Surely ya got some good times ya'd like ta relive," She murmers, moving out of his way and sitting cross-legged once more.

Adam gets up and makes his way to the bedroom. He checks a box on his dresser and finds two vials of the Refrain. He makes his way back into the living room and puts the two vials of the glowing blue chemical on the table. "There they are." he says.

Lola snatches the vials up, turning one over between her fingers with surprising dexterity. "Ya ain' answered my quesiton, sugar. How come you ain' usin? Seems like ya gotta have some good memories ya might want ta be relivin." She's still dressed in his shirt and his boxers, her hair by now is dry, however. "An I was wonderin' bout when ya wanted ta do…ya know. Shootin'."

Adam shrugs a bit, "Because some memories are best left in the past." certainly, there's wonderful memories he could have that would be quite lovely to relive, but he's got just as many memories, if not more that he doesn't want to think about again. "So, I'll stick with just remembering them the way I can." as to the gun question, "I suppose whenever you want."

Lola pats the sofa for him to sit down again so she can lay across his lap once more. That's what girlfrinds do, right? "Well then ya kin just tell me. Whats yer happiest memory?" She asks, turning her dark eyes up to watch his expression.

Adam sits down on the sofa and leans back thoughtfully. He arches a brow for a moment and says, "I don't know.." there are memories that were happy that turned sour later, there were memories that didn't seem so great, but later turned out to be great, "I don't know to be honest. There's just a lot to choose from."

Lola lays back on his lap, giggling up at him. "Well, pick one. Maybe it'll help me come up wif a good 'birthday present' fer ya," she murmers, letting her arms drape above her head once more in a comfortable pose. "Maybe ye'll reveal that ya like cats. Do ya like cats? At 40-whatever, yer gettin' to taht spinster age."

40-whatever. He chuckles at that. He shakes his head a moment as he thinks about it. What to choose from, births, marriages, deaths, wars…what was his favorite. What could he reveal without revealing too much. "I was married before." he says thoughtfully, "A long time ago, she's dead now." hell, she died before Lola's grandmother was born, "I suppose our marriage is one of the happiest memories I have."

Lola frowns a little at the talk about that. "I'm sorry she's dead," she murmers, patting his leg. That's never good news, a death. "Glad it was happy though. Truth be told never figured you fer the marryin' type. So no kitten fer yer birthday, then?" She asks, twirling the vial between her fingers. "I kin go if ya like, sugar, I figure ya probably got shit ta do all fancied up."

Adam mms, "You get used to death, Lola, if you live long enough." and he has certainly lived long enough. "It's just part of the cycle and all that." a cycle that he actually has no part in, since he can never die. He's quiet for some moments before he finally says, "Well, I do have things to do, not that they can't wait. But, I figure you probably.." he nos to the vial.

"Right now?" She asks, looking to the vial thoughtfully. "Sure, if ya don' mind. Kin you do it? I hate stickin' myself, it don' hurt so bad when you do it," she admists, sitting up and pushing her hair back over her shoulders, rolling up the sleeve to reveal her arm to him. "Guess ya just got a way with…no, wait, I ain' gonna be that forward."

Adam smirks a bit, "I suppose." he says before he picks up the vial and takes out her arm. He pumps it up and down slowly before he finds a vein pretty quickly. He pushes the needle into her arm at the crook of the elbow and then injects the blue liquid inside of her. He leans forward and kisses her gently.

Whatever's rolling in Lola's mind, for the moment she's not aware of it. As she falls from the present world into a word of the past, her lips are on his, warm and comfortable. She likes it here, maybe he's more trustworthy than he seemed. Maybe he's not so bad.
But soon that's all lost, lost to a mother's voice and careful cooings of teachings of the Orishas and the past…

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