Pearl Valentin
Portrayed By Selma Blair
Sex Female
Status Unregistered
Ability Unknown
Age 25
Date of Birth
Date of Death Morbid much?
Occupation Tattooist
Family Sadly.
Significant Other(s) No.
First Appearance TBA
Last Appearance

"Wind me up and watch me go
Where she stops nobody knows
A good excuse to be a bad influence on you…"
- Pink, Bad Influence

Pearl is a curious type. She's inquisitive, independent, and pretty tough. She can be an asshole, but is generally a likable person (at least until someone leaks stupidity all over her vicinity). Some people find her brand of morality to be a little shady, which is why she prefers to surround herself with criminals. Sure, they can be dangerous, but theoretically they're less whiny.

She's a tattooist with a sharp tongue and a bunch of stabby implements.

Character History:

In the Beginning:
Pearl was born many moons ago to a small urban family packed with Catholics, hippies, and petty criminals. (You can see where this is going already, can't you?)

She became fairly self sufficient early on as a quiet, observant child, picking up the worst of habits from all of those around her, mostly the criminals and hippies, with a little dash of that Catholic superiority and just a tiny smidge of guilt, which, in later years, she found easy enough to stuff out of the way.

Growing up in the city taught her everything she needed to know to survive, including a trade skill—tattooing. Piercing came later, but drugs, sex, and rock and roll weren't far behind. Petty theft evolved into a more impressive B&E coupled with the occasional felony. She got into a high speed chase once, and only escaped arrest due to a bizarre incident involving a hot dog cart, a bunch of pigeons, and a well placed jelly donut. She still broke her collarbone, and was nearly eviscerated by an unfortunate piece of urban art. She's never liked public sculpture since. She's had the scar tattooed over.

Evolved Human Ability:

Publicly Unknown.


This includes tattooing, piercing, and ritual scarifitcation. She's licensed, not that anyone on the island is going to check. Seriously. She specializes in black and grey, with a particular love of large back pieces, but has a good eye for color, too. She'll pierce just about anything, so be careful what you ask for.


Title Date Summary Other Participants
Interesting Night 07/01/09 Pearl dies. YOU BASTARDS! Cardinal, Bebe, Abby, Deckard, Ghost, Logan, Megan, & Mu-qian.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "This happened to me in gradeschool. Billy Harris said the same thing, and then he tried to steal my panties. His testical retrieval surgery went ok, but he walked funny for a month."
  • "Or what? You'll kiss my neck to death?"
  • "What were you in for? Tax evasion?"
  • "I like things with a little mileage on them."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Pearl prefers hydroponic pot over the more traditional 'grow it in a field where the cops won't notice it'. She's a grass snob. Doobie doobie doo.

Gallery of Images

"It's the fifth day of ice on a new tattoo
But the ice should be on our heads
We only spun the web to catch ourselves
So we weren't left for dead…"
- Pink, I'm Not Dead

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