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Scene Title PEDA for FRONTLINE
Synopsis A peaceful demonstration by Humanis First supporters gets out of hand when a mysterious woman stands up in defiance of the FRONTLINE Act.
Date May 16, 2009

Upper East Side

Before the bomb, the Upper East Side offered some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, which the upper-range of residences reaching upwards of 70 million dollars. In the wake of the bomb, the economic collapse of New York drove property values down through the ground. This was only compounded by the southwestern portion of the neighborhood being in direct proximity to the blast area, causing rampant fires that destroyed dozens of blocks of residential and business areas.
The Upper East Side has the privilege of being on the border of ground zero, with a barricade of one story tall concrete blocks forming a barricade around the ruins of Midtown. Entrances into these regions are protected by Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by national guard. It is this jagged blight visible on the horizon of the neighborhood that has been a grievous scar on an otherwise well to do region of New York.
Despite itself, perhaps, the Upper East Side has done as good for itself as can be imagined in the wake of the disaster. Much of the western portion of the neighborhood has dropped so significantly in property values that it has become residential shelters for refugees capable of affording a living. The northern-most regions of the neighborhood though are beginning to thrive again in the wake of economic stimulus thrown into the area following modest reconstruction efforts. Private and public donations to rebuild the region has resulted in a recovery to some of its former grace, but the damage done by the waves of riots and arson following the bomb may never truly be recovered from.

Tracy Strauss manages to look immaculate, even considering she's been up since President Petrelli arrived in New York at around 1 this morning. She's changed, switching to a pencil-high-necked business dress with a blazer. Pearls glimmer around her neck - far be it for her ever to be without them.
And in this warm Manhattan morning, flirting with afternoon, she fits right in to the hustle and bustle of the city. People coming and going, talking on cell phones, stuffed suites doing whatever work affords them the silk ties they wear. People walk past the barricades as though they were park benches or garbage cans - so accustomed to their presence it's not like they're not even there, it's less than that. It's like they're there and they belong.
Tracy, like the rest, is talking on the cell phone. "No, I want you to get in touch with a local office in support of FRONTLINE. Yes, her name is Abigail Beauchamp, I'm going to try and give her a call…." She pulls back her blazer sleeve to check her watch, high heels clicking mercilessly on the pavement. "Within the next hour or so."

Candy definitely doesn't belong on a street packed with a bunch of suites. Never the less, that is where the young woman finds herself as she frowns faintly. She had been wandering around thinking about things when she found that her steps had led her here. She bites her lips a little, before she shrugs her shoulders, not paying much attention to the hustle and bustle of the city at all as she makes her leasurely walk. She looks at the puddles that are here and there from the nights rainfall and she smiles, glad to see that there is water around her. However, she is never without water, she can almost hear it gurgling through people's veins with every beat of their heart. "So fragile," she murmers as she walks along, her steps not making near the same clicking nose as Tracy's, since she isn't wearing heels.

Chuck walking along the busy street just like everyone else and trying to enjoy the Manhattan morning, before the sidewalks go to overly crowded. Having a firm grip on his service animal, but realizing that he had forgotten to hang Gus's sign on him. People were dodge and making comments as they walked along. Not paying attention to where Gus was trying to guide him, but more just walking and accidently running into a woman. Making contact with her with his shoulder. "Oof, oh I'm so sorry…" After recovering from the contact, quickly looking down in the general area where Gus was, "Gus …shame on you."

The shoulder that makes contact with Tracy is enough to draw her arm down, her cell phone away from her face. It's also enough to cause her to spin - albiet not very quickly, but under her own power - to face the offender. Running into people in Midtown isn't anything unusual, sure. Though running into a blind person is something else entirely. "Oh! No I'm sorry, are you alright?"
In the meantime, her cell phone can be heard, still talking. "Tracy…..Mayor Bianco's office….President Petrelli's……..Capitol hilll…" And all the other boring catch phrases that can be heard over political phone lines on a Saturday morning. Though hte phone is still away from her ear, Tracy is listening, even while waiting ot see if Chuck is alright.

Candy watches the shoulder contact, the spin around, and she grins faintly as she watches. Her eyes going to the phone as she briefly wonders just how much it would garner in a pawn shop. Her eyes taking in the woman that is attatched to said phone as well. An eyebrow goes up as before she shakes her head. Too blonde. Her eyes then go to the blind man and his dog, hadn't she met him…

Chuck unsure to smile or what but not to happy with Gus and the current situation, but more embarrassed then anything. "Umm, yes, miss I apologize." Trying to side step out of the way. "Err, Gus come one." Gus just sitting there and not wanting to move." Seeming to be having a none spoken conversation with his service animal. Giving another sharp tug to get Gus to move. Giving up for the moment and returning his attention back to the woman, "Ah, again I do apologize, I am blind so I try to go out for walks before the streets get to busy but ..anyways." Continuing to be bumped by random walking by people and unknowing to Chuck as they walk by all the dirty looks they are giving him.

"Oh, don't worry. It's quite alright." Tracy says with a smile that's more natural than the ones she usually gives at work. She even manages to bend down and reach out to pet the dog, because dogs are nice creatures, right? Even if Tracy is more of a cat-person, dogs are not to be shunned entirely.
"Keep the inhumans out of our governement!" "Don't arm the enemy!" "FRONTLINE will make the Evolved an even greater threat to humans everywhere!" "Humanis First! Humanis First!" Tracy's face falls as she stands up, looking over. A few feet away is a gathering of maybe 10 people with picket signs and shouting slogans against the FRONTLINE Act. She lifts the phone to her ear. "Greg….I'm going to have to call you back." She explains, slipping it closed.

Candy looks over at the pickters as she grins faintly. The asian woman lurching herself off of the wall she was leaning against to go walk by. Maybe one will try to start a fight and she could have some funny. Not the obvious kind, mind you, but, she could make at least one of them act like he just had a stroke, could be fun, right? Her eyes observing them as she moves closer, she starts whistling a tune as she walks. Observes may be able to tell that it is a song from Halo Two, Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin to be specific.

Unfortunately, due to Chuck's condition he was not able to enjoy the woman's smile. Then his attention was grabbed from hearing "Humanis First." Not quite sure what to make of it. "Hmm I wonder what that is all about.." Saying loud enough to have to woman her if she was listening. Taking a few steps away trying to give the woman he bumped into some space, but Gus being stubborn still wasn't moving. Finally, pulling on Gus where he finally budged, but immediately sat down again, "Lets leave the nice lady alone."

"An anti-FRONTLINE rally." She explains to the man beside her, leaning towards him so her voice can be more easily heard. "The first vote comes up in Congress at the end of the month." Hey, if she has to go around and talk about FRONTLINE person to person? Why, she'll do it, to be sure. She doesn't seem to particularly mind the dog's desire to stay where she is - she's got other things on her mind. Her eyes almost ice over as they watch the rally, mind working at full-speed.
"Miss Tracy Strauss!" One of the protestors, it seems, recognizes the blonde and four or five of them start to step forward. Within a few moments, Tracy (and Chuck by default) are surrounded by Humanis First protest signs. "Miss Strauss, as the Director of Communications for President Petrelli, how do you defend the blatent threat that FRONTLINE would be implementing by putting Evolved, trained by our government as killers, in positions of power and authority?" A few choruses go up among the 10 or so protestors. "Yeah!" "That's right!" "They'll start targetting humans, soon there won't be any of us left!"

Candy listens to them as she shakes her head while standing on the outside of the group, still whistling faintly. They have no idea. "Why protest this," she asks to the group, as a grin spreads across her face. "Why not protest against the government trying to train them to be killers in the first place? This evolved, they need to be killed, imprisoned, or worse." Yes, she is saying this. Anarchy counts as hurting the non-evolved, at least in her book.

Chuck nodding at woman spoke and then not by choice was not crowded by who knows how many people seeming to push to try to get closer to the woman he was standing close to. Gus letting out a few barks to push some of the protestors away and almost nipping at them as they were getting to close to him and his handler. "Excuse me, excuse me." Trying to push some of these people away. Finally, pushing someone back a bit harder then he meant to and knocking him back on his butt. His fellow protesters backed off to help their fallen protester and then immediately got into Chuck's face, but once realizing he was blind backing off a little, "Poor blind man, he doesn't know what kind of shit this is Front Line is going to have on us normal people." Even with the bad mouthing and continued pushing as their attempts to get closer to the woman they were calling Miss Tracy Strauss he continued to push people back away from them.

Tracy is sure her body is going to jump out of her skin when she sees a protester shoved. That's how disasters start. But fortunatly, despite being in the blind-man's face, there doesn't seem to be a huge problem. Yet. Reaching over, Tracy sets a hand on Chuck's shoulder in an attempt to steady him.
She waits a few moments, turning her eyes up to the crowd. Candy, as part of the crowd to Tracy, frowns deeply at her words. "I'm quite sure no one her, or anywhere, is advocating murder." No one will cop to it directly, anyway. Not in front of the Director of Communications to President Petrelli. One would think. "The United States is dedicated to the protection of it's citizens through training and understanding, both from outside and internal threats." Her words echo off the Homeland Security barricades set up around the crater site.
But it's not enough. "And what happens when they turn on us, kill our families and take over the country? What happens when we're being hearded into camps? We have to protect ourselves now, or it'll be too late! FRONTLINE will destroy America!"

"What happen then you ask," Candy adds fuel to this sweet bonfire. Oh joy. "Well, after they herd you all into camps, you'll be tatoo'ed with a number, and be forced to work until you've grown old and useless, then they'll kill you. Mothers will be torn from their children, people will be sold like animals at the blocks. It will be the Third Reich, but with a much greater goal in mind, and nobody in the world to stop them." She smirks as she continues, "Will you let them do that to us? Will you," she shouts to the protestors, steadily goading them.

Definitely unsure what to do and feeling the woman's hand on his shoulder and backing off his subtle aggression to towards the group. He wasn't hurting anyone just trying to get himself some space. "Why can't we all just get along." Unfortunately, Gus wasn't doing as well, people were now getting a bit more violent to Chuck's attempts to gain more space or to repel them. Gus was now trying to avoid getting kicked, since now Chuck and Gus were being considered supporters for this FrontLine thing. Gus, now being a bit more vocal and aggressive and showing his teeth.

While this whole thing appears to be getting slightly rowdy, it doesn't seem out of hand as of yet. And Tracy is fairly certain that she can end it, even as the cries get louder from Candy's words, and more people gather to see what's going on.
"Applicants to the FRONTLINE program will undergo the same rigerous physical and mental exams that all police and military are required to. Like all of their brothers-and-sisters in the U.S. military and police forces, they will be subject to evaluations in order to determine their capability in their jobs. Your concerns are understanable, and I urge each and every one of you to write your Congresspeople with your questions." She seems to be trying to get the whole thing to calm and quiet down. Her hand, by now, has been removed from Chuck and is not going anywhere near that dog. That's why she's a cat person - dog's bite.

Candy continues to do her best to flame the flames of irrational fear, the easiest one to flame. "You give them the training, and what happens if they go rogue? What happens when you have a battalion of fully trained and armed evolved knocking at your door," she demands of the woman, and the crowd really. "The FRONTLINE program will be the death of the average citizen! Eventually they will get out of control, and the next thing that you will know is that what was once a beacon of democracy, has been laid to waste at its very foundations! Turned into a oligarchy controlled by the powerful few! These evolved that you are training!"

Reaching down to Gus, using his grasp on his harness as his guide to where Gus was. Petting him and doing his best to settle Gus down. After a moment Gus finally settles down. As now the people seem to be getting a wee bit more amiable since Tracy was giving them a statement. But then tensions raised again when someone from the crowd starting laying in more ideological what ifs'. Yelling out his own comments. "Yeh and what if a satellite fell out of the sky and landed on top of you all! Life is a risk, take it as it comes, you can put if's everywhere and use them." Standing up from the crouching position as Gus is now settled back down again.

Every time the group seems to be quieting down, Candy's words seem to flare it up again. "Yeah!" "Hostile takeover by the Evolved military!" "The American way of life will be crushed forever!" The crowd is getting bigger, having swelled to maybe 20 people, although about half of them are just bystanders, watching on as the debate rages. Shame there's no reporters around…OR ARE THERE?!?!
"As I've said, applicants to the FRONTLINE program will go through a rigerous mental and physical aptitude test, as well as regular updates - as do all of our military personelle and police force. These tests have been administered in some form or another throughout the history of our country, and the United States has never seen an attempt of hostile takeover by it's military. FRONTLINE is going to Congress at the end of this month - I strongly recommend for you all to contact your representatives with questions or concerns that you may have." Yes, Tracy would very much like to see this thing calmed and dissolved.

"Thats because those were normal people! You are training people how could kill use with a mere thought! Distort our perceptions! Make us believe that the American dream is still there," Candy continues as she works on her anarchist agenda. "Will you merely sit here as the people you elected put this into action?! This country was founded on the lower class rising up to strike against its oppresors! My friends, now is the time to raise up once more, and show them the country is not happy!" Candy point at Tracey as she stands there, "You can start with her! An aide to the President himself! Show him that the common man is no longer happy!"

Chuck unsure about the next move, but thinking now that this was not his fight and turning his head and speaking the to woman behind, "Shall we go?" Offering out his hand to her and holding onto Gus's harness with the other. "Sounds like we have another civil uprising again, equality? Why should we discriminate against people who maybe gifted…don't they have the right as any other American to serve their country?!" Slowly pushing forward through the crowd.

The crowd doesn't quite attack on Candy's order - much to Tracy's liking. She's stiff now, looking very cool, cold and professional in her cute little dress suite. Currently there's about 10 people around the area holding picket signs, in what started as a peaceful protest of FRONTLINE. Now, however, it's gotten a bit more rowdy, with the people closing in somewhat on Tracy and Chuck, though not quite surrounding them as of yet. Another ten people or so have gathered, just to see what's going on.
And Tracy? She doesn't beg. She doesn't run. She keeps herself as aloof as possible, even though she's almost bristling. "May I ask your name please, ma'am?" Tracy says, keeping her voice at a conversational tone. But yeah! Wait! THe group turns to look toward Candy. After all, none of them know her. Who is this, their unknown hero?

Candy grins faintly as she stands there before she says with a smile, "You can call me Cee," she answers, in a style reminiscent of a classic graphic novel. She looks around at her temporary coherts as she says, "I'm not going to give my name to someone who can call the secret service out to get me however." A smile on her lips as she stands there, "We are merely sending a message to the powers of this land, that the bill they are attempting to pass is against the will of the American People. Violently if we have to."

Chuck still attempting to make his way through the crowd, thought the crowd still a bit resilient on moving out of the way of the blind man and his dog. "Please can you all just move?" Some reason everyone began to part as they all allowed their unknown spokes person a clear view of Tracy and well Chuck who was trying to get out of this place. Feeling people moving an shifting as they clear a path but getting disorientated at the people are shifting around so they could look at their unknown voice. Finally deciding to just stand still since he couldn't see how he was going to get out of this and now stands still near Tracy as he listens to the two woman speak.

The scene is not pleasant, but not unpleasant either. The calls to violence, out in a public forum, strike a few people the wrong way - not everything in Humanis First is an extremist, after all. Tracy Strauss takes a moment to glance behind her once, to check and make sure Chuck and his dog are alright. Seemingly so, she turns back to the protesters and to Candy. Her voice is still conversational in tone.
"The 'powers' that you speak of are not strangers above your reach. These are you elected officials, chosen by the American people to represent them. Which is why I urge all of you to contact your representatives concerning FRONTLINE and pursue the democratic route as opposed to reducing the Democratic process to threats of violence."

Candy shakes her head as she stands there and says, "You are uring one group of people, who can only affect one of our congressman. The powers that I speak of may have been elected, but those were times before this bill was on the chopping block. Who is to say that they will want to run for re-election. There is no incentive for them to listen to their constituents, not yet at the least." She looks at the people around Tracy as she says, "Is this what you want? To have people who are clearly so dangerous in positions of power? In our military? They will be trained, equipped. It is only a matter of time before they come to take what they believe is theres! Will we stand for this? Will we let our government give this power to those who are so clearly not human?!

Not sure but her voice seems familiar, but over the muttering in the crowd it is a bigt tough to make her voice out clearly with all the other tones aloft in the air. But continuing to stay put and not moving since he didn't know which way was what anymore. Silly protestors. Reaching down and giving Gus a pet, "You are doing well Gus, thanks for the support earlier bub." Then going silent as he continues to listen to the conversation exchange between the two woman.

The group continues to rally, but their rally has more or less fallen silent, listening to the conversation. On Candy's side, she speaks to inspire passion, to rally the troops. On the other, Tracy seeks to be informal and educational. A fairly interesting debate, to be sure.
"Miss Cee, I wish I were as sure as you that FRONTLINE would pass - I wouldn't have to work nearly so hard." There are a chorus of chuckles in the group. "Evolved persons are U.S. Citizens, and until the law says otherwise, are to be respected as such. The officials in Washington and Albany are officials the people of New York, elected, and I advise the people of New York to continue their close, working relationship with their officials in order to work towards a peaceful solution to modern-day problems." She seems ot sum up her statement, and turns, ready to step away from the crowd and go.

Not really sure how much more of this political stand off he could really take, finally asking, "Which way do I need to go to leave and not into the street please.." Tugging up on Gus's harness as to signal him it was time to go.

Candy shakes her head as she stands there and says, "Evolved persons are not U.S. Citizens, they are not even human. There are people out there who can kills us by /thinking/ about it. These are the kinds of people you want to give military training and access to. People who should be locked up at best, killed to protect the majority at the worst. You are condemning the average American citizen with this bill!" She looks around at the crowd that is forming as she continues to give her oratory, "People of America, I urge you to realize that the leaders in Washington are ready to stab you in the back in the worst way possible. Mark my words, soon there will be a powerful few in charge of the many. A few that no American hand had in electing. Do not let this Jezebel fool you into thinking that it can be solved by going to the people who proposed this bill! No, my fellow Americans, it is time to show all of America that Washington cannot do as it pleases, that America will not stand idle as it gives more power to those that would do anything they pleased with it. It is an atrocity that must be dealt with in the swiftest and loudest way possible. This vile woman is a supporter of those who would bring about the destruction of everything that every American stands for, send a message to those who think like her, show them that the American people will never tolerate anything that puts our nation in peril. A nation that is founded on fairness. Is it fair for us to be pushed to the back, for these… non-evolved… non-human… non-citizen things?! Its just the military now, tomorrow it could be politics. How long do you think an honest American politicians would last when their competition can read their minds?!"

The really seems to have shifted, now focused around Candy, or Miss Cee, whatever it is she calls herself. There are jaunts and cheers and boos to her words, depending on the part of the crowd. "Humanis First!" Seems to be the general murmer.
Tracy Strauss has reached the end of her comments, it seems, and turns to Chuck, offering him her arm. "I'll help you." She says with that same, honest smile as before. He may not see it, but he might hear it. As Cee goes on with her oratory, Tracy simply chuckles, speaking softly to Chuck. "My my, namecalling now? The bill must be doing very well for her to resort to that."

Chuck says, looking around, "Evolved are humans too how can you stand there and preach that they are not. You are describing someone who is evolved like an alien…I have to disagree with you on that miss." Then accepting Tracy's arm and keeping his firm grip on Gus. "Thank you Miss Tracy." As me move into position next to Tracy, out of know where his words must have aggravated someone in the group because unseeing to Chuck a man reached out with his leg in trying to kick Gus his service dog, but Gus seeing it bit the man's foot as he was bringing it up for the kick. Almost breaking away from Chuck's grip, but managing to keep his grip on the harness which was probably good or Gus would have probably laid the man out.

Candy pumps her fist as she says, "Thats right, Human First! Now… show this woman that we will not tolerate people who would sell out their own kind!" Candy levels a finger at Tracy as she stands there, "And she is using that man as an excuse! I bet he isn't even blind! I'm willing to be that this woman is coherting around with evolved, the way that she supports this bill, to have evolved trained." She looks at each of them as she spreads her arms wide, "My friends, the time has come for more than just protests! They are obviously not doing their intended job. Instead, it is time to create a more meaningful message. It is time to show them the anger of the American people at this great injustice. Our forefathers had the Boston Tea Party, my friends, perhaps we should have something similar. The New York Uprising shall be remembered, my friends. Lash out at this government that seeks to give people who have no right being trained to kill people, the training. Show them that the American citizen is not happy. Let your anger fill the sky with sparks. It is not murder to kill an evolved, it is doing your American duty, a duty that everyone should be doing to take care of this menace! Then we will not have to worry about bills such as this FRONTLINE bill, and if you cooperate with thise… nonhumans, then you are an enemy yourself!" Thats when Gus lashes out at the man, Candy seizes the initiative as she cries out at the top of her voice, "He just made that dog attack him! He's evolved! She is aiding and abating him! Are we going to sit idle while an American Citizen is assaulted?!"

And the PEDA vote goes to….well poor puppy! The crowd seems riled again, but the talk of a revolution has worried some, and for others, talk is as far as it will go. Extremeists are fewer and further between than most people believe, although Candy is looking to be quite the extremeist in her own right.
"Hey!" Tracy calls, glaring at the man who just kicked the dog. When he's bitten, she gives a curt nod to the man who was bitten. "Feel free to press charges." Not that it's her dog or anything, but she'll take that much initiative in the situation. Instead of rsponding to Candy's call to arms, Tracy continues to help Chuck try and move away from the protest, and people seem more or less content to let them go.

Candy watches them as she stands there and she shakes her head. "You would let an evolved and an evolved supporter go through without any kind of anything without them," she asks as she watches. Still shaking her head, the woman moves off to crawl back into whatever hole she came out of, the condition of her jeans not speaking to a very comfortable hole in the least.

Chuck pulling and holding tightly on Gus's harness. "Come on Gus, good boy." Feeling Tracy's as he moves away, "Thank you miss for the assistance, I hope Gus didn't cause to much trouble." Making sure that Gus didn't run away.

The protests continue, but they're more or less peaceful as earlier. Shouts of 'Humanis First' echo every now and again. "I'm sure it's no trouble. HE was attacked, after all, and if that man decides to press charges I'm quite sure nothing will come of it." She says it with ease - because between the assult on the dog and the 'instigating a riot' that almost happened, well, Tracy's rather sure the blind man has nothing to worry about.
"I hope she didn't offend you. I'm afraid with FRONTLINE so close to the vote, tensions are rather high." Tracy says, still letting him hold her arm as they walk away from the mess….

Chuck nodding, "No it was alright, I am just glad that Gus is alright or I would have been in a world of hurt back there..imagine trying to find his way home without any help." Shaking his head and as he is lead by Tracy and Gus. "Frontline is an interesting topic, wow, I didn't realize. I didn't actually catch your name? Is it Tracy? Well, mine is Chuck." Continuing to be lead by Tracy down and away from the protest…

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