Perfecting Imitation


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Scene Title Perfecting Imitation
Synopsis Schuyler is learning how to be Stephanie a little better, and a little more than he did before. The plan is still going according to… plan.
Date June 5, 2009

Pause Magazine

"Stephanie" Nalani's muddle british accent plays out over the intercom. "Bring in the latest sent over from Marc Jacobs, I want to see the pictures. I need to figure out what I'm bringing with me. No one was any the wiser as to the switch that had happened in the office. Releasing the button from the phone, she returns her attention to the piece of paper in front of her that she wrote, reading it over, scratching some things out with red marker and rewriting things in the column. COntrary to believe, she can edit her own magazine.

No one, maybe except for 'Stephanie' herself! The entire day has been a whirlwind of trying to figure out exactly what he…now she was supposed to be doing and giving him…herself a crash-course in Fashion. Closing the latest available issue of the magazine, bare-feet quickly try to find the heels that were kicked off for comfort's sake before the blonde, petite woman tries not to hobble over to get the requested items. "Picture…pictures…Marc Jacobs…" is murmured as files are flipped through. The right one (hopefully) is found and more of the not-hobbling continues into Nalani's office. There was even high-heel practice at home the night before!

Nalani's watching, gauging just how good a imitation of Stephanie he was doing. Hour of surveillance footage of the blonde had been offered up to help the man study. SO far, Nalani was impressed. SO when Schuyler comes walking through the door, she needs to do a double take. When the doors are closed though, there's a nod of approval from the queen Bitch. Of which , Schuyler has seen before, that she can be. "A little more swing in your hips and you have her. Give me the pictures would you?"

Schuyler was, most likely, up late watching those videos which did help a great deal. Also, having the actual figure and parts needed for such an imitation meant that he didn't really have to try and be a man 'pretending' to be a woman. It's really all mental at this level now…his brain processes are still male. At the advice, 'Stephanie' gives a relieved sort of smile and lets out a breath, "Thanks. I didn't want to go too far and look like I should be walking a street-corner or doing the hula, but…" she frowns and lifts up a leg to look behind her at the heels, "Maybe it'll help with the walking." Oh, the pictures! They're handed over, "These were the ones I found…they seemed to be the latest that I had."

"I'll give you a list to give to Amanda out there, but if you add just a bit of a swing to your lift hip when you move, just a little more, you'll have her walk down" She had been a model, walking the catwalks. Sometimes, you had to adjust your walk for the actual designers. Plus Stephanie had been with her forever. "I'll be putting this in my magazine, I think we'll put this one to bed sooner than last months. Then we'll see how it goes. Stephanie is enjoying herself in Europe I believe. She couldn't believe that I was sending her on all expenses paid. She deserves it though" Not like Nalani doesn't realize what a bitch she is and how hard on her employee's she is. She makes them work for every dime they make, but there's tons of perks to working for pause.

Schuyler thinks for a moment and then nods, "Left hip wiggle. Got it. I'll take your word for it that I won't look like John Wayne." It's also said with a smile before it fades into a more serious expression. After all, 'she's' at work…double work, really. "That's good," right? "And I'm glad she's enjoying her trip. I feel sort of bad rooting about her things, but hopefully no one will be the wiser."

"She's signed confidentiality agreements, and she knew ahead of time. She has no desire to let anyone.. blackmail anything." Which means that Stephanie had been sat down by Nalani and frankly told that someone was trying to extort money out of Nalani and that Stephanie needed to be replaced for a short term of time. Yes her job was still there, that Nalani woudl actually going to send her out to scout out rental villas for the summer, at Nalani's expense.

Now, that s/he didn't know. "Well, I'm glad she's aware of what's going on. I promise that if I break or lose anything, I'll replace it." But Sky's been very careful with Stephanie's things of late. "Must be nice to jaunt through Europe." This is such a different relationship dynamic than when Schuyler interviewed for a position at 'Pause' that s/he's not entirely sure how to deal with it. "Such a dirty business, if you ask me. Everyone has secrets…"

"That's life Stephanie" She's making herself call the person in front of her that. "Everyone has secrets. Some are small, some are big" There's a glance up at him. "Don't worry, I'm on suppressants. I couldn't make you do anything if I even tried. It's how I came to help them. THey help me, I help them. We have a perfectly functioning symbiotic relationship. They have the pills, I have my ability. It works out fine. Now, I'll be running this in the magazine. He'll like it, or he won't. IF he doesn't, he'll let me know. I don't' really have a number for him, he just tends to waltz in as he pleases, makes insinuations that he's been dating or slept with Stephanie, but he hasn't."

Schuyler makes a short, huffy sort of sound before lifting her eyebrows, "I would certainly know if I slept with someone." Good to know that it's just claims though. Not that Schuyler found any evidence of having this 'Adam' around in Stephanie's life, but he doesn't want to be improvising with the wrong information. "I don't think I was every really told about your ability…or the pills? You could make me do things?"

There's a glance to the door and then the phone to make sure that no one else is listening. "I'm a persuasionist. I can make you, if your will isn't stronger than mine, to make you dance in a hula skirt down in the foyer, if I so wished it. I don't use it to do such things…" But she could. "My brother works for your organization. Someone found out, I was warned to tone it down, I tried, unsuccessful, if by unsuccessful in that I could, but the migraines were not worth it. Your organization has pills that can suppress my ability, i take it once a day, I don't have to worry about needing to.. reign it in and if there's a phone call waiting before I take my next pill, I don't, and the company gets my services for the next day. They don't call often, thank bloody hell." Nalani looks up from her editing. "Make no mistake, I enjoy my gift. My.. Charisma. I don't enjoy what comes with actively not using it as opposed to letting reign free. "

The blonde gives a nod of understanding, "Not that dancing in a hula skirt wouldn't be amusing, but thank you for not using it on me. Although…" 'Stephanie' considers for a moment, "If it ever happens that you need to…to keep this cover," A manicured hand gestures to herself, "…you have my permission to do what needs to be done as long as, well, it doesn't kill me or something." So that's out of the way now. "I wouldn't want migraines either, to be honest. I never had to deal with those but I can certainly imagine." Blue eyes then look to the magazine, "I don't want to be taking time away from your work…"

'I don't ask permission to use it Stephanie. It's like breathing, as I explained to my brother. It just //is/. I can make you forget this conversation ever took place. I haven't had training yet, and likely never will, but I was told that the potentials for my ability are astounding. That I'd be classified as a tier 3. I enjoy my life and my magazine. you can see why I made the deal that I did. Now." She circled a handful of things. "Have these messengered over to him, Amanda will go pick them up when he's pulled them. He has my sizes already. I'm going to Los Angeles again. Contact Chicago Air and have them contract the… Bill. brit? Some kind of plane. They'll know, the one that picked me up in nougat Idaho. I want it for my journey and it better be finished by the time it picks me up next weekend. Then I want you to secure dinner reservation for two at Quinto Quarto. Leave a message with Eliot at Rapture that I expect him there, for 7. understood?"

"Except for the pills," Sky points out. But apparently that's a sort of 'Ok, I understand that if it needs to be done, it needs to be done' agreement and s/he'll take it as such. "'Him' being Marc Jacobs?" Wait, Stephanie is supposed to know this stuff so a nod is given. A moment is taken to store the information to write down when the woman is back at her desk, "I understand. I'll take care of it." Yes, write it down and -then- look for all the necessary information to get it all done.

"I changed my mind, Dinner at L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, not Quinto quarto" As s/he's leaving the room. "I want some starbucks as well, send Amanda for it." ANd with that, she's turning her attention back to the editorial on her desk and the editing of it.

Now that's a long name to remember. Stephanie gives a slight frown and tries to insert that into the mental list before giving a nod and sashaying back out of the office…the left hip giving a bit more of a sway than before. For the moment, Schulyer seems to be taking the notes well. Back at Stephanie's desk, the blonde gives a roll of her eyes towards Amanda and offers only, "She wants Starbucks again." That said, she gets a notepad to write down all of the instructions from a moment ago.

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