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Scene Title Period
Synopsis Monica hovers around the recovering Abby and the girls chat about these kids of theirs from the future.
Date August 24, 2011

The Garden

Most people when they come to the Garden, don't realize how utterly ancient it is, living in it. There's a reason that only a few stay here and why it's the go to place for new people yet to be vetted. Or a fallback. It's seclusion down a windy foresty road, it's imposing stone walls at the edges of the property, the lack of electricity being the major drawback.

It's the very reason that Abby actually likes it and has stayed there before. Windows don't need to be shuttered, the qauintness of it isn't lost on her and it has a charm to it. When you're not bed ridden. Fever beat back, infection on the run with the precious few antibiotics that Megan squirreled and dosed her up with, SHe's been starting to try and make her way back down to the more civilized and active parts of the safehouse. Sure, it took her about fifteen minutes to get from her room on the second floor, down the stairs and to the kitchen. "Hey" Calling out as she makes it into the main area, destination: The large kitchen table that acts as divider for the common area and the scene of more than a few Ferry conversation.

'What's a woman got to do to get some tea" Not a demand, more a casual poking around, see if any has already been made in southern drawls.

Monica hasn't been dependent on things like TVs and internet for a long while. Even lights, she mostly counts on the city to keep the street lamps going. So the Garden is not the hardship for her that it is for others. And why lingering to watch Abby's condition was an easy decision.

"Are you sure you're good to be on your feet?" Monica's is the voice that comes from the direction of the kitchen, and she pokes her head out to look Abby's way. She doesn't, however, step out to help her along the way. Not unless asked. "There's some almost ready. And some food. Soup and bread, sorry it isn't more fancy."

"Anyone who wants fancy out here, is always disappointed. I remember living here for over a month, when I first started getting involved with the Ferry and it was like camping, in a cottage. A three story cottage" Socked feet shuffle across the wooden floor that needs a new coat of Varnish but unlikely to happen. Lends some authenticity to a fairly old building.

"I'm good. Getting up and moving, helps the healing and I don't rightly think that I can take staring at the ivy climbing the window any longer" She offers a smile to Monica, tired, but looking far better than she was eight days before when she was on the same table she's heading for and bleeding everywhere. "Megan went back to the Island I presume" There's others here, a few, she knows this.

"Well, telling you to take it easy would be hypocritical of me, so come on in, have a seat." Monica is a notoriously terrible patient, after all. "I guess so. I haven't been watching the comings and goings, so I didn't see." she moves to get Abby a bowl of soup and a spoon before she gets the tea ready, too. "Sweet tea. I hope that's alright."

"We're both from the south. Since when is it not alright" Down into a chair she eases, a grimace as she does, one hand gripping the table, other flat against her abdomen, as if that might help, might ease the pain back to beneath the level of the painkillers that she's been taking. Thank you Megan. "Sit and eat with me? Going to be good and dark soon, they'll have to light all the lamps"

"Glad to," Monica gets herself some food after Abby gets settled, and she sits across from her with her own bowl and glass. "You let me know if there's anything you need while you're stuck around here. Crossword puzzles? Video games? A smoothi— well, that might be melted by the time I get it here, but, you know." She'd give it a shot.

"Oooh smoothie. Don't think they have those in the Rookery" There is however, a blender in the place and a generator that can be fired up if the residents feel an burning deep down desire to make their own. "There's books here, I'm good. Missing Kasha, the uhh.. you know, the little one" Not the adult one who's been around, making sure that Abby doesn't shuffle off the earthly coil before her time. "Thank you, for your help the other night. It's not something I'm sure you thought you'd ever find yourself wrist deep doing" The spoon is plucked up, dunked into the bowl and stirred about, mixing things to her liking before tasting the contents with a smile. It's good. It'll be slow going, but good.

"I'm sure you'll be able to get back to her soon, Abby. She with the other kids?" Monica dunks bread in her soup, swirling it around before she takes a bite. She's still chewing when she gets the thank you, and she shakes her head at first. "Not the first time! I'm just glad I was able to be helpful. Although, usually I'm doing that sorta thing to myself. Plus, I got to watch Cash work, that was interesting. Complicated, isn't it all?" That makes her shake her head, too. "It's a wonder it isn't breaking down all the time."

"Very. There's just so many blood vessels and then everything fits inside you in just such a way and even poking gently at something could severely damage it. Then there's nerves. Oh lordy but the amount of nerves that you got in your body. THen you introduce a bullet, and bullets dn't always just go boom in one way, out the other. Sometimes, they can just bounce around up in there, like a ping pong machine"

Spoken like an EMT and a healer who'd seen she swears, just about everything and yet, not enough. "what do you think, about Cash?" Abby looks oer at Monica, just stirring at her soup, a lack of appetite but making herself eat.

"Makes you think twice before shooting someone, at least." It makes Monica think twice anyway. At least when her power isn't calling the shots. But the question makes her look up from her soup, a smile coming to her face. "I think you've got every reason to be very proud. She seems like a very strong lady. She held it together while you were hurt. It takes a lot to pull that off."

"It makes me think that maybe this happened, then. That she knew to be here" But if she had known, she thinks too that Cash would have had more than chloroform to knock her future-mother out with. "So you know about them all coming back, try and make things better?"

"Maybe. Or something close enough that she knew to be available. Time travel," Monica lets out a bit of a sigh, although with a smile that gives away that she's not all that exasperated with it. "I do. JJ and Lene explained it to a bunch of us. JJ's my son. Future Me's son, anyway." And she's obviously proud, too, if her smile widening a bit is anything to judge by.

Names she hadn't heard yet. She knew there were others, plenty of others. "You'd had the chance to talk to him then? Meet up with him?" Slow going is the consuming of the food, but she's eating and that's good enough, even is she's trying to stay comfortable. "He with the Ferry in the future or just know of them?"

"Yeah, we've been able to hang out. He's a good guy. He was part of Liz's team. Well, he still is, it's just not Liz's team anymore." Monica nods a bit at the last question, "He grew up with the Ferry. After they saved us from prison camp." She shakes her head there, once she notices how easily it comes off the tongue these days. "I went to Special Activities and I'm guessing I stayed there up till these kids decided to come back here."

"Sounds to me, like i patched you and probably he up right proper more than a few times. I ended up giving up my council seat to run the medical section" Which sounds like that actually wasn't a bad thing in her mind. Not in the least. "I'm thinking, that I probably need to brush up on my knowledge, like how to remove appendixes. Or is it's Appendixi? Either way."

"Probably," Monica chuckles there, dunking another piece of bread, "I usually have a tendency toward getting hurt. Brushing up's not a bad idea. Might be worth it to start collecting medical texts over on the island. We'd be better with people getting familiar with that kinda thing." We, even if she's only technically an ally at this point and not a full fledged member.

"I think, that that's a really good idea, and at least get more people learning how to do things like stitches and help, you know, assist the people who know more" There's Megan, Francois, those two the potential to be doctors right now. Delia, herself, nurses, maybe more, if they study. "I think we're going to be heading to Europe either way. Don't know when but we've beens couting out aid there" A soft heads up from the mixed haircolor bearing woman across from monica who's had enough of her soup.

"Do you think, that they did right? In coming back, try to change things?" For that matter… Could they actuallyc hange things?

"Probably not a bad idea, getting out of Dodge. The way things are going for us 'terrorist' types, it's probably loads safer to get somewhere else. The Ferry's still gonna be… ferrying, though, right?"

The other matter's a little more difficult. Monica takes a moment, her head tilting a bit. "I think they have good intentions, mostly. I think, in the same spot, I know have made the same choice. Stopping the things they grew up with? No way is that the wrong choice. But," she says, letting out a sigh, "if I learned anything, working with Rich and everybody? Whatever you change? Bad things still happen. Maybe it won't be prison camps and such this time around, but who knows what's set in motion now. You can stop a bad thing, but you can't stop bad things."

"I can't imagine, that we won't be ever stopping ferrying folks who are in need" She muses quietly, falling silent to listen to Monica, a soft laugh at the words of Richard Cardinal that makes her grimace, palm her abdomen. "Some things, they find a way to still happen, Cash found that out. Just.. just maybe they don't happen how they were going to happen. I still found out about my husband, I just… I didn't kill him. In the future, I lost control, killed him, and then had to go into the Ferry." Abby shakes her head, pushing her bowl back. "Can't hurt, really. I hope… I hope they change enough. I know I'm better off for knowing Cash is here, and knowing some things. I hope, that you are too"

Killing husbands, now that gets Monica's attention. Or rather, not killing husbands gets her attention. "Your husband did something bad, huh?" It's a gentle opening, should Abby want to talk about it, but easily brushed off, if she doesn't. "Well, better off's hard to say. But I'm glad he came back. I'm glad I got to meet him. Even if life doesn't… and really, I can't see things going that way from here, I barely know his father. But we were happy then, in spite of it all."

"A long time ago." It's brushed off as gently, an imaginary sweep of the hand, a tale to be told another day when the story itself is over. "I'm glad. That you got to know him. I'm glad I got to meet her. I'm glad… I'm glad that they took the chance and came back and I can only hope that this will not have been in vain. Any of it. Nor filled with regrets" Because it's easy enough, to regret having come back. "I'm getting tired' She tires fast right now, but not as fast as when she was recovering from the flu. "I'll help you do the dishes"

"I'm glad, too. I know things were bad where they came from, but they gave up family and home and came back here to take a pretty big chance. Hopefully things'll be better this time around." Monica stands up, though, at Abby's words. "You won't, either. I made the mess, I'll clean it up. You should relax some. I'm not gonna let you bust your gut," she says with a wink as she picks up the bowls to carry them to the sink.

Maybe, if she was feeling more up to it, there's be a witty retort about we'll see who's gut gets busted up. Instead, Abby sits, inwardly weighing whether to put up a fuss and help, or obey. Obey wins out, Head dipped in deferrment to Monica's wisdom and as one of her current caretakers. "I'll just go sit on the couchs then, and listen to you slaving away in the kitchen. But know that I am going to make you something real right proper good to eat, when I'm allowed"

And there will be no fighting about that.


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