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Scene Title Peroxide
Synopsis Things get snippy in the medical wing.
Date September 15, 2008

Primatech Research - Med Wing

It's been a bad day. Matter of fact, it's been a bad week. It's been a bad period-of-incarceration. Elle got her wish…Jessica's back out. She's NOT in a cell for the moment; she's in the medical facility, after Elle's little electroshock nearly stopped her heart and knocked her out. She is, however, strapped down to the bed, just in case she gets…restless.

Hell. It's been a bad period for Elle, too. Sure, she dealt with The Monster That Is Jessica, but not without suffering catfight beatings of her own - and that's when she had the advantage of her powers while Jessica did not. A semi-filmy rectangle of a bandage is covering her nose, and the electrokinetic looks distinctly more grumpy than she usually does. Dressed in a red low-necked shirt and black slacks, she is lounging near the head of the bed where Jessica is lying, tapping her foot. Unhappy Elle is unhappy.

Doctor Knutson crosses from the other side of the lab with a chart in hand. "You nearly killed my patient," she tells Elle. "It's not that I mind, really, but it really creates a lot of paperwork. Try to be more careful next time? Please?" The blonde woman sighs and flips the page casual as you please.

Jessica wakes, finally. God. Everything hurts. Electrocution will do that to you. She looks about, tries to sit up, and finds herself strapped in. "Let me out of here." she snarls. "I am NOT someone's lab rat."

"But that's Elle's specialty," Adam pipes up from a corner of the room where he's seated in a chair. His words are slurred - sedatives can do that to a guy - but his wrists have nevertheless been carefully strapped to the arms of the chair. A needle is stuck in the crook of one arm, a steady and small stream of blood trickling down the tube it's attached to and into a small collection bag. Somehow, anything that Elle does always comes back to bite poor Adam in the ass. He didn't even do anything this time, and now he's drugged and having the blood sucked out of him. Obviously it is somehow the other blonde's fault. When Jessica speaks, Adam's voice rises again: "Sorry, darling. I told you what they'd do." Proof!

"I was trying to help." Elle remarks testily, still tapping that foot. Hey. It's not like she's looking any better than bloodbag-boy. As a matter of fact - in this room? Pretty much only Odessa is in some way uninjured. "What was I supposed to do, let her break my nose apart?" Even with Niki's prior warning, some degree of underestimation, or overconfidence, had obviously been there.

The doctor pinches the bridge of her nose and shakes her head. "Everyone try not to kill each other. Or poor Mister Monroe here will be tapped dry." She sets her chart in the holder at the end of Jessica's bed and then approaches Adam's side to check the IV in his arm. "You need to stop squirming, Adam. You'll pop the needle out and then I'll have to stick you again."

Jessica looks back at Adam. "You were right all along." She smirks a little as she looks to Elle, then back to Adam. "At least I popped her a good one. You're dead if I get out of this, you know that, right?" she says, in pleasant conversational tones to Elle.

Adam peers groggily back at Jessica with a somewhat hazy look in his eyes. It probably has something to do with, y'know, the drugs that are pumping through his system. "Don't kill them all without me, alright?" And then there's tugging at his arm, and the Englishman simply stares at the doctor like she's suddenly grown a second (and third!) head. "I'll tell you where you can stick your needle. Stick it in Elle's eye."

Yeah. Yeah. Adam and Jessica will both pay dearly once Elle has the proper opportunity to make sure of it. She drums her fingers on her folded arms, fixing the ceiling with a steely look and an inwards breath. "Keep sticking him, Odessa. Stab him, if you know what's good for you both." Pretty please?

"What are we?" Odessa asks, looking in turn to Adam and then Elle, "Twelve?" Her smile is sweet as sugar, however. "Nobody's going to be stabbed tonight. Not unless you all start misbehaving, and then I'll just tranquilize the whole lot of you and call someone else in to clean up the mess."

Jessica is doing her best to try and wrangle her wrists free. Not being obvious about it, but trying to get just so much as a hand free. "You know, how do you look at yourself in the morning?" Interesting thought. Hmm. They've locked or hidden them in her room. But in a medical room? Got to be SOMETHING reflective around here.

The regenerator drops his head backwards in an expression of utter boredom, frowning very seriously indeed at Odessa. "Misbehaving? What do you call what the Sparkly Fairy Princess does with us when the rest of you tarts aren't looking? How do you think poor Jessica got the way she is right now?" Adam is certain he has a point here.

"…You can try it." The stare is fixed on Odessa next. There is an abrupt BZIT of static as a circular lacing of sparks crackles near Elle's hand. Like a strobe, it lasts less than a second. "It's no wonder your sister is anxious to be rid of you," she comments towards Jessica, tilting her chin that way. "And I was given permission to use electricity on you, ungrateful brat. By Niki and daddy both." That's for the benefit of the entire room.

"It is not my job to police Miss Bishop," Doctor Knutson informs Adam gently. "It is my job to clean up after her messes, however." She glances over to Elle with an exasperated look. "And do you remember that talk you and Daddy had about zapping me?"

The MPD blonde looks back to Elle. "Yeah, and the whole "hurting Niki" part? That means that not only do I kill you, but I make it HURT first." She looks at Elle. "If you're smart, you'd let me go now. I might take it well and not break you in half."

Adam twists one hand - the one attached to the arm that has the IV in it - in order to point as forcefully as he can at Jessica, still gazing up at Odessa like some sort of kicked puppy. "Elle's going to kill her eventually, you know. It's an inevitabibibility." Big words do not really work well with sedatives. It's a pure miracle that he isn't drooling all over himself. "She's killed me plenty of times."

Elle snorts, withdrawing her glance from Odessa with a final hateful narrowing of her eyes. "Niki hates you. You've done more to ruin her life than I ever could've by myself. Maybe I should kill you like I promised." Glower at Adam. "…you, too. A little extra pain never hurts, pajama boy."

"Shhhhh…" Odessa reaches out to brush a soothing hand over Adam's forehead. He's her pet patient. The one she can't lose no matter how hard people try and kill him. "And if that happens, I'll fill out the appropriate paperwork, as will Miss Bishop." It's all about the paperwork. One must have to give up compassion to stomach a job like this one. "You realize what you just said, yes?" Elle earns a glance and a quirked brow from Odessa.

Jessica snarls once at Elle, and slams her wrists against the restraint. Come on, one moment of her strength. That's all she needs. "So what? You're going to "cure" Niki? And then what? She's spent the last 2 years catatonic, because she can't handle things. What do you get out of it?"

Not being able to die isn't always a blessing. It means that Adam can take more pain than any man should ever have to: and Elle has, in the last few years, singlehandedly inflicted far more than is her share. Is it any wonder he wants to kill her slowly? "Fairy Princess. One day? I'm going to rip off your wings."

"Did I stutter, Odessa?" This is said as coldly as can be, with Elle's voice quieting itself just for that phrase. To Jessica back at normal volume: "Maybe she could if you let her. Sorry to break it to you, but you weren't the one who was born a she-hulk." Her forefinger traces a delicate scratching, back and forth, on her forearm.

Adam simply receives a curving upwards of her lips, eyes wide and unreadable. She doesn't even look at him.

It's times like this when Doctor Knutson wishes she had the authority to kick Elle out of her wing, but she really, really can't. And Jessica is moving that arm an awful lot. She may yet need the electrokinetic. Soothing touches must come to an end now, Adam. Doc needs to get the medicine. Odessa crosses to a counter to pull open a drawer first for a vial and then for a syringe. "Not in my lab, Bishop. Save your games for where I don't have to report them." She doesn't even spare Elle a look, however, as she tells her this. "Miss Sanders," as she does have Odessa's undivided attention, "you really need to stop struggling or I'm going to have to sedate you."

Jessica glares back at Elle, but also smirks just a bit. "I notice you dodged that question. What is it that you people expect to get by forcing Niki out to deal with things that she can't deal with?" She looks back at the doctor. "So get close enough to try it." Her voice is flat. If there's ANY opportunity, she'll take it.

"She told me to kill her if we couldn't get Niki back." Elle quirks her head the tiniest angle as she says this, eyes smoothing over in their expression as they gaze into Jessica's face. Her tone of voice is both irritated and amused. "She told me, Miss Kuh-noot-son. And Jessica? One- it's my job to care, and two- try anything and you'll be right back where you were last night."

Doctor Knutson casts a glance over her shoulder to Elle with a questioning look. You've got my back, right? She holds the vial between two fingers and uncaps the syringe with her teeth in lieu of a free hand, spitting the plastic top aside for now as she slides the needle past the rubbery barrier between the vial and the outside world. Once her syringe is filled, the empty is deposited in the pocket of her white coat and she flicks the reservoir twice while depressing the plunger to ensure that everything's good to go before she approaches and pushes down on Jessica's arm in a very practiced maneuver, jabbing the needle into her arm without any regard for how much it might hurt. After all, a broken nose would hurt a lot, too. Or having one's arm ripped out of their socket, or away from their body entirely. So this is just pre-emptive, protective measures. Really.

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