Perp Sandwich


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Scene Title Perp Sandwich
Synopsis <summarize the scene>
Date March 15, 2011

Brooklyn - Streets

It's been relativey quiet and uneventful for a regular day in New York. No Humanis first popping their heads, terrorists, who knows what else. Cars stop and go obeying the lights, people come in and out of the stores, though most keep to themselves given that they are in new york and bad shit happens.

Hortense is emerging forth from a store that sells all manner of natural beauty products, oils, shampoos who knows what. A brown carrier bag laden down with more supplies for work, oils of all kinds for aromatherapy. Boots, leggings, long sweater and lambskin jacket. purse thrown over her other shoulder, the tall brunette - well Hortense at least - is mentally going through her list of things she still needs to do before heading back to the boat.

Fel is on his way home from Little Odessa. Relatively speaking - he's been paying calls to people he knew in his youth. Most of whom find him almost unrecognizably altered. He's in that heavy gray overcoat, and the narrow shoulders are bowed.

It's still rather chilly as of late, but at least the snow has gone; that clears up the sidewalks enough for Delilah to get the stroller out again. Walter is old enough now to pay attention, but she'll be turning the stroller into a sitting position only when she feels like he doesn't mind it. That means some practice, and meanwhile he is stuck in bassinet mode, facing the blue sky past the rim of his rooftop and watching Delilah as they walk along past the view of tall buildings on either side of that sky. He's got a plastic toy in his hands- and mouth- that makes faint rattles whenever he lifts an arm and hits it on the side of the basket.

With a light winter coat and a scarf over her hair, Delilah might look a little out of decade, but the muttering that she gives all the potholes in crosswalks and sidewalks is certainly more colorful than post-war mommyhood could have been. Walter doesn't seem to mind the bumps much, though.

There's an added breeze to the day, one Felix would recognize, he's caused quite a few in his days. It ruffles his jacket, a rather clumsy attempt - though successful - to get whatever contents might be in his pocket with the dip of a hand that is enhanced by an evolved ability. And then the person is gone again, zip, by Delilah and wrenching her baby bag from wherever it might be on the carriage since she doesn't seen to carry a purse. No finesse to the action, the stroller is jostled, and as he zooms off, tips to the side, threatening to spill baby and blanket as well as toy to the sidewalk.

Two other people hit along the way, items lifted from them before Hortense and her purse and bag are wrenched from her, the individual not even having the good graces to stop and instead sending the masseuse spinning into Delilah with a yelp.

Whu - what? Even Felix stops and stares for a moment, aghast. Though all the thief has gotten from him is an old wallet filled with cardboard and paper. And then he's off like a rocket after the pickpocket, breath hissing out of him as if he were a kettle on the boil.

With another woman suddenly bumping into her and most things in front of her teetering onto an axis, Delilah's reaction time is not so much on the breezing pickpocket and Hortense spinning into her, and instead on the whole- you know- grabbing the baby thing. And she does, picking him up as abruptly as possible when the stroller tilts and tumbles out from under him. Thankfully, Delilah is under him when she falls onto her butt there on the sidewalk. Walter by now is yelling and letting his discontent be known, tucked firmly against Dee's chest by one of her arms.

"Fuck me, what the hell was that-" If it hadn't been for Hortense being shoved, Dee might still be on her feet, but for now she remains sitting on the concrete. "-oh, oh, it's okay, I have you, ssh…" The redhead, bewildered, picks Walter closer to her so she can murmur into his ear. Sometimes chasing the bad guy isn't as important, she's come to realize that more often these days.

Shit, fuck!" there goes her purse and her bag and… "Fucking evolved!" Hortense curses, on the ground and half sprawled across Delia and her baby while Felix plays chase. "Oh, shit. Sorry, baby, my language" Suddely her dirtied and street damped clothes are ignored in favor of the wailing baby in her ear and his mother. "Here, lemme help you up, shit"

THe speedster that is the theif doens't notice Felix behind him, just dodges around a corner about 6 blocks away, into an alley so he can stop and survey his loot. Two purse,s a wallet, bag of… massage oils? Shit. Thats summarily tossed to the side, the baby bag rifled through and when Felix comes upon him, he's caught, red handed, looking for a wallet in the baby bag, two purses tucked under his arms.

And there's suddenly a Felix right up in this kid's face. He'll find all his pimples up against dirty brick. Fel's about to cuff him until Felix remembers….he has no handcuffs. Mental note - start carrying plastic zipties. Even if he doesn't catch people, hell, Liz likes the kinky stuff now and again.

"Hey, don't be hatin'… one bad egg ruins the basket, eh?" Delilah is trying to not be angry at the thief as well, because babies just know things sometimes- she lets Hortense help her up, recalling the other woman's face after a moment. Walter is still yelling though, cheeks red and eyes tearing up in the usual emotional baby reaction. "'Sokay Walter, you're alright," Dee coos into his cheek, picking him up in her hands to actually make sure of that. Yep, fine.

"Here here, quiet down." She puts him back into her arms to rock him gently, and only now tries to look after the direction that the person must have gone.

"I've run into too many lately, doing something" Hortense murmurs, helping Delilah and Walter up, making faces at the baby, unaware of Felix and his heroics. "Oh, oh! Hey" Recognizing the redhead. "Nice to see you again, what did you loose?" She turns to righting the stroller since Delilah's got her hands full with crying fretting baby.

The teenager is startled, so shocked at seeing Felix right there, up in his face that his hands squeeze and baby powder puffs up in the air around then with a woosh before he's up against the wall. "Hey man, hey, sorry, here, have your wallet back" It's dropped to the ground from where it was squished under his arm. "No harm man, no harm!"

A fruit indeed. Fel would be very disconcerted if he knew that that was the mother of the son of ….one variant of his current lover. Too many Teos in this city. Fel's not a preposessing figure, lean and fierce looking. "You little thief," he says, reaching out to grab him by the scruff of the neck and shake him.

"I dunno…" Delilah bends a little to examine the stroller as Hortense puts it up. "He was moving too fast, but just a diaper bag I think. Go figure, I don't have a purse- are you okay though?" She uses her free hand to help get the stroller back in order, though she does not put Walter down. He's still fussing, and she is still trying to calm it. "Where'd he go? Did you see?"

The shaking makes everything falls, the purses, some watches, more wallets as he's ratted around by Felix. It scares the kid, and in a heartbeat he's attempting to get away, oblivious that Felix is speedy like him, getting loose and taking off around the corner, heading back towards Delilah and Hortense in that way that he and Felix share - though Felix has age and skill on him, so more speed that the fresh pimply faced pick pocket.

"I'm okay" A rip in a knee, smear of blood that will lead to a shallow scrape. "Purse, my bag of oils, fuck, that shit's not cheap" She's looking around though, left then right, gesturing to where Felix and the teenager disappeared. Which is about when she steps forward to make sure Delilah's okay and..

Wham Speedy teen meets masseuse and the pair go flying, easy enough for Felix to catch up.

He is like a grayhound - he just can't resist that impulse to chase. It's not in him. The Russian pounces without hesitation, and this time….he just kind of holds the kid down. It's a startling tableau, teh pair of them suddenly out of nowhere.

From Delilah's vantage point, it is a bit like watching Animal Planet- creatures just plowing into one another for god knows what reason- and she is startled into silence, watching them tumble and Felix pinning the kid down. Walter's choking snuffles subside for just a few seconds, so that he can look around to see what this other noise is about. Then it is back to crying.

"Uh-" Wow. "Jesus- miss Tennebaum, are you still okay?" The redhead looks down again to the kid, and Felix- and yes, it would be hard to not remember him. She doesn't say a word, though, just tugs off her scarf and hands it over to him. Wool is just as good as a ziptie, right?

Ms. Tennenbaum is the bottom of a perp sandwich, two men on top of her in a way that isn't so delightful or NC-17. "Yeah" Wheezed out, face to face with the guy who stole from the three of them, even as Felix is being handed the wool scarf to restrain the guy. "Got the name of that truck?" Not to mention a dry cleaner for her jacket and she wheezes loudly. "Guys, off me. Please. Breaking ribs here" This to Felix followed by a groan. There's a few people pointing, someone taps Delilah on the shoulder, "Do you need me to call 9-1-1 dear?" An elderly lady, white hair verged on blue, holding aloft a cell phone. "I have a cellular phone dear"

"Sorry," Fel says, even as he binds the kid's hands. "I'll call it in," he adds, sitting on the boy's feet, looking reflexively proud of himself. I am a good doggie, yes, I am.

Delilah turns, only to grow bemused at the elderly lady that has come over to offer services. She smiles, glancing over at Felix, and looks back to her, Walter still being rocked gently. His world was so rudely interrupted, he has to create drama. "I think we're good, he's a law-man." Even if Felix doesn't look like much of one. No offense, really. "But thank you so much." And this, she means. Old people are so nice. And sometimes people just wouldn't want to help, these days.

"See, you little bugger? That's why you don't steal from people. Look at you." Covered in baby powder and tied up with a scarf on the cold, hard ground. Serves him right.

The teenagers not speaking, Felix having moved him so that Hortense can scoot out from under, stand back up and do a personal inventory of her person. Nothing broken, just bruised. "God, my luck" Looking down at the teenager who puts up token struggles against the FRONTLINE agent. "Where'd you dump my stuff you little shit"

The old lady smiles, reaching out to pat at Delilah's shoulder. "That's good, alright then" Her phone going away into her purse, turning around and tottering off with a passing glance to the baby and the pinned teenager. "For shame" She shakes her head repeatedly making off to where old ladies go.

Old lady Valhalla. Of course, Fel will sit around and wait until the NYPD show up to take custody. The incredulous and amused NYPD, trying to hide their smiles.Ivanov never changes.

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