Personal Statement

On most channels the night of Feb 16:

"Tonight's news includes a surprise announcement. Information the dome itself and what's being done to get through has been sketchy at best. However, FRONTLINE Manhattan's unit director Elisabeth Harrison requested all news outlets to send a representative to her position near the dome with cameras for a brief statement. Switching over to our own Bonnie King, Bonnie…. What's going on out there?"

The reporter on-site is a tall brunette and she responds quickly, "Jan, we're just about ready to start out here. Director Harrison is approaching the front of the crowd." The camera pans away and captures Elisabeth in her Horizon armor sans helmet.

"Thank you for coming this evening, ladies and gentlemen. What I'm about to say is going to be very graphic, so anyone watching who may have problems with visceral descriptions or small children should be removed from the television viewing area." She pauses a moment to actually give people that chance without missing what's coming.

"Behind me is a smear on the dome." Elisabeth moves to make room so the cameras can get a close-up. "This smear is what's left of a man's arm. He very courageously attempted to use his Evo ability to break through and get to the people trapped within the dome. There's a larger, matching stain in another location on the dome where a teleporter reportedly made the attempt to get out from inside. He rematerialized into nothing more than human hamburger." Her tone is grim. "Folks… we're not just sitting on our hands out here. Scientists, engineers, all of the best minds in the country have been working around the clock to try to find a method that will get us through the dome or break the dome to release the people held within. I understand that we're all on edge and anxious, but please…. if you have an idea on how to get through the dome, if you have an idea that you think will help? Contact the number on your screen and leave us a message with your idea and a number at which to reach you if it's something we have not already tried. Let us get back to you if it is something that sounds viable. We've tried a lot of things already, and we don't want to see any more people lose their lives or their limbs literally throwing themselves into a meat grinder."

There is sincere pain in the exhaustion on her face. "We cannot stop you from trying. The man who tried this today had all of the best intentions, and I won't order soldiers to step in and stop you. But understand that any attempt you make, you are taking your life in your hands. Please let's be smart about this. No one deserves to get released from the dome and learn their loved ones died trying to get them out. Thank you."

It's very clear that she's not taking questions as she puts the helmet back on and strides from the area. Bonnie turns back to the camera. "Well, Jan…. there you have it." The reporter looks a bit on the pale side. "Back to you…."

And the talking heads go on.

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