Peypey! I'm Home!


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Scene Title Peypey! I'm Home!
Synopsis Wendy comes back from her Fauxhab, bearing presents and to catch up on gossip with Peyton.
Date November 22, 2009

Peyton's Hovel

It's late Monday morning. Peyton's alone in the apartment, making a list of more things to buy to make the library livable. When the doorbell rings, she sets the list down on the coffee table and heads to the door to open it. She's still in her pajamas when she opens the door to Wendy outside — pink and yellow plaid bottoms and a pink tank top, her feet bare and her hair in a ponytail. "Wendy!" she exclaims, throwing her arms around the woman on the other side of the door. "Come in!"

She saw that coming, Peyton throwing her arms around her. Gone is the bandages that cover her hand, and her ear. The latter is hidden behind her hair, there's no hiding the rest. Stunted fingers attached to hands swing around the other woman and hold her tight, even going so far as to lift the clairvoyant a bit off the ground in a the squeeze.

"Peyyyyyyyyyton!" She squeals, a brown carrier bag dangling from her fingertips.

"Come in, come in!" Peyton says happily, closing the door behind the other woman. "I was getting worried but I didn't want to peek in on you and invade your privacy… I mean, I didn't have any reason to think you were in trouble, and that's sort of my rule, I need to think someone's in danger, if it's a friend of mine, and so I just hoped you'd get in touch soon and here you are!" She breathes, letting go of the taller woman. "Can I get you something? Coffee? Tea?"

God, coffee would be great Peyton. And thanks, I mean, I wouldn't mind, but there were others who would be where I was and it'd have been a violation of their privacy, yadda yadda yadda. But, I'm home and I'm almost three weeks clean and I think, that I'll not be falling off the wagon anytime soon" Wendy closes the door behind her, kicking off her boots. "I have…. postcards!" From Switzerland, which she never really went to but the age of modern commerce, one can get them delivered. "Gloomy Gus lurking around or am I safe from being bitched upon?"

"Aaron's out. But if he comes in… be gentle with him. Gillian's arrested. Looks like she's locked up somewhere, so he's of course really worried. So am I. She called him instead of a lawyer or someone who might have been able to help her… why I don't know," she says with a sigh and a shake of her head. "Anyway, come in. Sit down. I'll get you some coffee." She heads into the kitchen to pour some for the two of them.

Not gonna go sit on a couch, she's been doing that a lot. Instead, Wendy follows in behind Peyton, hopping up and settling her ass on a counter, long legs bent and swishing back and forth to thump softly on the cupboards. "So, how's life trix? What did I miss? You run off and get married? Besides, you know, your friend getting arrested"

Handing a cup of coffee to Wendy, Peyton laughs and shakes her head. "Not married, no. What have you missed — um, the usual, I guess. Helping out when I can, finding people, that sort of thing." She pours her own cup of coffee, then mixes in her sugar and cream. "Danko got arrested," she adds, her voice neutral — it would normally be a good thing except that there was another possible resolution that would have been more final.

The cup is taken, careful to not spill any. It's put to the counter beside her to cool a bit before she'll attempt to drink it. THe news of Danko though, is met with the cessation of her feet from smacking against the cupboard.

"say again?"

"He was arrested. I don't know the details. Just that he was … arrested." Peyton doesn't want Wendy to know about the trial and the fact they didn't turn him into the authorities immediately. Not like it was up to her, but still. "Things get passed around the grapevine. We heard he got arrested. We don't know what's happened to him … since then." There's an involuntary shiver at the last.

She hadn't heard anything. There's been no message on her phone for her to come in and look at a line up, identify the man who'd kidnapped her. For a few moments, black finely shaped brows furrow down, forehead marr'd by lines as she gives in to anger. "So he's in jail. There uhh, been any announcement about when there will be a trial?"

Peyton frowns into her coffee. She's worried about Eileen, and she's worried about the fact Danko might come after her. And she hates lying to her friend. "I don't know. I'll tell you if I hear anything. I just know that he was arrested. We shouldn't even know that much, but we know people who were there," she says, bringing the cup up to take a gulp of the hot liquid.

"Well, that's good news to come home to, I guess" Wendy manages to say as she fidgits with her own cup. "Least your little terrorist friends did something good" It's not meant as a job or a stab. Peyton knows where Wendy stands on it all. "I guess a few weeks, doesn't really change much in the city huh"

"Not a lot. Just … people missing for no reason. Be careful, okay? They seem to be jacking Evo's off the streets and shipping them off or something, I'm not sure. Too many people have gone missing, arrested, et cetera, over the past few days." Peyton's voice is worried — she knows too many people personally who have been arrested or abducted.

"I think I intend to lay low for a while, finish healing. STaying away from the partying too much since I don't really want to be in temptations range" Forget that, you know, she's helping Bella. "There's a refrain help group, at the Center. They hold it at night, and there's not too many evolveds so, I can attend it" Wendy reaches out, putting her good hand on Peyton's shoulder. "You're a good friend Pey, good woman. You're parents would be proud of you"

"I don't know if they would, but thanks," Peyton says with a smile. "I mean… my mom was a lawyer. She probably would be having fits to see me breaking the law in all these new ways, after I broke them in a half a dozen other ways before." She pats Wendy's hand. "But yeah, lay low, heal up. Party scene is dead anyway — I mean, I've been gone from it for so long. How exciting can it be?" She grins at that.

"Probably not as. But the world does keep turning without us, does it not? Come on, lets get out of this kitchen and just go gossip. Or you know, watch a movie or two, possibly three, paint some toenails and otherwise be girls hmm?" Wendy offers, wriggling her toes in her socks.

"Sounds like a plan. I have some new Netflix videos I need to watch, and plenty of nail polish," Peyton says. "At least for a few hours, we can pretend we're normal people, right?"

"Sounds perfect! Onwards, I'll bring the cups, you go get the nail polish!" Wendy fires back, taking both mugs carefully. "Maybe Aaron will let us paint his toenails when he gets home hmmm?" Unlikely.

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