Phase 1 Complete


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Scene Title Phase 1 Complete
Synopsis Magnes skywrites with ketchup to get a meeting with Daphne, then he tells her a small piece of his plan. Daphne has a new job.
Date August 21, 2009

All Over The Damned Place

Meep Meep!

It's still early in the evening, street lights not on yet, sky still bright enough to see clearly. All is right with the world, except one strange thing a good portion of the city might notice if they looked up. Of course a few people probably don't care about some skywriting, it might actually mean something to one person in the city. Written in very large red letters (With ketchup), is the message:

Lady Flash, meet me where we first met.

So now Magnes simply waits on that roof he first spotted Daphne on, wearing a completely black long-sleeved shirt, black leather gloves, some black sneakers, and black blue jeans. He's gothing it up tonight! Or at least dressing practically, for meeting a criminal. He's wearing a long silky wig that goes down to his neck, temporary black dye on his eyebrows, some stubble on his chin, and a pair of sunglasses, just leaning against an air vent.

Luckily for the author of those red letters, 'Lady Flash' recently made her way back into the city after along absense to other parts of the world. Earthquakes bother her, so she didn't really want to stick around with all the rumors circling in the sky. Doesn't mean she won't come back if she has to! Not that she really has to, but she did anyway. From the street, sky art isn't easiest to see, especially if around taller buildings. But she's not on the street when she spots them, but up on a roof with a small object getting shoved into her pocket.

It doesn't take her long to figure out who it might be. She's only been flying once before! And Lady Flash could easily be her. She's yet to meet any women who can move near as fast as she can. A few running dashes, rooftop to rooftop, and she lands with a blur on the right one, looking around. That's not who she flew with!

"Man, if this is a set up, you have no idea who you're dealing with. I'll kick your ass so fast you won't even get a chance to blink."

"I knew you were spunky, but I didn't know you had a potty mouth." Magnes teases, laughing a little as he holds a hand out for her's. "It's me, this is a disguise so we could meet here. We need to find a secret meeting spot after this, or you could just give me your number."

Then, getting right down to business, he asks, "Do you wanna save the world?"

"Ass is like a two year olds potty mouth, kid," Daphne says with a skeptical sound, but she does recognize the voice. Phone number would be easier to respond to than skywriting! "Save the— not particularly. Unless it pays well. Saving the world seems to be a little on the… non-profit side of things, and I like money. Money makes the world go round and keeps food in my stomach and cool things in my stash."

Like the small item now sitting in her pocket. That will soon be part of her stash.

"First I'm gonna say that I'm far from rich, but I can afford to pay you a fair price; you're practically priceless in value." Magnes' cheeks go red after he says that, suddenly awkwardly rubbing his neck. "I mean, alright that came out wrong, but you know what I mean."

"I only have a few rules," he says after calming down considerably, tone serious again. "If I ever ask you anything that you have any moral conflict with, you tell me, I never want you going against your ethics for me. The second rule is that if you think there's a reasonable chance that a mission might be too dangerous for you, back out, keep the pay and I'll just ask you to do something else for it. The third rule is that we don't know eachother, and if we get into a situation where we have to be seen in public, play dumb unless I've stated otherwise. Fourth rule: if you see something you want while working for me, take it. I don't agree with stealing, but this is bigger than that. Fifth rule: You don't repeat any of this, to anyone. So, can we go somewhere more private to discuss this?"

"You have a lot of rules, flyboy," Daphne says, looking him over a bit. "But you know what? I like 'em." There's very little that she can see wrong with his plans, actually. "Now whatever you do, don't fly us anywhere, just let me do the running. I'm more comfortable with that," she explains before she's suddenly grabbing his hand and…


The world moves in a blur. Up and down all seem the same. Left, right, front, back. Things move so quickly that the only thing that's clear at first is that they are still somewhere where it's light outside.

The motion stops abruptly, and they're standing on a rocky, empty area, with the ocean rising up. "Okay. Anyone comes along I'll just jet us somewhere else!" They could still be in New York, but depending on how fast she goes, it's difficult to tell! "So what's the job and how much you paying?"

When they stop, Magnes grabs his mouth and hunches over, waiting for his stomach to settle before standing up straight again. "Alright, sorry. I wanna put you on a set weekly wage, since I'll be able to pay you more consistently if I know what to budget myself for. However, depending on how one of your missions go today, you might be getting more."

He reaches into his pocket, then offers a printed out shopping list of things to do.

First there's four tasers, four tranq guns, and four handguns, all with pretty detailed specifications. They're weapons typically used by the Company, if she knows that or not, but someone else might.

The next thing on the list: Make a list of Refrain dealers so he can investigate them, but do not use Refrain.

And lastly, there's some sort of jumble of hexadecimal, binary, and other computer languages one could easily use a PC converter to make. However, not being a hacker or even a programmer, the most he could do was translate different chunks of various words and mix up the languages. He's hoping most people won't even bother going through the effort of translating it all. Her instructions for the note is: Run to as many houses as she feels she can, and paste the note all over the internet.

"That's basically it, but I'd like to ask, how much would you want to be paid weekly for doing things like this on a regular basis?"

Completely settled from her fast moving, Daphne just watched until she's handed a shopping list of things to do for a flat weekly fee. A flat fee, plus right to steal anything she wants whenever she goes for him? That should do pretty well for her. Eyebrows raise at the first two, before she looks down at the last and tsks slightly. "You want me to break into people's houses to post this on the internet? You realize I can just… go to a billion internet cafes all over the world and do the same thing without breaking into people's homes. I probably will, cause I usually don't rob from the little guys. I could do rich people homes, though!" That's different.

"The first two shouldn't be too hard. I got some connections. These are pretty specific, but you'd be surprised how many people in just New York got their hands on these kinds of things." No questions from her. She folds up the piece of paper and shoves it into a pocket, then reaches to grab something else out of another one. "This is my cellphone number. If I don't answer it, I might be out of country, but leave a voice mail and say it's Flyboy."

"You can do the cafe thing, and, holy crap, a billion? I was thinking you'd only be able to do a thousand or so, but, hey, do as many as possible. Wear gloves, I wanna be cautious." Magnes takes the number, carefully stuffing it into his pocket, then nods. "If you need me, you can find me at Panucci's, or call this number, it's a disposable number, so if it's compromised I can just throw it out." He digs into his pocket, having already printed out his number, then offers it up. "You're changing the world, y'know. And not in one of those misguided evil ways, we're really gonna do some good."

He gives a friendly smile, clearly grateful. "My name's Magnes, in case you forgot."

"Well, doing a billion would take longer, thousand's pretty easy, though!" Daphne says in a bragging kind of voice. Only issue with internet cafes would be they often charge money when she's not really wanting to pay. Some can be pretty cheap, though, and no one says the money has to be hers… Not even he did. Doesn't condone theft, but necessary evils in the light of good deeds.

"I liked Flyboy better, but all right, all right. Magnes it is. Dude I have to pretend not to know if we're ever together in public." It isn't so much doing something good that would make her smile, as long as she's getting paid she doesn't much mind— as long as it doesn't berak her moral compass, which includes not wanting to kill people. He's not asking that, so she's not worried. "I understand disposable numbers. Mine should still work. Just don't give my number out to a lot of people!" She stuffs his number away, and then holds out her hand, "Ready to head back to New York City on the Daphne Express?"

"Just do whatever you can, my concern is making sure it attracts the right people, if these people even exist." Meaning, by his tone, Magnes isn't telling her the entire plan. He hasn't told anyone his entire plan. "I think I prefer associating that name with you than Scooby Doo. Maybe when everything's in place, we can actually get to know eachother." He likes knowing people who work for him!

"I'm ready, but my stomach isn't. Let's go."
"Oh come on, you fly and you get a little roadsick?" Daphne says with a tease, not seeming to want to question him. "I like my name better as my name and not some dumb girl who hangs out with a group of crazy kids and a dog. I'm pretty much an open book. You already know a lot about me!" She steals things, works for money, and loves to travel. What more could there possibly be! Not much, or so she seems to want him to think.


The world gets absorbed into a blur of motion once again. Things by fly quickly. For an instant it seems as if they're running up stairs and then… a door slams behind them and they're not moving anymore. "Back at the beginning again. I gotta say, though, the wig doesn't fit you very well. You look like a pansy." Considering how fast they moved, it might be a surprise it stayed on at all.

Magnes, expert cosplayer, does not simply lose his wig! "Let's, uh, just say I'm used to dressing up. And not in a weird way that you're probably thinking." More redness, then he suddenly begins to ascend. "If you absolutely need me and for some reason don't know where to look, ask for me at Panucci's, but only if it's absolutely vital. Otherwise, call any time." Then, he goes higher, leaving her with:

"You have no idea just how much you're doing for the world."

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