Phoebe Thornton
Phoebe Thornton
Portrayed By Lynda Carter
Sex Female
Status Unregistered Evolved
Ability Precognition
Age 45
Date of Birth 6/16/1964
Date of Death
Occupation Philanthropist/Pro-evolved Activist
Family Deceased (Annmarie Thornton)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Every child is special, in his or her own way. For Phoebe Hollister (later to become Phoebe Thornton) this statement proved to be more true then even she might know. The only child of Francis and Mary Hollister (Old, old money and amongst New York's social elite), Phoebe spent her childhood enjoying all the advantages that money could buy. She attended the finest Catholic schools, learned music, art, horseback riding and dance. As a child, she had the finest teachers money could buy, loving albeit inabsentia parents, and what most would term a picture perfect life. So much so, that, in all honesty, the one 'black mark' on her pre-college years came in the form of a broken ankle obtained during a dressage event at the country clubs annual equestrian competition.

Evolved Human Ability:

The ability to perceive events before they happen. This is distinct from predictions based upon logic, information, and experience. Precogs may receive vague and fleeting impressions, experience the event as though they were present, or receive some intermediate amount of information.
In Phoebe's case, the ability manifests itself via her art. As is the case with Isaac, she is in a fugue state during the vision, completely unaware of, and unable to, interact with the world around her beyond the act of recreating her vision via an artistic medium (AKA painting). Unfortunately, she has no control over when, where, how long the episodes will last.


NPC: Mosha Feldman - Bodyguard/Driver

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