Phoenix Organization Discussion

Dated June 11, 2009

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "nobody seems sure which direction to go, I assume."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Exactly. Cat did a wonderful job laying out our external issues to attend to, but I sort of feel like everyone's coming to me asking for something to do, but nobody's willing to offer suggestions, and I'm at a loss."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "We can't really think of suggestions- it is not that we are not willing to."

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "Tell you what….. I won't be around tonight, but if you'll be around tomorrow afternoon, when I'm home, lucid, and lying in bed with a netbook and nothing to do…. you and I and whoever's around can start laying out a plan of action?"

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "I have several ideas, some of which I've put up there, some only in general terms."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "There is also the issue of internal structure as well, and that would be awesome, Liz."

Phoenix> Elisabeth nodnods. "It's an outpatient surgery, so I expect to be home and bored stupid because my hubby will be keeping the kids away from me.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal doesn't really understand how things work enough to offer suggestions, unfortunately.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Sal, that's why there's those writeups."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Anyone can look at them and make action plan suggestions. There's also the Phoenix wikipage itself which outlines our current structure."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I can suggest the types of things I'd like to do. But also I haven't watched the later seasons of Heroes, so I don't really know what Pinehearst and Primatech are all about aside from what's happened in RP"

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "RP's the only thing that matters, SAl."

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "We broke with TV reality."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "So by all means, please make the suggestions."

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "If everyone actually posted to the forum the kinds of things they WANT to be doing, we can make it into a coherent whole too — the things that work, anyway :)"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "That's what the forum is there for. I feel a little like people are sort of asking me to give them things to do, and because we have so much on our plate and so many directions we could go in, I'm all, 'bwuh' and drooling."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "idea! Didn't the Company have a big OOC gobble not long ago? maybe we could too."

Phoenix> Elisabeth lays out the idea that if every single person has even ONE idea of what they personally want their character to do out there about any one situation, we might actually be able to make some plans to DO something :)

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat surfaces.

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "And Del…. the Forum *is* our OOC gobble — getting everyone together just to stand about an look at each while wasting three hours of RL time is just not useful."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Yeah. Suggestions are considered totally OOC, so even if you haven't been around long IC-wise, there's no reason OOC brains can't be applied. :D"

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "Belive me, I've been a faction head/staffer/IC team leader/etc for 15 years now — getting a dozen people online for a 'chat' like this? Never works when you don't already have a specific direction in mind that you're seeking opinions on. It winds up going way over whatever time you lay out for it, and you come away with not much anyway :) So this way we can put it up on the forum and anyone's OOC thoughts can be posted and if we come CLOSE to a coherent idea, then we have a meet."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat hopes to play a meeting with Father tonight, that could be a source of intel on where to look for incriminating stuff on Primatech. We also have Bennet (NPC style, maybe PC style if the applicant is successful) to ask.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I'd like to do anything that would involve Sal not being in a lab, really. Make use of his espionage potential. But I'm not sure who the Phoenix leadership would think would be a good target, and would be worth the risk. Or would be willing to let Sal go and do. Those are things I can't come up with on my own."

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "So post that you wanna be a spy. I know where to send your butt. :P"

Phoenix> Elisabeth winks :)

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Yes, exactly."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I had mentioned it to Cat and Helena, so I was guessing Helena waas asking for other suggestions."

Phoenix> Elisabeth has intel that has been passed to Cat, but she's ICly asked that it be sat upon.

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Hopefully we'll hear back soon about impersonating Nathan and flying with Leonard's help."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Okay now my brainjuices are going."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "You could also post suggestions on how he be utilized."

Phoenix> Elisabeth grins at Del :)

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "People with solutions are sexy. ;)"

Phoenix> Elisabeth says, "Oooh yeah — one of the things I know I have problems with is knowing exactly what characters are good at. So posting what you want to do (being a spy) *or* how you OOCly think your powers and skills *could* be used is a huge help!"

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "On the infiltration front, if fortune smiles on us we have the daugher of a Founder."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "and even if you just mention it to me and Cat, if we're going 'buh' and shaking our heads, other folks might have suggestions so by all means, comment."

Phoenix> Elisabeth has to run to meet the hubby so as to go out with a girlfriend and totally ignore her RL for the rest of the night.

Phoenix> some juju Ghost says, "Take care Lizzie."

Phoenix> Elisabeth will be back tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Be well, Liz."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat suggests hiring the Ghostbusters before Teo gives away all our allies to John Logan. :)

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah can probably help a little with that. >_> If just because of !Action

Phoenix> some juju Ghost says, "Don't worry, just the ones who are stupid enough to hang out at John Logan's whorehouse in fantastically trespasser style."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "As if he doesn't deserve being spied upon and messed with. :)"

Phoenix> some juju Ghost says, "I'd elect myself as God next term, except I'm already lording my snobbiness over everybody."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "No comments on the operations breakdown? Okay."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "I missed the question."

Phoenix> some juju Ghost says, "Oh hey I was also wondering— does Phoenix currently regard Pinehearst as an enemy outright, or?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal is making dinner, so is only at the screen every few minutes

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "That needs updating, actually, looking at leadership. Teo seems to have changed courses, leaving one leader at the top. Leonard probably still has Lieutenant status. Cat has that title given by Teo, it's presumably continued by Helena in her return. Is Brian still seen as an active Lt?"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "I think at the moment, Pinehearst is not -officually- deemed an enemy, as Helena is maintaining a facade of amicability."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Teo should probably be listed as an unknown, until someone figures out what he's doing/being made to do."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "But we're also not eager to see Arthur make that formula. Cat and I think if Arthur wins there, he wins all around. It won't matter anymore that Goodman died before he could expose secrets, the serum can be used to have the White House move and raid their sites."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Yeah. I think Brian should probably be (if only temporarily) dropped from the leadership rung and his lieut position opened. Alex still has his job, but as Leo, and Teo for the moment, dropped entirely. This won't however, excuse Teo from giving OOC help because *cling*"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "He better come back to us. >:O"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Even if Brian was around, he's focusing on the Lighthouse and that would probably mean he has less time for leadership obligations anyway. So that gives us two lieut spots open unless we decide to lower the numbers there."

Phoenix> Eternally Exasperated Ben says, "Why do we have set numbers of 'leadership spots'?"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "We don't."

Phoenix> Storm Helena is just thinkin'.

Phoenix> some juju Ghost belatedly OOCly clinnng.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "But also, sometimes a little structure helps."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "And to some degree under Linderman's thumb."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat has designs on encouraging Storms to be more of a General.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "We also have a new problem - it's likely that Staten's not going to be a haven for much longer."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "So you know how it is, from Kashyyk to Hoth to the Dagobah system!"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "But anyway. Internal structure. Cook and Del would probably take a peek and see how they'd fit in."

Phoenix> Storm Helena had thoughts about maybe making Cook's pub in Brooklyn one of our meeting points and/or emergency safehouses.

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah posted a little bit about Dee just three seconds ago- basically about her power applications and any training.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Ooh!"

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "It's also conceivable Cat, having spent a good bit of time learning Krav Maga, can be teaching it off camera by now."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Hana may or may not be available, we also may or may not have Claude."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "And the cellar at Old Dispensary has a shooting range."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Leo offers training as well, and NPC-wise, Monica does too."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat should discuss Krav Maga status with Hana soon. We worked out, when Hana was taken by Carmichael, Cat shifted to using a non-affiliated teacher.

Phoenix> Storm Helena considers. There's also the possibility of someone stepping up to 'take charge' of each of the internal departments, for lack of a better term.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Also, we've got the forum board with a section talking about suggestions for dealing with our external issues. So please by all means add your thoughts!"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "What do you guys think of maybe having a person sort of 'take charge' of each operation wing? It would give folks a focus."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Are there enough active members?"

Phoenix> Alec says, "Like active Lt's?"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Well, we're changing Cat's title, dropping Teo and downsizing Brian. But we might also want to define what is encompassed in a lieut role."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Most of my ideas for that sort've thing, I tried with Shedda. And it didn't really work too well, sadly."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Your structure with Shedda was awesome, since I knicked it."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "The problem usually, is a lack of people who are good leaders. Or at least, that was the problem with Shedda. Lots of people to follow orders, not so many to give them."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah laughs. Finally looks at the chart. I can help feed people. :D And probably grafitti/media.

Phoenix> Storm Helena would love to see maybe a few folks on a PC 'grafitti team'. Cook could go with you and eat the evidence. :D

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah rofl,

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "there's something."

Phoenix> Alec is disturbed by that statement somehow.

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "She can probably tag while she is being trained to get up to snuff."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "So yeah, a PC tagging team might be really cool. I'd also like folks who manage our media cyber-wise, though we may be getting folks for that."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "and yeah- that too. She's no computer genius, but she knows what to do with one."

Phoenix> SMASH ZOOM BZZT Gillian could sorta do online.

Phoenix> SMASH ZOOM BZZT Gillian actually has that as a skill, though not hacking, just basic stuff.

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "kinda like me, actually. I know enough to be productive. XD"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "and hee. Dee/Gilly media teem?"

Phoenix> Storm Helena considers. I forget, Gillian - do I know you're working for Pinehearst?

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Cat has her hand in media, to a degree, with the studio. At the very least the means to record and disseminate. It'd be good to have that used more in scenage."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Though we might start licking each other instead."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "…"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "What"

Phoenix> SMASH ZOOM BZZT Gillian hasn't technically said she's working for them, no.

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Conrad would explain, Dee, if you don't get what that sounded like. :)"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Okay."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "It's a pity he wasn't here still. He'd probably get a kick out of me."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Everybody misses Conrad, the bastard."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "and probably try to lick me too."

Phoenix> SMASH ZOOM BZZT Gillian says, "And I wouldn't really consider what she's doing for them working for them, anyway."
Cat pages: It works. I just wonder if Advisor sounds more like an outside consultant.

Phoenix> SMASH ZOOM BZZT Gillian says, "She got two assignments. One of which she was going to do anyway, the other Peter beat her to."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Claire had the ass, I would have been tongue jokes"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Cook kind of strikes me as a scrapper. I kinda want to make him a fighty-y, thug type. He and Leo would work smashingly well together."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "yes."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal, team Eeyore at the moment.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Sal, I replied to you with some suggestions."

Phoenix> Storm Helena will totally give you books and make you watch 5 seasons of Alias~!

Phoenix> Wolverine Cook says, "I can totally be a scrapper."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Yes, but how we apply you is another matter."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "We need Ways To Make Use Of Cook That Provide Fun And Exciting RP!"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Aside from eating spraypaint cans. :D"

Phoenix> Wolverine Cook says, "Dude. You drop me in the middle of the fight, and I start biting ankles."

Phoenix> Alec may be building escape tunnels and what have you, he can be disposal for all the spare raw materials and excess stuff that usually ends up having to be dumped. Stops people from back tracking the waste removal process. :P

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "So Alec fits into logistics /extremely/ well. And also R&I."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Except he won't tell us there are a lot of him. :) Maybe we just notice he's very fast and efficient, more than one person could be."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "So question, guys. Currently we have leaders, lieutenants with no clear delineation, and areas of operation with no visible leadership."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Would a leader and a couple of immediates, plus lieutenants/leaders of each area of operation, make more sense?"

Phoenix> Wolverine Cook says, "For the record, Cook takes orders well if asked nice, and actually /is/ a good fighter. It's one of his SKILLS ( :O )."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I think a fluid structure would be best. Not segment it into areas of expertise, but just have tiers of leadership. So the people on the bottom rungs could ask any one of the Lts, who could bring it up a higher tier if need be. That way if one area is bigger than the others, the Lt of that area doesn't get overwhelmed. Spread the work around. And segment if things get really big. Cause otherwise there's probably more breakdown than needed and people become unsure of who to go to for things."

Phoenix> Alec says, "Actually, Alec's Evo status may soon come out. At least to you guys."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "List people instead of in categories, with a list of skills after their name. And roughly grouped. Or like, a column with checkboxes across from their name. So if you need someone who has first aid training and can fire a gun, you can look at those two columns and come up with names,"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "oh, I like the checkboxes thing."

Phoenix> Eternally Exasperated Ben says, "I am liking this idea."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "It's practical from an IC standpoint since some areas are a lot more off camera than others. And it doesn't make sense for an Lt to oversee an area that has little going on, on camera. Even if it's a big area offcamera."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Er, OOC standpoint."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "So the Lts would have areas to address, and pull from the general roster to handle specific missions."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "like on paysites they have the columns all 'free has check, check, and premium, four checks' XD"

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "That's pretty darn cool."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "The Lts aren't in charge of any one specific area, but rather are the people to go to for any questions first, and then if bigger decisions need to be made, bring it to upper management. So any Lt can okay any area."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Like Cook has fight skills- he'd get a check in the column."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat nods.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Is anyone willing to come up with the skill list?"

Phoenix> Alec wows. That could be crazy useful.

Phoenix> Storm Helena thinks that's a maaaaahvelous idea.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "We should fill out our own."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "And this gives us, also, a table to consult as to who needs to be trained in what."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Yeah, exactly."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "With the goal making everyone as well-rounded as possible."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "should we branch it off of the membership list?"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "or a new section?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I think a more fluid structure is needed. A strict breakdown works IRL. But from a practical perspective, OOCly? Some areas need a lot more IC attention than others."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat would branch off Catabase.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "We could revamp the operation breakdown section and change it."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Which is really what we'd be doing anyway. :D"

Phoenix> Alec is all about adding to his skills. That's actually how Alec's built. One his Big Secret comes out he'll be bugging all of you for training in everything you know that he doesn't. Cat will grow to hate him.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Which is kind of what I did with Shedda. Or tried to. People were listed as being able to work in multiple areas. But this would work better for a larger group like Phoenix."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Also that way people won't feel like they can only take part in things that are support, or only info or combat. People will feel more free to work in multiple areas."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Something along the lines of your Operatives and Assignments section on Shedda Dinu, Sal?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "No one gets pigeonholed, so they maybe will come up with ideas they wouldn't have otherwise."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Yeah, exactly. A rough job description and people capable of taking that role."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Because that would effectively compile both membership list and operations breakdown. I like it."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "Cat, can you make a column table with little effort? and I also vote we put allies on that skills table too. just so they are all right there."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Would you be amicable to a second table for allies Del? I'd like to keep them seperately designated somehow."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Could do like, uh, well, I'll use Sal as an example since I know him best. Sal: Medical, Espionage."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat likely can. Templates there are at the top of edit screens on wiki.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "And then down below, more expanded descs of what medical and espionage entails."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Under IC info, the 'Operatives and Assignments' section."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "WHich is yeah, what I did for Shedda."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Though a chart would be a lot easier to reference then a tab view."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat gets inspiration. If we learn Alec makes copies of himself, we have Sal to give them different faces.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "My wikifu is not strong."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Do you guys think something like that is what you have in mind?"

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "whoooaa nelly, I think I have a different chart in mind than Sal…"

Phoenix> Storm Helena is glad I asked!

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I'm imagining a spreadsheet like thing."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "The columns are skills; rows are names + checkmarks, right?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "That's what I was thinking."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "But the basic categorization idea from the Shedda page."

Phoenix> Rogue Delilah says, "okay, haha."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Same idea, different format."

Phoenix> Alec grins at Cat happily. I like.

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "A lot of my tabs are spreadsheets, effectively. I use them to keep screen clutter down. Basically, each tab is like opening a file under Excel. Or tabs in a browser window."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Just organizing ourselves more like a nonprofit when roles are fluid and people pick up what needs to be done, instead of like a supermarket with separate departments."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "And you know, say, it would make more sense to go to Al for headbusting, but if he's not available, another Lt could do the organization."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Which goes back to us needing a skill list for people to basically be checkmarked under, right?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal nods.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "I still might swipe that other set up though, because I like the way it provides information."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "For our actual membership listing, and then yes, the skillset list could go on the Catabase, if folks like that."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "It would be handy at a glance for people to look at. Say something is broke or someone gets hurt. They can just glance at the list and go, 'oh, Sal and Ben have medical training, and oh look, Ben's on."

Phoenix> Eternally Exasperated Ben says, "It's me, I'm Ben."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Right on down to 'we're planning a raid on X. Oh, I didn't know so and so knows kung fu.'"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Also I replied on the forum, Helena."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat recommends things that are IC go on the Catabase, because it makes plain they're IC.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "I like that Shedda Dinu membership list. It's a little more complex than ours, and might be redundant for skills, but there's other info we can put there. But I like how it lists people's Evolved abilities and how they were recruited, etc."
Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Those things there which aren't got listed as password protected."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "That's true. So skill database should be IC. And if people want to designate particular pieces of information as available to say, leadership only, it can be in a different font or color or whatever."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "They're like dossiers on each member."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Cuz some people got themselves seeeekrits."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Each tab. That was the general idea."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "And yeah, there could be a line break for the 'confidential' section of the file."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Yes. I like the dossiers replacing our plain old membership listing on the OOC faction page."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat says, "Or told to Cat and slipped into the general password protected tab."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "It would help us get to know each other, I think."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "That's true too. If somebody needs to find someone they can ask a Lieut."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "There could be two kinds of Lts."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Lieut looks it up, says 'here's the peeps you can go to'. Doesn't even have to be gone through 'on screen'."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Field leaders and coordinators."

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat, in practical terms, keeps a master copy in her brain and periodically updates it all at the outlying locations.

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "A field leader would be someone like Al."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "A coordinator would be someone who handles PR."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "I was thinking maybe more internal concerns and external concerns, Sal?"

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "My idea was combative vs non-combative."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Which is kind of the same thing, but external concerns could still involve politicking and internal could still involve force."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "A field leader would be responsible for instance, for both internal security, protection and more martial operations. Whereas a coordinator would focus on recruitment, PR, charitable deeds, medical, R&D, supplies, etc."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Two different kinds of leaders, essentially, but without breaking things down into strict categories."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Huh. That seems super doable, I'm just concerned about the juggle between dealing with the internal and external, but that might just be me."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Well, this could be the start. And as things go along, maybe certain peoples' roles get more defined as a need is shown."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Tailor the role to the people instead of trying to find people for the role."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "This is excellent."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "And makes me feel heaps and heaps better about things."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "Glad to be helpful"

Phoenix> Lieutenant Cat recommends adding Elisabeth and Wireless to the bits about how to recruit, and a step which says organize meet with the lead for acceptance.

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "Note that it can be tweaked by way of suggestions and such."

Phoenix> Dr. Angstberg, Sal says, "I'd suggest separating out the leaders/Lts like the allies are."

Phoenix> Storm Helena says, "We're still sorting out the leadership roles, but that's definitely possible."

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