Phone Flirting


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Scene Title Phone Flirting
Synopsis Sweet Nothings Ensue As Trevor and Aimee Schedule Their Next Date
Date May 9, 2011

Trevor's Hotel Room

Another long day at the Symbiosis Foundaton done! It would be more grueling to Trevor if he didn't actually enjoy doing it. He unlocks his door with his key card, steps into the air conditioned hotel room, and closes the door behind him. It's a goregous day outside, but when you're not paying for electricity, you can have the room as cool as you want it. So why not?

Trevor could easily put his laptop on the small office desk in his room, plug it in, and continue doing research all night. He could just as easily sit on his bed and watch T.V, getting lost in whatever fantasy worlds happen to be on. But there's only one thing on his mind right now: calling her.

He pulls his pre-paid cell phone out of his pocket and dials the numbers he practically has memorized by now. Devon was right…he's got it bad, and he loves it. With almost child-like anticipation, he waits as the phone rings.

It only takes a few rings before the phone is answered, and a slight breathless Aimee says, "Hello?" Not only did she have to rush to grab the phone, but she recognized the number from when he called before, and she's just excited about this as he is.

"Hello, my lady," Trevor says with a smile. His eyebrows arch a bit in amusemnt. "Did I catch you in the middle of something?"

"Not at all. I was just in the other room." Aimee pauses, just to smile at the phone. "It's good to hear from you, Trevor. You're doing well, I hope?"

"Never better." Trevor says, meaning every word. "It's good to hear from you too. I hope your Monday wasn't too bad either." Since he was never really good at cradling the phone with his shoulder and neck, Trevor kicks off his shoes without bothering to untie them and hops on the bed to get comfortable.

"It was a usual Monday, so it wasn't bad. I enjoy my work for the most part, since I'm helping my parents out with the family business," Aimee answers, smiling and sitting down.

"Well that's good. It makes it easier when you enjoy what you do. I made some good progress today at the foundation. I think the webserver should be up before the end of the week," Trevor says. "So I have a confession," He pauses on purpose to build her suspense a bit. "I would really love to schedule or next date so I have something to look forward to. Not saying I'm not still on cloud nine from our last one, but I want to see how high the numbers go."

If Trevor could see her face Aimee would be a little embarrassed by her almost goofy smile. "I know, it was a wonderful evening. I'd love to see about a repeat. Are you thinking the game or the musical for our next date?"

Trevor gives it some thought. "You know, I don't have much a preference either way as long as you're with me," He smiles, imagining what shade of red she must be by now. "I'm leaning towards the musical though. I think that would make for an excellent second date, unless you have other thoughts."

There's a nice, long pause before Aimee speaks again. "I was sort of thinking about what you said before, about the game. About watching it on TV instead of live. Maybe we could do that, at my place? I can cook, and that way we can talk more, get to know each other a little better?"

There's a slight pause before Trevor speaks. "Yeah, that sounds great." He says, doing his best to contain his excitement. "Do you need me to bring anything?"

"Just an appetite and a willingness to talk about yourself," Aimee says with a smile heard in her voice. "Do you have a particular type of food you like?"

"I'm really not a picky eater. So by all means, surprise me!" Trevor says. "Don't spoil me too much, my dear. You know what they say about feeding strays."

Aimee's reply is soft and shy. "I don't think I'd mind this particular stray hanging around, though."

Trevor can't help but let out a chuckle. "Well, I can assure you I won't bite," Unless you want me to. "and I don't have fleas. I actually got a manicure for the first time a couple days ago, among other things. I have to admit, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully I didn't lose too many guy points in the process."

That draws a laugh from Aimee. "Not at all. My dad has been known to get manicures from time to time. Though I will admit, I would've loved to see you in a salon."

"I think having you there would have made the whole experience a lot easier," Trevor winces silently as an unpleasant image comes to mind momentarily, but he quickly shakes it off. "Unfortunately, I probably don't have the money to be dolling myself up too often. So I'm hoping you'll like what you see."

"You certainly didn't have to go make yourself up, Trevor. You're an extremely handsome man without any primping," Aimee admits.

Trevor can't help but beam. "Thank you, Aimee. I guess I felt a bit dimm next to your stunning beauty. But even so, I want to look my best for you when I can. I want to /be/ my best. I know I don't have to. I want to."

That does it, Aimee's blushing, and happy that it can't be seen over the phone. "That's the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me, Trevor. Thank you!"

"And I meant every word of it, my dear," Trevor says with a smile. "We have food, hockey, and another lovely conversation in store for us, so I'll save any other sweet nothings I can come up with for when I can whisper them to you. I'll always be thinking of you until then."

"Oh Trevor," Aimee murmurs, voice warm with emotion. "I can't wait. I'll look forward to it until you get here."

"Sweet dreams, Aimee." Trevor says with deep sincerity in his voice.

"I certainly will. And you do the same, Trevor. I'll see you soon," Aimee says, her smile in her voice once more, before she reluctantly disconnects the call.

Trevor waits for the click before hanging up himself, a smile plastered on his face the rest of the evening.

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