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Scene Title Photogenic
Synopsis Len stumbles across Sabrina. The man has luck, what can you say?
Date September 30, 2009

The Nite Owl

It's been a busy afternoon and without much sleep Sabrina is running on empty. She's wearing her usual skirted suit ensemble with heels and her hair wound into a bun. "Coffee. Whatever you're holding." She says to the waitress behind the counter as she slides onto an empty stool. Her blackberry is set down and she unslings the large purse from her shoulder. "If you've got bigger mugs, might want to send one this way."

Len has been to the Owl on a couple of occasion. Typically for lunch, though he has had the occasional meeting. It's sheer coincidence that as he pulls in and spots 'Sabrina' walking into the Nite Owl. Recalling the picture from the camera footage from LA and his interrogation of Grim later, he can only wonder what sort of bad luck will have to come to make up for the good luck he's just received. Climbing from his Jeep, he walks into the establishment, kicking the dust off the heels of his cowboy boots before entering.

Len spies Sabrina at the counter and walks up and takes a seat in the stool next to her and orders some coffee for himself. He lifts the brim of his hat and turns to give her another looking over, just to be sure that she's the same woman in the photo. Looking ahead at the flurry of activity in the kitchen, he lifts his mug and takes a drink of his coffee and then ventures, "Afternoon. Sabrina, isn't it?"

Sabrina accepts her coffee and has thankfully downed a sip of it before Len mentions her name. She blinks and looks over, a little startled and…doesn't recognize him. That's odd. "…I'm sorry, do I know you?" She asks instead of answering that, though her responding at all probably confirms the name.

Len is one of those guys who always looks to be relaxed. He drinks again from his cup of coffee, savoring the taste before he swallows it down. "I am thinking that perhaps you don't, m'am. But I know of you, and those you seem to be hanging around with these days. Your trip to Los Angeles." He finally sets down his mug and turns his stool towards her and grins. "Did you know you're rather photogenic?" He doesn't produce a picture, but instead turns his stool back towards the counter and picks up his coffee cup again.

It takes Sabrina a couple seconds for her expression to go from puzzled to something far more composed. She tightens her hand around her coffee cup even as her other hand starts digging around in her purse. "I'm sorry, I don't tend to have conversations with strangers who imply they've been stalking me. How much for the coffee?" She asks of the waitress as she passes who rattles off a number.

"Are you really going to make me pull out my badge right here in front of God and waitresses? Len Denton, Homeland Security." His voice is low enough that the waitress is clueless when she finally arrives to the duo and informs Sabrina of the cost of coffee. Len holds his hand up. "I'll cover it for her. Thanks." The waitress looks confused for a moment, then nods and walks off. "Now where were we? Right. We were talking about your recent shenanigans over on the west coast. You do realize that you're getting in way over your head by doing to the bidding of Adam Monroe, don't you? Do you really want to end up in jail?"

Sabrina stiffens considerably, lips pressed in a thin line as she looks straight ahead at the stuff behind the counter. Old menus and cast off plates, silverware, it's all catalogued in her head while her mind races. What the hell is she supposed to do? "My apologies, Mister Denton, but are you actually placing me under arrest?" She looks over to him, keeping her expression carefully guarded. "If so I would like to know on what charge and whether or not I should have a lawyer present. Otherwise I don't think any of that is any of your business."

"Agent Denton, if you don't mind. I kind of like the title." Len ventures an occasional glance towards her between sips of coffee and words. "If I was going to play you under arrest, I'd have done so long ago. I could arrest you, but I think the sheer fact of knowing that we are watching you might give you pause before you blindly follow orders from Adam Monroe again. In fact, I suggest you get as far away from Adam Monroe as you possibly can, because when the time comes for me to swoop in and pick him up and you're there, I've no choice but to bring you in with him as an accessory to whatever number of murders he's committed to. Life in prison probably wouldn't help you keep those pretty looks of yours."

"You must not be watching too closely if that's what you think I do." Sabrina says, the tightness of her shoulders not lessening as she sets her cup down. "If you have some business with Mister Monroe, by all means take it up with him. If your entire goal here was to try to scare me, congratulations, you've at least ruined my lunch."

Len glances down at Sabrina's cup of coffee. "Not much of a lunch, I'm afraid. And you can let Mr. Monroe know that I intend to take up my business with him at the time of my choosing. Whatever vendetta he thinks he's carrying out, killing is still against the law as is arson and the many other crimes he's committed trying to gain revenge." Len drops a ten dollar bill on the counter after finishing his coffee. "And I hope when I proceed with my business with Monroe that you're no where around him. In fact," Len pulls a small card from his pocket and slides it across the table. It only has a ten digit number hand written on the front. "If you decide you're ready to move on from his crew, give me a call. I can make it happen." There is little doubt in Len's mind that this card will make its way into Adam Monroe's hand, either that or Sabrina will call him. Doesn't matter which to Len Denton. He tips his hat towards the waitress after swallowing the last of his coffee. "You enjoy your afternoon now." he says to Sabrina.

Sabrina doesn't take the card right away, she lets it sit on the counter like it might burn her to touch. "I'm not part of his crew, I'm a personal assistant." Her voice is as stiff as her body language. "But unless you can offer something more than a few empty threats and a phone number, there's no one that knows him that is going to give you the time of day. You have a good afternoon as well, Agent Denton." She puts a slight bit of stress on 'Agent.'

A smirk develops at the corner of Len's mouth as he nods. "Indeed. Empty threats or not, I do have video of you, Adam Monroe and four other individuals committing a crime out in Los Angeles. I wouldn't call that an empty threat. But, it's quite all right. Being an administrative assistant doesn't give you an 'out' when you're an accessory to a crime. But you tell Monroe I said hello, will you?" He tips his hat to her. "You stay out of trouble, because we are watching," he says before he turns and disappears out of the door. Moments later his Jeep is heard leaving the parking lot.

"Personal assistant." Sabrina grumbles in correct to her coffee rather than to Len however since he's already gone. Only then does she pick up the card and almost as an afterthought puts it in her purse. Not like she needs to keep it. She's already memorized the number.

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