Physics Be Damned!


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Scene Title Physics Be Damned!
Synopsis Magnes meets Lady Flash and finds out she's Catwoman. Together, him and Daphne break the laws of physics and survive.
Date July 11, 2009


A bit early in the evening, returning back to the base from the academy with a small black backpack on, Magnes is skating from building to building, grinding on random objects, finally free. He jumps rather high, sometimes clearing a few buildings in one shot. He keeps a good eye on what's going on below him, not completely unaware of who or what is hanging out on the rooftops before he decides to land on each one.

It would appear that he's not the only one using rooftops as a route for transportation this evening. A streak of white and red jets from one building to to the next, zooming along in a blur of speed until finally coming to a sudden stop on one of the rooftops in sight. Maybe not exactly on his route, but close enough. Slowed to a stop, Daphne checks her wrist watch and glances behind her, as if looking for something. A small object held in her hand might catch some light for a second, but it's already getting shifted to be dropped into her pocket.

A sudden movement catches his eye, then the object's reflection. That hair looks vaguely familiar…

Magnes wooshes down to her, arms and legs firmly held together as he tries to make it in time. Yeah, he definitely recognizes her, the girl from the church. "Lady Flash!" he calls out, wanting to grab her attention before making a hard landing a few feet in front of her. Sure, he's dressed semi-casually, but the inline skates might suggest that he's not exactly here on business.

The approach might have taken her by surprise a little, but Daphne just shoves her hand deeper in her pocket and turns to look at the hard landing a few feet away. "Not used to people on my rooftops that aren't me," she says loudly enough to be heard over the winds cutting between buildings and funneling into the area. Her rooftops, yes they are.

"I like the nickname, though, points. Gotta name, rollerboy?" In his jacket, he looks decidedly out of place on the rooftop, and out of place in skates, too.

"I, uh, wow, I've been wanting to find you for months, I didn't really think of what I'd actually say." Magnes awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, his demeanor not completely matching up with his new look yet. "Oh, uh, Magnes J. Varlane, Delivery Boy. Well, not just a delivery boy anymore, but I liked that title, y'know? So uh, man, I had months to think this through. Let's start with uh, what's your name? I always liked Lady Flash…"

"You've been wanting to find me? Who for? I don't owe you money, do I? Cause I pay my debts okay!" Daphne says, not quite seeming to understand the reason for the fanboyism that he's making at her, in fact glancing around to make sure there's open space, as if looking to check her escape routes. But the name… The title. "You don't deliver anymore? And you don't know my name, but you know me… Probably don't owe someone you work for money than." Didn't she just say she didn't owe anyone money, sort of? "Daphne. So how'd you know who I am enough to be wanting to find me, Maggie?"

"I only saw you once, it was kind've like in an RPG when there's a mysterious girl who runs away before you can say anything." Magnes' cheeks flush more with every word, but he tries to keep eye contact. Must keep eye contact, staring at shoes is bad! The Book of Tracy. "I was sitting in that church, when you got the vision and ran out. I, well, I don't know, I just thought it'd be cool to like, meet you. It's not like I was searching all these months, I mean, if you saw the news recently, you probably recognize me…" He, of course, is referring to the Shibuya Incident. "But that was a while ago! I'm not doing stuff like that anymore, I've gotten my act together, no more destructive heroism."

"Oh, oh yeah, right. Gotcha. I guess I kinda do know how to make an exit," Daphne says, grinning as she shifts her weight. The heavy object now deep in her pocket shifts too, letting he know it's still there, but it isn't obvious in nature. Stepping closer, she gets up into his personal space as he maintains eyecontact, squinting at him as he mentions the news. The news. It's only at the mention of being destructive that it really clicks, "Oh yeah, Japan! I was in Brazil at the time, they didn't cover it too much over there, but I remember." Heroism. Bleh. Nothing but trouble, that. Doesn't even pay well!

Magnes' eyes widen at the sudden violation of personal space, his poor personal space! He's brave though, he won't freak out, he won't freak out! He's been next to women for almost two months, he can do this, he can survive this social situation! "I uh, um, so what do you do? I rarely meet Evolved outside of the people my friends know, so, this is kind've awesome. And how's your super speed work? I mean, can you use it on people you touch? I can use my ability on people I touch, man, that'd be awesome if you could…"

"I run. Really fast." To her, powers are simple, not science. To try and add in science would cheapen what could well have been a miracle and the explainations of how it worked never interested her. It worked. That's all that mattered. Daphne doesn't care much other than those few words, really. She runs. Really fast. "I can run on anything at all, except air." Which kinds sucks, but… Good thing she doesn't want to try to steal the flag off the moon, or anything. "I could drag you along, sure. The few people I have don't really want me to do it again. They sometimes get dizzy."

"I uh, could make you run on air, if you want. We just have to be touching." Magnes almost chokes at his word, then quickly corrects, "I uh, mean, making contact. Yeah, we have to be making contact. But you'll be alright. I trust you, you trust me?" he asks, shrugging as he holds a hand out. "So, how do we do this? I mean, I don't know if you need to get in a position or clap your hands together…"

"You're a strange kid," Daphne says, looking him over and even leaning backwards, however— the idea of the Daphne Express going from a bullet train to an airplane… almost too much to pass up. Though there's the problem of worrying that they'll run right out of orbit. "I just run," she says simply, reaching out to take his hand, and then amping up her speed and pulling him along with her. There's a blast of wind left in her wake as she pulls him along off the rooftop, planning to jump to the next one, with him in tow. What she gains in perceptions, he doesn't quite get as well, as she does, but he's definitely moving really fast. That doesn't mean he can't talk, it's just not easy to do.

"Whoaaaa!" Magnes yells, needing a while to really get used to this speed. Sure, he can fly pretty fast, but this… this is just another level altogether. "We're gonna fly!" Magnes uses her momentum, since his flight essentially involves falling, they're suddenly shooting through the sky incredibly fast. He keeps a tight grip on her hand, barely able to see a thing. "Tell me if we're gonna fly into a building, or an airplane!"

"And what are you going to do if that happens?" Daphne has to ask, because honestly she's not sure how she's going to steer running on air. It's a predicament of sorts. And anyone tracking his tracker would be wondering exactly how he's moving as fast as he's going. Did they plan this at all? Nope. As they get airborn, she tries to alter directions and… "Oh hey, I can steer. It is kinda like running on air!" She makes an excited sound, and then switches directions. "Wanna see Paris?" She's not going to run them to Paris, is she? Air control will not be happy—

"W-what? Paris? Can you really do that?" Magnes wonders, which could easily be taken as a challenge, or permission, as he has no idea just how fast she can be. He's managing to steer with her, feeling the directions she's pushing her bodyweight in. God knows he can't see, it's all he can do! "I do not envy Superman right now!"

"I can take us to Paris normally! Though I didn't check the weather today, and I'm not used to air navigation— and this is higher than I usually go." Daphne often takes big risks, runs out of situations without thinking everything through, but some situations are just not normal. This would be one of them. Controlling her speed, she takes them down slower, until it becomes easier on his perceptions— but without traction, she might not be able to speed them back up again. And they're no longer in New York City. That much is pretty evident by actual trees and forests that are definitely not Central Park. How fast did they go and for how long? Must have been at least a minute… "Can you take care of the landing or are we screwed?"

Magnes looks around when they finally slow down, pulling her a bit closer so he can get a grip around her waist. "Put your arm around my neck, I know where we are, I used to deliver pizza all around New York. I'm not a speedster, but, I'm not a turtle either. You're really awesome though, and this was really fun. Can we meet again some time?"

"Getting a little grabby there," Daphne says, but she doesn't pull away from his hold and even drapes her arm over him. She's pretty short, though, so that puts her feet away above his. "Just get us down and I'll take us back a hell of a lot faster than you can. Or I can— oh damnit." She suddenly tries to squint at her watch in the approaching darkness, but since she can't push the thing to make it glow, kind of a lost cause. "Yeah, just stick the landing for us and I can drag us back to New York in a minute. I know which direction it is." And it won't take her long to figure out the rest.

"I uh, I'm sorry, I don't normally grab women or anything…" Magnes bashfully defends, then quite quickly lands them on the ground, even somehow managing to suppress that feeling of vertigo people might normally get from a sudden drop. "Alright, you can take us back. And uh, do you make money with your ability? I used

"I make a living, yeah," Daphne says, though it's not really something like pizza delivery. "I sell stuff to people, mostly. I'm a thief." Not anything she's ever really been ashamed off, and sure, he jumps, he claims to be fast, but she's pretty sure if push comes to shove, she could lose him. And since she's grabbing onto his arm to likely to drag him back to New York city in a way that will require more twists and turns…

"A thief? That's illegal, I mean, there's more legal things you can do that pay a lot more than being a thief." Magnes doesn't seem, well, alarmed exactly, simply concerned as he looks over at her. "Man, this really is like some kind of movie. I mean, now I know a thief vixen. Next thing y'know, I'm gonna have an arch nemesis or something… And hey, we can go back to New York now."

"I'm a thief cause I'm good at it." And not about to admit she didn't get many other skills growing up, due to her particular background. "You can consider me your Catwoman, superhero," Daphne says, before ZOOM. The world turns into a fast moving blur for him, as she jets them to the nearest highway and down the street. Everything's just colors, lights, shadows and quick moving. Until they finally come to a halt just outside of the building they'd been on the roof of not terribly long ago. "Here we are," she says, then checks her watch, making it glow light blue until she can see the time. "Gotta go. Don't let your arch nemesis catch you." And with that, she's zipping away with a burst of air that rips fliers off of buildings and makes trash swirl and ruffles people in the street quite a bit too.

"Wait, your number!" Magnes calls out, but she's gone before he can even finish, crossing his arms with a frown. He only wanted her number platonically, of course, he wouldn't want Elle to give him an electrical lobotomy. "Well, that was fun anyway." he says with a warm smile, then starts slowly skating down the street. Sometimes one needs to stay planted firmly on the ground…

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