Picnic With The Chopper


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Scene Title Picnic with the chopper.
Synopsis Food, firearms and friends on the night before the big dance.
Date March 10 2009

Upstate New York

Its a funny bird, the EC-155. Its sort've comparable to a flying bently, smooth as silk and quiet as a whisper. Inside its big and luxurious, and while it lacks the oppulent gold trimmed recliners it normally did it was impossible to forget how expensive the chopper really was. Everywhere you look theres exotic leather and hardwood, with gold and mother of pearl inlay. It was fast too, hellaciously fast it would seem considering how quickly it slipped from the heliport to this secluded spot in upstate New York.

Fedor had spent the day alone, weaving 550 cord into a rather princely hammoch which lay strung from two perfectly spaced trees. He wasnt at the chopper itself right now, rather he was just off to one side of the small clearing. Dressed still in his flight gear, his little E&E bag stashed between his legs and a Mossberg 590 with a short 14" barrel. There was a revolver too, in a gunbelt that looked every bit like he'd stolen it from some old western movie. Anywho, Fedor was asleep for now. Dreaming of skies he'd flown before, as he waited.

For his part Jake perhaps doesn't fit the image of the grizzled old soldier of fortune when it comes to what he likes to do for fun. Because what he's doing right now is using a battery-powered dremel tool to carve a piece of wood, whirring away and getting sawdust all over himself. He's already gotten his own gear all checked and gone through and has put it away. That stuff isn't really special to him. He sees new firearms all the time. The only weapons he really puts much importance in are his personal Sig Sauer p226 that he almost always has on him and the F/S dagger that's also always on him. The Sig's been left somewhere safe this time, but the dagger's stabbed neatly into a tree next to where he's sitting on one of those fold-out chairs you can get anywhere. One with a cupholder in it and a little parasol for shade. The cupholder has a beer in it. Nice thing about this latitude at this time of year is that the beer stays cold outside.

Zuleyka is doing her raccoon act - turning the pieces of her little Walther clone over in her hand without looking at them, the better to get used to assembling and reassembling it by touch. The eyeliner doesn't help mitigate that impression either. She's singing to herself, softly, something in another language, though these two globetrotters might recognize it as Farsi.

Fedor reaches up to bump his beaten up ballcap from his eyes, peering lazily over the pair. "so,Cardinal seems prety cool. He stole the logbooks and uniforms and shit like a champ."He doesnt direct his attentions at anyone in particular, he doesnt really care which o the pair respond if not both. What with Jake's dremel whirring away, its not as though he could keep up his old man napping.

"Good man. Might be nice to have somebody like him on board more often." replies Jake, concentration on his woodgrinding. He sucks at it. He's already made a professional mess of the thing. It WAS going to be a wooden knife with an ornate handle. Then when he fucked up the blade it was going to be just a smaller knife. Now he's just trying to make a chess piece. He thinks it'll be a King, but it'll probably end up a Pawn. "Whatchoo got over there, Zu?" he asks, not looking at the girl.

"Bursa Thunder, said the guy I took it from," she says, sweetly. And no one here is surprised she stole it, of course. "Or something like that." She fits the last piece into shape, racks the slide to make sure the chamber is empty, then peers down it, before tucking it back into her sash.

The hammoch creaks, as Fedor rolls up some to sit in it sidelong. "A woman should never carry such a thing, we'll get you a sig or a Smith depending on your fancy when we get back."There was a little smile, before peering at the long green box and a field of ammo cans. "Jake, perhaps we should be teaching our young compatriot how to operate the M60 she's going to be responsible for? I suppose of course, that means I should stop being so lazy and just mount the pintle up."and before he waits for anyone to answer he hops down. Slinging his E&E bag, slinging the shotgun and slipping slowly back towards the chopper.

The look on Jake's face is skeptical, but he isn't actually looking TOWARD anyone while he has it. Just the piece of wood he is progressively whittling down into oblivion. "You wanna learn how to operate a belt-fed automatic machine gun, Zuzu?" Yeah, the Zuzu name sticks with him. He looks up and across to Fedor. "I'm a little hesitant to get her on the operator's end of a weapon like that if it means having her shoot people. Not sure she's prepared to kill people if it comes to it, so I wasn't gonna put her in that position. But if she wants to learn I'll show her."

"The more I know, the better," Zuzu says, gravely. "I mean, if you don't think I should, or couldn't handle it, then you won't put me there in battle. But….what harm will just knowing do?" Apparently there's that little story about serpents and apples she's forgotten.

Fedor inhales deeply, peering between the two. "She's the door gunner Jake, she has the best vantage point and will have the biggest meanest gun at the party."His gaze drifting to Zuzu"If your afraid of killing, to liberate others then perhaps we need to rethink your position?"he leans down, popping the latches of an associated case to produce the pintle mount and a small cordless drill. He's done this before of course, so he just leaves the arm in its case for now.

"Hey I hired her to clean shit, Fed. Lay off." says Jake in a rare case of talking back to the 'chief'. He doesn't do that often. "Not everybody's got the makeup for that. If she wants to go there…" he waves a hand as if he doesn't care, "…more power to her. I'll help it along." Sighing, he gets up from his folding chair and chucks the piece of mangled wood away with force, letting it fly. "How about it, kid? Wanna learn how the door-gun operates?"

Zuleyka just nods, all owl-eyed like she's just -sure- Daddy got her that pony she wanted so bad for Christmas.

"You know what my scripting says jake."but Fedor leaves it at that, he respects jake enough to drop it. Well he respects him, and he knows that getting into an argument with Jake is just not really ever going to go his way. So he jerks open the door, pops a latch and removes a small puck of carpet from the floor. Then out comes the arm, presses one end into the socket and click. Yep, difficult work that. The mounting arm is a universal affair. Three spring loaded links designed specifically around this sort've thing.

Arguing isn't really going to happen anyway. It's not like Jake is so proud he cares about winning. Just trying to look out for the kid. Speaking of her, the look on Zu's face makes Jake grin hugely. "C'mon." he says, tossing his dremel in his chair and walking for the bird. "So, what's the biggest thing you ever shot, Zuzu? Rifle? That pistol you cap pigeons with?"

"Pistol. I was gonna do JROTC in school, but…." She makes a little gesture with her hands, mutely describing the explosion, somehow. "I mean, just show me. If I suck, I'll just learn to be useful in some other way," she adds, a little impatiently, trailing after Jake.

The rasp and grind of wheels against the ground heralds the arrival of a car behind which is seated a certain infiltrator and thief - Cardinal, of course, opaque black glasses perched upon the bridge of his nose. The vehicle jerks to a halt, and he pushes open the driver's side door, stepping to the back to open the door, calling out rather casually, "Grub's here."

Fedor settles back with a soft huff, absently kicking the pintle case shut. "Your never useless, if you've got a good attitude. When we get back we'll make you something great for your resume like Chief junior executive management security manager in charge of special projects."but then, suddenly there is food! "Awesome."Fedor's in the stolen uniform and everything now, having just installed the chopper's machinegun mount inside the cabin.

"You're not gonna suck. It's all just training and exposure. If you're not afraid of big guns you'll do fine." That's Jake's version of a pep talk. He snatches his dagger out of the tree before he starts right in on the academic explanation of things, "The M60 is an air-cooled, gas-operated machine gun that fires from the open bolt position. The reason for this is to keep rounds from cooking off inside the barrel. With full auto weapons like this the chambers sometimes get hot enough to actually cook a round as soon as it goes home in the chamber. Some weapons like the SAW fire from a closed bolt, and when you have those you risk what's called a runaway gun. Runaway gun being when the thing just keeps firing no matter what you do and you gotta either find a way to interrupt the ammo supply or just keep it pointed somewhere safe until you're outta ammo." Yeah, Machine Gunning 101, this is.

Cardinal's arrival gets a wave out of Jake, "What'd you get, Card?" he asks, sitting back in the open door of the aircraft next to the machine gun where it's mounted.

Zuleykais looking back and forth between Jake and Fedor while they talk. she's got her studious listening face on, but clearly the reality of a BFG has just set in. Some girls hit puberty and go nuts. Some sublimate that stuff into, oh, horseback riding. Zu, well….obviously this will make an admirable distraction.

The passenger-side door's pulled open with a soft creak of hinges and springs that haven't been oiled in a bit too long, Cardinal's head ducking down so that he can reach inside; hauling out a shopping back, dropping it onto the roof, he follows it up with a pair of plastic bags that he sets to either side. "I hit the bakery for the donut lovers," he calls out as he produces the provisions "And I got a bucket've fried chicken and some assorted shit" Finally, a cooler's produced, thumped to the grass, "and, beer'n sodas."

Fedor nods softly, good. "First off, no eating on the lift."comes this last minute rule, even if its one fedor wont explain publically. Its not -his- chopper you see, he didnt want to get crumbs in it. Shell casings, fine, blood was ok but please no crumbs. Anyway, its a short walk from the chopper to the car. Leaving Zuzu and jake, as he offers Cardinal a polite nudge. "Good job Cardinal."

"Well fine I didn't wanna eat on the bird anyway." says Jake with a mock petulance and an amused look he shares with Zu. Then he gets to work unhooking the weapon from its mount next to the door. "Anyway, the M60 doesn't have problems with going runaway on you. It's a better design than that. But it's kinda old and these days the NATO countries have replaced it with the M240-Golf, which fires the same round and everything. Shoots 7.62 millimeter NATO, or 7.62-by-51. Same dimensions as the .308 Winchester round, so if you ever have dig for ammo in a civilian stash, go for .308's if you're trying to load this puppy." He lifts the M60 clear and holds it for Zu to take. "Here."

It weighs almost forty pounds so handing it to the girl is something of a test.

"Let's take it on the grass and have some chow while we talk about guns." explains Jake.

She oofs, and staggers. Clearly, the upper body strength needs some work. But she doesn't throw her back out or drop it, merely staggering back until she can set it down very carefully.
The white plastic lid's flipped up to open the cooler, Cardinal's hand plunging down into the half-melted ice to pull out a six pack of beer, tugging one of the cans free and offering the tangled net-weave of the other five towards Fedor in offering. At the compliment, the thief crooks a tired smile, "Never do a job unless you're gonna do it right" A glance over to the chopper, one brow arching over his shades, "teachin' the girl about the big guns, eh?"

Fedor nods softly "Yeah, she's potentially going to be my door gunner."he huffs, declining beer for soda. Chicken is good though, and Fedor goes after that. "So seriously, why dont you come work for me. I'm into this shit all the time, not Phoenix but you know evolved rights? You deserve a paycheck Cardinal, your very talented."

Jake's obviously found a pupil after his own heart. The girl didn't get crazy about the gun when he handed it to her. She didn't flinch. She didn't whine. He might just have to adopt her. "Yeah," he explains to Cardinal, "Zuzu wanted to get into it and hey, we're educational here." Big grin for the thief-man. "Zu, grab us some chicken and beers, why dontcha? I'll get this broken down and we can go through the operational shit, and when we've had a little somethin' we'll find an excuse to squeeze off some rounds. Okay?"

Yes, he said beers. Although Jake's not going to MAKE Zu drink one, the invitation to do so is explicit.

She brings the beers and the chicken. But if there's a soda there, that's what she snags. Got that little bit of the religious scruples left. No primming up her mouth about it - clearly, if she had a problem with other people drinking, she'd've hardly been working in a bar.

What's left of the six-pack's dropped back into the cooler, and with a chicken leg in hand and a beer in the other the best in redneck picnickin' Cardinal steps over to the hood of the car, hopping up onto it with a soft creak of the vehicle's suspension and popping the can's tab with his thumb. "Well, I'm definately not one've Laudani's little birds," he admits, taking a swallow of beer and swirling the remnant about in the can, lips pursing in consideration, "I'm not exactly a career mercenary here, though, Fedor. Hell, I'm a fuckin' cat burglar."

Fedor frowns a touch, waving his chicken accusatorily manner. "I'm not hiring a mercenary, Jake says he is but really thats not what we do. We dont fight for money, we dont fight other people's wars. We're civilians, who want to live as civilians but take arms against tyranny in the pursuit of evolved rights. I'm not hiring a soldier, I'd hire a guy who can keep my shit from getting ripped off. If you want to continue this fight, then do so and I'll make it easy. If you decide not to, so what your job remains intact."Fedor slumps back on the cooker, taking a moment to adjust the sit of his shootin leather before focusing is attention on Cardinal oncemore.

"Yeah I'm the only one here's a real merc." pipes up Jake in explanation, following it right away with, "Thanks, Zu. Ahh yeah…" he cracks open the beer and takes a swig, then goes back to disassembling the M60. "As you can see from the form of the weapon, this thing's meant to be versatile. You can fire it from the shoulder, you can fire it prone on a bipod, or mount it like we had it in the aircraft. It can be operated by one gunner or be a crew-served weapon. Machine guns are more efficient when crew-served, but we don't always have the people." He grabs the barrel and gives it a twist by a special handle on it, then takes it off and hands it to Zuleyka. "That's your barrel. One important thing is know how to replace the barrel in a hurry. With a machine gun you might burn up a barrel in a firefight and have to switch em up. There's usually a ditty-bag with two extra barrels and some tools in it, for whoever's the A-Gunner."

Zuleyka takes it, after quickly setting aside her dinner and drink. Cardinal's a little distraction, but she only gives him a sidelong glance before nodding to Jake.

Cardinal's head cants a bit to one side, regarding Fedor with an unreadable expression from behind those shades; tearing through the skin and meat of the chicken leg with his teeth, chewing, swallowing before gesturing with it towards the other man. The boss, so to speak. "So, what," he asks, his tone genuinely curious, "You just go 'round fighting against the fascist assholes in charge've this nation've fucked up hypocrites? How's that different from what Laudani's idealists do?"

Fedor ahems"well one, you get paid. Two, I provide legal income and an actual health plan. We have branches in every major american city, CAWS branches throughout Canada and alaska. If you want to go straight for awhile, you have options. If you wanna be a crook, you can be a crook thats fine I dont mind as long as it isnt from me. "Theres a pause for a moment, before he adds."Also, I've been doing this for about seventy years as a professional. Jake's a former soldier, we've both seen combat extensively and know what we're doing. This isnt an afterschool club, for rich young evolved like Laudani runs. We'll help him when it suits us, and we wont when it doesnt. We're not closer to Phoenix than we are with any other organization.:

"I like the pay-plan." mutters Jake as if to himself, though he glances at Zu when he says it. He grabs a piece of chicken and takes a bite of it, heedless of the grease on his fingers. It'll just mix with chicken grease, and anyway he's eaten stuff that fell in the dirt before. Picky is for other people. With his free hand Jake points at the exposed guts of the machine gun's mechanisms. "This here's your hammer, sere, trigger assembly. The weapon's made to be belt-fed, so ammo comes in from the side. Now I've broken it down and you watched me do it. Take a shot and putting it back together. Do the barrel last."

Zuleyka is far more dainty, but not particularly critical. She gives Jake one of those sidelong looks, but sets about reassembling it. She doesn't get it wrong, but it does take some thought, and a little time.

"I've got a record a mile long, but, somehow I doubt you care all that much 'bout that," Cardinal admits, tearing off another piece of chicken with his teeth. Chew, chew, swallow. A swig've beer's taken, then, and he tilts it towards Fedor as he offers in the slightly reluctant tones of someone used to working solo, "I'll think about it. We'll see how shit goes down t'morrow, an' I'll give you an answer after that. Sound good?"

Fedor shrugs "either way, I'm taking Teo on a vacation when this is over. He's over worked, and I dont want him fucking things up because heavens knows its a thin line already. Its a three day trip to Newfoundland, its a big house in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Me, Jake, Teo, Maybe Zu and you if you'd like to come along. Its not very exciting, but its very quiet."

Jake finds himself taking a short break to eat food while he watches Zu do her thing, which is probably his plan anyway. Get a little chicken and beer in you to maintain the metabolism, that sorta thing. Once it's together he asks her on the topic Fedor's discussing, "You interested in going to Newfoundland? Not much up there but ice, bear, and moose. But it's clean." Which is a whole lot better than could be said about Staten Island.

'With actual trees and shit? Animals bigger than a housecat? Sure," Zu says, wiping her fingers on a napkin. "I mean, fuck, if you were gonna kidnap and murder me, you'd've done it already, I should think."

Cardinal makes a thoughtful sound in his throat, flicking the finished off bone into the grass and wiping a greasy hand on his pants to clean it off. "I could probably use some time out've the frying pan," he admits, "What th'hell. Never been out've the States before."

Fedor smiles pleasantly "Then we'll have to fix that, next time I run to South America I'll be sure to bring you along."then theres an aha moment, as Fedor finishes his chicken. He wipes his hand on a napkin before wandering back to the chopper, from which he produces a kevlar vest!"I almost forgot, goodness I'm getting old.""

"Yeah it's got trees all over the place." agrees Jake to Zu, reaching over the flip open the loading door on the M60. "How you load it is, you take the belt of ammo. First round, put it in there. Hook it here," he points at the load feeder, which is like a little claw. "Cock it twice to get the feed started, and then you're ready to rock and roll." He looks toward Fedor and asks, "Hey we okay to shoot stuff around here that you know of?"

Zuleyka obediently loads it up. One of you bitches cue up 'the Ride of the Valkyries', for serious. She's grinning to herself. Secretively. Musta been one of those little girl who punked out her Barbie dolls.

The beer in Cardinal's hand is finished off, watching the other man as he heads over to the chopper. At the appearance of the vest, he grins just a touch, pushing off the car to walk along over after him - the massive gun getting a brief, wary glance in passing, "Now we're talking. Don't need any more scars, after all, too pretty for that…"

Fedor fwumps there, before offering over the vest. "Naw, but the vest hurts more than getting shot. The broken ribs and shit that you trade for a gunshot wound, are almost worse. Its pretty uncool in anycase."He smiles softly, watching Zuzu and Jake for a moment. "Tomarrow, as soon as Jake gets to the package I want you on this lift. You know what everyone looks like, so your in charge of telling me when everyone is onboard. Jake there, is one of the best soldiers I've ever known and I've known very many. I'll be honest, he could likely do this by himself. Teo's people are along so they feel like they have some involvement, so I dont want you entertaining any notions of helping him."Fedor lifts his shotgun. "Jake."He gives jake a moment or two, to see that he's preparing for an old trick. Then -boom-, explaining his point and answering Jake's question by shooting a barrel full of double ought buck directly at his best friend's head!

Just before the shot goes off, Jake steps away from Zuzu just in case any backsplash hits her, though he doesn't look the least bit worried. The warning was plenty (and much appreciated!) because he had plenty of time to tense up before the shotgun went off. Shotguns pack a hell of a wallop too, and it does knock the man's head back a bit, as if he got jabbed in the face. But he just stands there and blinks his eyes a few times, bringing a finger up to dig at the corner of one eye. And he coughs a little. "Yeah, that's why I don't need body armor most of the time…" he mutters, spitting out a piece of stray shot into his palm that got in his mouth.

She's really trying to be cool, because this is obviously a cadre of bad ass motherfuckers. But some shit you just can't see coming. Her mouth is still open to warn Jake, and her pistol is clear and pointed right at Fedor. It'd not've saved Jake's life, but hell, there woulda been some vengeance. But since apparently it's done no harm, there's only one response to that. Which is, "What kind of sauce was ON that CHICKEN?"

"I think I'll take my chances with the broken ribs," Cardinal observes wryly, reaching out to grab hold of the vest and giving it a heave or two to test its weight, "I can heal those up a lot better'n I can some perforated organs." The vest drapes from his arm, well, as much as such arments drape, and then he starts to say something else just before that gun's swept up and the trigger pulled. The thief drops back a step in shock, gaze snapping towards the other man, expecting him to be something closer to hamburger. Blink. Blink. "Well," he muses, "That's… impressive."

Fedor chocks the spent shell free, and deftly stuffs another shell into the magazine tube. Yeah, this isnt the first time these two have performed this stunt now is it. "Yeah, Jake is bullet proof. He's also fucking strong, could pick the chopper I'm sitting on and -throw- it. He's my ace in the hole, and I'm his. He's tough, I'm sneaky. I'm also the smart one, and the charming one and the most beautiful and articulate one."sage nod follows. Yes, the humble one as well!

Still coughing a little because when you get shotgun spew in the face it DOES go up your nose and down your throat, Jake laughs ruefully. "You see why I was talking all that mess about walking in and killing everybody in the place. Sometimes that's actually an option." He takes the bit of shot and throws it at Fedor. "Cocky motherfucker. Just like every other pilot I know." he says with a grin. And then is careful to tell Zuzu and Cardinal, "Don't shoot me without giving me some kind of warning."

And the sight of Zuleyka with her pistol out, pointed at Fedor? Awww yeah, Jake's keeping her now.

"If I needed to shoot you, I'd not be warning you," Zu says, tartly, safing her gun and putting it away. "Well. So, you're Colossus. Nicely done,"

"Yeah," Cardinal gives his head a slight shake, dropping himself to a crouch and leaning against the chopper's side, "Unless Sergei're Logan got too close to you while you were in there, and then they'd turn you into swiss cheese. You can't always rely on your ability. Especially when dealin' with more of us."

Fedor nods grimly, yeah you big jerk why didnt you think about sergei some more?"Ugh, yeah. Well, what time are you planning to infiltrate? Is this a day or a night op, I still dont know for certain what time to expect a call from you tomarrow."Theres a pause, before he partially lifts a hand. "Also, I am thirty minutes from the warehouse at my best speed."

That sentiment just makes Jake laugh. "Cardinal, buddy, I killed more men in action than I care to remember before I learned I could do this shit. I dunno who your Sergei is or this Logan dude is, but I pretty fair guarantee you I could rip off their dicks and stuff em up their own assholes for em without using anything other than good old combat know-how. By the way thanks for the chicken." He snaps his fingers and points at Card with a grin. "If I got any input on timeframe I say move at sunup. Night operations work great in the field where people are fighting sleep deprivation, but for these jackasses the fatigue sets in at dawn."

Zuleyka says, very quietly, "I wanna be able to do that. It's not on all the time, is it?" She's eyeing Jake, as if he were an entirely new variety of critter.

"Pride goeth before the fall," Cardinal quotes under his breath, his head shaking slowly from side to side before he brings the beer up to his lips. Another swallow's taken, and he gestures, "Jus' saying, man, don't expect to be bullet-proof when it comes down to th'line. Trust those other skills of yours first'n foremost." The can's set down beside him, and he tips his head in a nod to the two other men, "Night. We're hoping it'll go down around when Laudani's got Logan and Muldoon and all his big goons paying attention to him at the Pancratium. How he's gettin' his Italian ass out of there, well, fuck if I know, but he says he's got a plan. Not our problem, anyway."

Teo trying to distract the bad guys, thats terrible. Fedor's brows knit tightly together, and his smile falls into a frown. "Jesus fucking christ, who the fuck does he think he is? Call him, and tell him to stand them up. I will -not- trade hostages with these people, if these guys run down there big deal. They can come by boat or by car down one narrow road, and we have a machinegun to chew either of them up. This is like, a five minute assualt. Eight minutes top, by the time they hear shits going down we'll be -leaving-. Even if not, we'll just light them up too. "

"Hey," Jake says at Cardinal, "how about you stop talking at me like you can do my business?" There's a touch of the warning tone in it, but he's not putting too much energy into posturing. Too old for that shit. Then he switches his attention to Zu and explains, "Yeah, it's not on all the time. I gotta brace for it. Ain't nobody invincible."

Zuleyka just nods to that. And then turns back to the gun. Answer enough for her, clearly.

"At a guess," Cardinal offers, deadpan, to the question of who Teo thinks he is, "Jesus?"

A shake of his head, then, his empty hand raising up palm forward to ward off Jake's words, "Hey, no offense meant, man, you're the professional. Not me. I'm just telling you what I know 'bout the sons of bitches we're goin' up against, is all." That hand drops back down, resting to his knee, "As for Laudani, eh, he won't listen, not to me, anyway. Apparently he has 'em thinking we're betting on the outcome of a fight for the lives of the prisoners, which is a fuckin' stupid idea, but, hey. Maybe I can't see his grand amazing plan."

Fedor just sighs, before thumbing towards the chopper. "You wanna sleep here tonight, Cardinal or you wanna head back to the city?"He would have to text angry words at Teo, which would be ignored but hey he could say he was right afterwards right? This was his operation, he'd taken ownership of it damnit.

If Jake has any hard feelings toward Cardinal he seems to have let go of them as soon as he spoke. But he's also not stressing the operational aspects of their mission. Let Fedor handle it, because really Fed's better at it. Crossing his arms, the veteran just kind of stands there and asks, "You still need me around tonight Chief or you mind if I knock off and go into town, see what kind of amusement I can scare up?" Beat. "You're welcome to tag along, kid." an invitation for Zuleyka.

"I should take care've a few things on the island, but I'll be back here first thing in th'morning," admits Cardinal, tilting the can over towards Fedor in a little gesture to indicate him, "All bright-eyed, bushy tailed an' ready to go." A pause, then he adds wryly, "Well, once night falls, anyway. I'm fuckin' miserable when the sun's up. Too dark out."

Zuleyka glances over. "I'd love to," she says, a curious sparkle coming into her eyes.
Fedor shakes his head softly "stay on the island, no sense running back and fourth. Just text me when your starting your thing, so I know to warm the chopper. It takes another fourty minutes for me to get it ready for initial engine start, so we'll need some rough idea of what time frame. Just keep your eyes open, and if anything feels off just walk. "

"Stay on the island. Roger that." Jake says in reply, then says, "C'mon Zu, let's put this popgun back where it belongs." Then he hefts the M60 to go put it back on its door mount.

Cardinal's head tips in a slight nod, and then he pushes himself up to his feet once more. "Alright. I'll text you when I'm heading in, and then from the inside… we'll hit 'em hard, fast, and Muldoon'll never know what the fuck happened to his prisoners." His lips twitch in a very unpleasant smile, "Jus' wish I could see the look on Logan's face when he finds out."
Zuleyka trundles after Jake, apparently quite eager to help.

Fedor nods softly, peering back at his hammoch. "all of you, be on your very bestest behavoir. Dont speed, dont swear,dont have unpure thoughts about your mother. We cannot afford to lose anyone, Jake, Zu I need you two back by eight this morning and ready to fight. That doesnt mean just getting back, and looking to take a nap. You understand?"says, sir napsalot.

"Understood, Chief." replies Jake without looking at Fedor. He's not going to argue the logic of the order. It's just good sense to him. "Gonna have to fuckin swear though. I can't help that. Was born bad." Winks at Zu.

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