Pillow Talk


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Scene Title Pillow Talk
Synopsis Who's Been Sleeping in Kat's Bed?
Date March 12, 2009

The Apartment of Katherine Marks

[Note: The following scene could be considered a little too risque, though the participants did not find anything inappropriate in their scene. Read at your own amusement.]

The night has come and the room is dark. The sounds of passion have come and gone, and two figures lie in the bed, close with only breathing between them now. One figure is Katherine, who lies on her back, covered up to her chest in bedding. The other figure is rather unseen as her head lies on the shoulder of the Homeland Security agent. Katherine's hand lightly drapes over the other woman's shoulder as she stares up at the ceiling.

"I hope I didn't startle you. I've actually been thinking about this for some time." There's a grin that tugs at the corner of her mouth. "I just couldn't stop myself I'm afraid. It must have been that last drink." Sure, find some excuse to justify dragging someone off to bed. That always helps. "Of course, you didn't seem to mind it too awfully much." The question falls down as the silence makes way for an answer.

There is a soft and husky laugh from the other woman. "I don't know… startled might not be the right word… pleasantly surprised that you liked me that way? Flattered?" she says with a light brush over Kat's arm. "Pleasantly surprised that… I was pleasantly surprised?" There's a smirk that reveals dimples in the woman's flushed face, that turns just a bit rosier with the next confession: "You're the first woman I've done … anything like that with."

A tilt of her head brings her lips against Kat's jawline, grazing it lightly. "I didn't mind."

Each little kiss is leant into, and Kat doesn't seem to mind them at all. "Your first, huh? Well, I never would have known, and yes, that's a compliment. I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. We've been spending alot of time together dealing with shit and this job does lend itself to a good deal of stress. Without that release, who knows who will be the one to go postal first." she leans over presses a kiss against the top of the woman's head.

"Not to talk shop, but everything going okay with your assignment? Anything new on the Case file? I hear a few rumblings now and then, but I'm far too obsorbed in my own cases to keep up." Kat knows her guest will not tell her anything she's not allowed to know, but right now, this is their common ground. The cases.

The other woman snuggles a bit closer and nods, a little grin bringing those dimples out all the more. "And what a release it was," she ssays, nipping Katherine's lower lip playfully. "But yeah, it's nice to be able to leave everything behind, have nothing but sensation to think about… or rather, someone to think about besides the target or the partner or the person I'm trying to pull information from… So was this the final destination you had in mind?" She pats the bed with a thump and a smirk. "Or was that just a bonus to a night out with the three wise men?" Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, and Johnny Walker, of course.

"Eh, no, nothing new. Just trying to find a needle in a haystack. The fact we stand out in Chinatown doesn't help."

Kat chuckles, her throat a bit dry from being vocal previously. She shakes her head. "If I said they kept me company often, I'd be lying. Don't often drink THAT much." she admits. "And I'm almost certain they alone did not lead to this particular conclusion. I had been eyeing you long before now. And while I am not prone to being shy, I also don't often mix work with pleasure."

"Needle in a haystack? I'm surprised they don't offer up someone of Asian descent to help you out with this case. It would be far better than sending you two in looking like a fish out of water."

Kat squirms a little as she scoots down some. Purring like the kitten of her namesake, Kat leans over and places a gentle kiss on the woman's lips, though her voice become serious afterwards. "If you need any help whatsoever, call me. I know you can take care of yourself, but if you don't need to, then don't. Because I'll have him by the balls if anything happens to you now. It means I have to start looking around for someone new to relieve my stress with." she teases playfully.

The brunette laughs as Kat kisses her and threatens to protect her from Case. "Good point. You'd think they'd do that, but I don't think they expected the Triad thing, then. I can see about that, though. Especially since with Case's power, I really don't want anyone with a power too close to me if I do get my sights on Case again. Granted, I mean to knock Case out with a tranq the second I have a shot." She nuzzles Kat's neck. "But thanks. I wouldn't want to make you go buy a stress ball or something if you didn't have to," she teases.

Kat laughs. She doesn't laugh often, thanks to this job and those she has to deal with on a daily basis, but the laughing feels really good right now. She sigh softly and tugs a bit closer. "Do you have to get back tonight? Is he expecting you? I know you're supposed to be undercover and all that." She knows what she wants, but she also knows the job comes first. They are already compromising a few protocols just by being together, but in all honesty she doesn't regret a single moment.

She looks back through the night and how it all developed and it did truly catch her off guard. She'd like to take credit for orchestrating the entirity of it, but in actuality it was just the heat of the moment.

"I was never told I couldn't have a night off… just that I'm supposed to make it look like we're a couple for any outside influences. Normal people take a night off now and then right?" Kat's companion says, her arm wrapping around Kat with her fingers sliding up the nape of the dark hair, stroking lightly. "I should just call or text to let him know, I guess," she says softly, her lids closing over dark eyes as she brings her lips to the other's neck and kisses lightly there, a soft sigh of contentment escaping her lips.

The kiss is returned as they familiarize themselves with each other once again. It's not the desperate need of the previous moment, but the soft tenderness of those already acquinted. After a moment, Kat grins over to her. "You better let him know, so he doesn't think you've been shang-hai'd." Appropriate expression under the circumstance. "I need to slip out of bed for a moment."

She pulls away and slips from under the covers and slips into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. This leaves her guest to her own devices. Or her phone, if she chooses to make that text.

The brunette rolls over onto her belly, stretching down to the ground to find the various belongings thrown onto the floor sometime in the past few hours… shirt, boot, jeans, gun holster… aha! Purse! She opens it, finding the cell phone by blind feel, and pulls it up to the bed. Her fingers find the right keys deftly, as she scrolls through the names to select Winters number, sending a text message: Out for the night. Will be at apt. in the a.m. — V." Veronica sets the phone on Kat's nightstands and closes her eyes, getting a well-earned cat nap (no pun intended).

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