Pinehearst Headquarters
Pinehearst Headquarters
Owner Morgan Deitrich
Hours of Operation 24 Hour Operations
Current Status Open for Business
People Come Here For… Biotech Research

Amid the urban parks of Fort Lee New Jersey, the Pinehearst Corporate Headquarters is an unusual sight. Architecturally designed with an eye for the natural environment, the building is both sleek and modern while retaining a touch of the natural world. The primary facility is a seven story office building rising up out of forested grounds, the reflective green-tinted plate windows show not the neighboring Jersey cityscape, but reflect the natural splendor of the six acres of land the facility rests on. The secondary facility and central lobby is a two-floor structure with a rounded front lined with square columns, an entire green-tinted glass wall behind it shadowing the lobby beyond.

Between these two structures, a central courtyard is filled with neatly landscaped trees surrounded by bark mulch, a fountain prominently displaying a stone slab with the Pinehearst logo flanked by benches, and stone walksways that meander through this lush, natural splendor. Near the lobby entrance, an enormous blue and green double-helix proudly identifies the building as Pinehearst property.

The Pinehearst Corporate Headquarters is located at 26877 Century Drive, Fort Lee, NJ. The facility is located roughly ten miles from Manhattan, outside of the irradiated zone of Jersey City. Pinehearst Corporation is open to the public for tours and visitations, and the company is currently hiring talented and bright individuals for its projects.

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