Pink Circuses


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Scene Title Pink Circuses
Synopsis Liquor and monopoly result in some catching up.
Date January 12, 2011

Chinatown — Brian's Apartment

"Let's get it started love something with a something and oooo.. Cause I know that you will. Dum dum dum started now.. Something bla.. da ooo~"

Winters is singing in the kitchen, capping the orange juice and flinging it back into the refrigerator. Kicking it closed, he goes to pick up the two glasses and sashay back into the living room. It's past curfew, and the couple has been indoors for sometime. Anna isn't in tonight.. But oh well~

A few pillows organized on the ground, Brian goes to take a seat on one of the larger pillows, setting Samara's drink by her. Overlooking the monopoly board, Brian takes a sip. A few drinks in the game of Monopoly has started to twist a bit. The rules change pretty much every turn. Picking up the dice, he swings them, placing his hand on his lap. "Snake eyes." He pipes excitedly, "That means you have to go back to the candy cane forest."

Above them the robot head that Brian had brought home has been mantled above the TV. Having told her the story, Brian decided his prize needed to be visible from the whole apartment.

"Nooooooooooo that's only when you're playing Candyland! In monopoly when you get snake eyes you lose a property. Or a house. Or a hotel. Of my choosing." Samara nods sagely at this fact until erupting into a delighted spiel of giggles. She brings the orange juice to her lips with a wide grin. The making up of rules makes her pleased.

The elephant—er —robot in the room, is a different story. She turns to face it again, nose wrinkling irritably, "It's watching me. Like when I move around the room it's watching me and wants to attach me."

She plucks the dice and rolls them, getting a ten and then, rather thankfully pushing the dice to him, "Oops! You got doubles. You roll again. I totally skipped your turn. So, my roll doesn't count." This has nothing to do with the fact that ten spaces meant going to jail.

She twirls the ring on her finger, enthusiastically she rolls onto her side on the pillows glancing over at the robot head again.

Making an over-exaggerated frown, Brian shakes his head dramatically at the board. "No." He mutters sharply. Though what the 'no' is to, is not clear. Because he's busy taking a long pull from his drink. And soon the drink is half gone. "Doubles, does not mean I go twice. It means I get to airstrike your properties." Winters informs, swinging his free hand down at one of Samara's gathering of hotels. Little houses and hotels go splattering from his palm strike.

Looking up, Brian glares over at Samara. "Leave Ted alone, alright? Just because I like him more, doesn't mean you need to act all jealous okay. He's not going to attach to you.. Or attach you.. or.." He burps a little, fflinging his hand to his stomach. "I love Ted." he meeps. "We have something real."

Moving his hand he flicks another one of Samara's hotels off the board. "Your turn. Go to jail."

Head looking over her shoulder at the robot with a dark frown. Sami clucks her tongue again, now rolling onto her stomach. "You should just marry him then," she observes as her eyebrows escalate higher on her forehead. "Ted and Brian~ You could have like monogrammed towels. And like matching tennis outfits. And like fu— ding segways. Or you could turn his head into one if you knew anything about robots. Or something. You know, I never knew the guy you'd go gay for would be a robot…"

Rather than going to jail she rerolls the dice and gets a three. Three is a good number. She pushes her piece three spaces ahead.

She glances down at her hotel and wrinkles her nose, "Red is too much like pink, don't you think? Like.. other than as the colour of blood…"

Glaring over the board, Brian glances up to Ted. "Is that what you're going to want. Are you going to want monogrammed towels. And I'm not going to play tennis.. I will ride a segway." Winters murmurs, "And just because his name is Ted, doesn't make him a he. Robots don't have penises." He pauses for a moment as if considering this. "Maybe they do. I didn't check."

Looking down at the thimble that Brian forced Samara to play with, (and since they couldn't agree the dog was taken out of the game. no one gets to play with him). "Why don't you want your crazy sister to help plan our wedding?" He pauses as he's peering at her, trying to figure out what she is talking about.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

Sami hmmmms quietly as she rests her elbows on the floor and then her chin on her hands, "I actually figured those were all necessities with robotic nuptials." At the notion of whether these are things she wants, "I don't think I actually need towels… Wellllll I've never played tennis. Like ever. Except one time in gym class when Bobby deWitt looked at me the wrong way.." she now finishes off her tequila sunrise, the story lost in the process. "Ted is a boy's name. Hence Ted is a boy."

There's a distinct sigh at the mention of Adisa, "She's a good sister. She's sweet. She's like… kind even if completely uncharitable about clothes— annnnd…" her lips press together again. "Well, she'll turn it into a circus." At this thought Sami hmmms, "I don't want a pink circus. I want something just small and quiet. And.. I dunno. Like you're wanted. I'm dead. Doesn't exactly— I just want…" her eyebrows furrow while her head shakes. "Sorry. I.. she's a good kid. But she's not exactly practical. Or recognizes that I might have something different in mind.. or something."

"Ted.." Brian's features screw up in frustration. "Is a.. asexual name. That could go other way. And if you're going to insist it's not then you're just a sex…ra.. racist. Sexy racist." He bites down on his lip for a moment. "Fucking Bobby deWitt. Motherfucker." Winters rages briefly before finishing off his tequila sunrise. Smiling a little he slaps it back on the ground. "All the yummy juice is at the bottom." He peers over at her as she talks about her sister.

"A pink circus?" He tilts his head some. "I don't want a pink circus either." He points out dully. "I want a zipline." His eyes flash over to match her gaze as if to affirm the seriousness off his request. "I want to zipline to our honeymoon." He nods solidly. "This is not the tequila talking. I really want a zipline. I'm super serious. Oh.. Uh.. Your brother and I almost got into a fight."

"See?! No one wants a pink circussss! Think of all the freakin' clowns. I'm terrified of clowns." Oh wait. They weren't talking about actual circuses, they were talking about weddings. “I could zipline. But not like.. at/ the wedding. That could be trouble. I like heights. I wanna go skydiving some day. It's on my bucket list. Which I still need to finish because it's like I need to you know live or somethin'. Something."

Her face contorts into a scowl at the last. "You fought Tay? Whyyy? Like…" she tries to reason through the why and points to her while her lips gape slightly— because of her?

"I hate clowns too!" He says excitedly, eyes widening. "We're in love.." He melts back down with admiration as he leans forward to press his lips against her cheek. But then she's contesting his zipline. "Listen bitch, if this thing ain't gonna work out you can give me the ring back now. Because.. There's gonna be a fucking zipline. Instead of a car. We're going to hook up a zipline with cans hanging from our belts and zipline off away from everybody then go have crazy monkey newlywed monkey sex." Double the monkey double the fun.

"We should go skydiving." He murmurs, folding his arms over his chest. "He started it, I went over there to try and make friends. And then we started drinking and I thought we were going to be friends then we were going to start fighting then I told him we were getting married then he told me to leave—" DEEPBREATH "Then we talked and he hit on me and then we watched TV and I think he might come to our wedding iff I try to be his friend again." Another deep breath.

The brush against her cheek virtually makes Sam sparkle in her already inebriated state, but the zipline bit gets a hmmm, "We could get married in a treehouse and then a zipline would be like perfect and we could like— use ted to rocket out of there. Because you're marrying him, right? Since you like him better."

She beams with that same sparkle, "Would you go skydiving with me?! Oh man it would be so awesome! I can imagine what it would be like. But I worry that like what if with like adrenaline I phase and then POOF? Like what happens?!" Her fingers waggle away like something is fading into the aether.

"Wait— you told him? I was gonna tell him! Did he spaz? Wait. He obviously spazzed because fighting. Ugh." Her nose wrinkles irritably, "Sorry. He's good to me, I swear. Like he's such a good big brother. He like beat on fucking Bobby deWitt. And like ruined junior prom because he doesn't trust me to have good judgment buuuut he's always looking out for me…. he has to come! What is he so upset about anyways?!"

"I kinda have an idea.. Of where we could do it." He murmurs, tilting his head some. "Where should we go for our honeymoon?" Winters props himself up on his elbows. "If you phase and drop then I would multiply myself into the tallest tower in the world to catch you into my naked pillar." He leans over to lock eye contact with her. Smiling deeply. "He's sad he lost his little sister and that you're back here for only me and not him because you're his favorite person and I'm not supposed to tell you this."

"I bet I can talk him into it. After we hang out seven more times." Seven. "Not one time less."

An eyebrow is quirked in response, "Where? Is it a treehouse?" Sami rolls onto her back, and across the monopoly board, to stare up at the ceiling, half-expecting to see clouds, meaning that when she doesn't see them she's almost surprised they're indoors. Her tongue rolls over her lips, "Well.. I'm flexible~ Somewhere we can have a little adventure~ I know you're probably tired and stuff but I was like asleep for years! I want to see everything and everyone! And try new things— and meet new people— "

She squeaks, "But Tahir has Adisa still! And I still wanted to see him and I missed him and wanted to see him and I have seen him…" Her eyebrows furrow though, "I need him to come. He's like my favourite sib— brother. Like for real. And why seen times?" Speaking of family, "I want to meet your sister. Unless she'll hate me.."

She blinks hard before her eyes light up and she's peeling herself from the floor, "And as an aside mom said dad was impressed you talked to him at all."

"I know you're flexible~" He says, grinning as he makes her innocent words dirty. Crawling over the board he goes to place one forearm on either side of her. Grinning down at her. Leaning in he goes to brush his lips against hers once again. "It's not a treehouse. I'll show you it sometime. Um.. I think that.. I need to find a best man though." He cringes some. "I kind of don't have one." Brian offers.

"Um.." About his sister. "Yeah. You will." He says happily, forcing her to stay on the ground. Leaning down some he presses another kiss against her lips. "Did she say anything about how she was impressed with my physique? Or how she would like me to stay at the house a couple nights?"

There's a wrinkle of her nose and a bemused smile to follow the changed innocence of her words. But she follows it up, "It's one of my best talents~" Following the kiss, her smile grows and her arms curl around his body. Her lips twitch to one side, "Like soon? I want to meet her. Even if she hates me, she's like your sister."

She hugs him a little tighter as she smirks, Mom was impressed with your physique from the start," it's a bemused tone. "She wants us to stay for a few nights, but maybe she just meant you?” it’s all good humoured with a twitch of her lips. “Not sure I should trust you two under the same roof~"

A large grin forms as he allows his weight to drop in on her more, taking the weight off his forearms. "And you are very talented." He remarks, giving a light nod. "She is like my sister. Because she is my sister." Winters drops down, lowering his forehead to touch against hers. He grins broadly. "You and your dad could go bond for a couple days.."

"Go camping or something. And I'll stay and bond with your mom." Linking his arms around her back, he goes to roll to his back. Pulling her into him tight. "Okay. I have another confession to make. But.. Please don't let this effect the route that we're taking cause I really feel like we're about to do it. You know how I get when we talk about your mom." Smirking he continues, "That Calvin guy.. He almost killed me the other night. With the robot. I left that part out. And then.. I confronted him this morning and.. He kissed me again. No tongue this time. I don't know why.. He still hates me."

Sami complies with the motion as she's tugged tightly to him. Her fingers draw light nearly indiscernible pictures atop his chest, a game she'd played as a kid only back then it was on friends' backs and they had to guess what she'd drawn. The mention of Calvin has exactly the effect Brian thought it could. Her eyebrows knit together as her hands press against the floor on either side of him.

Her expression becomes sour, "He was behind the robot? Are you okay?! This guy seems like a total creep— how did it happen and why? Like I know he and his crowd are weird or whatever but you need to be careful I don't— I don't want you hurt." She frowns distinctly. "You can't deal with these people on your own. Whatever they're doing— it's… not cool."

Pulling her back down against his chest. He grins a little bit. "I told you not to let it effect.. Whatever. No he was helping me kill it to save the stoner.. Then when he saw it was me. He threw the Ted at me." He ffrowns a little bit. "Ted~" He says sadly, looking up at the mounted robot head on his wall. "Some of them are cool.. Just. I want to ffind out more. And yeah. I'll involve you, and Sam? I'm pretty much unkillable alright, don't worry about it." Brian insists. "And let's just.. It's past curfew.. Anna isn't coming. We could.." He glances down at the pillows. "Right here."

"Not entirely unkillable," she whispers against his skin before brushing her lips against his neck. Alcohol brings out the ADHD in her. While this robot-death conversation may not be over ultimately, it's over for now. She hmmms quietly, lightly brushing her lips against his cheek before she's moving away, pushing off the ground and actually phasing out of his grasp. She steps to the couch, grasps the blanket along the back and then drapes it over Ted. She turns back to Brian, "He's too young for this— "

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