Pink Power!


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Scene Title Pink Power!
Synopsis Devon becomes the fashion police. After being mandated to do so.
Date January 13, 2011


"Pink is this year's power colour. You need to put it into your repetoire. Our clothing people told me so. And it'll give you the respect you need." There's a sharp nod of Brad's head, curt in a way as he regards his intern. With a high pitched whistle, akin to getting a hail on the Starship Enterprise, he twists around to face Devon, his hands splayed in front of him. It's a new suit, ready for filming, and pressed for the attention he's been seeking.

"What do you think?" being an intern generally entails coffee, getting lunches, and going on errands. Today Devon gets to be the fashion police to ensure that Brad won't look ridiculous on camera. And even though he expounded the virtues of pink power, he's not dressed in it; he never dresses in it, begging the question whether Russo was being sarcastic about it's general virtues.

The three fold mirror in the specialty suit store reflects the man's image many times over and the poor store clerk has been attending to the pair's needs. While he should have the clothing people just dress him, more than anything, he just wanted to not be at work all day.

And there Devon stands, probably bored out of his mind, a coffee in one hand from a nearby stand waiting patiently for Brad's attention. The other holds a planner. Yes, some people actually still use those instead of the more modern, electronic versions of date-keeping. The boy is dressed, as required, in a suit of charcoal gray and pale blue button down, complete with a tie of a darker blue. And yes, it's a real tie, proof lies in how it's not snugged to his neck.

It'd Devon's expression that might be cause for comment. Bringing up pink as this year's power color, has a brow raised, dubious look. Even more brought about by the fact that his boss isn't wearing pink. Why mention it at all? Called on his opinion, Dev shakes his head. "Faboo, Mister Russo. But uh… A pink kerchief and tie would cap it all off."

There's a skeptical arch of Brad's eyebrows, high on his forehead at the comment about the pink kerchief and tie. His lips twitch into a near comical smile as he chuckles and his head shakes. Caught. Red-handed. Or pink-handed? "Ha! You got me this time!" he says this as the clerk brings him a silver tie to contrast against his black suit.

The tie is brought around the dress shirt. "Okay. So— there are some things you'll need to know if you're going to be successful in this internship. First? I like to joke. I play practical jokes. I appreciate practical jokes." In a way, the host would've been undeniably amused if Devon had dressed in pink, but that's his own way of things.

"In other news— " he looks over his shoulder with a smirk, "Do you own a shovel?"

That coffee cup is expertly juggled, no sloshing or spillage evident as Devon works open the planner to a blank page as though to take down notes. A pen, tucked into an inside pocket of his coat is finagled out and poised to start taking notes. Only… there are no notes to take. "You like jokes," he repeats with a laugh. Oh, they'll get along great. A grin cracks on the boy's face. Next time he's sent to pick up a suit or tie for the host…

Tucking the pen back into his pocket, Dev nods. "Yeah, shovel, rake, trowel. I keep them at home usually, they don't really go well with the suit." The planner is closed, everything put back to easier handling.

"Good," is the good natured reply as Russo shoots Devon a confident smile. His hands shove into the pants pockets as he turns to examine himself in the mirror at several different angles. He whistles loudly as he twists one way and then another. His tie is straightened, his lapels are brushed. And then the question that follows the first is taken up, "Do you use them? And you won't need the suit for where we're going— "

"Not in the winter," Devon replies. Strange questions, but then judging by his boss, they aren't all that unusual. Planner tucked under an arm, coffee switched to another hand, he reaches forward with his freed hand to pick at a fuzzy from Russo's shoulder. "I've used them. And.. we're going somewhere?" Sweet, road trip and no more stuffy suit!

"I hear Arizona is lovely this time of year~" Brad nearly sings as his hands are tucked back into his pockets and his weight is shifted to the back of his feet. "Tell me you're at least emancipated so we can head out of town with few headaches?" His eyebrows tick upwards while he twists over to one of the chairs amid the dressing area.

His arms are crossed tightly over his chest as he exhales slowly. "You familiar with Arizona at all? Got a tip. So we're heading there. And we were instructed to bring shovels and dig. So— " he shrugs. "So we dig."

"I can get my aunt to sign a permission slip," Devon says assuringly. "Just got to tell her where I'm going and when I should be back. It's for work so no problem." No real problem, though it might take some smooth talking. Since coming into her care, Aunt Milly has been a little protective of Dev and likes to keep tabs.

"I want you to prep the trip. We'll likely need five tickets to Arizona: you, me, Joe, K, and…" Brad glowers slightly at the last name and growls, "Dirk." His lips press together, "I'll need you to book a camera through the studio. Equipment should be readily available to us. I have no idea what we'll find— if anything, but— " his shoulders shrug slightly as he clucks his tongue. "Better safe than sorry." He hmmms again, "Get Dirk to book the actual tickets. He has a company credit card," although so does Brad, there's just a relief in making the grunt do the grunt work.

News of Dirk doesn't seem to go over well with Devon either, seems his impression of the man isn't all that great either. "Five tickets, equipment for filming." The intern nods to all this, mentally noting the preperation that's required. "Hotel rooms? Um.. Cars?" Those things'll probably be needed too, likely Dirk already knows all this, but just in case. "How long will we be gone?"

"Yeah. You book the cars." Russo actually finds himself shooting Devon a lopsided grin. "If we can have one vehicle so be it. Otherwise shoot for something in the jeep variety for us. And get Dirk something ridiculously tiny. It'll be awesome." And there is the practical joker in him. "And the hotel. Put it on my credit card. Somewhere small, quiet, and inexpensive. We're less likely to run into crazed fans off the beaten path. I can sell myself as some vague look alike at a Holiday Inn or Best Western."

"Right on." Dev grins toothily. "Dirk gets a Daewoo. In pink." Not sure how that's going to happen, but it will happen. The coffee is offered to Brad while the teenager again juggles the planner to actually write all this down. "You know, my aunt's probably going to want to give you the third degree. Just a heads up. She's nice, though."

"It's just a field trip," Russo counters as he accepts the coffee cup and brings it to his lips. Turning to the clerk, he issues her a smooth smile, "I'll wear it out. Put it on the studio account." The clerk is issued a small salute as Russo picks his way through the store, back to the door, nodding that Devon should follow him. "What can you tell me about her? The easier I can win her over, the better— "

"Meh, she likes to know who I'm with." Dev follows Russo while putting notes down into his planner. In passing, he looks up enough to smile at the clerk. Returning his attention to the notes he's written out, the intern follows Russo outside, all while thinking how best to describe Milly.

"Well," Devon says, closing the planner again. "She's.. smart, intense. Very direct." With a pause, he looks up at Brad. "Not quite as strict as my parents were, but she's got the protective part down."

"I suppose that's fair. My mom was the same way in her day," Devon is shot a large grin accompanied with a small shrug of Russo's shoulders. "Well, I guess I'll need to meet her and convince her I'm not some creep." He sighs heavily and strolls towards the studio. "She sounds like K." There's a short pause as he turns to face Devon again, "Have you met K yet? If you want a future in television, she's the woman to impress."

His shoulders shrug again. "You'd do well to follow politics in your new job. It's helpful to us. Allows us to expand our program and I appreciate a sounding board. Do you have any interest in politics or just show-business?"

Those parental types seem all alike, don't they? "Yeah, You'd probably get along with her, most people do. She's just like… a mom." Devon gives his tie a little tug, not exactly loosening it further, but at least making it straighter in its unkempt way. "Haven't met 'K' yet. I figure she's busy and will find time to meet the new guy."

The intern considers the question, a brow raised as he looks sidelong at Russo. "Some interest, obviously it's a topic that comes up often enough. Like when you're sitting around a greenroom and someone starts in about what the president's done or should do. It's going to let in some heat."

There's a hushed chuckle as Brad's pace quickens, "Everyone wants to tell the President what to do. Myself included. And everyone has an opinion. Even if it's along the lines of 'change his tie,' everyone has an opinion. I sometimes wonder whether anyone can really criticize the president at all. If only because they can't understand the pressure he's under— "

"Do you have an opinion on evolved rights? These days that's all over the media pretty much everywhere you see— "

Trying to match stride for stride, Devon quickens once realizing Russo's started hurrying. "Well yeah, but I mean.. He's yet to answer the really important questions. Like what's his favorite flavor of ice cream, and what does he plan to do about the overpopulation of brown M&M's compared to green ones." Though he sounds serious, it's not likely he really means to know the answers to these questions.

"As for Evolved rites…" Dev frowns slightly, then waves a hand. "They're people too. I mean, it's like debating any other rights for any other 'special interest group'."

"FOX basically accused me of being a softie. Like actually," Russo murmurs as he cuts towards the studio, "I'm a proponent of evolved rights. And you're right, they're people. The problem is there are those in power that believe they have different needs, interests, and ideas than those that aren't SLC-Expressive."

"Brown M & M's. Yeah, these are important questions." He shoots Devon a dimpled grin and shakes his head while his hands tuck safely in his pockets. The feel and rhythm of the pavement presses him forward. "I just think it's important to consider all people as people. Even if I do always come off that way on air."

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