Pink Tie Gala -- Women's Restroom


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Scene Title Pink Tie Gala — Women's Restroom
Synopsis Things get a little exciting, right before they get crazy.
Date April 1, 2019

The women's restroom in the Yamagato Fellowship Center

The door of the bathroom bangs open as Fannie digs into her bra and pulls out a tiny vial of cocaine. Rattling the thing around she moves to the last sink and peers around a pair of women seem to be touching up their make up and they freeze as they spot Fannie standing there with drugs in her hand. "Ah, da. Hallo my freundins."

Humming to herself she tiptoes in a long, dramatic fashion. Slinking up to the last stall against the wall and sliding in.

Perfecting her lipstick in the mirror, Tania glances over at Fannie when she enters. And when she speaks with that amazing accent. There's a glimmer of recognition, that face lingers somewhere in her memory, but she can't quite put a finger on it.

"You might try picking one accent," she says to Fannie, "instead of trying to mimic all of them." Her accent is genuine. Her dress is extravagant, tight and low cut. The black fabric makes her hair more red and her skin more pale. One assumes this is what she was going for.

"Gracias!" Eve pokes her head out of the stall and skips up to the sink, tapping some coke out onto the bathroom counter she lifts a card from her bra and slides the lines out, "Oh I'm zorry! Jawohl! Dun mine meh." Taptaptap. The brown eyed woman leans in close to the illicit substance in front of her and a rolled up bill is used to snort the first of five lines.

The other woman that was doing her makeup next to Tania readily heads out with a polite wink, Stacey had been clean for three months and, "My deviated septum says I can't." Tapping her nose with a faint wince and the woman leaves the two women too it. Fannie grins as she knocks her head back and blinks up at the lights of the room, "Your dress is zo bretty!" Leaning into the accent the woman plays with the mask that sits pulled up on top of her head.

"I am in disguize. Arh ! Ein Mooze zey call it in mein home country." Offering the bill over to the redhead. "Are vu ein zubermotel?"

Honestly, there are better people to do drugs with in a fancy bathroom. But, also, most people aren't that generous with it these days. Tania presses a hand against her dress, giving Fannie a wide smile. "Thank you," she says, because it's always nice to be complimented. "I'm hoping to impress someone with it tonight."

That smile turns to a smirk when she explains about her disguise, and Tania nods knowingly. "Of course," she says, as if she should have known all along. She takes the bill, laughing at the question. "In another life," she says before she leans over to sniff along the next line.

"Imbresss vu schall, how could ein flover zuch as vu not? Crasiness," waving her hand in the air she takes the bill back and does another line leaving two, sniffing a half of one of them. Fannie feels it hit her like a train head on and her eyes widen with delight. The lights shine but that's not what she looking for. Her accent dips with the rush of wanting to communicate speeding through her, "Another life, we've already seen those! Haha!" "Fannie" claps her hands together and places the bill back in Tania's hands.

"This Place is so fancy, I couldn't be seen for who I am. Who I use to be. Do you know that feeling?" Fannie places a hand on her cheek as she studies her face in the mirror, there are scars on her arms and back, old ones. Not as fresh as the ones she use to gather almost daily back in the war or just after the Bomb. "I've been one thing for so long, seen so deep. I'm at a loss my friend."

Sucking her teeth in with a gasp Fannie shakes her head, "Put zat is ein vorry for Hanother day. Totay is charity!"

It's hell, being between jobs. And then when someone with more or less your measurements offers you good money to jump in for them because they couldn't show up for work tonight but they didn't want their reputation to go to hell, you… do it?

Zachery does not belong at this gala. And he does not belong in a waitstaff getup, all prim and proper, save for a crumpled collar he hasn't bothered to fix since he came in. He's hidden in three other locations today already, and the guests have barely seen his face— speaking of which, a square bandage is plastered over his left eye and cheekbone. Maybe this hampered vision is what he'll blame when asked why he entered the ladies' room with a START, carrying a tray (with both hands, because how does anyone do this?) full of what looks to be about a dozen pink champagne flutes. One of them topples over as he promptly comes to a halt in the doorway, but he doesn't even seem to notice. Drip drip.

"Oh. Shit." Cursing makes what's left of his British accent shine like no other words do. He glances over his shoulder for a moment, then forward again in an attempt to take in the whole room. Hey, as far as places to hide go…

"We have. Perhaps we'll see a new life every decade." Tania rememberers the last time they had to see lives the were theirs, but also weren't. This time was more confusing than the last. The high hitting her keeps her from getting dragged down by memories. Or by what Fannie explains about her choice to come in disguise. She takes the bill, but leans over to give the other woman a hug. "I understand. Your secret is safe with me." She doesn't have this particular experience, but she shed an old life for a new one not that long ago.

She breaks the hug to do another line, straightening up to see Zachery standing there with a broken glass and all. She passes the bill back to Fannie and steps over to take one of the glasses. "This staff is so attentive, thank you," she says to Zachery, apparently not minding the fact that he just came into the ladies' room. "Don't mind us, just last minute primping," she says, even though it is quite obvious that isn't what they're doing.

Receiving that hug almost makes the woman become emotional and she clings to the smaller woman with a soft gasp. Good people existed. Good people who did drugs.

"Bless you. I'll always remember th-Da hallo!" Fannie is back and her mask slips over her face. Taking the bill back she slips it into her bra and smiles widely towards the new man with the wounded eye.

Dancing up to the man with excitement bubbling through her she takes a glass and leans in close to Zachery, reeking if cannabis and booze mixed with lavender. "Do vu vant ein line?" Eyebrow raising and sipping out of her flute of pink liquor. "Zis hits zee sbot, To brimping! Jawohl!" Fannie tips her flute back and at the same time she's shoving that vial of coke under Zachery's nose.

"Mmm zomebody stap meh!"

This is fine. This is perfectly fine. Zachery takes a step forward so as to stop blocking the doorway, but fails to do anything aside from that and looking… genuinely perplexed. He breathes ALL the way in, and then just… holds it. Sort of tense, sort of uncertain. If you get real close, you might hear the grinding of cogs trying desperately to turn. Oh, they'll get going again eventually; which way they'll turn, that's the real question.

The nonchalant grabbing of glasses from his tray gets almost no response past his visible eye tracking the glasses as they are moved away from him — and when his attention flits briefly to Eve and whatever's stuffed back into her bra before it SNAPS back up to her face. Also what was going on on the counter over there? Processing this whole situation is going to take a momen— OH there's COKE RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE.

Two more glasses go flying as reflex jerks him back a few inches and forces him to breathe out in what sounds halfway towards an incredulous laugh. "D-… Do I want. A line." The cogs start turning. They go backwards. Fuck this acquaintance's reputation, fuck this money, fuck these last few weeks, and fuck composure. He's done. He steps over broken glass to put the remainder of the tray onto the counter, and turns to face the two women again with a glass of his own, "Let's see how your lines compare to those at medical school some 20 years ago, yeah?" BOTTOMS UP. This is the first drink he's had all night and it's disappearing all in one go and he's grabbing ANOTHER.

The door swings open and in walks another tall redhead, this time in mint green. Delia gives an excited squeal at the sight of Tania and rushes in to give the younger woman a hug. "Tania! I didn't expect you here, who are you with?" Then she draws back and gasps, "Who are you wearing?" The other woman always has the best clothes and the dreamwalker makes a mental note to borrow that number before she outgrows it.

The stranger with the rolled up dollar bill gives her a bit of a pause, before she sees what he's doing and then Tania gets the look. "You've got a little something," she says, wiping at the edge of her nostril with a fingertip, "right there." She's disappointed, that's for sure.

Tania lifts her glass in a silent toast as Zachery joins in, and she takes a small drink before she sets the glass down. She'll end up forgetting about it, no doubt, but there are more waiters and more glasses at this party. Her attention shifts when Delia comes in and she greets her friend with a warm smile. "Delia! Come meet my new friends," she says with a sweep of her arms toward the others, "I don't know their names yet, but they're so nice." She glances down at her dress, hands running along the fabric. "It's a Dior. It was a gift, isn't it lovely?" The dress comes before the answer to who she came with, because—

"I came just me. What is the word? Elk?" Her accent seems to have gotten thicker, closer to how it was when Delia first met her. But that's just the drugs.

When her smudge is called out, Tania looks in the mirror— hair still perfect— and reaches for a towel to dab at her nose until it, too, is perfect. "Thank you, Delia," she says as she leans in to kiss her cheek. The disappointment will sink in later, surely.

"Dos Vidonya!!" Grabbing another Glass herself and slamming back the champagne, Fannie smashes her glass on the bathroom floor, "OPA!!" Fannie is about to do another snort of coke when Delia walks in and the masked woman freezes with wide eyes. Slowly the woman mirrors Delia's every move, trying not to blink. It's not that she doesn't want to tell Delia who she is. She's just really high and snickers.

"I am ein refleczion of vu, nothing to zee here!" Waving her hand in front of her masked face before her brown eyes are staring into Delia's blue ones. "Vould vu like ein pump?" Fannie waves some cocaine in Delia's face.

Delia’s gaze flicks to Tania, then back to this strange woman, then back to Tania before she slowly starts backing away. “No, thank you, uhm…” she fumbles behind her, looking for the door handle and clutches it tightly when she finally has it. “I’ll just hit the men’s… I might make it out unmolested.”


The door swings open one more time, and then the redhead is gone… to find somewhere else to ‘take a powder’.

"It's called stag," Zachery offers to Tania, leaning on the counter as he sets his second empty glass down on it. Delia's entrance and then continued attitude, however, seems to intrigue him. He cracks a grin at her last comment, folding his arms over his chest as he glances to the others.

"Yeah. She'll be fine." His nose wrinkles, grin growing. "I mean— I'm still good in here, right? How bad could the men's room be." Famously much safer, clearly!

"Stag," Tania repeats, snapping her fingers. "I came stag. I don't plan to leave that way, though," she says slyly, looking toward Delia only to find her… not there. "Oh, she's gone." She looks back to Fannie and Zachery, spreading her hands in a helpless gesture. "She's tougher than she looks," she says, because she knows anyone trying to mess with Delia is probably not going to be happy they tried it. "Shall we go back to the party? I have been promised a dancefloor and I mean to make use of it before the night is up."

"Da, we must returnz." Fannie makes a show of cleaning her nose before she snaps her fingers and a devilish smile can be seen, the black mask on her face giving the smile a strange effect. Tapping a bit of coke on Tania's hand for her to do, "One more for zee road?" Zachery gets a look up and down before the pale woman is tapping the powder out in her chest.

"Come now! Jawohl!" Grabbing the back of Zachery's head to shove him down to sniff at the drug. "We dunce!!"

Zachery is a man with a distinguished past! Once respected. Once looked up to, by a handful, for sure.

Now, in a women's bathroom, reactions slowed by the buzz of two brazenly downed glasses of champagne and whatever he managed to sniff up from that vial earlier, managing an, "Uh—!" before being introduced, face first, to 'Fannie's chest and the contents upon them. A sharp intake of air in surprise comes at exactly the wrong (right?) time, followed shortly after by a PUFF of an exhale as what's left of the powder goes flying over the black of his dumb waitstaff vest. Also his face. He's covered in it now, pulling away with what looks like… equal amounts confusion and bewilderment to rub at his face. Removing very little, because the powder's on his hands too. "Wh-What did I walk INTO."

He means to sound serious, honestly. Maybe even a little mad. But that dumb grin comes back, regardless. Maybe it's too unexpected to be mad about. Also, he's pointedly NOT looking at 'Fannie'. Maybe he saw TOO MUCH ALREADY. EVEN WITH THE ONE EYE.

Tania laughs when Fannie drops more powder in her hand. She does, in fact, take one more for the road and looks up in time to see just how she's having Zachery partake. And then, Zachery leaving.

"The ladies' room," is her earnest reply to his exclamation, as if she thinks he was really asking. But then she looks back to Fannie with a crooked smile. "I only got it in my hand," she points out. Obviously, there's some favoritism. She takes Fannie arm-in-arm and heads out toward the main party.

Hair, still perfect.

Hardly moments after they exit, the lights wink out.

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