Piss Poor Planning...


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Scene Title Piss Poor Planning…
Synopsis Things finally start making sense to poor Katherine. Of course, this doesn't help Veronica any.
Date March 10, 2009

A Random Vacant Lot

It's one of those evenings where you just want to hang yourself. Just, find a chair, tie the noose and let 'er drop. The past twenty four hours have been nothing short of insane and Katherine Marks is almost certain to need to see some sort of mental therapist when this is all said and done. The descriptions of things that were supposed to have occured involving Veronica Sawyer, she has trouble even comprehending. So she makes the call. No witnesses, no partners, no one else involved. Woman to woman, she asks Veronica to meet her at a vacant lot, in the part of town that would not draw attention. She noted the street and cross street and asked for and ETA.

After all was settled, Katherine drove to the location and sat in her car, mentally going over everything she has heard today. What is the truth in this situation? What the hell is going on? There would be no one to overhear this conversation and highly unlikely that anyone they knew would see the two agents here. This is one of those times when she wished she had a vice or three to fall back on. Smoking never appealed to her, and drinking was always done in moderation. She can't even remember the last time she got laid. As she contemplates all these non-issues in her life, she waits for Veronica to show.

Veronica comes down the street. A gray beret and matching scarf keep the wind's bite to a minimum, along with the black peacoat on top of jeans and black boots she wears. Her hands are shoved in her pockets, as she walks with a purposeful stride. As the empty lot comes into view, she lifts her head, dark eyes scanning the area for Kat, before noticing the other agent sitting in her car. She heads to the passenger door and taps lightly at the window, eyes lifting to skim the street thoughtfully before opening the door and slipping inside.

"Hey, Kat," she says in that sleepy, husky voice that seems so at odds with the work the woman does. "Thanks for the call. What's going on?"

"Your name is all over NYPD, Veronica. So much so, that I have no idea if I can contain it. The fact that /I/ know this should tell you pretty much all you need to know." Kat starts out. She's never one to beat around the bush.

"This Tylar Case thing. How deep are you wrapped up in this?" This would almost be a blatant violation of protocol, asking another agent about their case. This must be damn important for Kat to even be bringing this up. She glances over at Agent Sawyer. The question isn't phrased as a demand or anything of that sort. Her tone, however, is serious and it's not one she often takes. "Veronica, they thought you were dead. What the hell is going on?"

Veronica slumps against the window, her eyes closing and she shakes her head. "I … to be honest, I'm not sure, except that obviously Winters didn't get the scene cleaned up on the way out. Not his fault — there wasn't time, and we'd have been dead. The place was crawling with Triad cockroaches," she says.

Her eyes open and they look weary. "Case… we tried to run interference on a couple of thugs who had him. Wasn't planned, he was suddenly getting pulled out of a van right under our noses. We had to act fast. It was stupid. It would have been fine if this guy who apparently knew Winters or someone like Winters didn't start shooting at us. Screwed us up. I had Case, and it would have been fine." She shakes her head, and sighs, looking away. "I don't know what happened, not really. I sort of… blacked out, I think, after things went FUBAR. But something happened, and there were more of me, and I couldn't see straight and one got shot, and I felt it… Winters pulled me out of there, and I guess left the more me's behind."

She looks ill just remembering the nightmare, her face draining of color.

Kat watches her as she speaks. Veronica's reactions. They're bad. Meaning, this situation is bad and only going to get worse unless some sort of containment can be initiated. "It doesn't make any sense. According to my contact at NYPD, they found three bodies. Three sets of remains and ALL three had your DNA, Sawyer. I can't even begin to fathom what happened there."

Shaking her head, Kat lets out a large breath. "Okay, let's try and figure this out. Did Winters see anything? What did he tell you?" There is concern in her voice. Kat looks pretty ragged, as if sleep has not been her best friend as of late. She reaches up and idly runs her fingers through her hair, now down around her shoulders as opposed to her usual ponytail that keeps the locks from covering her eyes.

"I know why it happened," Veronica says with a shake of her head. "It makes sense. It's just… classified," she says and sighs. Obviously Kat's breaking protocol with her — shouldn't she return the "favor," if one could call it such a thing? "Fuck, I'm probably already one foot in the grave so to speak with this job anyway. This whole case is just …" she sighs and closes her eyes again. "A nightmare, literally." She too looks like she wants for sleep — plum-hued circles under her eyes aren't the latest makeup trend, after all.

"To be honest, though, you should know. In case you see Case. It's dangerous," Veronica finally says, a moment later. "NYPD can't know this, though. They might already be onto it, but it can't be tracked back to you. To me. But Case made that happen. For three minutes of hell, I was Evo, and a replicator, and the things that died were not me. They were just… spawn that fucked up my ability to do my job, and now Case is still out in the world." Another pause, and then another swear. "Damnit. I was like, catatonic or I would have thought to have cleaned the area after, and apparently Winters didn't."

Kat listens as the pieces finally fall into place now. Each word out of the other agent's mouth is another part of the equation that now fits neatly into it's little slot. When she finishes her explanation, even Katherine can understand what went down.

"Case made you temporary evolved. Those spawn were enough of you that now the NYPD is looking for you. You are so damn lucky that you made it to Deckard without being spotted. A day later and your name would have set off alarms in that building."

She drums her fingers on the bottom of the steering wheel as she thinks. "We.. we may have to bring Goodman into this. I just can't see not saying anything. I can't see the word not getting to him and I think if that's going to be the case, he should find out from you." There is so much more that probably should be said by someone with more compassion than Kat, but as critical as things are at the moment, those things will have to be dealt with later. She pushes them aside for the moment and turns to Veronica. "If you need me to go with you.. I can. I will. I don't think you'll lose your job. You're a good agent, Sawyer."

Veronica nods at the Goodman comment. "No, I won't hide it. He knows that the FBI knows about Case, and it's just something else to deal with right now. I didn't know they got the … remains, or I would have told him that was a possibility. Fuck. Winters… he tried to cover for me, since things went so bad and I was basically shellshocked for a bit after. I don't know exactly what he told Goodman, to be honest, except that it was his fault things went south." She shakes her head. "It was just… bad planning." She sighs. "If you're put on the Case thing at all, Kat… we're supposed to get him alive if possible, and I'd suggest carrying a tranq gun so that if things get crazy, you don't end up like me. Next time I see him, he's getting tranq'd first shot I get off."

Kat pats her side. "I always carry one. I wish I had the chance to use it last night." she murmurs as she shakes her head. "Regardless, I doubt I'll be assigned. I will probably be asked to figure out how to get FBI and NYPD off your back now. That is going to be an issue."

She shifts a little, turning in her chair to face the other female, pulling her leg up onto the seat. "Look, I'm going to talk to my contact at NYPD and see what I can do to get you out of their sights. I'm not entirely sure that will be enough. Your name is on a lot of tongues over there. You should bring Winters in on this too. Make sure he's aware of what's going on so he's in the loop. You both need to stay away from NYPD. Far far away."

Vee nods at that. "I'll get new ID with a fake name on it. Luckily most people didn't see me, and Deckard won't be able to identify me now. The most they have is a description, and brown hair, brown eyed, 5'5" could fit quite a few people, even in the Company," Veronica points out. "We'll lay low. Maybe bleach my hair. Though I look crappy as a blonde, and worse as a redhead," the other woman says with a smirk that reveals dimples, very rarely seen. "Thanks for the head's up and sorry that I'm making your job complicated. I'll go see what Goodman has to say about this… If I don't see you again, I might have been shipped back to California." She looks like she's kidding, but the humor doesn't quite reach her eyes.

It might be funny, if there was the remote chance it might not be truth. Fact is, what Veronica says, is not that far fetched of an idea. Kat does offer a sympathetic smile, then she realizes. "DNA. They need to swap out your DNA on file. I'm putting in my request today." She's not about to take the chance that she'll end up in Vee's shoes someday.

"Black." she grins. "Go black. Jet freakin' black." She nods with a wink. On a more serious note, "When you talk to Goodman, I need to know what I can or cannot tell the NYPD. Have them send me the cover story to my PDA and I'll go down and see what I can do."

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