Pissy Partner Day


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Scene Title Pissy Partner Day
Synopsis Random moments in a cop's day — leg work.
Date January 8, 2009

Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

She was late again this morning, and when Elisabeth arrived … well, if clothes make the day, it's going to be one of *those* days. She's wearing black — black pants, black blazer, black boots, her blouse is a very dark shade of green, her shoulder holster's in place, and she's got a black wool jacket over the top of it all. And she even lets him drive. Once they're sitting on the Verazzano-Narrows Bridge, after picking up coffee!!!, she's finally starting to get the frown out from between her eyebrows.

Darius pulls up near the bridge, as far as they let vehicle traffic anyway, and parks. He's wearing a charcoal suit and a red dress shirt. The tie for same is tucked in his jacket. A matching red hankerchief is tucked into his left breast pocket in a perfect trifold. Maybe he's paranoid but she's seen him with two guns at least. The regulation .40 is in the shoulder holster and a 9mm Baretta is in a hip holster. "Alright. I'll bite. Obviously, you had a bad date. Hung like a beetle and came too soon, right?"

Elisabeth glances at him and grins a little. "Nope… hung just right, likes it when I talk dirty to him, and multiple orgasms," she quips back. "Just… " She looks out the window. "Will's got nothing on me. He knows it; I know it; he's just leaning because he suspects something. And part of me is saying I should have known better than to give him the damn information I got hold of. The other part of me …. just wants to kick his ass for being so goddamned thick and not letting it lie."

"Damnit.. I knew I shouldn't have drunk so much last night. That was you?!" Darius looks over at her incredulously. Then sobers. "Look. I've taken heat before, too. If they've got nothing, give them nothing. They'll eventually back off even if they'll be keeping an eye on you. You've already tossed him a bone. If he fucks it up then he'll at least know you tried. Then you've got him dead to rights. So what's the problem?" His attention goes back to the bridge and he pulls out a notepad from his jacket and a pen.

Elisabeth shakes her head. "I'm just in a pissy mood," she tells him. "And don't even start with the PMS shit. It's not that, I'm just … tired, I guess." She glances at him. "It happens sometimes. I can't be all amusing and entertaining all the time."

"Hey, I'm just playing the role for ya." Darius bends down to fish for binocs again and looks aside to her. "Pissy is fine. If you think I can't get pissed, you've got another thing coming. He just happens to not be riding my ass right now. It helps that I've been avoiding him." He lifts the binocs to look out at the bridge.. then lowers them. "You know. I could save myself a lot of trouble by just going to the city planning office and getting blueprints."

Elisabeth takes a drink of her coffee and then snickers. "You don't have to play a role for me. Just be yourself, whatever that is. And that idea sure beats the hell out of sitting here for days. I'm thinking this kind of thing is a waste of time." She sighs. "Tell you what… let's head downtown. You hit the city planners, and I'll hit the FD's arson office for the report on that tenement fire. It should be in today. Then we'll know if we're looking for an Evolved firebug."

"Hey, who doesn't like a good joke? Besides, you needed to smile. You looked like a right bitch when you showed up and I had no desire to slap it out of you." Darius looks aside to her with a mix of humor and seriousness. "I like my method better. Besides, it could have been me. You know what the rumors say about black men." There's and idle shrug and he reaches to put away the binocs and start up the car. "Good plan as any. Who gets to drop off who?" One car, two stops.

Elisabeth hesitates and says to him as he starts the car, "The reason I'm pissy is that whole biohazard thing I got called out on the other night. Me and Baxter. One of my contacts has suggested we talk to Linderman about all this. And I'm…. it makes my skin crawl to even think about it." That's at least half of her mood. The idea that we might have to rely on Linderman for *anything*. "I'll try to level my mood out, though. You haven't done anything to deserve Pissy Partner Day yet."

Elisabeth adds, "You keep the car. I'll meet up with you."

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