Pizza For Pet Sitting


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Scene Title Pizza For Pet Sitting
Synopsis Abby owes Delilah lunch and Magnes delivers the pizza. partwayt hrough abby is dead tired and begs off to sleep leaving the two to talk to each other and see themselves out.
Date May 3, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Abigail and Alexander's Apartment.

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with decidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupies the immediate living room, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stereo, DVD player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the living room is an ornate cage on a bird stand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat tree house, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

Gone for two days, sunday comes, church time arrives and passes, the day turns into early afternoon. Delilah had been asked to look after the pets for short term, make sure they had water and food. The promise of a dinner when she came back as payment for pet sitting. Only Abby forgot and when Delilah had appeared at her door, the redhead was flustered and had gone to plan B. Pannuci's Pizza. Right now though, it's swamp sludge and tea as they're in the livingroom and waiting for the pizza's to come. Another blip on the diet plan.

"They're coming on the 8th. They'll be staying at a hotel instead of here which is good, nice. I'll have you over for dinner while your here, so you can meet them. Lord Delilah, they heard me singing to a not so christian song, I thought surely the lord would strike me down for lying that it was the cat hitting the radio" Abby's cheeks flush with the embarrassment still.

Perched in the living room furniture with Abby, Delilah was hesitant to try the Sludge- but it is actually pretty good, once you get past the initial taste test. She has on a loose skirt, wearing over it a green shirt with Keroppi immortalized on the front. "It'll be a blast. I love meeting people that- well. Different people." Not to be offensive, but Delilah just has no experience with Baptists! "I'm sure they'll have a fantastic time. Are you going to take them sightseeing? Or leave that to them? …now you've got me thinking about Jesus in place of Tom Cruise in Risky Business…"

It's 45 minutes, that's how long it takes Magnes to arrive today. He pushed his jumping incredibly hard today, though forgot to bring his working glasses in his rush to hurry up and deliver. He threw in some sides and drinks on him, making his load a bit much for one hand, so when he knocks, it's with the light tap of his skate. "Panucci's Pizza!" he enthusiastically announces.

Abby knew Magnes was on his way up. You don't get in through the security of the building that Abby and Delilah live in without knowing if someone was coming up the stairs. "Come in! It's unlocked!" Abby calls out when he knocks. "Magnes. Makes really good pizza. I don't know, I know i'll take them to church, probably introduce them to Teo and a few others. Show them around town. Not showing them work"

Delilah snickers to herself. "Don't you work in a titty bar or something? Serving drinks?" Close enough, right? "Magnes? That berk from the video?" She turns to look over at the door, as if waiting for Magnes to come sprawling in instead of walking. Does he do tricks?

Magnes walks in just in time to hear Delilah mention the video, cheeks going instantly red as he gently kicks the door closed and walks over to the table to sit the food down. "I um, added some sides, and drinks, it's on me. Just pay for the pizza." He nods to the receipt attached to the bag filled with the sides, then raises a hand in greeting to Delilah. "Hey."

"Not at … you know what it is bar and even then I don't get up on bar and dance. other than that it's.. a bar" and that alone will make them a little unhappy. Teetolers, thy name is Beauchamp. "I'll figure something out, they're only here for four days. At least they won't be disrupting my school and my doctors appointments" Enter Magnes, even as Delilah's getting a look for the movie reference that she doesn't know again. "Money's on the table Magnes" Abigail looks tired. She looked tired at church as well. A good night of sleep was in the cards for her tonight. "You make it or Mr. Panucci?"

Awwwwww. Lookit that. Delilah smiles back, waving her hand back and forth. "Hello there, handsome." Oh, don't you start. She does sound like she is teasing him, however. Poor guy. "Oh lovely, free stuff. It'll go right to our hips." There's a smile, though, so maybe that's a joke too.

Magnes, cheeks bright red from Delilah's teasing, clears his throat and takes the money to stuff into his pocket. "I um, always make it when you order." he admits, bashfully rubbing the back of his neck, his eyes going from Delilah's to Abby's hips almost instinctively when she mentions them. "Crap…" he says under his breath, eyes locking on to the ceiling suddenly.

Abby could always do with found pounds on her hips. "I could use the carbs today. He made it, which means the pizza is going to be three times as good" there's money on the counter for Magnes to take as Abby hauls herself up from the red couch to come over and fetch the stuff. "I was telling Delilah that my parents are coming on the 8th for a visit for a few days"

Delilah chews on her bottom lip, smirking and sitting frontwards again, taking a drink of the last of that sludge. Remember, it only sounds bad. "I just hope the city isn't too much of a… pit for them. I'm no expert, but I'm wondering if they'll mesh well. I can't help it."

"Your parents?" Magnes asks as he watches her, smiling when she compliments his cooking. He doesn't appear to be taking a seat or anything, possibly not wanting to simply invite himself in. "I wonder what they're like. And um, have they seen you on TV yet?"

"They saw me. They thought I wore too much black" Abigail murmurs, grabbing plates and cups, bowls, even one for Magnes. "You can stay for a few can't you?" Heading back to the couch with Delilah. "I won't show them the bad stuff. I'm just hoping that nothing happens while they're here. I really really hope nothing does"

"It's four days. What could happen?" Delilah's innocent words may be just the right jinx. Oops. "And if Abigail asks you to stay, I will too. Unless you're still on the clock or something?"

"I can, I was just getting off duty anyway." Magnes says as he removes his skates, no Spider-Man socks this time, just regular white ones, then takes them over to where she kept them before. "I'm sure nothing's gonna happen. And I thought you wore too much black too, but even if it doesn't fit your personality, it was uh, well, you know, not bad…" He dares not say 'hot', but it's laced all over his tone.

Gabriel would be tickled pick with his success. If he could be tickled pink right now. "WEll, who better to be with in the city while your here than the healer of .. everyone" Abigail smiles, doling out plates and the boxes, one ham and pineapple, the other pepperoni. She grabs a few slices of the former for herself, playing the bad hostess by letting them fend for themselves tonight at the coffee table buffet. "Where should I take them?"

"The first place I went when my aunt brought me here was Times Square." Delilah nods once, plucking up her own plate of pizza in the process. "Maybe you'll meet the singing cowboy." Wink.

"I don't think the singing cowboy is singing anymore." Magnes walks over to take a seat in front of the coffee table, grabbing two slices of ham and pineapple, then nods in thanks. "Well for starters you could take them to the church. What do your parents like?" he asks, so he can give more helpful advice.

"They like church. they like… Church" Abigail has to blink a bit in thought. She never really sat down and figured out what her parents like to do for… fun. "I don't know frankly. Our life was always just… church. Maybe we'll do a tour of the churches?"

Delilah tuts. "That sounds so… boring." Though before she continues that sentence a bite of pizza is in her mouth, and she is looking Quite Seriously at Abby. "Hmmmm. What about a show? Lots of those to see, still."

"They like church, so maybe some sort of church related show, or like, I don't know, a bible story. I don't know much about shows though." Magnes admits, lifting one of his slices and taking a small bite. He looks over at Abby, eyes lingering for a moment, then looks back down at his pizza. "Maybe I could take them up into the sky, you liked it."

"Whats boring for you is.. not for them. I'm a watered down version of them" Abigail speaks between bites. "I'll find something. I'll figure out something. The church for sure, maybe a few of the others, but I am not letting you take them up into the sky Magnes. I'd want my father to die of a heart attack in New York"

Delilah peers over at Magnes for that particular moment. "Up in the sky? What are you, a pizzaboy with a helicopter?"

"Just making sure all the options are out there." Magnes says with a slight smile, folding his pizza and taking a large bite. "I uh…" He doesn't answer Delilah, he instead looks at Abby to see what exactly he's allowed to say.

"Magnes controls gravity. He can take you to the clouds, just dress warmly" Abigail reaches over for a breadstick, the three pieces of pizza already devoured, and now about four breadsticks on he rplate.

Delilah unconsciously leans away at this revelation, a thoughtful mask on her face. Hrm. "I see. I would have expected something more… Magneto. Gravity. Huh." Not that it is weird, just- "As long as you don't steam vent me or anything- cool."

"I, ah, um, I can't do something like that, I have to be touching to control gravity…" Magnes explains, swallowing hard from being so flustered. "I'm gonna be training soon, so I may not be at church as often. I don't know what Hiro will have planned."

"When you see him again tell him i'll be making cinnamon buns soon" Abigail forgets her manners, speaking around her bread sticks in her mouth. She glances over at Delilah. "Magnes is harmless Delilah. Really. He needs his skates to do anything impressive"

"Needs his skates? Are they super skates? Well, if you ever have to take me anywhere, the steam vent stands. I pretty much never wear trousers, so let's hope we never encounter that issue…" Her hamsters are skittering around up there a little bit in overdrive. "Who do you train with? This Hiro guy? I don't suppose he'd be able to help me out? Probably not. Not unless he knows how to help me train my brain synapses or something. My nonsense goes off my brain, not my heart- so it's not even a stress test in the normal sense…" Blah, blah, blah.

Magnes' head almost starts to turn, but he stops himself before his eyes have a chance to lock on to Delilah's crotch, instead occupying himself with another bite of his pizza. "I can control how heavy things get with my skates off, but not with them on." he points out, reaching to touch an empty can. He briefly shifts gravity for his hand and the can, and by the time his hand's gravity is back to normal, the can's crushed itself on its own weight.

'He's awesome" Abby garbles. Yes, she really did say awesome, watching the can crumple. "Should see him when he gets all protective" Wait, Delilah had. A hundred thousand people had.

"Oh hot damn, that's neat-" Once the can has been crushed, Dee peers at it for a few moments before reaching out to pick it up off the table. For examination. "Yeah. I saw that, Abs. He tore off his shirt like some kinda Monkey King and called you Mary Jane." She lowers her eyebrows Very Seriously and looks at them both in turn.

The can is a bit stuck for a moment, but gravity quickly shifts to normal, allowing her to lift the can-disk. "T-thanks…" Magnes gets very bright when she says he's awesome, but quickly moves on to address Delilah before he completely screws things up with awkward. "I just took the shirt off, and I didn't want every girl in the city seeing me topless." he says, tone still bashful, carefully nibbling a breadstick.

"Well they did. I'm sure if you looked on.. youtube? youtube, you'd see the comments" Abigail smiles then looks at the food. "Ugh, still tired" The former blonde murmurs. "I feel, like a really bad host but i'm tired, really tired and I think I need to take a nap" She looks between the two. "I'm not kicking you out, you can stay, just close the door behind you?"

"If it was a distraction you wanted, you shoulda dropped your whities." Well, that is one way of doing things. Lilah has a point, and she even has up a finger in a tick-tick. When Abby confesses her tiredness, the natural of the two redheads shrugs her shoulders a bit in response, smiling. "We can clean up when we're done. We'll be quiet too. Right, Mags?"

"YouTube, I'm on YouTube…" Magnes almost groans at that, then nods when Abby says she's tired and Delilah offers to clean. "Ah, um, yeah, I'll help clean, and I'll cook you something home made that you can eat for lunch tomorrow, before I leave."

"Walls are good here. I'll be out like a light soon enough, don't worry. just take the keys by the door Delly and lock up. I'll come pick the keys up in the morning" She gives a smile for both, one last night of the bread before she trudges off to disappear in the room that has the cross above the door.

Only after a few bites and sufficient time between Abby's departure, Delilah finally subsides into her personal pokiness. "So what's your deal? You like her or what?" The girl stands up for a moment, taking some of the garbage and dishes out into Abby's kitchen, leaving Magnes to grab for an answer.

"It's not like that anymore." Magnes says with the tone of someone not-quite-convinced, cheeks flushed as he lays back to lazily stare at the ceiling. "She didn't like when I had feelings for her, I think it made her uncomfortable, so I just do my best as a friend. I'm still attracted, I still think she's a great person, but when she does decide to have a boyfriend, it'll probably be a successful doctor, or someone special like Hiro."

"Tch. So it's like that." Unrequited forever. Nice job, Magnes. Delilah wanders back into the living room to have a seat again, crossing one knee over the other. "Sometimes no matter how much you want it to, the square just doesn't go in the triangle hole." She shrugs lightly, but slowly enough to make sure it is an understanding gesture. "I like that you stuck around for her, though. You're good people, Magnes."

"I don't want it to be like with the girl Hiro loved. He tried to save her over and over, and in the end Sylar still managed to kill her. All I can do is be Abby's friend, I don't wanna dwell on the fact that I'll never have her, because then I'll regret it if she does die, or if she gets married or something." Magnes explains, smiling at Delilah's words, but still just stares at the ceiling. "I'm gonna be like Hiro, I'm gonna learn to fight and work with him. I'll protect other people's feelings, give them the freedom to not have to worry about the things I do."

Delilah tilts her head to listen, lips pursing after Magnes finishes. A hum vibrates on her tongue. "That's rather noble of you." But also somewhat self-centered, in a roundabout way. She's not about to mess with that spill today, however. "Just don't let it make you totally disconnected, if you're gonna be helping people."

"I wont be, Abby's got the right idea, there's too much going on in the world right now to worry about boyfriends and girlfriends." Magnes admits, though doesn't sound all that convinced of his own words. "But I wont be Batman either, I'll have my friends, I'll protect everyone, I trust Hiro to teach me how."

"Oh I dunno about all that. Love always has a place." Dee scoffs a little. "So. Spiderman after all?"

"Robin III, Tim Drake." Magnes proudly corrects as he stands, walking to the kitchen. "I'm gonna see what she has, then make her a homemade lunch for tomorrow. I'll help you clean up when I'm done."

Delilah smirks and nods, sitting back with the rest of her drink and propping her socked feet on the edge of the couch in front of her. She'll probably take the rest of this visit to hassle Magnes a bit more later, after some short observation and cleanup. Hopefully this was all a rather nice first impression. Felt fine to her!

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