Pizza Girl


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Scene Title Pizza Girl
Synopsis Following an encounter that didn't go as awry as anticipated, Elliot reaches out to Merlyn as promised.
Date April 21, 2021

Pizza Girl
Wednesday, April 21 ᛫ 14:07
Fire's a good icebreaker, I'd say. Not gonna lie, I thought for sure your message would be some kind of several paragraph long awkward ramble. Almost disappointed.
Oh I definitely wrote several of them
Each time they got longer, awkwarder, and rambler
Trying to present a false appearance of being cool
Smooth. I'm glad to see some things never change.
Had to hold onto something from my old life
How are you doing with our unexpected collision? If at any point you want me to stop trying to be clever and leave you alone, I will totally understand that
Can't say it's as positive as our first unexpected collision, but I'm fine.
And stop trying to have an excuse to stop talking, I'm not telling you to gtfo.
Happy to stop
Stop trying to give an excuse to stop talking, that is
Wright did in fact offer to kick my ass for you, so that’s still on the table if you regret not taking the opportunity yourself
*have an excuse
I like my ass-kicking to be of the verbal variety.
I do appreciate Wright’s offer though.
Just realized that give an excuse still worked in context
In that case I will gladly take this opportunity for you to verbally lambast me, should you decide to
If not I will have to think of something else to say
Not true I already have several things
I’m starting to think you think it’s easier if you’re beat up in some way over this.
Good luck trying to take the easy way out this time.
So what else do you have other than trying to be on the receiving end of some pain?
How are you? How have you been?
The classics that I should have opened with but you are correct about me feeling like I still deserve some pain so I did that instead
Maybe eventually you’ll figure out I don’t like purposely destroying people
Sorry if you’re into that
I’m surviving, even better at doing pretty much everything I used to
That’s not just ego either
I’m actually very not into it, I am just still amazed that this hasn’t gone as catastrophically as I’ve been imagining it would
Knowing you’re skilled and have continued to improve isn’t ego, that’s self-confidence. You’ve always been good at what you do and you should feel good about it
Clearly you don’t know me as well as you thought you did
Don’t get me wrong, I am still mad, I’m just not planning on blowing up on you
Unless you do something really stupid
I’m grateful
I try very hard to not do stupid things, with varying degrees of success
But I’m not looking for opportunities to fuck up. I’m a lot more mindful than I used to be. I think I’m doing better, Though basically only you and Wright would know me well enough to make that call for sure
So far you haven’t royally fucked up so I call that a win
Just don’t do anything stupid on purpose this time or I def will tell Wright to kick your ass
She will be delighted to hear that
Trust me if I tell Wright to kick your ass you will have deserved it
I have absolutely no doubt
What’s your living situation like these days? Have you gotten a place to call your own?
Not quite
I have a friend i work with for a few projects and we split the money and she gives me a place to crash
Maybe at some point I’ll find something more permanent but not perm is kinda the story of my life anyway
Getting steady work?
Well, as steady as the delivery business ever is
Yeah, I’ve been finding some work, sometimes selling some stuff to Ricky
I think my name’s getting around just enough to get some better jobs
Hopefully not around too much though
Ah, the delicate balance between professional recognition and a low profile
Very familiar with that
Which reminds me, do you ever come across any rare-to-unique items in your day to day? Or do you know who to ask/where to look?
You would be surprised what I run across frequently
I’ve got connections and a lot of the time I’m merely facilitating people finding other people
So short answer: yes. You looking for something?
Yeah, actually
Sorry to get businessy on you so fast
But I used to have a totally one-of-a-kind hoodie, black with like pink and green abstract embroidery on one shoulder
And I don’t need it back, but I was just hoping to find out if it has been doing well
If it found a forever home I’ll be happy for it
Hoodies like that are hard to find. You’re lucky I do happen to know where one is, I like to make jokes about working magic in these situations
It is still lovingly appreciated but could be returned if you make a really good sales pitch
Or an awkward but amusing one
April 21 ᛫ 14:30
Honestly, the fact that it’s being cared for makes me happy enough
I’d love to see it someday. I don’t want to confuse it though, maybe just see it in the distance at a park or something for now
Through a chainlink fence
Bittersweet music playing in the background
Okay you got me there, I laughed
You’re lucky it’s too nice for me to have thrown away in anger
Guess I picked the right one to abscond with
I’m pretty sure I paid for that hoodie in cans of corned beef hash
But yeah if you wanted to get the best hoodie ever while simultaneously dealing a devastating blow to my wardrobe you really got a great deal. I can’t blame you there
Also remind me to chain my current hoodie to my torso if we ever hang out again, I can’t lose this one too
I’d have to trick you into taking the hoodie off to steal it
It really is a good hoodie, though. Little big on me, but I like it. Kept me warm on some nights I really needed it to
In that case I'm glad it's yours
Possession being 9/10ths of the law and all
If you are ever worried about your safety, sleeping rough in the cold or heat, I would happily find a place to set you up for as long as you need
Girl, safe house, couch, spare room
*Hotel not girl
An open invitation, no expectations of any kind, just want you to be safe and I have the means to provide that to you at a level you're comfortable with
That’s honestly very sweet and I may take you up on that, esp if I have to lay low
Of course I’m not doing anything right now that would piss anyone off to that extent
Having options is nice
I’m putting a safehouse together, so if you need to lay low that would be the safest option
I realize there is always the potential for a job to go bad, so best to be on the safe side
I do a pretty solid job of not pissing people off, but you’re right
I appreciate it
April 21 ᛫ 14:52
Happy to provide
How many times did you type out something and delete it?
Everything sounded too presumptuous
I mean, you do know me well enough to presume some things
Text messages are evil because you get to edit your awkward stream of consciousness
I always found that fun
But it makes it seem like I have my shit together when I get to do multiple editorial passes
If you want the unfiltered version, I look forward to your invitation to talk face to face
If/whenever you decide that is something you would like
You don’t have to have your shit together
I don’t have my shit together and probably never will but people seem to like me anyway
I do like talking to you in person, you can’t hide the awkward there
I kind of just assume most people are busy doing important people things, so you’ll have to figure out when you’re free
But we could meet up and chat
April 21 ᛫ 15:09
What are you trying to avoid sounding like now?
Trying to sound like someone who isn't afraid he's going to overstep and end up sabotaging things again out of a fear of having to get everything perfect despite having been repeatedly told he isn't going to be actively punished
It's hard to let go of that guilt. I don't want to go back to knowing you're around but never talking
You’re better off being honest about your feelings
Trust me I know that shit is hard, that’s why it hurts cause you’re being vulnerable
I don’t like perfect anyway, I don’t ask or expect it from anyone
You can feel guilty, that’s just something you have to work through yourself, but I think the only way you can truly fuck up right now is to fuck off
Because honestly that would hurt real bad right now
Fuck, I hate being vulnerable
I have no intention of fucking off. My assignment starts sometime in the next couple months but I should still be available to text (not ideal, as established but I'll take it). If for some reason I'm incommunicado, I'll have Wright let you know I'm ok
I don't want to fuck this up
Also there are some particulars that would be better spoken aloud
Tbh given you’re doing some secret assignment being able to check in with Wright makes me feel a bit better
Even when we weren’t talking I did hope you were at least okay
We can meet up and talk whenever
My schedule is extremely flexible lol
My schedule is mostly predictable, though this week I'm on call with the NYPD to be backup if SWAT can't handle something
I realize the irony of working with the police, though the chances of actually seeing action are low. I've been standing in a parking lot kitted out for war for like three hours
And I've been cajoled into going to a bar afterwards with some of the cops
It keeps happening and they keep stealing my buffalo wings so I'm slowly having them crank up the spiciness until nobody else can tolerate them
So next week would probably be easier to guarantee that plans can't be cancelled on short notice
I’d crash your bar party but I don’t particularly want to get too familiar with cops
You know, kinda dangerous when you deliver pizza and other assorted sundry goods
So we can meet up next week?
Not that we can’t still talk here between them, cause I miss talking
I've missed this too
A lot
Having rotational on call weeks with the PD is definitely not what I was expecting when I got my old job back, I will keep you clear of that side of my life
Law enforcement obviously doesn't mesh well with pizza delivery
I raise it would be very short notice, but if you want to meet after I excuse myself from the bar we could probably get together mid-evening
Short notice, but I can come, I don’t have any pressing issues to handle
Plus it would really be nice to be able to have a conversation somewhere other than a kitchen
Damn, there goes my idea of cooking dinner
Where would you like to meet up? Restaurants should still be open. Non-food ideas are also acceptable. Central Park is supposed to be nice this time of year
I mean, I never turn down a free meal but honestly whatever works
I just want to have the company, so I’ll happily deal with anything that comes our way
The park could work
Right on. Maybe not Central Park because it's in the exclusion zone but there are other parks
I will think of a place and see if it works for you
Actually, what's your transportation situation, should we shoot for somewhere close to you?
I’ve been mostly walking, so somewhere nearby would be good. I can figure out a ride if I need to
I appreciate the consideration
You should clearly get an order of those wings to go before you leave
Are you in Red Hook? If not, where
I usually take public transportation but I can get dropped off somewhere or possibly borrow Wright's car
I'll try to get extra wings. Assuming they don't just pilfer those too
Buffalo wings, the perfect walking and talking food
Yeah, I’m usually around Red Hook
Maybe fries would be better instead, easy to grab and nibble
Now I’m just making myself hungry
Just to be safe I'll shoot for somewhere that has a food cart at least so you don't need to eat soggy fries
I'll get back to you on that
Also it's going to be 6 or 7 by the time I'm free, if you haven't eaten yet maybe grab a snack so you're not suffering waiting only to get food cart food
Excuse me, food cart food is some of the best food of all
Also they see absolutely everything so they’re great for info
I’ll get something small for myself and see you there later
I'll find something good, though if you have any favorite food carts let me know
Might actually see action here, talk later
Don’t get hurt, remember you’re the medic
April 21 ᛫ 17:14
I don’t mean to interrupt important business but I’m just gonna admit I’m worried and checking in
April 21 ᛫ 17:29
Sorry, I'm fine. Had to leave my phone in the truck
But I appreciate the concern
I am not going to admit I was really getting worried there
Except I just did, so there’s that
Now it’s my turn to be exceptionally awkward
It's a good look on you, you should be awkward more often
Also "appreciate your concern" sounds like we're in a business meeting, sorry
I was going to say "I'm happy that you were worried" but obviously that sounds much worse
I can’t be awkward, gotta have street cred and be calm and collected
You can be the awkward one!
Words are hard though, both of those things sound awful and probably doesn’t really get across the right sentiment
Knowing that you were worried for my safety makes me flustered because I understand that it means you're still fond of me, which in turn makes me hopeful that there's a way forward for us even if it isn't the same path we used to be on
That’s definitely much better than “I’m happy you were worried” for sure
I will admit that yes, I’m still fond of you but that I am fully prepared to bring down the wrath of hell (or probably Wright) if you do something extremely stupid
I’m also hating that I feel vulnerable cause it means I’m putting a hell of a lot of trust in you and that makes me nervous
I accept that. I'm trying very hard to be worthy of trust. I understand what it would mean to lose it
You’re doing pretty good so far
You seem honest enough and are only sometimes trying to rewrite everything you’re saying to look cool
I look so uncool if I don't do that! It takes constant vigilance to not spontaneously develop an overbite and a pocket protector
But I will do my damnedest to be real with you
Okay, that made me laugh
But really you would think pocket protectors wouldn’t be needed if you got better pens…
Thank you for being real, though. It’s nice to have someone to be real with
I’m getting weird looks from my coworkers, I will have to get back to you later
I look forward to collaborative realness
Right back atcha.
April 21 ᛫ 18:46
How does Red Hook Park sound? I realize it’s the obvious choice but it’s also not 15 square feet like most of the other ones
I'm good with that, I'd rather be there than walk in circles in a tiny one
I'd still walk in circles, but I'd rather do Red Hook Park
April 21 ᛫ 19:01
When can you be at the park? If I leave now it’s probably be 20 or 30 minutes, but I can stretch that out if you need more time
I can probably be there in like 20-25 if I leave now. Besides if I get there first I can sit on a bench and look forlorn and alone
It's a great look for me
See you in a bit
I'll be there.
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