Pizza Post Paintballs


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Scene Title Pizza Post Paintball
Synopsis Some youths with paintballs attempt a candy highjacking down the street from oh so sweet and hint at trying maybe something else. Brennan, Elaine and Quinn though, are having nothing from it.
Date October 31, 2010


Since the curfew meant things would have to end early for Halloween night or stay in for the holiday, events were ending early enough to give people time to wander and get some candy or grab something before heading home. One such event was just a simple thing, a little event at Oh So Sweet that involved some orange-and-black themed cupcakes being decorated by kids. Elaine had volunteered Quinn to help, and while the kids had left earlier, the pair had stayed behind to help clean up everything.

There were still some trick-or-treaters out and about in costume when Elaine stepped out of the dessert bar, dragging Quinn by the hand. "I think I'm going to be smelling frosting for days. Should we grab something while we're out or do you think we should just head back? We've still got some time before curfew."

Candy hunting turned short for Brennan, a request for him to head on back to the Suresh Center, he was needed. That in and of itself wasn't so bad, not an emergency that required him to rush. So he opted to stop, see about picking up some things at some dessert place and head on in, surprise some of the kids and teenagers and their families who were staying there this halloween.

Around the corner comes the doctor, fireman costume on, helmet tucked under his arm, key's twirling in his hand as he makes his way towards oh so sweet and direct path to Elaine and Quinn.

"I really shouldn't have helped with that," Quinn remarks as she holds a very poorly decorated cupcake in hand - one of many artistic failures at her hand that evening. One had been bad enough that she hadn't even bothered to eat it or hand it, she had just absently tossed it behind herself in disgust.

Thankfully, someone had managed to catch it, and not with their face.

Taking a bite of cupcake, Quinn shrugs and looms over to Elaine. "I don't think my body can handle any more fat t'night, but we probably should see about some real food before we head home."

"We could get some thai takeout or some pizza or something to snag for the way home." Elaine suggests, peering at the cupcake. "And you really weren't that bad. Though it was funny how some of the kids were trying to show you how to do it." She winks. "I think I'm getting the hang of decorating these things, though, mostly because of working there. Most of the time you don't have to do anything fancy on there, but… you get used to how the frosting sticks to the cupcakes and then you can start having fun…" She peers around to look for a restaurant that might have some takeout. "What do you feel like?"

"Ladies" Brennan lifts his hand in greeting as his path and feet take him closer to them. "How's the pickings in there, not too bad I hope? Or are they lingering on the last few cupcakes because you ate them all?" It's a kind and friendly joke that he's offering, given that it's halloween and he, like others, will be inside soon enough.

"Hey, mum's the artist, not me! An' those kids were just braggarts an' you know it." Quinn playfully shoves Elaine, shaking her head as she loves over towards Brennan. "Doesn't matter t' me, whatever's on the way. Pleasure, sir." Quinn gives a bit of a duck of her head, and then back at the bakery. "Ah, I might've eaten' all, if she hadn't been there!" The Irishwman looks back at Elaine, grinning. "Let's go back in an' get a few more cupcakes for the kids, eh? Then we'll head on."

"Hey, mum's the artist, not me! An' those kids were just braggarts an' you know it." Quinn playfully shoves Elaine, shaking her head as she loves over towards Brennan. "Doesn't matter t' me, whatever's on the way. Pleasure, sir." Quinn gives a bit of a duck of her head, and then back at the bakery. "Ah, I might've eaten' all, if she hadn't been there!" The Irishwman looks back at Elaine, grinning. "If you need some for your kids, we can go grab a few for you t' take back, then head on, right Elaine? But only for the kids!"

"Oh, they're still there. I promise. We decorated a bunch for kids who couldn't make it down or were out trick-or-treating. There's still quite a tray in there. We could go grab a couple for you if you'd like, yeah." Elaine offers, grinning, before looking to Quinn. "I think we should just grab a pizza on the way home.

Down the street, a couple of teenagers dressed up like they're in the army tote convincing looking guns and pillowsacks for candy. A bit old, some might consider, for trick-or-treating. The rest of the street seems fairly quiet for the moment, with only the 'army' headed in their direction.

"My kids are tucked away in home, probably high on sugar. I got called into the Suresh Center and I thought that I might pick up some sweets for the teenagers and kids there. If others haven't already taken some things in" Likely there were some activities and such already happening there for younger people and adults. "I can go in and get some, don't worry, but thanks for the offer. It's appreciated, especially given the city these days." Brennan pauses, looking behind him with a cant of his head, unsure of whether there's trouble coming down the road or not.

Quinn pays no real mind, instead shrugging at Brennen. "There should be plenty left, yeah. You know, I've never been by the Suresh Centre, but I know someone who works there. Maybe I should come by there sometime, see what it's all about." Quinn shrugs a bit, looking over at Elaine with a nod. "Pizza Palace is on my speed dial." It would be, wouldn't it? She digs out her phone offers it over to the other redhead. "Awfully nice a' you t' take some out there. I'm sure it'll be appreciated."

"Never really needed to, myself. My ability isn't really hard to control and I just haven't needed much of anything. Now that I think of it, I bet they would have helped getting me a scholarship if I'd asked… ah, well." Elaine says, taking the phone from Quinn. "I'll order us something, we can pick it up on the way back? Should be ready by then." She states, then glances to Brennan. "It's nice that you'd go bring cupcakes to people there. It's a very sweet thing. I'm sure it'll be appreciated."

"Sure I'm not the only one, I'll leave you ladies be" A gesture towards the corner entry to Oh SO Sweet, he starts up walking again, a glance over his shoulder again to the costumes rabble rouses with their… guns? Guns, and bags of candy before his strides carry him in through the front door. Place is sure to close soon too anyways.

"I should find out his name, see if Melissa knows him. How funny would that be?" Quinn laughs, turning back towards Oh So Sweet - Truth is, she kind of wants to grab one more cupcake, the one in her hand is almost gone and glutton as she can be, Halloween brings an endless sweetooth to her.

She is brought to a sudden stop, however, as something goes whizzing by her head, eyes widening as she looks around - though the source reveals itself before she can find it. "Hey, girlies!" one of the camouflaged men shouts out, his compatriots laughing. "I see ou with that cupcake? Got anymore sugar for me and my froends? If so, I think you should hand it on over."

Elaine turns at the sound, a little confused. "Are you kidding me?" She peers back over. "You're… trying to rob us for candy?" She questions, turning to face the trio. She peers cautiously at the guns, trying to figure out if they're just props or not.

Quinn blinks, looking back at Elaine with a worried look, before looking back at the men. "Wait, for real? You're wastin' your time, cupcakes about all I've got, an' you're welcome t' the rest of it if you really want," she replies sarcastically, offering up her half eaten cupcake.

"Hey, we're serious here!" The teen protests, then looks at the two of them, hoisting his gun. "If you don't have any sugar for us… how about wallets?" He suggests. The suggestion, it seems, is a little surprising to his friends as well. They weren't quite expecting that.

Elaine stares, looking back to Quinn, then to the camo'd men. "Are… you joking with me? This is pretty ridiculous." She squints at the guns. They wouldn't really be sporting guns out in the street, would they?

Quinn wrinkles her nose. She's not exactly buying what the the boys are selling, but she's not exactly about to trifle with people who have guns that look that real. "Look, my wallet's back at my… car. Christ, there may kids around, why don't you just… head on, an' we'll go on our way," Quinn replies, rolling her eyes.

One teen leans over to the other, whispering something inaudibly before looking back at the pair. "What about that phone?" he remarks, pointing at the one given to Elaine moments before. "Maybe a little shake of dat ass" There's a bit of laughter between the teens.

"You can look at our asses while we walk away," Elaine states, rolling her eyes as she turns away. "Come on, Quinn." She lowers her voice. "Not like they'd actually shoot us here on the street anyways."

The teen peers over, waving his gun a little bit as she stares. "Are you serious? You're just going to walk away? You can't just walk away!"

"They can, and you'll let them" Comes from behind them, Brennan stepping out of Oh So Sweets with a bag, pink box inside likely with half a dozen cupcakes. "Don't you all have homes to get to?" He's already got his own phone dialed up for 911, bluetooth stuck in his ear for hands free. "Because if I were you, I'd be heading straight for them before the cops I just called to let know that there's teenagers being asses and harassing people, arrive. I'm sure that they'll love your guns and it would be a shame if you end up on my emergency room table and need to depend on me to extract some real bullets and sew you up"

Brennan takes a step off the front stoop, and while he may not seem imposing what in a fireman costume and all despite his height and shoulders, he's putting down that box gently so that they don't get trampled, just in case he needs to go hand to hand. Where's a shovel when you need one. He keeps his eyes on the teenagers, negation up and running, but only on them so far. "We have a problem?"

"Psh, whatever, dude," one teen replies, waving a hand dismissively at Brennan, even as Quinn turns to leave with Elaine. "I have a problem with your face!" one in the back exclaims, eliciting a few snickers - during the course of which there's a pair of pops, Quinn feeling something whiz by her hand, while fires straight into Elaine's rear, something blue spattering all over when it hits it's target.

"Jesus Christ!" Elaine yelps as the paintball hits her in the butt. Sure, it doesn't hurt too badly, but it's enough of a surprise to send her clinging to Quinn's arm, turning her head towards the teens. "What the hell!?" She reaches a hand back to feel along where she was hit.

"You hit a woman, really?" He's not that surprised. Teenagers this day have no matters and while he's glad they're just paintball guns it seems, those things do hurt. Brennan's moving forward now, lips pressed into a thin line and jaw muscles tight as he passes the two girls, aiming to uppercut one of the teenagers with his own fist. Might work to scare them off truth be told.

"What the fuckin' hell!" Quinn exclaims as Elaine latches on to her arm, daggers glared back at the other two. "You soddin' asshole, I can't believe you would do somethin' like that!" she remarks, pulling Elaine close. She points a finger their way, not yet intending to //do/ anything about it, but prepared. Thankfully it seems Brennan's got it handled.

Elaine's hand comes away from the spot on the back of her pants where the paintball hit, frowning a little bit. There'll be a welt, at least. At least it wasn't a real bullet! She peers back towards them, one hand staying on Quinn's arm. "That hurt."

The two girls? That was one thing. But the fireman, who had already called the police, is suddenly decking the guy who shot Elaine. The rest of the group is a little shocked, mostly because they hadn't quite expected the shot in the first place, much less Brennan's reaction. "This guy's nuts, Lars! We're bailing! Sorry dude." Looks like his friends aren't willing to stick up for him in the middle of this. The other guy, however, got punched in the face. "You hit me! T-That's assault! I'll sue! It's child abuse! I'm a minor!" Well, barely, most likely. He clutches his gun, looking tempted to just follow his friends' example and flee.

"And you're carrying a gun" Breann's shaking off his hand, squaring off with the little punk, invading personal space and making sure that if there's a step back, he's right there, taking it up. "I'll claim self defense and she's got the paint mark on her pants to prove it. You want to stick around and deal with the cops? Deal with your parents who I'm sure will be very interested to know that their children are roaming the streets like a little gang with a paintball gun shooting people and holding them up for their phones and wallets. That's what, robbery? I'm sure it's something. So apologize, and get going back where you came from, are we clear?"

"But…" The teen clutches his paintball gun, glancing between the pair of Elaine and Quinn, then back to Brennan. "It's just Halloween! Trick or treat, you know!?" He shakes his head, idly listening for sirens in the background. After a moment's hesitation, he mutters, "S-Sorry!" With that, he's off with a flash, scrambling away to try and catch up with his friends.

Elaine watches the kid dart off after his friends, and she shakes her head a little, rubbing paint between her fingertips. "Thanks," she offers towards Brennan. "I'm sorta glad those weren't real guns. I was kind of expecting them not to be, but… it's nice not to have to have a bullet pulled out of my behind."

'Think long and hard about carrying those around the city right about now with the 8th around the corner Kid. Maybe you'll run into a cop or someone else with a gun who will do worse than uppercut you" Kid will have a cut inside his lip and that's harmless compared to the possibilities of a bullet.

As they flee, Brennan's shaking his head to Elaine. "Not that I'd object to fishing one out of your rear, I think my wife might have issues" He shakes out his hand again, testing it's motor functions as he heads back for his box of cupcakes. "They shouldn't bother you, but you shouldn't linger. halloween brings out all sorts of crazies. You never know. Do you both need a ride somewhere., my car is around the corner. It's not an emergency, I can spare a half hour"

Elaine offers a shake of her head. "Thank you for the offer, but we should be okay. It's not too far. We're just gonna go snag a pizza and head back home, we weren't planning on sticking around outside much tonight anyways. I appreciate the help, though. In both the car offer and scaring them off."

"Just doing my part" He offers his hand to Elaine, the other occupied with keeping the bag of goods aloft. "Brennan. Doctor Harve Brennan. Pleasure to meet you, you remain safe, get home with your pizza and enjoy and you have a happy halloween" A charming, disarming smile offered along with his hand and taken or not, he's soon on his own way, back to the black vehicle that responds with a beep when a button is pressed and turned on, ready for him to drive it off.

The hand is shaken, and Elaine nods a little. "Nice to meet you, Dr. Brennan! I hope the rest of your Halloween is safe as well." She offers, her gaze shifting back to Quinn. "Alright.. so, how about that pizza?"

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