Planning a Foursome with Jose


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Scene Title Planning a Foursome with Jose
Synopsis Cuervo that is. Veronica and Minea forego the "slumber party" hazing pranks for new agent Martinez, and plan a date with tequila, limes, and salt instead.
Date August 16, 2009

Fort Hero Rec Room

The 'rec room' at Fort Hero is not, actually, a single room, although people often refer to it as such; it is several, all branching off a single hall. They were once something else — offices, perhaps, or residences, or storage rooms; holes in the concrete remain where things were once bolted into place, and here and there an odd device remains attached to the walls. By and large, however, such details are irrelevant. Concrete has been softened with draperies and cushions; somehow, chairs and couches have found their way down here, probably with the help of one teleporter or another. All told, it's a fairly comfortable place to be.

These rooms have been dedicated to games, entertainment, unwinding and socializing, the passing of time; each one seems to have its own theme. There is a room with shelves of books and magazines, which were once orderly and neat until people started trading them around; stragglers can always be found in the other rec rooms. Card tables double for ping-pong games; various other boxed games, from Monopoly to Charades to Scrabble, can be found on shelves and in drawers. Two rooms have been fitted with small entertainment centers — TV, VCR, DVD player, stereo; when the metal doors are closed, a decent level of volume can be reached without disturbing anyone else. Too loud, of course, still tends to get noticed. Broadcast and satellite TV stations can also be accessed on these systems. The video/DVD library is across the hall..

Tired of having to keep her mask in place and not in the mood for the little slings and arrows tossed at her by other agents in regards to the news that Winters was captured, Veronica Sawyer is curled up on the couch of one of the quieter rec rooms. She stares straight ahead, deep in thought. There's no need for the television or games or magazines that surround her when her brain is like a ping-pong game with thoughts, worries, and fears all bouncing every which way. She has more than enough to occupy her brain at the moment.

Minea's beside her, consulting a list, pencil between her teeth that occasionally is released, something scratched out or written down before the writing impliment makes it's way back up to her mouth. She's there more as a warder to Veronica from nosy agents who might think to make those jokes. She's sure Lawrence had to endure a few. So she's moral support while planning their requisition list to deal with Laudani and his target. "Vests you think?" spoken around the pencil. "Maybe those radiation suits, she does melt people and burn them"

Colby steps into the Rec Room, the weight on her shoulders lightened slightly by what she considers a successful meeting with Dr. Sheridan. Her first steps draw her off towards the coffee pot, a mug filled with the caffeinated liquid, untouched by cream or sugar, before she turns back and notes a familiar face among the group. Should she catch Minea's eye, she'd tip up her chin in a gesture of acknowledgement before moving forward, letting her gaze roam towards Veronica.

"For the back up people, yeah, probably. For Curt, if he's bait, no," Veronica murmurs. Her husky voice is softer than usual. Not even Minea knows what's really going on in her mind. She needs to go visit Brian in his cell soon, but needs to distance herself enough that she can pull off the performance she's going to have to give for anyone watching. Her eyes flicker over to Colby, and she gives a nod. "You must be Martinez?" she says amiably enough.

Veronica's question is answered a few moments later when Minea smiles. "Martinez. Back again I see. How'd the skull cracking go?" Last she'd seen the woman it wasn't in a good state. The pencil is slipped from her mouth and settled down somewhere where it won't impeded speech. "Martinez, Sawyer, Sawyer, Martinez"

Colby's lips tilt in a practiced half-smile at Veronica. She nods, even as Minea makes introductions that support the woman's question. "Nice ta meetcha," she replies, offering out a calloused hand towards Veronica. If accepted, her grip is strong, sturdy, almost masculine but with a note of care that does not always show in her demeanor. "Went well," she offers Minea, then. "Looks like ya'll will be stuck with me a bit longer yet. How goes it?"

"Oh, the requisite mental check-up, hmm?" Veronica says in reply to Minea's comment. She takes the proffered hand and gives another nod. "Nice to meet you, too. Welcome aboard, Martinez." She gets up then to go to the coffee pot, pouring her own cup. More for something to do, something to hold, something to distract her, than because she actually wants the coffee. Unlike Colby, Vee pours cream and sugar into the cup. "Good. Just planning an operation." Veronica gives a fake "all is well" smile and takes a sip from her coffee.

"You'll be planning your own soon, if you've been cleared. Training and then the fun stuff" Minea offers a smile to the new agent. "Wait, Sawyer, does this mean i'm not the new probie female agent anymore? This means we get to haze martinez right?"

Colby's gaze follows after Swayer another moment - it was casual, the mere effort to analyze a person upon a first meeting, nothing more. She looks back to Minea, then, lofting a brow. "Oh hell. If I wake up with shaving cream on my face." A fingertip pops up from the mug and gestures at the two ladies. "Ya'll are goin' to get it."

Veronica chuckles into her coffee cup. "I'm not really the prankster type. We'll leave that to Castillo," she says with a slight grimace. "But we can always take you out for initiation via tequila shots. That's our kind of hazing. Alcohol poisoning. Right, Min?" Of course, that's an exaggeration, but they're more likely to hit a bar than play slumber party games on an agent. "So getting all acclimated? Feel like you're back at summer camp here?" she asks the new agent.
"Yeah, generally hightail it to staten Island, have a bonfire and tequila on the shore and then come back. No blanket parties here ladies" Minea confirms. "Just death by worm at the bottom" Not that there's worms in the bottom of the bottles anymore" More things are written down as she goes, this and that.

"Tequilla?" Colby's features light up. "You are talkin' to the right chica, ladies." The prospect of a good drink… Lucky for Martinez she hadn't considered in before. No, she hadn't run to the bottle, she'd run to a gun, and then denial - the redheaded psychiatrist helps that part. She grins and sips her drink before addressing the duo again. "You just let me know when initiation begins. I'll bring the salt."

"I'll bring the lime," Vee says with a smirk. She winks at Minea. "Looks like you get stuck with the tequila," she adds to Minea with a smirk. "Get the good stuff. No cheap shit."

"Sawyers got the lemons, not limes. And indeed i'll bring the main course. Never the cheap shit" There's a two fingered salute to her assignment. "Later tonight? We wanna do staten or are we wanting to stick to Local?"

Colby laughs softly before looking back to Veronica, belatedly addressing her question. "Summer camp? It's getting' that way. So far I've just met you two and Denton." She'd kept mostly to herself before her evaluation. Even she had wondered whether or not she was sane, in truth.

She turns back to Minea. "Tonight sounds good. Hey, this is your hazin' deal. I'm just followin' the pros."

"I'll bring both," Vee says. "I like limes." She smirks. "I'll see. I might have to work. But otherwise, we're on."

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