Planning Ahead


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Scene Title Planning Ahead
Synopsis Like, six years ahead.
Date March 21, 2018

The Bunker

Inside of Wolfhound's bunker is… utilitarian. Grey concrete and functional furniture. But this is where Eve has landed for her meeting with a couple of the Hounds. They've had a briefing, of sorts, about what to expect, but Berlin still seems antsy. Or maybe it's because of what they've been told about their source that she's feeling nervous. Either way, it isn't usual for the young officer, who is generally a steady presence. But, nervous though she may be, there are some snacks out and some tea, giving the room a small touch of hospitality.

Curtis on the other hand isn't nervous at all. He's actually met Eve at the entrance to the bunker and guided her inside through the building until they get to the conference room that's been set aside for them to sit and talk with Eve. Once there he'll close the door behind him and then give a nod towards the table. "Sit anywhere you'd like Miss Mas. Tea? Snacks?" He asks, gesturing at the refreshments that are on the table before he goes around the table and stands at ease, hands clasped behind his back next to Berlin. "I hope the trip wasn't too long. We'll come visit you next time if you'd like."

The Bunker, she had heard about this place. “Ohh where’s the X jet?!” she asks as they trail inside of the facility, her eyes wide as she takes in the place. Gray eyes wide in excitement, the messenger bag she carries on her shoulder knocks gently on her thigh. “Hounds.. They’ve got the scent,” she whispers to herself before ruffling the back of her today straighten raven dark hair. “Is Clairebear here? I swear I dreamt Druncle would be in this room.” Eve’s brow furrows as she enters the conference room and bats her eyelashes as Curtis offers snacks, “Well, I smoked a fattie before the flight so I am.. Hungry.”

And then she’s descending on the food, it’s not really that she’s hurting for food. There’s a shortage but she’s always eating, always. Berlin’s presence isn’t noted until she’s halfway thru a bagel. “Oh hello!” Eve rubs her mouth clean with a napkin and then extends a hand. “Hello gorgeous! I’m Eve, you look like you could beat the brakes off of him!”

There’s a hoot of laughter and then Eve is scarfing down the rest of the bagel. “Okay, okay,” She says as she finishes her snack and places her hands on the table in front of her. “First things first,” digging into her messenger bag she pulls out a now defrosted, warm ice pack. “How is her ankle? Poor thing,” Eve looks taken aback that Hana has been hurt, she’s like Eve’s hero. The other woman had saved Eve a few times, “She cleaned up a royal fuck up of a mess I did, hehe.” There’s a wink and then the older woman is leaning back in her chair to stare at the camera in the room upside down. Her eyes are wide and she waves a hand at the camera with a loud, “Hi! Miss you!”

Berlin looks over at Curtis as he brings their guest into the conference room. She steps forward to start to introduce herself, but Eve starts talking, so Berlin tilts her head instead. At least until she gets out something she can actual answer. "Bennet usually can be found here. And… Druncle?" She looks to Curtis there. Maybe for an interpretation.

She can't help but chuckle at the woman have the munchies, and she gestures to the snacks. "Help yourself, Miss Mas." When the woman finally takes notice of her, Berlin takes her hand in a shake. "Officer Beckett. But Berlin will do. It's good to meet you."

She seems to be starting to catch on, though, and she comes to take a seat near Eve. Listening, letting her get out all those stray little thoughts. And then answering. "She's doing well. She cleans up after us all the time, so she's had good practice lately." She glances to the camera, too, then back to Eve. "She said you had something you wanted to tell us."

"The X Jet is hidden away, and no you can't see it." Curtis laughs softly as Eve starts asking about things and people. There's a bit of a start when Curtis hears that nickname spoken by Eve. Last time he hard that was from the lips of Sylar. Years ago. Curtis does tip his head slowly. "Claire is here somewhere yes. Couldn't tell you where though. I can see if she's available to come by and see you though if you'd like?" He asks of the seer, a brow lofting upwards, amusement pulling at the corners of his mouth, trying to life it into a smile. "Druncle?" He asks, his amusement turning quickly to confusion as he leads her towards the conference room.

"Smo…" Curtis doesn't ask, he just shakes his head and gestures towards the food that's been laid out, his eyes widening as she goes tearing into it. He glances to Berlin with a curious look. Does Berlin know Eve? Curtis doesn't. "The… how… oh. Seer." Then Eve is talking to a camera and Curtis's brow furrows before he just… takes his seat. It's easier than standing, and also everyone else is sitting. So he pulls out his chair and lowers himself into it, letting Berlin do the talking from there.

“Of course she is! No no, don’t bother her. She’s a busy woman, oh dear.” Eve seems to be getting emotional, “She was yay high when we blew our first building up together now she’s hunting bad guys with a machete I think I gave her, it’s just so precious.” Claire! All grown up, “Oh I mean Avi, who by the way..” Eve’s focus becomes laser tight as she looks over at Berlin and then Curtis. “It is imperative that I see that old man soon… tell him,” Eve taps her chin, “That it’s about the woman’s whose name is Black as night.” Maybe it’s an old drinking buddies of theirs?

“Ah the point, Gillian and Jolene have been showing me that when you get to the point people like you way more. I like the twists and turns before the point though. They are just as important, remember that.” She winks at Berlin before she is digging into her messenger bag and pulling out a painting. “I recently went on a trip, that trip resulted in me being.. Well..” Eve blinks, “I was looking for the Looking Glass you see, the dreams I’ve been having are like WHOAAAAA MARY!” Eve waves her hands in front of her face and then looks at her hands perplexed as if just seeing them for the first time.

“Okay back to the point,” The seer begins to unroll the painting, “Back before the war I was taken hostage/unfortunate guest of a former friend? At the Institute,” she let’s that bit of information sink in, “My memories of the place have been.. gone? Until recently,” and then she spreads the painting out fully in front of them on the table.

The shades of blue and purple pop against a field of black, where a full moon turns clouds silvery. The painting depicts a field of bodies, spread out across the ground, many in business suits and others in lab coats streaked with blood. Atop the heap of bodies stands a lean, shaggy dog with a long face and muzzle smeared with blood, at the bottom of the painting lays Erica Kravid’s lifeless body throat torn out.

It's a copy of the painting she did originally. Now able to recall that memory and thus the painting that accompanied it. “This was done in.. 2010 I believe I can’t be sure of the timing because of how to skewered my brain.”

There’s a look of remorse, “Kravid has been naughty and she took the original all that time ago. I think I warned them, on accident.” How could she know there would be a paramilitary group based off of her painting. It didn't matter anyway because of the memory alteration but Eve still feels guilty. “I've come to set things right.” With a sagenod.

While Eve talks, Berlin pulls out a small notebook from a pocket. To take notes. Sure the cameras will catch it, but it's likely for Berlin's own sake.

Avi— black as night
Looking Glass

"That makes me wonder, if you're Alice, who's the White Rabbit?" Berlin almost seems to be musing to herself, as she doesn't seem to expect an answer from Eve. But she looks over at her as she talks about her dreams. And looks at her hands. Her expression stays neutral. The notes on Eve's demeanor stay mental.

Missing memories

"The Institute?" There's a hardness to her voice there, but she's working to keep it steady. When the painting is rolled out, Berlin stands up to get a better look at it. For all that she is definitely young, and obviously new to the job, she doesn't blink at the sight depicted there. "You painted a hound," she comments. She looks away from the image toward Eve again. "Do you mind if I take a picture of this?" Her fingers pull out a phone, but she doesn't actually take any picture unless she gets the okay.

Kravid painting— 2010

Eve's last words get Berlin's attention, though, her fingers spinning the phone between them. She doesn't deny the woman her guilt, but a curious tilt comes to her head. "How do you want to set them right?"

"It is days like these that I miss being an on the run terrorist." Curtis comments in a flat tone, just staring across the table at Eve as she rambles on, and on, and on some more. Most of it makes no sense to him, talk of the Looking Glass, and of people he doesn't know, so he just sits and he stares across the table at Eve and Berlin. At the mention of the Institute there's a soft grumbling sound from Curtis. Feels like they'll never escape the dark shadow of the Institute. Curtis doesn't have a notebook on him to write things down in, though he does see Berlin pull out hers.

But he sure as hell recognizes the face of Erica Kravid on that painting. "Well fuck me sideways." He murmurs under his breath as he sits up, eyes studying the painting. "You're not alone in that. The Institute messed with a lot of our minds. Sorry you ended up in their hands." Curtis inclines his head to her in acknowledgement of her statement of wanting to set things right. "I think we all want to set things right Miss Mas. And I'm not sure you have anything to set right. If your memories were altered then it wasn't your doing."

“I always thought I was the Blue Caterpillar but,” she absently runs a finger over the edges of the painting. “I've been wrong before.” About a multitude of things, she likes to think she's gotten better though. At reading the signs, not missing details she used to in her dreams.

“No need for a picture. It's for Hana to have, please tell her I would like to have tea when she's able.” It's an odd request that comes out of nowhere though they offered Eve tea earlier.

As both the younger soldiers offer her comfort and also another rung to the point. She waves her hand, “Thank you Curtis, you're a peach. We’re all around here in the world, those scarred by the Institute's treachery. My friend, my friends.. they lost their way.” She shakes her head, “I mean they thought kidnapping me was the best way to get my help. Pro tip, you can just ask me.” She looks annoyed, the memory of that initial betrayal by the man that was Cardinal but was not.

“In June of 2024, I will encounter Erica Kravid.” She details the latest dream she’s had. “She said they found me at the Sea-Tac Safe Zone on the outside.” Eve trembles as she remembers that adventure. The way Des looked.

“I'm not sure.. if she and her naughty science fairies have scurried off that way yet. But it's worth checking out.” She hates that the year she saw was so far in advance. She tries to remember more details..

"The Caterpillar was already through the looking glass, Miss Mas." For some reason, Berlin feels like this is an important thing to point out. Even when she explains that the painting is for Hana, Berlin takes a quick picture anyway. Much easier to attach to a report that way. And then the phone slips back into a pocket.

Hana— tea?

When Eve addresses Curtis, Berlin smiles. Amused. Crooked. Peach doesn't have to get written down for her to remember, given the grin she flashes over at him. "It sounds pretty lost to me, kidnapping your friends. I'm sorry it happened." She looks over at Eve, expression sobered. "I hope you got some closure." Probably she means that time their facilities got blown off the map. Or sunk below it.

Kravid— Sea-Tac SZ— 2024?

She writes while Eve talks, apparently trusting that Curtis can handle the conversation there. She seems to think it's important to get it all down. Even—

Naughty science fairies???

Well Curtis needless to say is taken off guard by being called a peach. There's a blink of surprise followed by a slowly arching eyebrow, and finished with a side glance at Berlin. There's a slow roll of his eyes and a long suffering look. That one is going to come up again. No doubt about it. “The Institute took a lot from us Miss Mas. But we've taken everything from them. Or we'll almost everything. There's a few lingering pockets that need cleaning out. But we're getting there.”

“The Major drinks tea?” Curtis asks just as surprised at this as Berlin is. “Huh. Learn something new every day.” Curtis shrugs his shoulders slowly, an amused smile on his lips. “2024 is a ways off. But we really appreciate the information Miss Mas, and appreciate you coming in to deliver it to us. If you'd like I can see if Claire is able to come up and say hi?”

“Ah ah yes you know.. that sounds about right. Aren't you a intuitive precious thing. Do make sure to watch her back, she precious also.” Meaning Hana but could mean anything, anyone. The seer doesn't specify and she stretches her arms out with a light yawn. She's been on the go since she got back from Maine, one last hop and she'll be back in the Oracle Room. Peach, gets a pat on the arm for his kind words. “Time to bleed em dry Peach, bleed em dry.”

“I want to add,” she looks between the two operatives. “While I don't imagine say the year and then dream it..” The dark haired woman looks thoughtful. “I could.. induce a vision about naughty Miss Kravid and that poor sack Bruce Maddox.” Yes! That's his name.

“Maybe I won't lean in to far into the future,” maybe she could see something coming sooner. Those are questions she can’t answer. Not yet at least. “In any case, none of you have to be there. But maybe you’d want to be.”

There's an offer there dangling for the hounds. For a group like Wolfhound, practical data you could sift through was more likely to be of help but Eve thinks she can do something, right a wrong that she might know isn't totally her fault.

“I.. would love to see Clairebear and Cherry! You know, fierce red hair. She’s a tough mother shut your mouthhhhhhh.” Extending the last syllable of the word with a playful grin.

"We don't necessarily have to wait for the year to roll around. If she's in Sec-Tac then, maybe we can find a trail from there to wherever she is now, working backwards. And from the intel we have on other pockets. Connect that area to other targets, maybe find something we didn't see before." Berlin lifts a shoulder as she looks over at Curtis. She's not sure that would work, her expression implies, but it might be an idea.

All of this is assuming that Eve's vision is actionable intel. But Berlin doesn't suggest otherwise.

"Miss Mas. We appreciate your help. But please don't feel like you have to dive any deeper." It almost seems like Berlin is uncomfortable asking her to use her power for investigations. Maybe because she doesn't likely have a military endorsement on her registration. "If we don't find her before then, you can bet that the Hounds will be there." That's added simply. Not a threat, just fact.

"Cherry?" That one gets repeated aloud. Incredulously. Because that is not a nickname she would associate with their Lieutenant Lancaster.

Curtis is of course still quite lost, but he's playing along. Until Eve pats his hand and calls him peaches again. He's pretty sure she knows what she's doing, but maybe she doesnt? He's not going to hear the end of the peaches thing for awhile. He doesn't pick up on her meeting, or the invitation, just looking a bit confused at it. He leans back in his seat and lifts a hand up to rub it over his features, palm settling on the table top afterwards.

"That could work actually. If you can't find someone you're looking for, look for the places and people they need. Find their friends and allies, find their resources and they'll lead you to them. We know she's going to be there eventually, so is the groundwork already set? Is there a cell there that's prepping the way? We can find out, look into it."

Curtis inclines his head, then looks over at Berlin again as she speaks with Eve about going deeper, not quite sure what's actually being discussed beyond seeking out a vision. "At the very least we know where she will be and when. And we'll be there." Curtis affirms Berlin's statement, then shakes his head and nods, he takes out his phone and rings Claire's cell, waiting to see if there's a response. He leans back in his chair while he waits.

The concern from Berlin is met with a mischievous grin from the older woman, “I will do my best to keep my nose clean my dear.” And there's a wink, maybe she misunderstood the young operative. As Curtis gives his assessment Eve nods her head excitedly, “Yes a plan! A good one, I’d say Peaches here is all brawn and no brain.” In a elaborate whisper to Berlin,

“He looks like he has the body of Apollo, my eyes hurt already.” Already.

When her former PARIAH buddy doesn't seem to be answering Curtis’ call she sucks her teeth and plucks the phone from his fingers, spinning around in her chair to hastily type in text: HAI ITS ME!send

IM WITH PEACHES HE IS REAL BUFF Eggplant emoji + Workout Weight






…hold on


Eve looks up at Berlin and Curtis with wide eyes, “It's hard to prank someone you've been prancing for like ten years, they catch onto you. Must keep them on their toes.” Eve isn't just full of prophetic dreams and that sort of wisdom. “Aha!” She seems to have found a reasonable add on,





Hopping to her feet she underhand tosses the phone back to Curtis with a wink, “I gotta go drain the main vein if you know what I mean. And I am so happy there's no catheters.”

Berlin looks over at Curtis when he approves of her plan, a smile hinting on her face. She nods, though, to confirm. There's a reason she's on the sneaky team. There's also a reason why he is on the boom boom kapow team. Eve might hit on it a little. Even if she does so in the most embarrassing way she can. Berlin laughs on an exhale, then looks over at Curtis, then back at Eve again.

"Miss Mas," she starts, like she would very much like it if they could go back to the part where there was some kind of professionalism around here.

But instead of that, she's taking phones and sending texts. Berlin does not want to know what they're about. Especially when Eve explains her tactics for keeping her old friend on her toes. So instead, she looks over at Curtis, her expression clearing wondering what they did to get this detail.

"Miss Mas, you're making me doubt your dedication to keeping your nose clean," she says, her words a gentle tease.

Curtis clears his throat at Eve's comment in regards to his brain level. He stares at her for a few seconds before giving his head a slow shake. The phone rings through and he shrugs his shoulders but leaves a message. "Claire, a friend of yours miss Eve Mas was.. Hey! Miss Mas give me back my phone. Please." He holds his hand out to her, but the phone is not forthcoming. He stares at her for a few more seconds before he rises from his seat and leans over to try to snatch his phone back, only to have it flying in his direction. A hand darts out snatching it out of the air, then securely putting it back into his pants pocket.

"Tuba her… what does that even mean?" He asks staring at the messages on his phone. "You don't have… you can't drain…" Curtis lifts a hand and plants it securely against his face. "You're not able to go anywhere alone Miss Mas. We can show you to the bathroom." He walks to the conference room door, muttering about having been MARSOC and an officer and having a brain thank you very much. It's softly muttered, but not that softly. He turns and looks up at the camera, eyes narrowed at the no doubt watching or will be reviewing Hana. Then he's stepping out into the corridor to give Eve room to step out so they can show her to the bathroom. She's not getting out of their sight except to actually use the bathroom.

“Oh but I will Berlin, listen.” She looks over her shoulder and talks to an invisible person, “There's just two ways I ever like get my nose dirty. One, when I'm stoned,” (That's often.) “And Two… when Gilly is around. She's like the best sister you could ever want! Look her up if you're ever in the S to the Z to the C! Gillian Childs.” There's a now of Eve’s head as Curtis begins to show her out. A shocked expression on her face.

“I was just trying to relate to you my man!” Eve follows behind dragging her messenger bag with her, leaving the painting behind for the Hounds for Hana.

Perhaps that future is still attainable. Kravid might have gotten a head start.

But faintest beginnings of string were beginning to form.

“A trail,” Eve comments quietly.

"Do you want the answer to that, Peaches?" Berlin asks Curtis with a grin. Berlin doesn't want to know what tubaing someone means. She watches while Curtis start for the door, trying very hard not to laugh at his muttering. She grabs the painting, rolling it up and sliding it under her arm as she comes up to Eve's side. "He's very sensitive, Miss Mas. Maybe you can compare him to Apollo again, make him feel better," she says in conspiratorial tones.

She tilts her head, though, to listen to Eve, even when she seems to be talking to someone over her shoulder. "Gillian Childs," she says, obviously recognizing the name, "I read her books. Think she would sign one for me?" Her hand gestures forward. "This way, Miss Mas." Out of the conference room, that is, and into the main halls. The bathrooms aren't far, but it is something of a walk, since this is hardly a public facility.

The sound of boots in the hall precede the appearance of the redheaded woman who rounds the corner. A file tucked under one arm, Rue Lancaster seems to be lost in thought for a moment, until she looks up and spots—

“Miss Mas?” Rue stops in her tracks and squints faintly. Then, she pinches the bridge of her nose. “What did you do?” Because she’s got herself an escort, and while that’s not uncommon around here - not a public facility - Rue still has certain expectations about how Eve Mas’ antics are responded to. Here, she expects them to be responded to with a holding cell.

Curtis furrows his brow, and lifts a hand to pinch the bridge of his nose when Berlin calls him Peaches. "Oh joy. Am I right in assuming that that's going to be a regular thing Beckett?" He asks, turning to peer at Berlin as she rises to join them in the hallway. He opens his mouth to speak, then just closes it. He keeps digging himself deeper when he talks. It's a pretty regular thing on his part. He really should just not talk most of the time, cuz he usually says the wrong thing when he does. So he shows some discretion and just keeps quiet as they walk down the hall with Eve, showing her to the bathroom.

Then there's a Rue and Curtis blinks in slight surprise when Rue recognizes Eve. "The Evolved world is a small one indeed." He comments softly as they draw closer. "She hasn't done anything wrong. She had some information to give to us and the Major asked Beckett and I to meet her and get that information. I take it… you know her?" He asks of Rue, glancing back over to Eve. "We were just escorting her to the bathroom. I think. After the phone incident I do not know what her intentions are." Curtis is watching Eve. Very closely. He's got his eyes on her.

“She most certainly would, I'm going to insist. Look for it in the mail,” they might get the feeling that Eve has done this before. How many times who knows but clearly not enough that she's not comfortable asking Gillian. She's not often uncomfortable asking Gillian for things. Advice, extra donuts, helping her clean her guns, the list goes on and on..

“Oh Apollo you escort so well,” Eve flutters her eyelashes after a wink to Berlin. The tease in her tone. She's just about to stride forward with her new hound friends when she sees an old friend, an old friend indeed. “Cherry!” Eve leaps over to Rue and gathers her in a hug. Eve looks so excited she might cry. She doesn't always get to stay in contact with the people whose demise she's dreamt. And Cherry is living proof that Eve can get it right, if she relays the message in time and if the person is willing to listen.

“I have been only slightly misbehaving, Clairebear’s out. I had to use Peaches’ phone!” She looks over at Curtis, “Or Apollo, you look like either. It's really a compliment. Peaches are delicious,” who knows if Eve is flirting really, making fun, a combo of both or what.

“We have so much to catch up on Cherry you look marvelous. Such a long.. long way you've come.”

"Yes it is, Autumn," Berlin confirms this in the same tone she would confirm anything on a mission. Because she's serious. Of course, when he peers at her, she can't help but chuckle. Really, this assignment has been a lot more fun than she expected it to be.

"Really?" Berlin's smile brightens when Eve gives her that little promise. "You mean it? That would be the coolest thing." Which is saying something, seeing as she lives here and works here and there's an X-Jet somewhere nearby. But, given that she's usually got a book in her hand when she doesn't have a gun, perhaps the exuberance isn't totally unusual. For her.

But then there's Rue, and shes jump to— let's be fair— the most obvious conclusion. Berlin gets her work face back on, but Curtis clears it up, mostly, so she doesn't add anything more to it. And Eve takes over when he's done, so Berlin just settles back onto her heels, watching Rue for her reaction to their visitor. Curious.

Eve is wrapped in a tight embrace, Rue fitting her chin against the seeress’ shoulder. “It’s really good to see you too.” She draws back and smiles, though it doesn’t quite reach her eyes. They don’t sparkle the way Eve remembers. It’s true, Cherry has come a long, long way since the last time they saw one another.

“Information, huh? Well, that sounds like my division.” Rue glances to Berlin and Curtis from around Eve’s frame, brows lifted. “Not that I’m cutting in to your assignment. If the Major assigned you, I’m not about to step on anyone’s toes…”

But she’s making the offer to take the prophetess off their hands if she’s perhaps a bit much for them. Or at least offering to sit in on their session.

Curtis's hand lifts, but then just drops as Eve pouncehugs Rue. His lips press tight together and he just shakes his head. Nope. He's not going to comment on the Peaches or Apollo thing any further. He tucks his hand into the pocket of his pants and just leaves it there, thumb hooked on the outside of the pocket. "I should start reading again. Used to do it a lot. Have what amounts to a small library in storage."

Curtis tips his head in Berlin's direction at Rue's question, eyes glancing down to the rolled up painting in her hand. "Apparently Eve knows where Erica Kravid is going to be. In 2024. I'm quite sure you'll be on the hunt soon to find out how she's going to get there so we can track her down in the here and now. Said she wanted to help make things right. Not that there's anything to be set right. The Institute used a lot of us." Trying once again to reassure Eve.

"But we are more than happy to take any information on fugitives from justice that you want to give us." Curtis looks to Berlin, then to Rue, then back around to Eve before tipping his head. "I'll go write up my report and submit it then. It was a… strange pleasure to meet you Miss Mas. A good one. But strange." He at least has a smile on his face, which is… actually pretty rare for Curtis. So clearly he at least enjoyed meeting the woman.

“Consider it done,” is Eve’s wink at Berlin. “Information gathering,” Eve puts a hand to her chest and looks over at Curtis and Berlin. “She's just..” the seer is getting teary eyed. “I did do something right with you,” Eve is overcome with emotion. She's happy to see Rue. So so happy.

“Oh Cherry yes! I've been on so many adventures, you wouldn't believe!” Eve waves her hand as Curtis explains about Kravid and 2024. “Bye bye Peaches! Hope to see you soon! If you ever need help washing your back!”

It's not often that anyone sees Eve try to flirt, mostly because she fails at it. The seer turns her gaze onto Berlin and tilts her head with a smile. “You are bright, I’d like you to come have tea with me and Gillian someday.” She doesn't offer an invitation to Rue because Rue is gonna get bombarded with invitations to go many places later.

"You're gonna be busy with it, I think," Berlin says to Rue. She doesn't seem to worry about anyone's toes. Not when intelligence work is Rue's actual job, anyway. She nods when Curtis explains, but she doesn't open up the painting. They'll all be seeing it plenty soon enough. And Rue seems to be having a bit of a reunion, so work can wait. "I'll get this painting to Hana's office," she says to Curtis, just so he knows where things are landing. In case she asks.

"We're going to come at Kravid from behind. Get to her before she even knows where she's going, maybe. That would be fun." Berlin looks over at Rue, her smile broad.

"Miss Mas, tell her thank you from me, then. And— " she pauses, "— I have a lot of respect for her. I mean, for all the Ferrymen, of course." She doesn't need to explain why. Everyone knows what they did, after all. And she might be amused to witness the flirting, but she doesn't laugh, at least. Not this time. "Bright?" she asks with a shake of her head. "I don't know about that. But I would love to have tea with you and Ms. Childs."

“She’s very nice,” Rue says of Gillian. “I know she’ll like you.” She smiles at Berlin and offers a nod to Curtis. “We’ll get Kravid. She won’t even know what hit her.” Whether that’s how it works out or not, it helps to believe it, in Rue’s mind. She read in a magazine once that if you visualize success, you’re more likely to achieve it. She may be fantastic at visualizing the worst case scenarios, and may even feel it’s her job to do so, but everyone else is allowed the optimism she won’t allow herself.

Eve’s arm receives a squeeze from the lieutenant. “All right, Miss Mas. Let’s put our heads together and see what you’ve got for me, huh?” Rue’s brows lift, expression encouraging.

“Gillian would be just smitten with you! Nose in the book just like her!” She doesn't explain how she might know that Berlin likes knowledge but there's a mischievous grin on the woman’s face before she's nodding. “Yes you will get the naughty bitch,” as in female dog. Eve bares her teeth and gives a mock bark snapping her teeth at the painting in Berlin’s hands but she chuckles, “I bet you.”

It's settled as Eve’s arm is squeezed gently by the other operative, her friend. “You had better be calling me Eve from now on, you’ve graduated my dear.” There's a tickle to the redhead’s side and she trails off with Rue.

“Farewell my precious! Watch your toes!”

As clear a warning as ever from the raven haired woman.

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