Plans At The Lighthouse


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Scene Title Plans at the Lighthouse
Synopsis Brian brings Kammy to the recently discovered Lighthouse, and reveals his plans to make it into a safe place for all Evolved
Date Feb. 5, 2009

The Lighthouse

Curfew has put a damper on everything. Not only does it make people freak out in general, it makes things harder to get done. As well as travelling a lot longer. And so, in an effort to get out of the house. Brian has insisted that the makeshift family take a day out. It's not very long past ten in the morning, and the sun is peeking out from the clouds, keeping the islan relatively warm.

This part of the islan is mostly empty, abandoned buildings and warehouses, then just open space. The waves lap gently against the beach as the small group makes their way towards a stone building rising up out of the beach.

Brian has a light jacket on, a beanie pulled low almost over his eyes. One hand secured around little JoeJoe's hand, his other hand linked around Kameron's as much as she'll let him. Just to guide her, of course.

Naturally. Prince, not needing to guide Kameron since Brian is doing that for him, trots along just ahead of the group, sniffing here and there as much for landmarks as fascination with the new place they were heading. While Kameron permits the guiding for the most part, she doesn't seem to need it much until they get into unfamiliar surroundings, when her footing gets less sure and more hesitant.
"Are we actually going somewhere," Kameron ventures after a moment, careful not to trip on anything and nothing, "Or are we walking just to walk?" Frankly she's delighted by the suggestion - the sound of the waves was soothing, and Brian could use the fresh air. Better than sitting in place being depressed.

But, Brian is already watching out for her. His eyes scanning the path in front of Kameron particularly to make sure there is nothing obstructing her path. "A friend of mine, and JoeJoe. Found this place the other night. We got here right before curfew. So we had to stay, that's why we didn't come home." Though he freezes for a moment after saying home. It's strange calling someone else's apartment, home. "Your place." He corrects. "It's a really cool lighthouse. Like old style lighthouse type thing." Brian informs.

Joe eventually wrenches his hand free and runs ahead to join Prince in their lead ahead of the two larger figures.
It *is* strange to hear Brian call the apartment home. She wouldn't have thought he would consider it that, when it hadn't been that long. Though, any safe place could be home she supposed. She's not sure if she should be offended or amused by the correction, "A light house? You mean those tall buildings that guide ships, right? I've heard about those -there are supposed to be some in Florida, but I never saw any." And then the whole blindness/evolved thing happened, and that pretty much killed /that/ thought. "There's really a place like that out here?" Intact? She stifles a soft chuckle when she hears Joe run ahead, about to caution him lest he fall and hurt himself - then remembers, he can't hurt himself anyway.

"Yeah." Brian says, normally he would tease her for not knowing what a lighthouse is, but he opts to be sensitive for the moment. The whole vision thingie, could put a hamper on stuff like that. "Yeah we found one. Completely abandoned. And there was a kid here. He left his shoes." Brian points out. "Watch your step." He advises, tightening his grip on her hand to pull her out of the way of a unfortunately placed rock. And then he frowns at his unfortunately placed words. 'Watch your step'? Come on B.

Fortunately, Kameron isn't so sensitive about her sight as to be offended by small mis-speaks like that. Or being teased. "Wha- really? What in the world was he doin there?" Leaving his shoes behind ..maybe he'd been using that as a playground. Maybe there were other houses nearby? Or maybe he was the kid of the person who ran the lighthouse. "What about the ow-oop!" She hears the warning a bit too late, saved from tripping over the rock when Brian tugs her out of the way. Even so she pinwheels her free arm for a second until she gets her balance, easing her grip on Brian's hand with a weak chuckle, "Sorry about that. I should pay more attention instead of askin silly questions."

His free hand flies up to catch her shoulder, and help steady her. Once she's balanced, he gives a little laugh as she regains her balance. "I think he was a stray. Or a runaway. Whatever you call a kid that is family-less. I don't think he spoke very good english. But anyways, it's a really cool place. And I wanted you to.." See it? Hear it? "Feel it."

"Thanks," Kameron smiles appreciatively at the assistance, embarassed at stumbling in the first place. A stray? A soft chuckle follows that comment, "He's not a puppy — I think," she considers this a moment, "You mean orphan, right?" Well no matter, the poor little thing was all on his own. She frowns a little at this thought, "I wonder where he is now." Can't be far if he left his shoes. "I can hardly wait. If I can't see or hear it, feeling it is definitely the next best thing. You can learn a lot about something by touch." She tilts her head slightly, listening to the ocean waves, and Prince's playful barking at Joe. "So how far is it exactly?"

"We're there." Brian answers with a little grin. And it's true, Joe has already gone in the door. Feeling like the place is his territory. "Careful JoeJoe." The young man murmurs, though he does give a glance up at the roof, checking to see if the stray might be loitering once again.
Giving a little tug on Kameron's hand, Brian steps forward into the abandoned lighthouse. "I was thinking.. Nobody lives here." Brian starts. "Maybe I could."

You say, "Oh!" Huh. Kameron follows at the tug, trotting forward a step and putting her hand out to feel for the doorway, wanting first hand (no pun intended) experience of this new location. Once inside, she pulls her other hand out of Brian's grip, figuring the ground was probably level enought hat she'd not need guiding at the moment. Prince doesn't ever go too far from her, though he is fascinated, scampering from one side of the room to the other, sniffing here and there only to return to a spot near Joe and Kameron both. Closer to Joe, who is just a bitty thing, and he is protective towards children. This has nothing to dow ith herding instincts; really. "Live here?" Kameron echoes, surprised. Why would he want to? Well it's not like he could live off of the charity of others - still. "Maybe," she pats her hands against the wall, "It seems sturdy enough, and it's if it's weathered storms for this long, I suppose it would be safe enough.. but what about that boy?"

"That's what I'm thinking. It's big. What if.." He looks over to Joe. "It could be Joe's home. And whoever that kid was who couldn't speak English. He could stay here. Kids with no homes. Evolved kids, who need a place to stay. I had this idea before but.." The world was being threatened by one Super Evolved Terrorist. "There's a bunch of Evolved kids who are treated badly I bet. Just for being different. Maybe I could make this a place where they could feel at home." His grand monlogue is delivered as he walks around the building that has certainly seen better days.

Kameron is quiet, thinking about the idea Brian has been mulling over. It could work. Now more than ever, people need a place like that - especially when people would turn against them just for being born differently. She felt most for those who lost their homes and had no where to go. But more importantly, maybe it was something like that that would really do Brian the most good. After a tragedy, people might flounder with a lack of purpose, or drive. "It could work… is there enough room for something like that?" While questioning, she meanders along her own path, hand tracing over the wall and encountering various areas, stepping around an obstacle there.
Encouraging, Kameron opens here eyes behind her shades briefly - it's a pity she still can't see the lighthouse the way it was meant to be, but she can at least identify the parts that are inanimate and the ones that are human. Thank you infrared. She closes her eyes again, before the side-effects kick in, though she did manage to pinpoint the general area Brian was wandering last. "I think it's a fantastic idea, Brian. A lot of people could really use a place like that. It'll be a lot of work though."

"Many hands makes light work." Brian says, as he does so he brings his hands out palms up. Two extra hands poke out of each arm, before quickly melding back into the original arms. More of a demonstration for himself, and Joe, who is completely wide eyed at the show, giving a little grin after. Brian gives a little smirk to the boy. "Neat huh?"
Stepping back over to Kameron, Brian goes to take her hand again. "You can still walk up to the tower, come on." He says with a little smile.

Kameron laughs, "Point to Brian." She concedes, recalling his ability at that quote. She had intended to stay put when there is mention of a tower, which completely confuses her, "Tower? What tower?" But curiosity wins out, and again she follows along after Brian, who takes the lead. "I thought this was a lighthouse." When did they enter a tower? Just how big -was- this place?

"KamKam." Brian says in the tone of an adult speaking to a child. "How do they guide the ships? With the light. The light in the tower." He explains as he arrives at the steps. "There are stairs here." He informs her, going to place his other hand under her elbow to support her. He will murmur every time there is a step, 'step'.
Oho! The tone! She hears that tone. She stifles a chuckle, "But Brian, it's mid-morning. There's no light today." She'd add a little pat to the head if she wasn't worried about tripping on the steps. "Ugh. Stairs. The bane of any blind woman." It's after the umpteenth 'step' that she almost bursts out into giggles. "You don't have to do that you know." She appreciates the help, it's sweet! But she did have to get aroudnd without the assistance of others for a while. "I'm fine going up steps. It's going -down- them that's the problem." She'd gotten used to the unknown that went with the blindness, but she'd never gotten used to going down stairs.

Brian smirks at her joke, shaking his head as he leads her up the winding staircase. Once they reach the top he gives a little shrug. "Then I'll carry you down." He murmurs, as he goes to release her hand and go out to the guard rail looking out over the water. "I wish you could see it." He murmurs with a little frown. Turning back to face her, "I promise I'll find a way so you can see this view." He says, confidently.

… wut. "That's not funny!" She scolds lightly at the comment about carrying her down. REALLY. That's just.. it's that's .. just…
YEAH. That's telling him, only NOT. Shaking her head at the crazy suggestion (in her opinion), she catches her breath slightly when the top of the tower is reached. Nevermind seeing it, it was an experience just - just pretending she could imagine what it must look like. Hesitantly her hands reach down and grasp the guard rail, leaning forward a tiny bit. What a breeze! "It's fine. I don't have to see it to enjoy it."She answers absently. The promise is.. not something she expected to hear, and she turns slightly in his direction, "Brian.. Don't make promises you can't keep." She warns gently. "Listen," turning more fully, she reaches out to put a hand against his arm, "You need to focus on the thing you can do, like turning this lighthouse into a place where people with abilities - anyone - can come to be safe. I've known I wouldn't be able to see the way 'normal' people do for years, and I made peace with that." Half truth. "So don't worry about me, okay? Worry about yourself."

"What?" Brian asks before she approaches him. "If you act like it's that ridiculous, I'll have to carry you, just because you don't want me to." Though he tenses for a moment as her hand goes onto his arm he, relaxes almost instantly. A lazy smile creeps onto his lips. "Okay. I won't." He lies in response.
Kameron lowers her hand, "That was a little -too- easy." She comments drily at how quickly he agrees. A faint sigh follows, and she shakes her head, opting to change the subject instead. "And it -is- ridiculous," she points out, jumping back to the earlier subject. "Carrying a person down the stairs is just…silly! I mean, I'm not an invalid." She'd stick her tongue out to make a point, but that would be juvenile. She'll pass.

Brian doesn't comment on how easy it was for her, he'll find some way, anyway, he doesn't have to have her permission after all. Looking over his shoulder. "JoeJoe, you okay?" He calls down the stairs. After getting a quiet answer of 'yes' he looks back to Kameron. After all when you have a kid who can't get hurt, you don't have to worry too much.
"Going down stairs is hard for you. Going down stairs is not hard for me, it's not saying you're crippled, or you're worse than me. It's just something you can lean on me, for. You help me all the time. I could give a simple gift to you."

Prince is likely with him too. Good loyal puppy. Brian's argument for helping her down the stairs is logical enough for the average person, though the suggestion of -carrying- her still strikes her as embarassing. "That's different," she points out, though she has nooo clue how it would be different. Every argument she'd come up to counter the thought of helping her down the stairs is squashed as possibly insulting, and she shakes her head with a faint smile. It's just silly. So cautiously, she leans against the railing, mind not to fall over it by leanin too far. "So what's the first step to revitalizing this place?" She asks curiously instead.

He gives a little smirk, checking that little argument for his own victory. Shuffling to her side, Brian goes to lean against the rail at her side, shoulder to shoulder. "I don't know. Maybe talk to someone who knows about stuff like this. I think I might have a contact, I can get in touch with." He says softly, looking off into the distance with the sun reclecting off the water, though he has to wonder what exactly she's doing.

Quietly amused, Kameron focuses on listening to the wind, the ocean, Brian's voice and the faint noises betwen Prince and Joe she can -just- hear. "It's going to be a great place I'm sure, Brian." She notes lightly, "If there's anything I can do to help out, you'll ask right?" She's pretty sure he would, but then, he might also think he's imposed on her enough as is. Which is a very silly idea.

"I would have to get money." Brian notes, "Do fundraisers or something. But, the place would need a staff right? I couldn't do it all on my own. Even though my ability would help out." He gives a little shrug. "I wouldn't make an awesome single dad." He murmurs. He would mention that she still doesn't have a real job, but maybe, just maybe that would be too forward.

Kameron doesn't think busking for money is a real job either. Her parents would agree. "Well.." She props her chin against her hand, as if gazing speculatively into the distance. She has the 'normal' mannerisms down pretty well at least. "I don't have a proper job; I mean, busking for money, I can set my own hours, so to speak," even though after six used to be the best hours for busking. Stupid curfew. "I mean, if you wanted, I could help out …" she trails off, unsure if she overtepped a line there somewhere. "As for money, my —" Pause. No, her parents probably wouldn't support it. She didn't think they were pro-evolved. At least that was her impression from the last time she spoke to them. "I have some money saved up." She says instead.

"Kammy.." Brian, says straightening up again. His hands on the guardrail. "It would be like a center. You wouldn't pay me. I would pay you." He explains. "If you helped out here, you could be.. staff." He murmurs with a little shrug of his shoulders. "We could even get you a room here or something." He suggests, looking over to her face, gauging her reaction.

Kameron is pretty easy to read. Like a book. And not a Braille one. It doesn't really -sink in-, her thoughts distracted with calculating how much money would be necessary. And how she could get some from the folks without letting on about the reason. "Well yeah, I know it'd be like a center buwha?" She stops mid-sentence, startled, "I- Brian I couldn't.. I mean I - I'm offering to help you, so it wouldn't be right to take pay -" Would it? "Here?" … "Seriously…?"

"Who better understands the hardships of being an Evolved?" Brian asks, tilting his head at her. "You're great with JoeJoe. I'm sure you would be great at it. And even if you're not, you'll fit right in with me. Look, I don't want to guilt you into it. But, I mean, it could help us both out. You with a job, me having someone I trust and actually like to be around all day."

Kameron is pretty sure there were tons of people who understood the hardships of being Evolved better than her - but she won't argue. After a quiet moment of thought, she finally straightens, "I can't argue that," she admits. Even if she did feel weird about taking money from a friend. "All right," A smile follows, "Shake on it?" Shifting her weight, she holds out her right hand. She'll deal with the issue of any disapproving family members later - or just not tell them. Not like they'll come and visit anyway, so all is safe there.

"Shake on it." Brian agrees, placing his hand high and in a very unlikely place to put a hand for a handshake. A little smile on his lips. He leaves his hand there and will wait for her to find it, with a grin playing on his lips.

He's evil. Pure evil! Kameron grasps — thin air. The confusion that suddenly crosses her face is absolutely -hysterical-, and it takes several tries before she figures out where his hand is. "Brian!" She laughs, giving his hand a tight squeeze and a firm SHAKE SHAKE. "You're awful." Not that she minds, because she'd rather a teasing Brian than an unhappy Brian. "Come on, we'd better go check on Prince and Joe." She notes, still chuckling on her way towards the stairwell, a hand pressing against the wall. Just.. one step at a time!

His grin grows broader, and he goes after her quickly. As she takes one step down, he bites down on his lower lip, contemplating something. She will probably yell and fight him.. His grin grows broader. Brian hops down the first step, his arm going to loop around Kameron's waist and scoop her up into him, off her feet, as he would continue to bounce down the stairs, laughter starting to leav him almost immediately.

Ambushed! And here Kameron thought he'd given up on the idea. Expecting him to go bounding down the steps, or at least wait a few steps down to make sure she doesn't trip, there is instead surprise and a yowl when she's scooped up! Squealing a flutered, "Hey! What are you doing! Put me down! Brian!" Ah well, she can't fault him - it's been a while since he's laughed like that! And if she flailed TOO much she might make him drop her. She still swats him once they're on level ground again. Hmph!

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