Plans Before Takamori


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Scene Title Plans Before Takamori
Synopsis Cardinal meets with Xiulan in Ueno Park… and they discuss plans.
Date May 15, 2009

Ueno Park, Tokyo


"Either this is the last samurai," Richard murmurs under his breath as he flips through his cheap phrasebook, "…or possibly the last sandwich, I can't really tell."

They stand before the statue of Saigo Takamori in the midst of Ueno Park, just after nightfall; the brilliant lights of Tokyo illuminating the sky, spilling softly over the park. Sadly, the season for the cherry blossoms has passed, but it's still a lovely park. Even at this hour, tourists meander through with their cameras, couples walk together talking softly, and the occasional jogger or biker heads past. Less crowded than the streets, at least.

"Cardinal…." Slanting a glance at her companion, Xiulan just barely manages not to smirk wryly. "We're acting like tourists. I mean, seriously touristy." Even so, she glances up at the statue and snickers quietly. "Still, I'm pretty sure it's the last samurai and not the last sandwich. It is entirely possible that he has a sandwich on standbye, however." Glancing at the passing couples, she hrms quietly before rolling her shoulders in a shrug. "We should have brought a camera, I think."

"We are tourists," replies Cardinal rather easily, the phrasebook in his hand dropping down to his side before he slants a look to her with a crook'd grin, "In a manner of speaking. We just plan on taking a few… souveniers back with us. Hm. A camera. Good idea. I hate flashes, though…"

"Don't have cameras without flashes? Like… Night vision or some such thing?" Snerking once, Xiulan adds wryly. "I bet you twenty bucks Fedor could get one, easy." Tourists. "Right." Tourists. Slipping her arm through Cardinal's, a toss of Xiu's head sends dark hair over her shoulders, a slowly drawn in breath held and released. "So what do you want to do? We could grab food, or find a place to get completely drunk…" Pausing a beat, she slants a glance up to his and notes. "You do know that Fedor's power kills his target, right?"

"We probably shouldn't get drunk while…" A pause, and the shadow-thief looks down to her, brow furrowing a touch, "…what?" Apparently, someone wasn't briefed on the exact workings of the Chief's powers.

"You heard me," Xuilan assures in serious tones. "Everytime he changes faces, someone dies." Obviously, she is neither entirely happy about that, nor is she really 'O.K' with it. It is with marginally pursed lips and a slow shake of her head, that she turns her gaze back up to the statue. "I don't know, right now, I'm kinda feeling like a drink would be great. Course, if you're planning on leaping tall buildings in a single bound, we can hold off."

"I suppose that explains why he doesn't… change very often," Cardinal murmurs under his breath, turning his gaze back to the statue before them. The tips of his fingers rattle against the cover of his phrasebook, his head shaking a little, "Well. I assume he doesn't… just murder random people. I'll choose to believe that, anyway." The last, a touch dry. After a moment of regarding the statue - silence due to a couple chattering tourists in hawaiian shirts passing by - he says quietly, "Adam wants me to steal a … 'Formula' of some sort."

"Adam?" Xiulan doesn't know Adam from… well, Adam. She does, however, assume that Cardinal doesn't mean 'Adam', cause then he would be insane and that would suck. It is as the couple continues on thier way, that she slants a glance up to Cardinal's face, one brow twitching slightly. "A forumla for what, Richard?" Cause, you know, if it is a formula for Kentucky Fried Chicken? No big deal.

"Adam Monroe… the guy I'm working for here in Japan," Cardinal says with a tight shake of his head, "He's a regenerator. Got a bit of a … history, and it's not a pleasant one. Attempts at causing viral armageddon, that sort of thing. Claims to be trying to take out the 'Company' - apparently this black ops group that kidnaps people like us and tracks them."

"Alright… I'm guessing you don't think he is up to any good?" Makes logical sense to Xiulan. "Have you heard about this company before? I mean, have you looked into it, at all?" She doesn't bother asking if Cardinal would turn over a super virus. She believes that he wouldn't and that's enough.

"Oh, it exists," admits Cardinal with a slight nod, "I have multiple confirmations; it's one of the problems Phoenix is always dealing with, apparently." A shake of his head, "Now, I wouldn't object to his goals one bit, but I don't trust his claim that this isn't a virus one bit. Which is where you come in."

"Where I come in?" Blinking once, Xiulan's brow twitches a tad higher, her lips curling in a wry smirk. "I am no chemist, Cardinal." Pausing a beat, she 'ohs', then laughs. "I see. And if it isn't a virus? Has he said what the formula is supposed to be?"

"No, just that it's 'very important'. I figured we can keep an accurate copy," Cardinal quirks a slight smile, looking sideways to her, "And just… alter the existing one a little."

"That," Xuilan admits. "Is easily done. You have someone who can look at the formula for you?" stepping in a bit closer to Cardinal's side, she glances at the phrase book and rolls her shoulders in a mild shrug. "Maybe it wouldn't hurt to break into this Adam's place and see what you can dig up, as well. Who does he work for, anyway?"

"I can find someone," admits Cardinal, his shoulders shaking briefly with a low chuckle, "I'm good at that." At the latter, he shakes his head, looking back up at the statue. "I don't know. Where he lives, who he works for - none of it. I figured he was working for himself, but I don't think he is, now…"

"We should definately look into that," Xiulan murmurs. "What does Fedor have to do with all this, anyway? I mean, that club visit was definately not the safest thing we've ever done." In fact, she wouldn't be shocked to find them being tailed by the Russian Mafia. A worrying thought, really, but one she's chosen not to focus on. "So. Steal formula. Alter Formula. Find out what formula really is. You need to add dodge Adam and his crew into that equation, Richard. I mean, once he figures out he's been doubled crossed, we're likely to be on the recieving end of a few bullets." Or worse.

"I have no fuckin' idea what any've that was about," Cardinal says with a rough snort of breath. A shrug of one shoulder, then he quirks a smile over, "Any luck, they'll never realize it."

Rising on her toes, Xiulan pecks Richard lightly on the lips, her own turning up in a warm smile. "You -are- terribly lucky, so I wouldn't be surprised." Snuggling in against his side as she settles back on her feet, she adds. "When are you planning on knocking this out? I'm assuming relatively soonish?"

That kiss is returned lightly, Cardinal's hand sliding to press the phrasebook against her hip as he holds her loosely there, quirking a smile down to her, "I'm not lucky. I'm good. And yeah, soon as I can get some recon done."

"Good." The sooner they can be done and gone, the better, in Xiulan's opinion. She does, however, add as an after thought. "And you are not good, Richard. You're very bed." Mind you, they are likely talking about two very different things. Particularly if the grin on Xiulan's face is any indication. "So, do we want to grab food, or stand here hoping this statue drops a sandwich."

"We could eat the dog," Cardinal suggests mildly. The statue does have a dog! Of course, they're brass or bronze or something. Possibly rock. "Might be a little chewy."

"Or crunchy, depending on your point of view." Smirking, Xiu nudges Cardinal lightly in the ribs before snorting. "Food, Richard. Preferably hot, preferably with a good strong chaser. Fedor is planning on dragging me out to some house in the country to wait for you to need us. Does he know why we are really here?"

"Something of it," admits Cardinal, shifting to drape an arm about her shoulders and starting to walk along the paths of the park towards the brighter glare of the city lights. A soft chuckle, "Let's get some food, then, lover."

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