Plans To Party


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Scene Title Plans to Party
Synopsis Kendall and Melissa discuss dogs, taking over the world, and parties.
Date June 7, 2010

Little Green House

It's finally starting to warm up. Whee! And Melissa seems to be thoroughly enjoying the new weather. At the moment she's outside, watching the light begin to fade as the sun sets, while Jerry runs around the backyard like crazy, chasing and being chased by his new playmate. A yappy little pomeranian.

Mel wears only a jacket rather than all the winterwear of just a week ago, and she sits in the grass, puffing on a cigarette. It's not a very quiet sunset, not with the dogs playing, but she seems content enough for now.

Kendall is enjoying the warmer weather now too, by going out and about and reconnecting with his geek friends now that they're not all holed up anymore. Hearing the dogs barking, he moves towards the back yard, pausing to peer at Melissa. "By the way, uh… where did that dog come from, again? I swear I've seen it somewhere before."

Mel glances back at him and smiles. "He found us in Central Park. Apparently there are some posters up, missing dog and all that. Or I dunno. He's Magnes's ex's mom's dog, it seems. Muggles. Who names their dog Mister Muggles? I mean seriously?"

Kendall snaps his fingers. "I did see a lady walking him one day. And, uh…rich old ladies with a pampered dog who probably spends hundreds of dollars a year on them?" not that Kendall knows if Sandra's rich or not, and… he just called her old! Harsh. Well she does have a kid older than him.

"Sounds right. I mean, he needed a bath bigtime when I found him, but he does look like someone's pampered pet," Mel says, nodding. "Trying to get a hold of her, but it's a no go so far. I'm reluctant to ask Magnes to call his ex. I swear that boy is never gonna get over her, even though he apparently has a girlfriend now."

Kendall just shakes his head at this since he doesn't really know what to say in regards to girlfriends. "So, uh, didn't the posters have a number to call on them or something?"

"I haven't found one of the posters," Melissa admits a little sheepishly. "I'll get the dog back to his family though. Even if they did a cruel job naming him." She falls silent for a moment, again looking out at the sky. "I've been thinking…I have a legal identity now. One that won't be harassed or thrown in jail just for existing. Means that, if you want, we could try to get custody from your parents. Just a suggestion, mind you. You don't gotta agree or anything. Just thought it might make things simpler."

"So how do you know he's missing, and wanted?" Kendall asks, tilting his head in confusion. When she continues speaking, however, he shrugs one shoulder. "If you want." he doesn't seem to care too much, and he still seems to droop every time his parents are mentioned.

"Magnes told me," Melissa answers before she glances back at him. She studies his face for a moment, before giving an apologetic smile. "Sorry. Won't mention it again," she says softly.

"No, it's up to you, do it if you want it really doesn't matter to me." Kendall hastens to say. Then he moves off to go tackle Jerry. Well, not literally, but a little roughhousing never hurt.

When he's not looking, Melissa's gaze darkens. Oh no, she has zero love for Kendall's parents. But the look passes as she watches the roughhousing. "It's nice to see something besides walls of snow, isn't it? It feels warm even though I know it's not. Hell, soon it might actually feel like June!"

"Is it June already?" Kendall asks in surprise, looking up from where Jerry had knocked him over and sat on his chest, panting and doggy-grinning in triumph. Of course, Kendall would claim he let it happen.

Melissa looks amused as she nods. "Mmhmm. June seventh. But I'd be happy if it felt like April. We just aren't getting a spring this year. Skippin' right to summer. I hope. And now that we can get around again, I gotta start plannin' for the club's grand opening."

"Club? What club?" ooh, seems like Kendall doesn't know Melissa runs a nightclub. "Well after this hell winter, I'd rather be hot than cold. It'd be easier not to die when it's hot."

Melissa laughs. "The club I manage. Tartarus. Goth club. I'll take you by sometime. No booze there, but hey. And yeah, I'm totally with you." A pause, then she snickers softly. "Okay, now I'm amused. I think I've been cooped inside too long. You know what the name Tartarus means, right?"

"It's the underworld in Greek Mythology, reigned over by Hades and his queen Persephone. It's surrounded by the river Styx, and contains Erebus, the Elysian Fields, and the Isles of the Blest. Although some say those areas are Hades, not Tartarus." Kendall shrugs and struggles to his feet, shoving off Jerry.

Melissa looks surprised, then pleased. "Yeah, basically hell. See, too easily amused. We need to get out and have some fun. And you…need junk for your room. Lots of like…teenage geeky junk."

"You make that sound like a bad thing." the teenager smirks at Melissa. "Well, I could get some posters of naked anime catgirls and put those up in my room." Kendall's joking… right?

He may be joking, but this is Mel he's talking to, and she just laughs and shrugs. "If you want. Though why naked anime chicks instead of naked real chicks?"

"Because naked anime chicks can have boobs larger than their heads." Kendall points out. "The only real life women with boobs larger than their heads are the ones who are really really fat, which makes it just gross instead of sexy."

Melissa can't help but laugh again, and shake her head. "Hey, it's your room. Decorate it however the hell you want, honey. I don't care. I figure…the house is ours, but that's the room that is yours. Your domain, your sanctuary…whatever you wanna call it."

"My Lair. Muahaha." Kendall replies instantly in a cheesy fake evil mad scientist/overlord manner.

Melissa grins and nods. "Exactly! Now I expect you to do me proud when you take over the world, okay? I'll settle for…oh…I don't know. How about a nice island in the Caribbean?"

"I think I could spare something." Kendall deadpans. "After all, it's too much responsibility to take over the entire world. I can't be everywhere at once." oh, so Kendall would be a lazy overlord.

Melissa falls back into the grass snickering softly. "Have lots of minions. Remind me to show you this overlord thingy I found on the 'net sometime."

"Oh, I've seen it." of course Kendall's seen it, it's practically required of a geek to know of the Evil Overlord list. "I could quote it if you like."

"Now why am I not surprised?" Melissa asks with a grin. "So what sorta stuff you wanna do now that we're not snowed in?"

"I dunno. I was planning on getting a job." Kendall remarks thoughtfully. "I mean, I can't just mooch off of people my entire life, and I'm old enough to get a job."

Melissa nods. "What sorta job you wanna get?"

"Well, there's a comic book store in town, if it's still there." Kendall looks thoughtful. "I don't think it got damaged over the winter, so I was thinking, that'd probably be the best place to work."

Melissa grins. "Sounds like a geek heaven. Just got one question…Won't you be spending your paycheck there? As in blowing it?" she teases.

"Well… I never claimed this was a perfect plan." Kendall admits, grinning sheepishly back at Melissa. "I'm sure I wouldn't spend all of it there." he pauses, then blinks. "Wait… it's June 7th today?"

"Just most of it?" Melissa continues teasing. "but yeah, pretty sure. Why? What's June seventh?"

"Nothing's June 7th, but my birthday's in two days." Kendall laughs. "So much for getting my first job at 16 like I promised." well, if it's Kendall's parents, it's ok to break promises, right?

Melissa sits up suddenly. "It's your birthday? Dude, why didn't you tell me? We gotta do something! Invite all your friends and we'll have one hell of a party!"

"I just did." Kendall responds meekly. "And I didn't know what day it was, I kinda lost track between getting the flu and getting abandoned." perfectly understandable.

There's a slight tightening to Melissa's features as she's reminded of his abandonment, but it seems to only strengthen her resolve to party! "Well, my point still stands. We'll invite whoever you want. Put on some major jams, get some beer at the very least, and boogy."

"Boogy?" Kendall eyes Melissa, then ostentatiously rolls his eyes in the manner of the youth expressing disgust for the older generation. Seriously, who uses the word 'boogy' anymore?

Melissa does! She cracks up at his reaction and she nods. "Yes, boogy. Careful or I'll make sure that only disco music is played instead of good music."

"What, and ruin my birthday?" Kendall pouts at Melissa. "After all I've been through, you want to make me suffer?"

Melissa rises to her feet and grins. "Just no making fun of my words. I'm gonna go make some plans. Think of who you wanna invite, hmm?"

"Ok, I'll keep it in mind. Not sure who I'd want to invite though." Kendall shifts from one foot to the other. "Birthdays aren't that special, after all."

A hand is waved dismissively. "It's an excuse to party, Kendall. And you? You need a party, hon," Melissa argues. "So like I said, just think about it. And how to do your lair." A quick grin, then she turns to stroll inside, leaving the dogs with Kendall to play with.

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