Plants And Dreams


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Scene Title Plants and Dreams
Synopsis Even a lit Christmas tree can't illuminate everything.
Date November 15, 2008

The Garden

The kitchen is a goodly size, with plenty of counter space. The main appliances are older than the minor ones, which look brand-new. While someone has managed to scrub the place halfway clean, the kitchen needs something new on the floor, something new on the walls and something to sit at better than a folding table and chairs. The small window over the sink has a decent view of part of the yard, but the window in the door to the outside has been boarded over.

// No one's done much of anything with the back yard yet. One spot seems to be staked out for piling something up. The rest is trees and weeds. If one looks carefully, the boundary wall can be seen.//

Jezebel ushers Eve into the kitchen. "Welcome to the Garden," she says. "Just in case you didn't guess, this is a Ferryman safe house and one of the other two reasons I'm here. Hungry? Thirsty?"

"I can't believe you work for the Ferrymen while I just joined them from Phoenix, it's crazy" Eve chuckles softly as she enters the kitchen behind Jezebel. Wearing her normal attire of dress and boots. Her midnight colored hair is in a long ponytail and she smiles as she looks around. "How did you get involved with them?"

Jezebel says, “We sort of ran into each other. I kept getting farther and farther into political protests. So did the Ferrymen. How I wound up here, in charge of the Garden, is a little more complicated.”

Eve nods her head as she takes a seat and then asks for water, "Yeah Noah told me that he wants me to help with a safehouse. I hope this is the one" the woman looks out the window. "I've been working with PARIAH/Phoenix/Ferrymen for a while now" Eve's facial expression changes slightly because of her recent meeting with Trask. "I'm kind of glad to be away from my former group. It was going to crazy for me" Eve admits.

Jezebel fills two cheap glasses with water at the sink, hands Eve one, then sits down. "I've always preferred nonviolent civil disobedience. I'd feel terrible in Phoenix, let alone Pariah. Maybe this is the one Noah has in mind, or maybe he wants to open up another one. This one really isn't very big."

"I've never really had a dislike of violence that's why I joined Pariah, but I guess I'm moving on to other things in my life" Eve sighs softly and takes the water and sips a little. She nods to Jezebel, "I hope so as well, we need to do a lot of work here huh?" Eve raises an eyebrow and smiles.

Jezebel nods. "As I said, Home Depot's motto is my new mantra. I have no idea if anyone is going to stay on and help me. This is a rather monastic existence. I don't mind it, but others do."

Eve nods, "I don't have any problems helping, and I'm sure some people will help us out" then Eve gets a excited look in her eyes. "Um, I don't know if you would take a offense to this but could I possibly see your ability in action?" Eve tilts her head and looks hopeful.

Jezebel replies, "Not at all, but we'll have to go outside. I don't have houseplants to practice on yet. Also, it'll have to be something really simple. Do you have anything in mind?"

Eve smiles warmly and shakes her head, "Whatever you are comfortable with doing" Eve says in her soft voice and she gets up from her chair, ready for Jezebel to lead the way.

Jezebel gets back up, opens the kitchen door and leads the way outside. "Pick an evergreen, any evergreen. This is a bad time of year to ask much of a deciduous plant."

Eve bites her lip as she surveys the area around her and then she points off to the distance and indicates a evergreen type plant not to far from Eve and Jezebel, "Will that one do?"

Jezebel nods. "How much do you object to Christmas stuff out of season? I'm thinking of showing you how I discovered my ability."

"Anything works for me" Eve says and then goes to studying Jezebel and the plant that she pointed towards. "This should be interesting" Eve comments softly.

Jezebel smiles. "Watch closely," she says, "it's pretty bright out here." Jezebel walks up to the plant and gently holds the end of one branch as one would hold the hand of a child. Jezebel closes her eyes and concentrates….
….and sixty seconds later, the tip of about a third of the needles glow bright green.

Eve blinks and smiles widely, "That is so awesome" she walks up closer to see the branches closer. "Amazing"

Jezebel pats the branch, concentrating again. Thirty seconds later, the lights go out. "Thank you," she finally says. "When I first did that, it was all colors and many of the leaves of a holly bush. It didn't last and no one saw, luckily for me."

"I never told anyone about my ability, it's one of the few things I kept from him" Eve says and then walks around the backyard some. "When we get some work done on the house, we can start concentrating more on finding him" The woman plays with a strand of her hair that fell out of the ponytail. "How you been doing?"

Jezebel droops slightly. "Working hard on the house. I've also learned a little about motorcycles. If we find the repair shop, hire Elvis. She's astounding. Hana thinks it would be a good idea for you to introduce me to anyone I need to meet. I only told the Ferrymen about my ability. By then, I'd been a Ferryman for about a year."

Eve nods, "That could work and who would you like to meet? Phoenix operatives?" Eve asks and she crosses her arms as she leans against a tree and looks at Jezebel. "I got involved with Pariah because I had a dream of the now dead leader's capture from HomeSec and I saved him from them" nothing else is said on that topic. "I could try to get a meeting with them, what would you like to meet with them for?"

Jez says, “I'll happily meet either Phoenix or Ferrymen. Mostly, I could use a sucker with a pickup truck, help with the house, and a few more friends.”

"Hmm don't know anyone with a pickup truck but I do know someone who may be able to help with the house some, that is if he isn't to busy with Phoenix stuff" Eve muses and then adds, "The only person I know from the Ferrymen that I could really introduce you too is Grace, she runs another safe house that Pariah stayed at for about a month or so I think"

You say, “I've already met her, back last week. Phoenix members will do just fine, believe me. Help with the house is a bonus. I can't get someone to do this for me, sadly.”

"Ok well I will see what I can do for you to be able to meet some of Phoenix" Eve then stands up straight and looks at her sister, "We should go to a clinic and get our blood taken for a DNA test" the simple notion that Jezebel isn't her sister, scares the woman. She feels like Jezebel can help her find her path in the world again. "I don't know how long they normally take for the results to get in"

Jezebel says, “It depends. If I were doing it in a lab, a few hours. I just don't know what sort of match to look for. I'm guessing twelve-point-five percent, but I could be wrong.”

"Well we can set that aside to later, I suppose? It can be taken care of later" Eve rubs her neck and winces, "Haven't been sleeping right lately. Damn dreams" she mutters and then looks up to Jezebel, "How are you settling in here? Like the city and all?"

Jezebel nods. "I'm beginning to understand why people like it. There's always something new. Do you remember these dreams of yours well?"

"Nothing ever gets really old in this city, you got that right" Eve says in response and then she looks up at the sky, "It depends, sometimes I remember them like they actually really happened, other times it's a fleeting memory and I can only grab vague pieces of the dream"

Jez says, “Have you ever tried keeping a notepad and pen next to your bed? Even vague pieces might make sense if you get enough of them.”

"I paint or write down my dreams in the form of song mostly" Eve drums her fingers on the tree trunk and tilts her head, "I always seem to be able to piece my dreams together, they are just becoming more and more dark. And it kind of scares me"

Jezebel frowns. "That doesn't bode well at all. Is there any other common theme?"

Eve shakes her head, "Not that I can see at the moment. I am waiting for a more clearer dream that can maybe help me see what is going on here" Eve says with a soft sigh. "Knowing things before they happen isn't always such a great thing"

Jezebel solemnly agrees, "No, it isn't. Have you tried telling yourself what you will dream about, or even that you will remember what you dream, before you go to sleep? I apologize if I'm sounding like an idiot, but I have no idea what you've already tried."

"You don't sound like a idiot Jez, you're just curious and yes I've tried all of them and nothing is working. I will just have to wait it out" Eve says and then tries to stifle a yawn. "I think I need to sleep, maybe I'll dream something good for a change" Eve says dryly and smiles weakly at her maybe half-sister.

Jezebel ushers Eve back into the house. "Borrow my bed upstairs. I'll sit for a bit, then get back to work on something quiet. Maybe I'll start painting, or something."

Eve nods her head and then quickly hugs Jez, "Thanks" and then she is upstairs. Hopefully to pleasant dreams.

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