Playing Catch Up


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Scene Title Playing Catch Up
Synopsis It's been a while since the two have seen each other, but its a good time to prove neither was nabbed by the Man.
Date March 10, 2011

Piccoli's Delicatessen

It's been about a month since Lynette last saw Quinn, and despite trying to lay low… well, things have happened. Which is how she's both in the infirmary on Pollepel Island as well as sitting in a deli with her hands wrapped around a cup of coffee while she waits.

But now that she's made her way back to the mainland, it's time to check up on the musician, just to be sure.

WHen Lynette had called, Quinn had made a point to steer her away from The Verb. It was a lucky day, she didn't have to be into work until later - enought time, at least, to meet eith the Counclwoman who had been chased away from her concert the previous month before it even got good! Plus, it had been a relief to catch up with her. Meant that FRONTLINE hadn't manage to catch up with her at all.

When Quinn walks into the deli, she's lugging a baf over her shoulder as usual, dressed in a familiar black hoodie, jeans and a grey t-shirt to match. Large headphones hang around her neck, a thin silver chain visible as well. She waves as she approaches Lynette, a smile on her face. "Long time, no see!"

Lynette stands up when Quinn enters, a smile on her face as she comes to greet her with a hug. "It has been! But it's good to see you, darling, and all in one piece. Fantastic." She gestures her to the table as she retakes her own seat. "I heard the concert was amazing, I'm just sorry I had to miss so much of it. Next time, invite less military, won't you?"

"I heard about all that," Quinn says quietly, a bit fo a frown on her face as she returns Lynette's hug tightly. "I think they were lookin' for Cat, too," she continues, in a more hushed tone, "though she wasn't there." When they seperate, she grins a bit, taking the seat across from Lynette. "I'm sorry that had t' happen. I certainly didn't invite them. It makes me rather worried that they knew t' look for you guys there, but after the stuff Magnes said on the Advocate… I guess I shouldn't be surprised. 'S why I didn't want t' you t' come by the apartment, i think they may be watchin' the place. I've got you covered for havin' missed it, though," she adds with a grin.

"I wouldn't be surprised. They already knew about Cat from the Eighth. I'm not sure when they found out about me, but it seems they have." All in all, she's fairly stoic about it. At least at the moment. "Oh, please, darling, you have nothing to apologize for. They get off on ruining everyone's good time."

When she mentions Magnes, though, Lynette lifts her eyebrows, "I'm afraid I haven't caught much TV lately. Has he been making a spectacle of himself?" There's a tiny facepalm there, but she straightens up after a moment. "I suppose I had a decent excuse. I did think what I saw was good, though, Quinn. You're doing wonderfully. I just wanted to make sure you were okay after it all."

"Oh, yes, I'm fine. No.. unsavoury types knocking on my door afterwards or anythin'. I was just as woried about you, t' be sure." Quinn's digging into her back, and after a moment, a few discs in thin jewel cases are pulled out and offered to Lynette. "Dunno what you have access to, but I was smart. Recorded the entire concert from the sound board, and recorded the webcam feed a few people had asked me for. So I burned 'em t' CD an' DVD for you, thought you might enjoy it since you didn't get t' see the rest."

With that, she sighs, shaking her head. "You could say that. It makes me nervous, really, when he goes on TV talking about knowingpeople… you know. In our group. I'm pretty convinced that's why they were there, knowin' I lived in Gun Hill an' all a that." She purses her lips, looking off t' the side. "He's been stupid lately, but I'd rather not talk about him. I'm trying t' be nice t' him lately, Lord knows why. At any rate… are you alright? Is everything alright with everyone else?"

When those discs are produced, Lynette looks genuinely surprised. And pleased, too. "Oh, you can bet I'll make a way to get to watch them," she says as she picks them up, "Thank you." She nods as Quinn explains about Magnes, "I suppose that's possible, if they knew that link was there. We all just have to step carefully is all." Her tone is an attempt at being reassuring, which even seems to hit the mark. "I'm alright. There's been a flu outbreak out there, but luckily there's some good people taking care of everyone. We were able to get some vaccine, but not fast enough for everyone, unfortunately."

"Well… I figure I lived there for several months, on the same floors as everyone else. The must suspect after a statement like that." Quinn shrugs a bit. "Not much t' do about it now besides bein' really careful. I just hope the whole… musician thing, plus livin' with Elaine gives me enough of a cover t' keep them from lookin' too hard." The enws of teh fly, though, that makes her expression sinks a bit. "Oh. Oh lord, I'm sorry t' hear that…" Her eyes close a bit, and she sighs. "I wish I could help with all a' that. I'd love t' come by. Or help send some stuff over, whatever can be done. I hate sittin' here while knowin' that stuff like that's happenin'. Thankfully, nothin' that bad's happened around here." A pause. "Well, nothing flu related."

"I hope it does, too." Lynette shakes her head a bit, and reaches over to pat Quinn's arm. "Just if you come by, make sure you ask for Megan to get the shot if you haven't already. We've pretty much got everyone who's sick quarantined, but just take care anyway. You know what would help? Books. Stuff to do. While they're all laying there for however long. If you can arrange something like that, it'd be appreciated."

"I've gotten mine, yaeh. Elaine got hers while she wa sin the hospital last week." QUinn shuffles a bi in her seat, leaning against the wall." Raising an eyebrow, Quinn smirks. "Lynette… you should've said somethin' earlier!" Sitting back up, Quinn points at the other woman. "You know where I worked, before I started workin' at Studio K? Ichihara Books. An' I know for aa fact that the closing of Roosevelt Island, an' probably now the Dome, have really hurt the store. If everythin's still in one piece there, I'll talk t' Lydia about what Ic an buy off a' her, get a big box shipped out there one evenin'."

"Good." When Quinn points at her, though, Lynette laughs and lifts her hands in surrender. "Sorry! This is the first I've been out and about since the flu hit, I promise. So if you can arrange that with Lydia, let me know. I'll be… sticking around the mainland for bit." Or one of her will, but that's a complication she doesn't get into just… yet.

"I'll see what I can do. Gettin' out t' Roosevelt's even mroe of a pain in the arse now that I'm not actually working there, but I'm sure I can figure somehtin' out. An' I'm sure Lydia'll be eager t' make some money, so it works out for everyone. I need t' go see her anyway. I don't think Roosevelt has any of it's power back, but I'm thinkin' about getting her t' do a tattoo for me, if she can."

"Well, thank you, Quinn. See if she has any kids stuff. The children need something… jolly," Lynette says, with a little gesture as if she were physically plucking the word out. "I'm not sure on Roosevelt, either. I'm just glad that dome is gone." She quirks a little smile at the mention of a tattoo, though. "Oh yes? Of what?"

"Not sure yet. It's been suggested t' me t' get angel wings on my back made of music notes, but I think that might be too big, you know? A little too… ostentatious." Quinn laughs a bit, shaking her head. "It's a neat idea though, I really like it. An' there's kids stuff there. Or used t' be at least. Lots of romance novels, though, an' I doubt anyone wants t' sit around readin' Mean Heat or The Summer Hour while they're layed up in bed."

"Well, let me know what you decide on. I've never done it myself, but I think it's a terribly under appreciated art form." Lynette lifts her eyebrows at that last bit, though. And while she has no idea that her other self is doing such a thing right now, well, she knows herself well enough to guess. "Haha, yes, who indeed. Don't get Mean heat, there's at least one copy of that floating around the island, but some others would be welcome." By Lynette, at least!

"I think I bought the last copy they had at Ichihara anyway," Quinn says a bit shyly, before shakig her head and laughing. "I'll try an' get a bit of everything. Never really know what people are going t' gravitate to, right?" Tapping her fingers on the table, Quinn looks thoughtful for a moment. "Either way, I'll need t' look int' getting out there sometime soon. I was going t' come this past weekend, but some things over the past week made it impossible."

Lynette laughs at that, too, and she nods a bit, "Whatever you can get your hands on. We'd all love it. And I'm sure everyone would love to see you again. It gets very dull over there sometimes." The councilwoman pauses, though, as that last bit hits her. "Uh oh. Trouble out here, too? Anything serious?"

"Ah, well… you remember ELaine, yes?" QUinn frowns a bit as she looks at Lynette for a moment before continuing. "We… kind've had a really had week last week. Lost of fights, arguments,lots of drama because we've decided t' start datin'." Which isn't entirely accurate, but she feels it best to spare Lynette the details on the drama that was last week. "But she knida got… shot last week. By some guy in one a' her classes, because she was evolved an' doin' better than him. Sad thing, really… she's okay, though. Kinda… made the news, which would be awesome f I hadn't been so angry I blinded an entire resturant of people t' stop him."

"Oh yes, of course," Lynette says, as far as remembering Elaine. The note about the drama because they're dating makes her chuckle some, just a little. But whatever mirth she finds there, it gets replaced by a frown as the rest of the news comes out. She shakes her head some, trying to get rid of an angered expression. "And they say we're the dangerous ones. Of course. I'm glad she's alright. You let her own I send her my best wishes. If she needs anything, let us know."

"SHe's doin' better now. I made her sit around teh apartment until her stitches came out yesterday, an' she's still not doin' too much, just in case." QUinn smiles a bit more, relaxing in her seat. "Nothin' important was hit, somehow. Just lost a lot of blood, was kinda pale for a few days. It worked out, but takin' care a' her kept me from makin' the trip out. An' this weekend, I'm going t' Boston. T' do some solo shows, in case you wanted t' come up. I'm willing t' bet you'd be fine up there."

"Well, she was lucky. And thankfully so. It's good you've been taking care of her." Lynette tilts her head a little, something amused in her expression as she replies, "Boston, huh? Well, I'll see if I can make it. I'd love to get the chance to see a full live show. But if FRONTLINE shows up, I'm going to start thinking I've cursed your shows."

"If FRONTLINE shows up, than I'll know I ahve a lot more t' worry about that I've been scared of," Quinn says quietly, hanging her ehad a bit. "The whole thing's made me wonder if I should step back a bit. I'm not really doing much at the moment as it is, an' I'd ahte for anythin' I do do t' put people in danger because I'm bein' watched or anythin'." This, of course, brought up after she meets with Lynette. Oops/

"Quinn, you do whatever you need to do. Just so long as you keep up with the music. You may not think it does much for the cause, but it's important the world learns that the SLC-Expressive are just like everyone else. So go be famous, blow them out of the water and make them think twice about thinking we're nothing but a danger. If you need to back off… the group, as it were," Lynette makes a face there, like she might hate giving the network little pet names, or hate that she has to, "You can. you'll always be welcome to participate to whatever depth you're comfortable with. But don't think it's your fault any of us are being found. We all knew what we were signing up for."

"Oh, I have no plans t' not be famous," Quinn remarks with a wide grin. Almost immediately, she seems brightened by what Lynette says - it's a good reassurance, one she really needed. "I'm going t' be more careful from here on out, though. Hopefully, it's just me bein' paranoid, you know?" She taps a finger on the table, then points at Lynette. "But bein' famous? That's a given. An' it's not like anyone can accuse me of havin' an ability taht gives me a leg up. I mess with lights not sound. So screw them."

"Well, maybe it's paranoia, but right now? Better safe than sorry. See me, I was never good at anything but smuggling, so it's sort of perfect for me. We all have our little talents." Lynette smirks as Quinn goes on, and nods, "That's true, they can't accuse you of being underhanded."

Quinn can't help but laugh a bit, nodding. "Really? I never would have figured you teh type before all a' this," the Irishwoman remarks with a wide grin. "You're right. Gotta do what we're best at, right. But I'm still going t' find my ways t' help more hands on like however I can. So, what're you doin' in town? If it's just checkin' up on me, I'm afraid my ego might inflate a bit."

"Oh yeah," Lynette says with a chuckle and a grin, "before I joined up I worked with a gangster in LA smuggling all sorts of things. I gather that's the part of my resume the network liked the most. And hey, however you want to help. Lord knows we need it." There at the end, Lynette laughs again, shaking her head, "You were part of it, yes, but I like to take trips out, catch up on the news, see what supplies we can get, keep up with some contacts out of state. Things we just can't do out there. Plus, it's dull has hell out there sometimes."

"I imagine so. I was nearly pullin' my har out the last time Iw as there. I don't mind spendin' time out there an' helpin' out, but I'm just name for that kinda thing!" Quinn giggles a bit, shaking her head at Lynette. "A smuggler. that must've been rather intriguing. Like I said, you never struck me as the type! But, hey… whatever works, right?" She doesn't mean that in a derogatory manner either, said cheerfully and with a smile. "You'll have t' tell me about all of that someday."

"The simple life isn't for everyone. And while I pride myself on my ability to adapt, it's really hard with New York City sitting right over here." Lynette quirks a crooked smile there, "Next time you come out, I'll pass some of the time by regaling you with stories of my misspeant youth. You'll love it."

"Probably better than my stories of misspeant youth," Quinn replies with a bit of a laugh. "Mind are kinda boring, except for the parts where Ireland an' Boston are awesome, unless you like stories of self discovery and forbidden romance," Quinn remarks in an exagerating tone. "I've sent too much time wired in, I guess. Particularly now, livin' just below Cat's studio."

"I happen to love forbidden romance," Lynette says with a lift of her chin in mock snobbery. "Well, when you get famous you can wreck some hotel rooms and get caught with hookers or something. Do rock stars still do that sort of thing?"

"Oooh, maybe I should regale you with tales of my yonger years," Quinn remarks with a wink, even though she's not old at all. "Wreckin' hotel rooms, sure. I think hookers are more for Hollywood now. Though I don't really plan t' be messin' with them too much if I can help it. Not quite my thing," is said with a wider grin. "But wreckin' stuff? Well, with enough alcohol, I'm sure I'll make the tabloids at least a few times."

"Ah, they've migrated, I see," Lynette says with a sagely nod for the hookers. "Well, then I look forward to being able to tell tabloids that we always knew she was a rebellious sort, bound and determined to defy logic and reason at every turn. I mean, look at what become of my building, hmm?" She even gestures as if said building were right behind them. "I propose a story exchange next time, we'll have all the girls over to be entertained and scandalized."

"Hey, now, what is that supposed t' mean?" Quinn says with a laugh, peering at Lynette. "I promise I was nothin' but a perfect lady while I lived there!" That, of course, is a pretty big lie, but it's not like she's really trying to hide it. "Oh my, that sounds like a wonderful time. I haven't had a story time in a long time. Not like that, at least. I'll have Elaine make some cookies an' everything, it'll be a lotta fun."

"Perfect ladies don't make the news. Well, I suppose unless you're marrying a prince or something." Lynette chuckles, shaking her head, "Cookies. For goodness sakes, now I'm craving some. You tell Elaine to get better and get out there because I think there are some of us who haven't seen a cookie in months." But she picks up her coffee as she makes her way to stand. "I should get out of your hair. But like I said, I'll be around the city for a little while, so let me know if you need anything."

"Oh trust me, she'll love the idea of baking a huge order a' cookies for all the sick folks," Quinn replies with a laugh and a shake of ehr head. With that, she waves to Lynette, smiling at her. "Don't be a stranger, okay? Call me anytime you're in town. Makes me sad not t' see my friends terirbly often!" She leans back, a smile on ehr face as she looks ahead. She should be getting on to work, but eh. What's wrong with hanging out here for a little lunch beforehand?

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