Playing the Part


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Scene Title Playing the Part
Synopsis Sonny Bianco is trying to be Connor Kinney. Felix is an unexpected test. The doc does his best to sound like the person he's pretending to be.
Date February 22, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm

It's the first 'day on the job' so to speak for Dr. Connor Kinney. The people at the Farm were so grateful for the assistance that there was only a quick check of his credentials. Thanks to Hana, they'll hold up pretty well to scrutiny. So well that he was a little disappointed they didn't take a closer look.

The trailer set up as a clinic is kept fairly clean, though the facilities aren't as well-equipped as they could be. The doc is examining a young girl at the bed in the far end of the trailer. "Now just open your mouth and say 'aaah' for me? That's a good girl. Mmmm. Does it hurt to swallow? Sting a bit when your mom gives you orange juice?"

Fel is apparently not one of those agents who gets off on flashing his badge. He's fairly discreet about displaying the little leather wallet that has it. "My name's Felix Ivanov, I'm part of the NYPD's joint task force concerned with Evolved crimes. I'm just following up on the shooting that took place here some weeks ago. I'm looking for an Adriana Fantuzzi?"

Connor glances back to his patients, then over to Felix. He steps towards the man, hands in the pockets of his lab coat. He's doing a good job of pretending like he's never seen the FBI agent before. "I'm afraid I just started here. And patient records are confidential."

His stomach's flipping in knots. Despite how different he looks, he imagines Felix can see right through him.

"I'm not here to inquire about her medical history. I simply need to know if she's present. I've some questions I need to ask her, and I was told she works here from time to time," Felix says, patiently. "She's a registered nurse, I believe." He eyes Connor openly, head canted a little.

"All I can tell you is that I haven't worked with her yet. This is literally my first shift. Excuse me one moment." Connor goes to the mother and child and murmurs a few private words to her. He scribbles off a prescription and the address of another trailer - probably a black market pharmacy. Then mother and daughter stand and go for the door. The mother gives Felix a dark look. It's the look of a woman who feels abandoned by law enforcement.

"Why did you want to see her?" asks the doctor as he walks over to a small desk positioned at the far end of the clinic trailer.

"We're trying to figure out if there the crime was entirely random in terms of targets, or if the shooter'd had past contact with people here," Felix explains, face impassive, as he stands aside to let mother and child pass He cocks his head again, narrows his eyes faintly at Connor. "Have we met before?"

Connor looks Felix up and down as if he's really considering him. "I was about to say the same thing. But now I remember. You're the cop who got the award aren't you?" He looks down at a schedule on his desk and flips through. "She'll be in tomorrow morning. You can come by and talk to her then. I'm not at liberty to give out home addresses or contact information of employees. You understand."

Felix says, entirely deadpan, "I'm very proud of having won Best in Show." He doesn't seem terribly happy about that medal.

That statement interests Connor, not for the man he appears to be, but for the man he is. He looks at Felix for a long moment, then darts his gaze away and back to the files. "I'm afraid I can't help you beyond that, Agent Ivanov."

Felix doesn't go away, obligingly, like one might assume he would. In fact, he seems annoyingly inclined to loiter. "Were you present at the shooting?" Like it was a tea party, or something.

"No, like I said, today is my first day. I only know about it from the papers." Connor's starting to feel a little caged. He's not really ready to be meeting Felix with this identity. "I haven't spent much time around here."

""What've you heard about it? First day, huh?" Felix says, curiously. Still eyeing Connor thoughtfully, brow furrowed.

"I haven't heard anything. I've been busy sewing up wounds and treating sick kids. For people who don't have access to proper medical care. Now if you'll excuse me, officer, agent, whatever it is you like to be called, but I have patients to see." Hostility is not something that Sonny's used to - especially towards authority figures. It's rather freeing. Of course a guy like Connor Kinney would be defensive.

"And I'm trying to make sure that horrible event wasn't part of a soon-to-be larger pattern of violence against the Evolved, and I know there are a lot of them, Registered and not, here," Felix says, mildly. "Do me a favor. In your practice, ask your patients here who was present, and if they'd be willing to talk to the FBI. I'm not concerned about their registration status, I am not Homesec. I just want info."

"I'm sorry, Agent. People come here for care, not to be grilled. Spread the word around that you want people to talk, but I'm not going to screen people for you." Connor smirks. It's not the kindest expression. "Sending their Evolved golden boy down here smacks as a token effort to replace actually caring about this community. I don't think people are going to react very warmly." If this was Sonny Bianco saying this, that would be a very hypocritical statement - as he has just decided to climb out of his gilded cage.

Talk about a strike to a soft spot. Felix's expression chills several degrees. "Are you implying I'm here merely as some sort of publicity stunt?" he asks, tone frosty.

"Well, that all depends on you, doesn't it? Whether you actually make a difference or whether you wander around here, take a few statements, then disappear. And then this community is on its own again until something that is political comes up again." Sonny could never say these words, but Connor can. "I'd like you to leave now, Agent Ivanov."

Felix's nostrils flare, like a horse about to bite. But he merely nods, tightlipped, and turns to make his way out. The line of his back is stiff with repressed anger.

Once Felix is gone and he's left alone, Sonny allows himself to break character. He scrubs his face and takes a deep breath. This is harder than he thought it was going to be.

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