Playing The Sarcastic Little Sister


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Scene Title Playing The Sarcastic Little Sister
Synopsis After the confrontation between Luther and Richard, Kaylee attempts to get her brother to stop feeling sorry for himself.
Date May 22, 2018

Raytech NYCSZ Branch Office

There was a lot of noise and yelling.

Kaylee’s office sits on the same floor as her brother’s and so the sounds reach her even there. What!?! Her gaze goes to the door. She knew Luther had called Bob away for something important, though her bodyguard hadn't said why. It wasn't the first time so she didn’t think of it.

Then, suddenly there was the pounding of feet, yelling… what?? Kaylee sits still, listening. The hum of nearby minds seems to be abuzz with the chatter of a fight between two of Raytech’s management. In the wake of that rather loud confrontation, Kaylee finally goes to see what is up. Managing to see a rather pissed off Security Chief storm off from her brother’s office.

There is the briefest moment that she thinks about calling after him or following him, but her eyes turn instead to the office he left.

She knows to bring a few items. A towel, water, and an ice pack… maybe two. A bottle of aspirin is tucked into a pocket, before she heads across the office floor to the other office. Many eyes watching her.

The conditions of the door is a surprise. Brows lift a little with appreciation at Luther’s ability in action. So he wasn't just some heater, there was more to that man it seems.

However, she isn't there for that.

Gingerly, Kaylee steps over the door in a pair of modest heels and approaches Richard at his desk. “Okay…. pretty sure the whole floor heard that.” First aid items are dumped on his desk unceremoniously. “Mind telling me what the hell that was all about?” Her tone is concerned as she studies the damage done by Luther.

The ice pack, the water, all of it’s ignored as Richard just sits slumped back in his chair, staring mostly at the ceiling, the swelling definitely starting as bruising mottles the side of his face in purples and reds.

“I sent Luther downstairs to arrest Odessa Price,” he says quietly after a few moments, not looking away from the uncaring ceiling as he does so, “I don’t think he appreciated that I neglected to tell him about her ability, so she got away safely.”

“For being such a smart guy, you can be pretty dumb sometimes,” is Kaylee’s bland response, looking a touch disappointed.

Fingers are gentle as she turns his face a little to see how bad. The telepath gives a soft resigned sigh. “I can't believe you admitted to him that you knew what she did, after the fact.” A soft tsk and she turns to prepare an ice pack. “I’d say that was well deserved then.” As she speaks her tone is mild and calm, not upset, just factual.

Giving the pack a shake before offering to him, if he won't take it, she’ll hold it there for him, until he does.

“I don’t want to lie to my people, Kaylee,” says Richard, reaching out to accept the ice pack despite himself and pressing it against his face, his eyes closing as the chill bites against skin and muscle, “Lies of omission are bad enough, and I’d already omitted enough when it comes to him. He was… furious to find out her fully history. Betrayed.”

Quietly, “You don’t have to tell me I’m stupid sometimes, sis. I know. Failing people is what I’m best at.”

There is a huff of humorless amusement. “Failing people.” Kaylee’s head slowly shakes. “You two are a lot alike or maybe it is a guy thing.” The pill bottle is pulled out of her pocket and set on the desk next to the water.

“You get why he is mad right? Just like you, he cares about his people.” Arms crossed and leaning her hip against the edge of his desk, she continues, “He sees that omission as you putting his people and all of us at risk for Odessa. While you know her and know what she’ll do.” Her shoulders shrug. “He’ll realize it soon enough and with hope he’ll get over it. Though it might take time, I believe he had people he cared about killed by Humanis.” He wasn't the only one, but Kaylee couldn't get herself to place it on Odessa. She cared too much about the woman.

“He’s mad because he fought on the opposite side of the war from her,” says Richard, voice just slightly-muffled from the ice pack against his face, his eyes closed still, “And Hiro had him save her. And we asked him to stick out his neck for her. So he feels betrayed. I understand.”

“I failed him by putting him in this position,” he says quietly, “I failed her by being unable to protect her. And I failed Remi. I can save the world but I can’t protect the people I care for, Kaylee. I’ve never been able to.”

A hand comes up in a gesture to stop. “You failed Luther by not trusting him enough.” Kaylee points out. “He is doing a damn fine job and he is one hell of an asset. You just need to learn to trust more.”

“Remi was not your fault either,” she states firmly. “You we're not even here and you can't keep an eye on all of us all of the time. We didn't even know what or who the enemy was.” It was easy to play the blame game. She had wanted to blame herself for not being her brother, but her husband had been a wonder and support.

Leaning forward to make sure he is looking at her, she adds, “And you didn’t fail Des. I want you to put the out of your head right this moment.” Though in her opinion he wasn't thinking with his head.

Bending down, Kaylee picks up the news article about all the war criminals still at large. “When we took her in and gave her freedom… we knew it was going to be a risk and this could happen. We had things in place to protect us and the company.” Brushing off the paper, she sighs. “She didn't have to go get involved with Eve and get noticed.” The paper is slapped down on the desk. “And she didn't have to lie to us. I'm sorry… she didn't have to omit anything.” That was the word he used right?

“You didn't fail her, you did your best.” Looking back at Richard, she points out, “She failed herself.”

“I trust him. I didn’t tell him not because I didn’t trust him…” Richard sighs, shifting the ice pack against his face, “…I didn’t tell him because I needed him to react realistically. If Homeland Security finds out we’ve been knowingly sheltering her, all of Raytech is gone, little sister. We might as well pack up and go on the run ourselves.”

“We still don’t know who killed Remi,” he says quietly, “We knew there was danger, though. We should’ve put bodyguards on all the executives. Maybe we still should.”

“I try to make decisions for the good of everyone here, but…” He shakes his head a little, “Seems like all I do is fail people. Because I did, Kay, no matter how you want to pretty it up.”

Kaylee’s head shakes slowly and she chuckles, “God, Richard. You are stubborn.” Hands come up, giving up on this argument for now. “Fine. You failed everyone.” There is a mocking way that she says that, because she simply does not believe it.

Reaching over, Kaylee tugs at his hand to look at the bruising again, lips pressed together. “You should have medical make sure nothing is fractured.” Letting his hand go again, She sighs heavily. “So what now? Or do you want me to leave you to this pity party for awhile?”

“You know,” Richard’s nose wrinkles as she pulls his hand away, ice pack in it, “You don’t need to play the sarcastic little sister role that close to the hilt, Kaylee.”

He tips his head to the door, suggesting, “You should talk to Luther. He’s the one who’s going to need finesse to keep him… I wouldn’t be surprised if he was filling out a resignation letter right about now.”

“No. What I should be doing is slapping you upside the head, but Luther kinda beat me too it.” Kaylee smiles a little and says, “I know you don't like hear it, but you gotta stop this. Stop blaming yourself for all this and stop feeling sorry for yourself. How about instead, big brother, work on fixing it. Your a smart man and I have faith that you can.”

Stepping over she plants a sisterly kiss to the top of his head, “I’m sorry if hearing all this stings, but I love you and I hate seeing you like this.” Moving to leave, and pauses to tap the bottle of painkillers. “Make sure to take some, hmm?”

“There’s only so much I can fix, Kaylee,” says Richard with a sigh, pressing the ice pack against the side of his face, “I’m not your father. Or my mother. I’m just human here. I’ll do what I can, but you’d have better luck talking to him than I do.”

“Liz was always better at this than I was.”

“You are so much more capable then you are willing to see in yourself,” Kaylee comments softly. “I haven't dealt with Liz like I have you,” she offers. “I would have followed you and not her. That is even before we learned who we were.”

“And no, you might not be able to fix everything, but you also have people willing to help, if you’d let them.” Glancing at the door, there is a moment of thought. “I am pretty sure, Luther will be fine. Though, I think an apology from you would go a long way.” An apology for omitting things that is.

“You understand that nothing in life is black and white,” says Richard quietly, “Most people say they do, but they don’t. Not really. You can make hard decisions if you have to. Most people can’t. That’s why most of them followed Liz… and why they left when she was taken away.”

A grunt, “If he stays I’ll try and apologize. I already did, but, guess we’ll see.”

“Richard,” Kaylee starts with a touch of irritation, but then just sighs. “Nevermind.” A step, turn back, “No. You need to hear it.”

Hands go to her hips and his sister declares, “No one left you because Liz left. A war happened, Richard. A war. Shit like that changes people.” There may be some guilt in what she says next. “And what did we do? We listened to Dad and sat in a bunker, while they all fought a war and became different people.”

She motions to the blacked out window behind him. “Go out there and talk to them, cause they ain't goin” to come to you. Tell them what is up. Tell them about, Liz. Rally them. They don't have to be employed with us to be a part of this. Dad gave you a date and time is ticking.”

Kaylee gives a huff of frustration. Maybe she can already hear the thoughts in his head. “You know, I was brand new to the Ferry when I had to convince the likes of Raith and Teo to help me… someone who wasn't close to anyone, to rescue a man who I'm now married, too. They did it, ‘cause of who Joseph is.”

The wind blown out of her sails a little, Kaylee’s shoulder drop a little, “So what if they liked her better. Use it to your advantage.”

Thump. The ice pack’s tossed on the desk, and there’s a flicker of heat in Richard’s eyes again as he looks at her, and pushes himself to his feet; bruising darkened across his cheek, lip swollen where it was cut.

“Is that what you think we did,” he asks curtly, “Just hid in a hole while others died? They left me before the war, which you wouldn’t remember because you weren’t there— so don’t tell me they didn’t. We were a waystation, a supply stop, and we spread the news, morale, hope from that radio bunker. That’s more valuable than any gun on the field.”

“And you can’t sneer at your father’s plan in one breath and then tell me to follow it in the next, little sister,” he adds sharply, “I don’t want to fight another war, god damn it. I want to help Barney build a fucking farm in Jackson Heights, I want Warren building new power technologies to get the city’s lights back on reliably, I want Des down in the lab coming up with a way for Valerie to walk, I want to work on building a better future. I don’t want one covered in fucking blood! Not again!”

He abandons the desk, walking over to the window and staring out of it, saying more quietly, “I’m tired of being a fucking gun in your father’s hand. I just wanted to build something. To make something I could be proud of. To prove I wasn’t that asshole that everyone compares me to.”

“No. Your right. I wasn't there, I was half dead and pregnant,” Kaylee admits. “I feel guilty for walking away, but I was tired and of felt like the right thing, but now — ” It was a lame excuse and she knew it.

“And do you think I don't want those same things?” Kaylee sounds just as irritated, but at who? “This company is something amazing. I even went back to school for it. Not just that, I have a family, Richard. I want to see my kids grow up and I want to grow old with, Joseph.” There is clearly a ‘but’ in those words. “But life sucks and it seems like we can’t escape it. I swear it is like we just can’t.”

“Look,” Kaylee says softly, moving to stand next to him, looking at his reflection. “I don't want to be my father’s toy either,” a smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. “I’ve done a lot of not listening to him, except where family is concerned. So you don't want to be his gun don’t. Just be ready for the scars that will come with it.” She has plenty mental and physical.

“No matter what you decide, I'm here.” Kaylee touches his arm briefly, a light touch. “Family first always.”

A hand lifts, briefly covering hers, though Richard doesn’t look away from the window. “You know I can’t just stand by,” he says tiredly, “Just like he does. Did. Whatever. Family first, but…”

He shakes his head a little, “We do what we have to. I guess Rickham was right.”

“We can rest when we’re done.”

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