Please Be Here For Me


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Scene Title Please Be Here For Me.
Synopsis Seems Mortimer didn't die in the explosion, he's sitting on Cassidy's couch. He's come to say good bye for now.
Date June 25, 2009

Cassidy's Apartment

It's hard to say how Mortimer escaped the explosion, but he definitely did. The majority of the Locos were killed, and their leader is no where to be found, so it's hard to say what the remaining members will do. But for now, he's just sitting on Cassidy's couch, completely exhausted, his legs covered in bullet wounds and bleeding on her floor. His prosthetic is gone, even the attachment part, his jacket too. He appears to be completely weaponless at the moment, and his shirt is tattered, so clearly there was something to the news reports.

Strangely enough as Cassidy approaches her door she knows who she's gonna find on the other side. Searching through her keys as fast as she can, her own emotions swirl with surprise and a touch of fear. When that door finally swings open Cassidy can't hide the look of surprise on her face. "Mortimer?" She manages to say finally. Glancing down the hall she hurries inside and shuts the door, trying to ignore the nagging in the back of her mind. Turning back around she faces him. "I thought you were… dead?" Reports from the destruction of the building were vague at best, but she had been trying to find out about him since she found out the Loco's were involved.

"I'm alive." Mortimer says in a pained tone, not moving his legs, because that hurts. He's too sane at the moment for it to not hurt. "I quit, Cassidy. No more crime, no more fighting crime, none of this stuff I've been doing, I just quit. I'm gonna get help, try to get back to my old self, maybe I'll even turn myself in, but I don't wanna risk being away from you for life. I just know I wanna be normal, and do normal things with you."

Pain? Cassidy's eyes drops to his legs. "Shit.. You should be in a hospital." She doesn't go near him yet, she hurries past him into the hall, to the bathroom. He can hear her rummaging around in her cabinets, "What the hell were you thinking anyhow?!?" She yells from the bathroom, he can feel her anger bleeding through.

"Some British guy told me it was a secret organization that holds Evolved prisoner. There were a lot of Evolved in there, I know he was telling the truth. And someone brought me documents, explaining the facility and the types of powers I might run into. I brought 'em for you." He reaches behind himself, then pulls out a folder and a thumb drive, before resting back on the couch again. "I thought I was doing something good, but, that's the last time, I'm not doing anything like that anymore. I'll get therapy, medication, anything, I just wanna have a normal relationship with you and not lead a gang."

With first aid kit in hand and a few other items, Cassidy comes out and drops down to sit on the coffee table across from him. Laying everything on the table next to her she studies him with a small frown. "If it wasn't for the fact I can tell your telling truth, I wouldn't believe you." Her eyes move over him assessing the damage. "It was stupid and idiotic…That's what it was.." Standing suddenly she leans over to kiss him, making sure not to put any weight on any part of him that's injured. "Glad your alive though."

"Cassidy, I'm sorry I turned out like this, you deserve better, that's why I wanna change." Mortimer lays his head back on the couch after she kisses him, sighing deeply. "I think I have some bullets in my legs, it hurts, a lot." Looking down at her again, he asks, "Are you gonna help me? I mean, even if I don't turn myself in, are you gonna help me be normal again?"

"I know you want to change." She brushes a hand against his cheek, before pulling away. Cassidy takes the documents as she sits back down on the coffee table, flipping though it some of it before putting it aside. There is a pained expression at his words, a hand combing through her hair. She's conflicted. She made a promise… but.. "A lot of people got killed, I should be turning you in." Something flutters at the back of her mind and she closes her eyes. "Shit.." Picking up a pair of scissors, Cassidy scoots forward on the coffee table, readying herself to start cutting open his pant legs. "God your a mess. Need to get you patched up and out of her before Coren decides to come here himself."

"They were bad people, but, it's the last time. No more secrets, just me and you." Mortimer reaches down, gently running his fingers through her hair as he tries to relax and let her work. "I don't know what you wanna call what we have, but I just don't need anything in my life anymore, I don't need all the thrills and excitement, I have you. Er, that didn't come out right, but you know what I mean."

"Still shouldn't have done it." Cassidy chides softly, though her voice is void of any anger. She had a hard time staying mad at the man, damn weakness. Carefully she peels the bloody jean fabric from his leg. "Damn Mortimer.. You need a doctor." Pulling the med kit close to her she starts pulling out gauze and opening the peroxide. "This is going to sting," she murmurs as she starts soaking some pads. As she starts tryinig to clean blood away from one of the wounds she sighs. "I don't know what to call it either.. Anyone that's found out about us, has completely flipped their lid about it." A smile touches her lips as he stumbles. "And yes, I know what you mean."

Mortimer groans when she actually starts working on the wounds, but mostly tries to keep his reactions suppressed so he doesn't distract her. "I know criminal doctors in Staten, I just need you to make sure I won't bleed to death or something. And, I just want you to know, when I'm on medication and perfectly sane, I'm still gonna be great in the sack. You don't have to be insane to be good at that."

At first, she can't help but chuckle, but then Cassidy stops suddenly, hunching over and pressing her arms against her head. "Don't…. just.. don't talk about that." Eyes close as she tries to think of anything else but their time in bed together, or else her partner is going to see what was going through her head. "At least not right now… Let me get you patched up." She takes a deep breath and straightens. "I… need to tell you something." Her touch is gentle as she wipes away blood. "Something happened.. And your probably either going to laugh.. or hate me."

"I'm not quite sane yet, so if you're confessing to cheating on me, I'll probably throw him into an elaborate mechanical torture device, just warning you." Mortimer doesn't sound too serious, as he clearly trusts her a bit more than that. There's a wince at more wiping, but he simply nods. "Go ahead."

"No.. not cheating, but it could complicate things between us." Cassidy gives him a sad smile. When a wound starts to ooze suddenly, she grabs some gauze and presses it gently. Nodding to it she says. "Put pressure on that." Once he's got it she works on finishing up the cleaning. "After we were…. intimate the other day, I came back to the hotel. Coren was standing there waiting…" Tossing the bloody gauze next to her, she picks up a roll of gauze and some pads and starts bandaging him up. "He /saw/ through my mind what we were doing." As she says that, her cheeks flush and she can't seem to look Mortimer in the face.

"And boy were we intimate." Mortimer quickly adds right after she says it, then starts applying pressure to the wound, which causes a spike of pain before she starts bandaging it. "Fucking knew that guy was psychic. Funny as hell when you really think of the moments where he woulda got extreme closeups. Man, I wanna see that guy's face. My mood's a hell of a lot better now, thanks." He can barely stop chuckling to himself, forgetting the wounds for now.

Cassidy swats his good arm, but can't help but grin. "Knock it off.. I don't want to give him nightmares." Winding another bandage in place she shakes her head. "It's not him that's Psychic.. It's me. There seems to be a flaw to my ability." She frowns a bit as she tries to explain. "We got into a big fight about it.. and then… Well something happened and things got worse. Like right now… He knows your here.. That's why we gotta get you done and out of here."

"Just, when you see him again, tell him I said 'Money shot'." Mortimer says before a sudden burst of laughter, then groans in pain as he accidentally moves his legs wrong. "I know a few places I can go to. Just, when I get back, I'll be a lot better. Please be here for me, alright? I'm really gonna need you."

Last bandage in place, Cassidy sits back and gives him that 'Your weird' look. "I'm not telling my partner that. Sorry." Climbing to her feet, she doesn't say anything right away. She moves to settle on the couch next to him carefully. "I can't promise anything, Mortimer." Reaching for his hand she says, "But I'll be here when you get back. If by time you get back, if we're still in this place we are now.. We'll see where it goes." There is a sad smile and she looks up at him. "You know how to reach me, so if you ever need to write me.. talk to me… Anything. Your more then welcome too."

"Hey, don't talk like I'm saying goodbye, I'm just going to, well, better boyfriend school. I'll be back in no time." Mortimer slowly stands to stand, groaning again, but not reaching for support. He's got a long way to go like this, may as well get used to it. "You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Cassidy."

Climbing to her feet as well, Cassidy gives him a sad smile. A part of her thinks of this as a good bye. There is too much going against them to think otherwise. "I still think your crazy to think that. I still think there is a better person out there for you." She reaches for hm then, wrapping arm around him gently in a hug. "Take care of yourself, Mortimer. I'm gonna miss you, you crazy stalker." There is a slight catch in her voice as she realizes she is actually going to miss him.

"I'll be back, but, if you think there's someone who can make you happy, well, don't let me hold you back, alright? I care about you too much to make you miserable and lonely, for however long I'll be gone." Mortimer wraps his arms around her, pain be damned, then leans in to give her a deep, passionate kiss, before slowly pulling back. "We'll be fine, Cassidy."

Cassidy leans into that kiss, hand moving to frame his face as she returns that kiss, which is tough since there is someone else there in her head protesting. When it finally breaks, tears slide down her cheek even as she gives him a smile. "Yeah. I'm sure we'll be fine." Stepping back, she motions at the door. "Get going you, before you really make me cry."

"When you see me again, I'll be a normal upstanding citizen." Mortimer grins back at her, gives a slight wave, then simply exits without another word. She can feel it, on the other side of the door, suppressing his own urge to break down into tears at the thought of this being it.

When the door shuts behind him, Cassidy drops onto the couch and buries her faces in her hands, it's hard to feel those emotions from him mixing with her own and not cry. She'd have to apologize to her partner later, she just simply could not say anything. Everyone needs hope when they try to change for the better.

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