Please Don't Let It Be



Scene Title Please Don't Let It Be
Synopsis Something Irks abby, till she tries putting some pieces together. Quite possibly she's succeeded, and quite possibly, she wishes she hadn't.
Date March 2, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Liz's Livingroom

The couch at Liz's place was getting a workout. her parents took the master bedroom if only because it's proximity to a bathroom would make things easier on Doreen, Jared took the spare bedroom and Abigail when she stayed over, took up the couch. Another restless and sleepless night for the blonde, but not in part to nightmares this night, or her irregular sleeping schedule that gets her about 5-6 hours a night.

It's the tapping of her keyboard, searching through the catabase files. Really, it had been Hiro leaving and thereby things flying back into motion post temporal freezing. The headlines of the paper had stuck with her in the aftermath of the situation. It had been on her mind, in the back of it and muddling around the rest of her shift and the rest of the day along with everything else. She'd asked teo to get her a copy of the Catabase. She still had the one that cat had installed on her computer out in Russia, had flicked through it after work and when the Sicilian had come through for her, there was a mental memo made to get him something. Her anger at the man was waning, and though they still hadn't had that talk, some day they'd get around to it. Sooner rather than later likely.

The catabase was confusing, hard to navigate but eventually, success. There it was. Strain 128. She had the newspaper laid out in the table and started firing off instructions for her laptop to print off the stuff from the catabase on the file. More searching even as things printed, data transmitted down the cord from the shiny pink mac to the printer. Newer stuff, the pictures and files that Rebel had hidden behind pictures. newspaper reports about the rise of the h1n1, now h5n10 as of tonight, that was afflicting evolveds.

Really, why had no one thought about this before? the printer button was hit again and more papers spit out in the dim light of the room. Someone shuffled off to the bathroom, a toilet flushing somewhere in the apartment but no one saw fit to disturb the source of the glowing blue light in the livingroom.

A table lamp is turned on and Abigail starts to lay out the pictures one by one, frowning as she goes with lips pursed, then sucking her lower lip in and chewing. Not right. Not right at all. She grabs two of the images, pulling them side by side with a deeper frown. The images of the Shanti virus, strain 128, ones on file, ones picked up from the depths of the catabase were slid side by side, then the rebel image of Shanti. Abigail looks between the two, frowning again. This was not right. Not in the least. Not the same strain, that was obvious, if it was, it would be identical. But there were similarities as if… 128 were probably a relative. "Shouldn't be" The blonde murmurs at the pictures.

How many illnesses afflicted Evo's specifically? She knew of only one.

She knew of one, which provokes a glance down to her own arms before she gives in to a slight moment of panic. Who to take this to? Can't take it to Parkman, maybe she could. She could. But who else? Phoenix? No. She didn't know what they'd do with it. Ferry, she knew some of the children had been inoculated, but was that with a batch prior to this one? It came down to the inoculations, Abby was sure of it. Suddenly so happy she didn't opt to take that inoculation when she'd had to go through all the vaccinations before signing up for class. Not that she was evolved, so… it wouldn't affect her it seems.

The pictures were gathered up, slid into a manila file folder and the laptop closed with a clap.

"Please don't let it be"

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