Please Learn To Ask For A Lawyer


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Scene Title Please Learn To Ask For A Lawyer
Synopsis Elisabeth goes to pay Abby a visit and tell her to shut her trap, darn it!
Date January 8, 2009

Niki's Apartment

The phone call to Niki's place comes to Niki's phone … and Elisabeth is casual with the greeting. Confirming that she and Niki have plans for the weekend. And then she says, "Abby mentioned she was staying with you, so that'll be good… I may stop off this morning and talk to her and another friend, Jessica, before I go to work. I'll see you Sunday, though, Niki." IE… hint, hint, don't let Niki know she's actually coming this morning, Jessica. The knock on the door comes not more than two minutes later. The security in the building is nonexistant.

Abby's been actually maybe half an hour back, to Niki's apartment. She had to wait for Sonny so she could save a doctors visit and money to have the stitches taken out and shes quietly setting about to getting ready to sleep. Futon's coming later in the day, before they have to work, so her sleeping bag's laid out and pillows, ready to cushion Abigail for a few hours of shut eye. Flannel PJ's, socked feet, she's puttering in the bathroom after showering and brushing her teeth when the door is knocked on.

7 AM still had Niki in bed, which is good, since it makes it a little easier to pass it off away from Niki. Jessica stands, and gets out of the bed, heading for the door. She's getting a little miffed at the whole "secret dropped messages." She's in simple pajamas, as she reaches the door and opens it.

"Sorry, Jessica… I hated doing that, but you don't want Niki awake for this." Elisabeth doesn't usually do that kind of stupid crap, but she didn't know how else to make SURE Niki wasn't around. She steps into the apartment. "I don't really need you at all, either… I'm about to have a conversation with your new roommate, though, that could get a little ugly." She's not playing around today. She's dressed severely — black slacks, dark emerald blouse, black blazer… shoulder holster beneath, badge on her belt, all beneath her outdoor black wool coat. And she looks… miffed.

Jessica looks back. "You're right. If you decide to have a confrontation with my new roommate, that could get a little ugly." It's very matter-of-fact. She steps to the side, though to let Elisabeth in.

Elisabeth at the door? Abby comes out of the bathroom, brushing her teeth, white foam at the corners of her mouth, toothbrush in hand as she comes around the corner. "Elisabeth? Whats wrong?"

Elisabeth slants Jessica the Eye and says, "Stay out of it. I won't put my hands on her, so it's all good." She looks at Abby and says, "You and I need to have a conversation, Abigail. Go spit." She's never used that kind of tone with Abby — she's always been gentle, and she's treated Abby quite like a little sister. Well, this is big sis all peeved and such right now.

Jessica waits, crossing her arm, and leaning back. Conveniently, it's against the door. She's not involved. Not yet. But she watches to make sure there isn't anything that's going to get her involved.

"yes ma'am" Abby's wary suddenly, and does an about face. It takes a moment or two. finish brushing, rinse her mouth but she comes back out. "What's … wrong?"

"In the last two days, I have been called to the scene of a Phoenix biohazard *and* been called on the carpet by my boss for knowing too much about what the hell's going on in this city, up to and including knowing Wu-Long's and Ethan's name. You wanna tell me what the HELL you were thinking to name-drop in my captain's office?" Elisabeth's brows are drawn together and her hands are shoved in her pockets so that she doesn't pace. The best part is that she can convey her anger and frustration without bothering to shout.

Niki looks more amused than anything. "Play with fire and you're going to get burned." She comments idly. "If you don't want to get in trouble for knowing things you shouldn't, then maybe you shouldn't keep them secret."

"Harvard" Now she knows why. "If I knew it, I figured you knew it. It was recent information. He wanted to know who your informant was, and I told him that I didn't know. Maybe it was Ivanov. Ivanov's dead" Supposedly, but she's not going to say otherwise. "Dead men can't speak" There's a thoroughly guilty look on the younger woman's face. "He called me in to ask about why I got shot, and then he started interrogating me again and asking questions about Sylar and friends. I told him what I knew and he didn't believe that I knew it because I went into a room and healed eileen. He .. latched into you. No one elses"

Elisabeth looks at Jessica and says, "You should maybe pay close attention — because this biohazard? Your bosses might want to know about it too. The Volken group — Wu-Long and those assholes — are prepping to drop a biological weapon on New York City that targets Evolved genes and will wipe all of us the hell out. Maybe they should get off their asses and be looking into it too. There *is* no keeping THAT kind of shit secret. It's too big for one small resistance to deal with." She turns her eyes back to Abby. "Don't give him any more information. At all. Con and I will cover for it all this time. In the future, you tell him that unless he's arresting you, you're not telling him ANYTHING else. He's got nothing on you, he can't hold you — you're registered. The WORST he could try is to hold you as a material witness, and we have a lawyer who will have you out in the blink of an eye. Just keep telling him you know NOTHING."

"That kind of a threat and you're trying to deal with it through the police? That's a good way to write your ticket out. You're going to need something better than that."

Abby just nods dumbly. It's not like she has to deal with cops often. SHe's a generally pretty good woman with no need to run into the law. "yes Ma'am" Answered quietly, a look to Jessica.

Elisabeth blows out a breath — she's not livid at Abby, but she's definitely under stress. And now that she's vented to Abby about not keeping her mouth shut, it seems to ease a little bit. "Don't give him anything else to hang me with, please?" she says more gently. "Just clam up and if he keeps giving you shit, call Cat." Then she looks at Jessica wearily. "No, I'm NOT trying to deal with it through the police. WHich is what's got me up Shit Creek with no paddle," she tells Jessica. "HomeSec has their hands in it, Phoenix is dealing with some of the street level stuff, and I don't have a fucking clue where to go from there. And I don't trust the Company." She grimaces. "Hell, for all I know, Volken's group *is* the damn Company. He was an FBI agent for a while," she divulges to the blond. Paranoid much? "The biohazard the other night was people in a freight container that we beleive to be the incubators of the virus. If you're still in touch with anyone who *can* help out there…. Jessica, it's bigger than *all* of us. We're all gonna die. And in this case, it really is 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. At least for the short term."

Jessica listens, looking interested. "The only biological weapon I'm aware of is the whole cherry cobbler virus. And I don't know anything about it in connection to people in freight containers."

Far over her head. Abby's really not kept in the loop other than to get called to get her ass somewhere and heal. So for now the woman remains silent, though she's really contemplating sticking her fingers in her ears and singing lalalalalala.

Elisabeth eyes Jessica. "What the hell is a cherry cobbler virus?"

Jessica looks back to both. "It hit the news, I thought. The whole rage-dementia virus. Or, as it's being colloquially called, the cherry cobbler virus. Evolved people going nuts, berserk in the street, before they dissolve into puddles of goo?"

Yup, now she's doing that, sticking her fingers in her ears and shuffling off to the bathroom and closing the door.

Elisabeth grimaces. "Yeah, okay. Never mind. Tried to block it out because I didn't want to be a puddle of good — the mental imagery sucks." She shakes her head. "Do what you want with the information, Jessica. But *don't* bring my name into it." She realizes she's just put herself in a position that could be far far more problematic later, but well… the survival of the human race seems a little more important. "I'd be much obliged for any kind of lead you might wind up with if you *do* find out anything." She keeps her hands in her pockets and turns to head back toward the door. "Get some sleep, you two." She raises her voice so Abby can hear her. "Abby, be careful out there. That target on your back's getting bigger and bigger." Sylar alone is a horrific threat, and she's kind of glad Abby's with Niki/Jessica. And then she grins just a little with her hand on the doorknob. "Might wanna be careful about what Gina's up to, too — she seems to be the 'get laid and ignore the rest of the world' type. Thinkin' Niki wouldn't appreciate it much if she wakes up in a strange guy's bed."

Jessica looks back. "You realize I'd sell you out if I had to." she says it dryly as she looks to Elisabeth. "You know, it might be a little bit of a deal with the devil…but you might want to talk to Linderman." she suggests.

"Oh the target is so big you couldn't imagine" Abby's not about to tell Elisabeth that at least she knows she's not going to die a terrible horrible death, at least, not at the hands of sylar. She's come back out of the bathroom, you can't hide from someone who controls sound and slips her flannel'd ass into her sleeping bag. She's been reprimanded enough today, and possibly get a friend .. arrested? Herself arrested? She's going to behave.

Elisabeth smiles a bit at Jessica. "If you *had* to, yeah…. I wouldn't expect less. You think I wouldn't turn your ass in if I needed to? I have enough on you to make that a good trade if I ever needed it. But so long as it costs Niki nothing to keep me out of it, I also know you'll do it." Just like Liz'll keep Niki out of it. She has no illusions about Jessica's priorities. When Abby comes back out, she nods to the younger woman. "See you later," she says quietly. And then she lets herself out.

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