Please Liz Pick Up


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Scene Title Please Liz Pick Up
Synopsis Aric and Abby meet under less than delightful circumstances that involve emergency calls to Liz and the need for a new bathroom.
Date September 10, 2010

Blue Moon Cafe

The Blue Moon Cafe and Book Store is a bit slow today, and Aric let Philip go home early because all she could think about was her paper due next week. Her thoughts were giving him a head ache. At this time there is currently no one in the store, yet the open sign is still displayed. The lingering smell of homemade chocolate brownies fill the air mixed with the added smells of the herbs and scents of the store.

Aric is just in front of his counter. He is currently clad in a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt that reads in gold letters across his chest, "Got Milk?" and he is barefoot. I guess that really doesn't matter at the time because Aric is in a hand stand, his eyes are closed, and he is breathing deeply.

Don't ignite

He hears it before he can ever hear Abigail's hand slapping down on the door, rushing in.

Don't ignite, please don't ignite

Abigail's rushing in, dropping her bag inside the door, sweater soon following. "I'msosorrybutdoyouhaveabathroomthatIcanuseIpromisethatIwillbuysomething" Is what comes out of the pink mouth of the blonde who's made her way into the store. Sweat on her forehead, soaking her shirt where her hand digs down the front with a sound of velcro releasing and a little round edged triangular piece of electronics is plucked into sight and tossed onto her bag.

please don't ignite

Aric hasn't met Abigail yet, can't know that she's part of endgame if just around the edges. "I really need to use your bathroom" My Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of Thee. Thou and Thou alone knowest my needs. Thou lovest me more than I am able to love Thee. O Father, grant unto me, Thy servant, all which I cannot ask. For a cross I dare not ask, nor for consolation; I dare only to stand in Thy presence. My heart is open to Thee.

As he is slammed with the on slaught of thoughts, Aric was not ready for it as he falls down out of his hand stand in a mess. He looks up at the woman from his spot on the floor and says with a chuckle, "Ummmm…yeah."

Aric bring a hand to his head and wrinkles his nose, "You don't have to buy anything…it's ok. It's just in the back down that hallway. Help yourself." Aric begins to make an attempt to stand as he runs a hand through his long locks and says, "It's ok…do your thing." His eyes move from Abby to the Fire Extinguser curiously before back to Abby.

She doesn't miss it. The look to the fire entinguisher. Oh lord I hope I don't burn his place down, matt'll kill me. Stupid idiot. She doesn't wait for him to either make a move for it, just stampedes down the hall that he points to, disappearing from sight with a thump from her hands on the door and then slam from it closing. Ohlordpleasenodonotmakemeburnhisplacedown

The sound of running water soon follows.

As he brings a hand to his head, Aric mutters softly, "Shit." He moves to the fire entinguisher and unhooks it off the wall and sets it at the hall way entrance as he pulls out his cell phone from his jean pocket. He pulls one of the chairs to hide the item yet a place where he knows it is in case she returns without a challenge. He presses a few button's on the phone and looks down the hallway as he whispers, "Liz be home."

As he closes his eyes, Aric extends his senses out to their maxium range and does his best to scan Abby's mind to see what she is doing in the bathroom. He does not do it in a perverted sense but more like…she better not have gasoline or matches.

Splashing herself with water, is what she's doing. Down to a tanktop, bent over a sink with water going full blast as much as it can. A loosing battle though, and if the mental and verbal "Oh lord I'm so sorry" is any clue, there's another not so comforting sounds from the bathroom. He can't see it, but he can smell it, the smoke at first that comes from her clothes lighting up followed by the rest of her as anything within five feet catches too, the blonde curling down and in on herself as much as possible in the vain hopes that it would limit the amount of damage done. With luck, maybe he'll clue in when his store is burning and bring the fire extinguisher.

It happens though, five seconds later, with a scream and implosion of flame. Aric's left with an unintentional guest and extreme heat battering at his bathroom walls.

As Liz's voice touches his ears, Aric releases his senses from Abby's mind and says softly into the phone, "Oh thank god your home. I think I have an evolved in the sto…" Aric stops speaking as he turns his head towards the bathroom. "Fuck my life….Liz…fire…" He drops the phone as it slams against the hard wood floor and breaks in half.

Aric does not seem to card at this time as he is running down the hallway, fire extinguser in hand as he swoops it up from behind the chair. Aric kicks open the door with his barefoot and blinks as he is taken in by the sight. He stares for a moment before he snaps out of his daze and begins to hose down the bathroom with the fire extinguser doing his best to stop the fire before it does too much damage.

It's like the sun got turned into a human being, and that human is crouched a few inches off the ground. The heat coming off of her great, like a hearth fire cranked up, the tiles beneath her feet cracked and blackened, paint on walls peeling from her presence. Oh god i'm burning your store I'm so damned sorry please do not call the cops, don't call the cops, spray me down, please be a smart person and spray me down

As he turns the hose on her, Aric says, "Relax…calm down. I am not gonna call the cops…relax. I am sure it will shut off…take a few dep breaths." Aric cringes in pain and normal human fear from the on slaught of heat as he closes his eyes, "Please relax…this store is my life. I will not call the cops…just….relax." He is not Matt and can not force his will onto someone….yet. He does his best to put out the flame and put her at ease.

Relax. She can't help but silently laugh a fraction of a second before the chemicals leave the red container and start to hit her. Everyone tells her to relax but they can't possibly fathom how funny that is, unless they were in her shoes. Calming only makes her seem to burn hotter. Not right now though.

Chemicals coat her, flames trying to resist, Abigail turning in spot despite how uncomfortable the foam makes her. When half of her is covered, white replacing the vision searing image she was before, patchily skin starts to reappears and within moments, he's left with the blonde that came running in before, just sans clothing save for a suit of chemical foam. Out of breath, shaking and very much unhappy with herself.

Aric looks down at the woman and says softly, "It's ok. Close your eyes and think of a happy place." Aric sees the phone broken in two is still connected as he moves to the clam shell phone. He crouches down on his hands and knees and does not touch it. "I got her out. She is fine…you might want to get over here. I don't know what to do. If my phone dies it's broken in half on the floor." Aric turns and yells, "Call the store phone." He moves back towards the bathroom.

Think of a happy place, think of some place other than some person lifeblood that she has just burned the bathroom of. "Oh Lord, I am so sorry" Shaking her head, ass meeting the floor and kneels up, arms wrapped around, hide anything sensitive. "I am so sorry and I will pay for your bathroom, I promise, I have the money, I will pay for it to be redone, just, please, don't call the cops, I don't… I can't get caught, please" Blue eye strained on Aric as he's coming back down the hall. "I don't know who you had on the phone but please, don't let them know it was me who did this. I will pay for everything"

Call the store phone. Oh for God's sake. Whatever he was hollering, she at least caught that much. So Elisabeth, getting her butt in gear as soon as the call came in practically, is picking up the keys to a vehicle when he shouts about calling the store phone. He's all in one piece, though, and that's what matters. As she climbs into the car she's going to take, she hangs up on the far end and dials the store's number.

As he returns to the doorway, Aric looks down at Abby sees the fact she burnt off her clothes off. The man pulls off his shirt and reveals his muscular body underneath and holds the shirt out to Abby and says, "She is a friend…she will not…trust me. She is a friend to all evolved. I am not going to call the cops."

The man says, "Just take a deep breath. It's ok." Aric runs down the hallway to give Abby a moment alone to put on his t-shirt as he says, "What's your name?" He turns the open sign to closed, and then runs back to grab the phone. "One sec Liz….I am fine…scared…and so is she…" Aric stays out in the hall and lets her come out on her own accord.

"Abigail" By the time he turns the sign, she's got the t-shirt on, put on properly and making her way up to her feet, seeing how far down the shirt will go to cover things. "Really, you can't tell anyone, you really can't" SHe misses the name of Liz on the phone, or she doesn't register that it's also her Liz. She comes to the hall, looking behind her to the bathroom with a cringe, "Really, I'm fine, i just lost control, and I'm terribly sorry, I need to call a friend, see if she can pick me up some clothes, or there's my car, outside, if you could just… get my keys from my bag, I got a uniform in there that I can wear"

As Aric keeps the phone to his chest, "Abigail. That is a beautiful name. My name is Aric. Please…come out of there in case anything breaks or falls. Come and sit down. I get you something to drink and you can call who ever you need too. Let me just tell my friend I am ok…" Aric turns pulls out one of the chairs from the table as he turns on a heel towards the kitchen. He brings the phone to his ear and says, "Liz? You there? I am fine but not sure what to do. The woman is scared out of her mind and has made it clear not to call the cops. I told her I wouldn't. She didn't mean to lose control I think…her mind was racing and very loud."

She just burned his bathroom. Short of doing carnal things with herself for for him, she's going to do what he asks, if only because the guilt is just pouring off of her, not having clued in yet that he's a telepath or who exactly is on the other end of his business phone. She jsut pulls the back end of the shirt down as far as she can get it, so she can sit on a chair in his place, legs crossed at the ankles and quiet. Liz would know that posture. If she had a tail, it'd be between her legs and she'd be slinking away.

"It sounds like you've got it under control. I'm on my way but it's going to take me a few minutes. Unless you don't think you need me anymore?" Elisabeth says as she deals with the traffic in Manhattan. It's getting close enough to curfew that people are sort of driving like idiots.

"She seems a bit shaken. Might be best if she had a girl's perspective or something…" Aric in the kitchen chuckles, "I am gay…not a girl." He is mixing her a cool mango ice tea filled with ice. He turns as he pauses, "I know its close to curfew…you can stay here if need be…I just want someone else here. I will see you when you get here." Aric walks back out into the cafe area as he hangs up the phone and says, "My famous mango ice tea. The real slices of mango inside the ice tea give it the tint of sweetness. If you want…you can call your friend. I would be more comfortable if you had someone here you knew." Aric places the phone and the ice tea before the woman.

"Thank you" Southern tones not so deep as when she first came in and wheezey. The phone is picked up, the same number that Aric just dialed is input and she waits with eyes downcast for Liz to pick up, hope that she picks up and hasn't been banished back to Sarisa's frontline hideyhole. "Thank you very much, for the drink, really your hospitality after I just blew up your bathroom" It's like smoke inhalation, only he doesn't know what she's come to learn, it's from the foam when it hit her. Please liz pick up.

She has barely hung the phone up before it rings again, and Elisabeth still has the bluetooth in her ear as she glances down. "What happened now?" she demands, thinking she's speaking to Aric on the other end. "I don't have a siren anymore, but I can get there faster if you need."

When Abby's thought hits him, Aric cocks his head to the side. He takes a step back with a perplexed look on his face as he runs a hand through his hair. Aric remains silent as Aric reaches out to touch Abby's mind in an attempt to hear who is on the phone.

"I just burned a man's bathroom in his bookstore" No introduction needed. "I couldn't stop in time, I didn't get to water in time, I need you to stop by my place and pick me up some clothes unless you happen to have some in your car" Aric's address rattled off. "He says he's not gonna call the cop Elisabeth but…" But who knows in this city. "Please tell me you are somewhere near here. I really don't wanna go ruin a uniform"

Oh, "Jesus Christ," Elisabeth swears. There's a screech of brakes and a series of horns honking on her end of the phone, along with a couple of "motherfucker!" whispers. And then she takes a deep breath and says, "Abby, calm down, I'm already on my way. Aric just called me. Introduce yourself, okay? I've got workout gear in the car anyway, so you can use that." Keeping a spare set of clothes in her car became a habit after a couple of crime scenes left blood on her and she had to buy new clothes.

As he begins to laugh outloud, Aric stops listen and begins to shake his head, "Abby…my name is Aric Gibbs. You and I have the same friend….Liz or you know her as Elisabeth." Aric runs a hand through his hair and drops his voice, "I will really not call the cops on your now…why? Because I am a telepath…you and I are similar." Aric sits down on the floor and begins to laugh to himself softly laying down as he seems he is finally able to relax and does not seem so scared.

"Oh my lord" There's red cheeks, but no flame will be following. "Well I just done made a fool out of myself" Abigail goes to pull the phone away, a glance to him as he lays down, declaring himself a telepath, and activly tries to dampen her own thoughts. Working with peter when he had telepathy, she knows how much of a screamer she can be. Mentally. "Is… he one of Richards?"

"He's one of ours, babe," Elisabeth confirms with a faint grin on the other end. The distinction is perhaps subtle, but there's an element of ownership in Endgame that Elisabeth has staked out since Antarctica, and while Cardinal may be the brains of the chess game, it doesn't make it entirely his in her mind. "I'll be there in less than fifteen, okay? Sit tight. We'll get you home before curfew. In the meantime…. six degrees of separation my butt. You have the darndest knack for finding the right people, Abigail." A talent that Elisabeth is regularly grateful for, considering the trouble magnet that her friend also is.

As he lets out a few deep breaths, he does notice her mind is no longer screaming. Aric sits up, running a hand over his bare stomach and says, "She telling I am one of Cardinals I am assuming. Your have quieted your mind. So I can't hear you any more…I am a friend…one who wishes to keep his own talents unknown to anyone but friends in the "group"." Aric slides his legs into an Indian Style manner allowing Abby to finish her conversation.

Relief. Of course the lord put her in a safe place. But still. "I'll be here. Can't miss me, I'm covered in fire extinguisher. I'll see you when you come" Abby echoes into the phone before she hangs up, looking over to Aric as it's traded out for the mango iced tea and lifts it up in a toast almost.

"Hi" She offers. "I'm Abigail, Richards medic" Sheepish, cheeks still very red. "I'm really very sorry about your bathroom.

Aric smiles softly as he nods, "Hi…I'm Aric…Richard's telepath." He looks in the direction of the bathroom and then shrugs looking back at Abby, "I was thrilled on the trim I had in there anyways…gives me a reason to redo it. You just scared the hell out of me that is all." He laughs again and throws his head back leaning backward's on his hands he looks up at the ceiling, "You know how to make a hell of an entrance."

"I scared the heck out of myself. I didn't get water on myself fast enough, I shoulda just had you spray me down. Truly, I am so very sorry, and I will pay for the new trim and everything, really. I should have had better control over myself" THe tea is glanced at, looking away from Aric when it's realized the man is shirtless - because of her to boot - and focuses on the tea.

"Nahhh don't worry about the cost. I have a little extra money from this athame I sold. I purchased it years ago for a 10 bucks. When I found out it belonged to one of the first witches of Salem. This millionare purchased it for 15k. Yet your welcome to help me pick out the new stuff and design it." He smirks and says, "We can make it your special room…just do your best not to blow it up again."

Athame. Sold to someone cause it was owned by a salem witch. Now Abby takes the chance to actually look aroun

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