Please Make It Soon


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Scene Title Please Make It Soon
Synopsis Helena's request to Candy concerning her rescue.
Date October 17, 2009

Midtown Bunker

Beneath the melted glass and ash slagged crust of Midtown's firetorn but navigable fringes, an open span of fifty year old concrete bunker hunches out of sight and out of mind. Once abandoned, boxes of ancient crackers left to moulder and metal drummed water left to leak, the facility has found new life at the will of Emile Danko. Metal runged steps descend at an austere angle from a steel hatch hidden from prying eyes by the scrap melted to its exterior, the first empty room cold and cramped under a string of sickly yellow lights. From there it branches off, stunted into only a few blocky rooms north south east and west, some darker than others.

Cardboard boxes line a wall here, groundwater drips black through a cracked corner of the ceiling over there. Voices distorted by muffling humidity and an unreliable echo play damp off the walls, quiet despite their tendency to carry. It's hard to tell what this damp, subterranean environment might have been before the bomb, but telltale signs painted yellow and black marked with Fallout Shelter give an indication. This place was once a bank, a bank gutted by the bomb and looted by opportunists and now occupied by Humanis First, Emile Danko's fortress.

For the two in the vault, they probably don't know what time it is. Though, Helena might know that her shot is coming up, and indeed, the vault door opens for a moment to let a figure in before closing to just a tiny crack. Candy hesitates at the door, wondering if she can actually do this again. The hand not holding the syringe runs through her hair, a couple of seconds passing, before with a nod of her head Candy starts to walk towards the dimly lit figures in the vault. The hand that ran through her hair slipping into her pocket to keep it from shaking. When she gets nearer to the figures she asks in a soft voice that won't carry past the group, "I need you to answer a couple of questions." Her eyes are set on Helena, before they look back over her shoulder.

Helena is in fact expecting a dose, and she's curled up as tightly as she can be when Candy walks in. The room seems to become colder when the door cracks open, and as Candy offers her statement, Helena says just as softly (in the event that there's still someone listening), "I'm sure you need a lot of things. Like a conscience. Maybe a dose of humanity." But there is the very tiniest nod, a miniscule gesture that Candy should be able to catch, even in the dim light.

Wendy felt her coming. That beacon that lights up 50 feet out that only she can feel. Even in the fevered state that has her constantly shivering no matter how high helena cranks the tempurature. The side of her face seems to radiate it's own source of heat from her mangled ear. She didn't warn Helena though, more out of an inability to say anything really before the door was open.

Save that it wasn't Bill. It was someone else. Behind the sheet of greasy black hair, wendy watches Candy, twitching like a palsy victim. Morphine. Thats why the persons here. Morphine for Helena, always for Helena. She's long since stopped expecting that it'll be fore her. She remains curled up in her corner with her hands up and chained.

Candy looks at Helena before she says quietly, still wary of people listening. "What kind of beer do you drink, and did you ever think that you and Cat were going to fight over a man," her eyes studying Helena for her response. Even if Helena didn't mean the questions that she asked Candy, the young woman still flinches as if she was struck. She shakes her head a litte, trying to get the mask that she must present to Humanis First back on her face. Her eyes going over to Wendy, before they go back to Helena. She remembers Helena saying that Wendy needed the morphine more, and Candy is trying to think of a way to help. No matter how small.

Helena sniffs a little bit, shivering. "Red Stripe. I drink Red Stripe…and yes, actually. We were sort of rivals over a guy named Peter." She laughs suddenly, bitterly sad. Her eyes lift suddenyl to Candy's face, her expression intense. "So do you bastards know that my father's Evolved too? Projective empath. Wendy," she tilts her chin in Wendy's direction, "Can tell."

"She is too" Hoarse, halting. Barely audible. Toes curl, dirty from not being covered and from the room. "She's evolved" Wendy doesn't show her face yet.

Candy looks at Helena and nods her own head as she hears the answers. Her eyes look to Wendy, and then quickly switch back to Helena, wondering if the other woman can keep Wendy from saying that, again. Watching Helena shiver, she bites her lip a little knowing that she is unable to do anything that might allievate the other two women's discomfort for a moment. After a length of silence, Candy asks Helena, "If I don't give you your morphine, will you be able to control your power?" Then in a louder voice, she laughs and says, "Well, we will be sure to get him at some point as well." No, she hasn't been told that Bill is Helena's father, and its probably a good thing.

"She doesn't believe us." Helena says in an incredulous voice meant to be heard. Then, softer, "It keeps me dulled, pretty much. Just sleepy enough that the effort's too tiring."
"But they'll believe me… believe me if I s..say others are" There's a weak laugh from the brunette. "Precious. Give her her morphine and go away"

Candy looks at Wendy for a moment or two, before she looks back at Helena. "Earlier, you said she needed it more than you," Candy speaks softly, "I can split it between you both. I can't not give it to you. Not now." Her eyes looking at Helena while she waits what the other woman will say.
"I know how to act like I'm drugged." Helena suggests softly. "But I don't know if Wendy knows how to act like she isn't." She looks over at Wendy a moment. Outing their ally will make things go even further south so much more swiftly.

Candy bites her lip while she looks at the two women. "Can you," she asks Wendy. The other woman has been basically unconcious the last times she has arrived, and the faint hope that she would merely just slip back into unconciousness tickles at her brain. However, Candy hasn't gotten this deep under cover for going off hunches, or playing a hope. She won't do it if she can't be certain that the trickery will not be caught. Her eyes going to Helena while she stands there, knowing that the other woman should have an inkling of that.

"They'll know. You can't give me any. I'm a junkie. They'll know when they come in to dose her up again" All this from behind the curtain of hair. "You'll jsut reset the withdrawal cycle" Just prolong her agony. "Do what you have to do"

Helena furrows her brow. "Half the dose…?" she tries to plead. "You could just…squirt the rest behind me or something. They won't know." Half the dose means it's only a quarter - better for her, not just for her ability, but for the addiction she's going to be dealing with when she gets out of here.

Candy nods her head a little to Helena, "I can do that." She offers a soft smile, a little bit of comfort in a cold and comfortless place. Her eyes look at Helena before she softly says to the both of them, "I'm sorry." She looks down for a moment, before she suppresses the guilt that will plague her for the rest of her life. Taking a couple of steps behind Helena, she starts to squirt the liquid from the needle, leaving most of it on the ground she looks at Helena again, before closing her eyes. Taking a deep breath she leans forward to plunge the needle in and pull the plunger.

There's a whimper from wendy, seeing the clear liquid dribbled out of the syringe and to the floor. Instantly she regrets not saying yes, yes, give it to her, she'll pretend. But she knows that she couldn't been able to. Maybe not, and she turns her face away from the other two when Helena is being shot up by Candy.

Helena shifts so Candy can squirt the remainder behind her, and settles back into place, closing her eyes to affect the manner of gaining a dose, that need to close her eyes. "Do you know what they have planned for me?" She's fairly sure it's different than what they have planned for Wendy.

Candy shakes her head while she stands there, "Just conjecture at this point," she answers quietly. Her eyes watching Helena before adding, "They've stock-piled explosives. We think they may want to destroy a city block and blame it on you." Her eyes search Helena's, before she takes a breath and then says softly, "I need to leave, before they think something is wrong. We'll get you out of here, though."

"Soon." Helena mumbles, her eyes still closed. It's the first time thus far that she's allowed to show her fear, her real fear, of being stuck here in this place. "Please make it soon."

"I'll try," Candace says, staying there for a couple of moments longer as she reasserts the mask that she wears when around other Humanis First members. Finally, after a moment of silence she adds, "I'll make sure you get clean… when we rescue you. Before you have to go outside again." She offers a small smile, hoping that perhaps the knowledge of that comfort might help Helena. Nodding her head again, she turns to head out of the vault, closing the door behind her.

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