Please Say You Re Kidding


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Scene Title Please Say You Re Kidding
Synopsis Kaylee learns something about her family and she's not exactly jumping for joy. (Paused?)
Date September 03, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

As the head of the company that's in negotiations for the contract to provide Gun Hill with security, it's not that unusual that Richard Cardinal would stop by the building to check things out and examine the general layout of the place.

And if he should stop by to visit an old acquaintance, well, there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Dressed in casual street clothes, a t-shirt and jeans, Cardinal's knuckles rap on the door where Kaylee lives in a three-knock beat.

There is the sound of nails on the door and the barking of the dog inside, it's short followed by a "Missy! Down." The last word closer then the last, followed by the sound of a lock. There is a pause and Cardinal, might feel a touch of pressure, before that last the last lock clicks and the door opens. "Sorry." She offers right off the bat, as she opens the door.

The blonde puppy, Missy is already at his feet, snuffling with interest. A vaguely familiar smell.

"Precautions…" There is a smile for the shadow man, before she give a jerk of her head, blond hair swinging in it's pony tail. Stepping out from behind the door and opening it wider for him, he can see that she's wearing a simple pair of jeans and a dark blue tank top, "Come on in, if you want." Her tone cheerful enough. "What brings you down this way?" A brow arching out of curiosity.

"Would you believe that you may have won one million dollars?" A wry quip from Cardinal as he moves to step along inside with careful, shuffling steps to make sure the puppy doesn't get trod upon - and once he's inside fully, he drops down to a crouch, reaching a hand to let Missy smell his fingers.

A glance up to her, one brow lifting over the edge of his shades, "I'm not interrupting anything, I hope? Lynette wants my company to set up security, so I figured while I was here I'd stop by to cover a few things."

"Mmm.. and I have a bridge to sell you." Kaylee counters with a chuckle, moving to shut the door behind him. "And no… not really interrupting much. Just some homework." Her nose wrinkles a bit, with a smile. Moving further into the apartment, reveals something new, the handgun tucked at the small of her back. "Can I get you anything? Water, tea?

"So the super is upping security?" The question is asked nonchalantly, Kaylee pauses on the edge of the kitchen turning back. "Did… she say why?"

"What, nothing caffeinated? I'll take some water," Cardinal says, ruffling Missy's ears finally and pushing himself up to his feet to follow her in, "Oh, well, on November 8th she has a date with you and Joseph trying to smuggle people out of here while they batter down the doors, so she figured she should make sure they're hard to batter down, I guess."

So casual, that.

Brows lift a little at him, her expression guarded. "She does?" Eyes flicker down for a moment, before she moves into the kitchen, to the fridge. It's pulled open as she asks after a moment, "Kids? Were we smuggling out kids?" A bottle is plucked from a shelf and offers to the man. "Cause, I met someone that says it was kids."

Seems there is more of that bit of a puzzle out there, "I was dying, from a gun wound. The man carrying me was going on about how I was shot trying to protect children." Kaylee gives him a tight lipped smile, but it seems to ease a little. "Maybe it won't happen, if she's calling in the experts to up the security."

"I don't plan to let any of it happen," Cardinal says with a tight shake of his head, stepping over to reach out for the bottle as he regards her seriously, "Just in case, though, you might want to pick up a bulletproof vest for that day. Just saying."

The cap of the bottle is twisted off, and he leans against the kitchen entrance, tilting the bottle back to take a swig from it. "So," he says quietly, "I found your brother. You're not gonna like it, though."

It's one of those comical moments, Kaylee just stands there and stares for a long moment before a What?!? hits him mentally, before she vocalizes it, "What? My brother?" Her mouth opens to say something, then shuts. Fingers tap lightly on the door of the fridge, before shutting it with a flick of her wrist. "I'm almost afraid to ask."

Hands move to settle on her hips, "Who?"

"You aren't going to like it." Cardinal repeats the words with a bit more stress on them as if to make sure she understands that part, the bottle's cap twisted back on the bottle and the top rapped against his forehead.

"…Mortimer Jack."

Eyes narrow slightly as that tidbit sinks in. "Please telling me your kidding, that this is just some cruel joke." Kaylee's words are flat, obviously not finding any humor in the moment.

"Cause… I don't care what Ray says. I've been in that man's head." Oh… now she seems angry. "I will not do whatever he asks me to do. I've be out of my ever loving mind to listen to him." Kaylee has to remind herself to keep her voice down. Cheeks flush a bit and she looks a touch embarrassed. "Sorry," she murmurs.

"I wish I was," Cardinal's eyes roll behind his shades, "I'm not, though."

The bottle's gestured back to her, "I didn't tell him, and I'd suggest that you don't either. He's a dangerous fucking lunatic. He's shacked up with the Institute now, too."

"God…" There is a heavy sigh, hands rub over her face and she sighs. "Yeah… I don't think I should go near him, either. Last thing I need is anyone knowing about him and his affiliations. God knows some of them wanted to kick me out for dating Peter and having dinner with his mom." There is a weariness to her words, stepping away from the refrigerator, to pad into the living room on bare feet. Turning she drops onto the couch. "How did you find out?"

"Apparently, the Institute told him what his name was… but refused to tell him anything about his father, so he came to me," Cardinal says with a derisive snort of breath, "Fucking lunatic that he is, I don't want anything to do with him. Calling himself Warren Ray these days, and it looks like Mortimer's the primary personality now, joy of joys…"

He walks into the living room with a slow shake of his head, "I'll be happy when someone puts a bullet in his head."

There is a heavy sigh from the telepath as her eyes drop to watch Missy crawl up on the couch to settle as much as she can on Kaylee's lap. "Wonderful." She grumbles softly. "What was Ray thinking?"

She gives it a flick away with her hand. "Well.. my sister is still out there… knowing my luck.." Kaylee trails off, fingers moving to rub her eyes. "Have you heard anything on a Sullivan? I finally met Hiro Nakamura the other day, and in all honesty, he doesn't seem all that bad." The hand drops too bury fingers into thick puppy. "Not sure what to think, when he says not to trust Hiro and that Sullivan is my only hope to save my sister." Her tone is flat from displeasure, nothing like having that little bubble of hope popped.

"The only one I know of is dead…" Cardinal shakes his head as he steps along to stand beside the couch, frowning slightly, "Hiro's always seemed pretty… alright to me. Of course, he once sent me a message stating there were more than one of him. Which given he's a time traveller's entirely possible…"

"This one came to me asking for my help." Kaylee says glancing up from Missy. "Took me back to Germany in 1945 to block a man's memories for a mistake that Hiro made, when it pulled three woman back into time." She shakes her head a bit. "Never really got an explanation as to why."

Slim shoulder lift a little and then fall, "Did what he asked, he brought a vial of black stuff. Same stuff they used on Joseph and Gillian." Kaylee remembers that memory clearly, since she spent so much time piecing it together. Brows lift a little as she says, "Amazing stuff. It felt like what I did to block his memories was going to stay… like… permentantly."

At that, Cardinal's brow furrows. "I… shit." He shakes his head, grimacing, "As much as I really want to ask, I can't afford to add still more - variables. If you see him again, tell me I'd love his help in building a better time map, I don't understand it as well as him and Ray did."

He gestures over towards her with the water bottle, "Careful with the Amp. We don't know what its long term effects are, and it uses Refrain as a base."

"Yeah I know. Joseph seemed worried too, but so far, so good." Kaylee says with a small smile. "It was just the once and I doubt I'll be seeing him again. If I do see him, I'll make sure to pass the message."

A glances goes to the door, brows furrowing a little. "I'm… actually glad Lynette is getting something done… While I was gone, Joseph said that he saw a man at my door and had to shoo him away… for whatever reason. Told him the apartment was his." Brows furrow. "Seems… odd that it happened then, when at the same time I was back in 1945."

Blue eyes travel over to Cardinal. "You said there are possibly two Hiro's?" She asks curiously, with a little thoughtful tilt of her head. "That might explain…" Sitting up, Kaylee displaces the puppy so she can lean forward and rest elbows on her knees. "When we were there, he said there was another time manipulator there. Whoever it was, brought an assassin, a one eyed woman, who was hell bent on killing Hiro."

That might explain the gun really, "I haven't slept well since getting back. It wasn't a simple jaunt in the woods." Kaylee has a distinct lack of her normal amusement "I almost didn't come back. The assassin shot me up pretty good, but luckily the guy who's mind I was fixing was a healer." Her arms fold as she straightens. "Though… I prefer modern medicine to having bullets dug out with a pocket knife, with no pain killers." There is a visible shudder from it. Despite the talk of being shot, from what he he'd be able to tell with her in that tank top is there are no scars.

"A one eyed woman…" Carinal's fingers skim to the side of his neck and rub there in a rueful slide, his forehead lining in thought, "…Christ. As if I don't have enough trouble figuring out the events in one timeline at a time, you know?"

He grimaces then at the news, "Well, I'm glad you're back, at least. And glad you get to a healer."

"Thanks. You and me both." Kaylee says with a bit more a smile, sarcasm touching her words. "It's… been an adventure, that for sure." She studies the shadow man thoughtfully. "Well, if anything… I wouldn't worry about anything, but our timeline, really." The telepath speaking matter of factly. "At least for now. It was one incident at this point… though this time traveler and that assassin is a bit worrisome.

"But I think til they pop up again, you can relax, huh?" She gives him a smile, with her suggestion, brows lifting a bit. "Cause you look… worn thin. Business that busy? I missed the raid, thanks to getting shot up in Canada."

"I have enough of a headache with this one," admits Cardinal, twisting the cap off the bottle and shaking his head slowly, "Time travellers… Christ. We had enough issues with the other ones…" A swallow of water, and he closes his eyes, twisting the cap back on.

"Mnm. Yeah. You can… say that. Speaking of business," his eyes open again behind the shades, "I need a favor, if you can spare it."

"Depends on what it is." Kaylee comments cautiously, brows twitching down ever so slightly. "I… just have to keep the network in mind, with the type of trouble, I've been getting into… I need to watch my footing some. " Leaning back on the couch again, she props her bare feet on the coffee table, crossing her ankles. "But, either way, what can I do for you?"

"it's no trouble, actually," Cardinal says with a wry smile, "There's a telepath I know, he, uh, needs someone to give him a hand with getting a handle on his powers. He's picking up stray thoughts all over the place and his idea of 'mind reading' is pretty expansive."

"Not even I can block out all thoughts." Kaylee admits a bit ruefully. "Like Colette… my god, that girls screams." That last finally said with a shake of her head. "If the emotions and all are strong enough, your gonna hear it. It's… complicated. It's… " There is a thoughtful moment and her brows lift, "It's like being in a crowded room. And someone shouts to another person. You were not trying to hear it, but still caught it.

"But, yeah I can try, but every time I've tried to deal with a telepath it's like sticking a mic near a speaker." There is a grimace at the mere thought of it. "Peter told me it's like that with telepath's I guess." Brows lift a bit and she shrugs a little. "That it didn't stop Maury from messing with my head. But… damn he was powerful."

"If nothing else," Cardinal suggests with a slow shake of his head, hands spreading a little, "You can maybe give him some advice? I mean, I sure as hell don't know what to tell him. If he was a 'morph of some sort, maybe I could help, but telepathy's a whole 'nother ball game…"

"Yeah that's no problem." With a grins, Kaylee nods in agreement. "I'll at least talk to him, see what's up. I had Huruma for some of mine and Adam taught me how to hold a poker face while being subtle." Cardina, gets a brief flash of a smile. "Maybe we can get him some manners learned as well. Nobody likes a peeping telepath."

"He can't help it," Cardinal shakes his head, grinning a bit, "So I figured you might be able to… uh, let me get you his number." He digs through his pockets, coming up with an old receipt and setting it against the wall to scribble on, "Name's Aric, runs a place called the Blue Moon?"

"I went through the same phase… though that part of it, I think came after I made the someone drown themselves." Kaylee looks a little thoughtful and shrugs, pushing hands against her legs and to her feet. "Blue Moon?" She asks curious… Then her brows lift suddenly. "Oh.. hey. Ichihara's is open again. Corbin sold the place to a woman named Lydia. Those cards of her? Scary accurate… or seem like it.

"Anyhow, I'm working there again, Corbin put in a good word." Stepping around the coffee, Kaylee moves closer to where he's writing. Head tilting to see the number. "She's also setting up a tattoo shop as well, I plan to try and be her first one, when she's ready."

"Lydia?" The scrap's offered over, Cardinal's brow furrowing in a bemused motion, "…tattooed woman— shit, I met her. Peyton knows her, called her over during a— during dinner, sometime."

"Yup, owns the shop." Kaylee comments brightly, taking the scrap from him, turning it so she can eye the number. "Spent the last couple of weeks, minus the one time traveling, trying to organize that mess Hokuto left.

" I like Lydia. I dunno, something about her, she's just easy to talk to." The bit of paper is tucked into Kaylee's pocket for later reference. "She reminds me of you when it comes to technology" Giving him a teasing look, grinning a little brighter then she has been. "Pulled out the laptop Corbin left and she looked like you did that day we met on Staten. Dazed ad confused."

Brows lift as she asks, "You still computer shy?"


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