Police Cadet Varlane?


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Scene Title Police Cadet Varlane?
Synopsis Carrie sits Magnes down to talk about his training schedule: Police academy, college classes and… a strip club?!?
Date June 29, 2009

Mess Hall - Fort Hero

There is a ding at the elevator and the doors slide open, letting Carrie step out. A folder tucked under her arm, the woman looks rather satisfied as her boot heels click on the linoleum. She's dressed in a white button up shirt, jeans and heels boots. Dressed as she is it looks like she might have just come from a meeting. Pulling out her cellphone she click a button and puts it to her ear. "Magnes.. I want you at the mess hall…. bring a pen." She doesn't wait for an answer, she just hangs up and heads into the room that makes up the temporary mess hall for all meals.

Grabbing a tray with a salad and a soda, she moves off to a corner of the room, where they may not be too bothered. Setting the file next to her, she starts prepping her salad while she waits for the kids arrival.

Arriving in a dark red buttoned up long-sleeve shirt, some neatly fitting blue jeans, and a pair of black sneakers, Magnes have a bit of a confused expression. There's also an air of dread, because, well, why so urgent? But he makes his way over, sitting across from her, then just stares. "So uh, I'm here…"

Carrie doesn't say anything at first, eying him with a small smirk. Spearing a few chunks of lettuce on a fork she gives him a once over. "Looking good Maggie boy. Hot date tonight?" She teases lightly before taking the bite.

"Not likely." Magnes tilts his head, giving her one of those Cathy Lane 'wtf's gotten into you' looks. "Uh, am I missing something? Can you tell me why you called me here so my stomach can unknot?"

"Relax.. it's not so bad. Don't worry, we're not gonna strip you naked and toss you out the door." Grinning, Carrie puts down her fork and pats the file next to her. "I just got out of a meeting about your future Varlane." She flips out the file and it looks like there is applications and such in side. "After our little talk in the woods, I've decided to take a personal interest in your training. How badly do you want to work for the company?" She asks seriously as she flips through the papers.

"Well uh, considering the alternatives are jail or being hunted by the Japanese government, I think I wanna work for the Company pretty badly." Magnes says with a light chuckle, though his tone quickly shifts, nodding seriously. "I don't know, really, I'm coming to see it as not such a secret illuminati or something, and I've made more progress with my ability than I have in all the years I've had it. I still wanna give this place a chance, and I'm willing to put my all into it, as long as nothing conflicts with my ethics."

Slapping the stack of papers, Carrie grins. "Great! I'm glad to hear it. Cause I am putting my ass on the line here." She gives him a significant look. "Okay, chief… here's the plan. The company at the moment is not well equipped to do a lot of the training.." She looks at the paper work spread out before her. "You.. as of this Wednesday will be a cadet in the New York Police Academy." She flips a paper around and slide it over to him. It's an application for the academy. "I will be working as an assistant to the instructors to keep an eye on you, but.. This is an accelerated course.. but.. the purpose of me doing this to you is.. You will be learning, teamwork.. discipline and how to do stuff without the assistance of your ability. An added bonus is that you'll learn investigative skills." She holds up a hand quickly to adds, "I won't be suppressing your ability, as long as you promise to work out and not cheat." She gives him a moment to let's that sink in.

"I, uh, police academy?" Magnes pauses for a moment, letting that sink in. "I'm guessing it's nothing like the movie, but, alright. Um, am I even old enough to be a cop? And am I gonna be like, 'on the beat'?" he wonders, not sure where his post-cop career will go. "And how long is 'accelerated'? Oh, and do I get a badge and everything?"

"This will give you options on the outside, but right now it's going to help you be a better Company man." Carrie reaches over and pats the paper in front of him. "I figure this will be a lot less stressful.. I figured basic military training would be too much and doesn't cover enough. But the police academy will be just as rigorous.. There will be work outs.. classwork.. and training." She give him a smirk. "I've done both types.. so believe me when I say the academy is the better choice. And it's about six to ten weeks long. The Company is just another type of law enforcement agency."

"I have a few more questions." Magnes doesn't sign yet, he wants to make sure he knows everything. "Do I have to like, live at the academy, like in the movies, or do I get to go out and see my friends? And uh, am I still on probation? Also, is the Company still gonna be giving me training with my powers? I think I've got a good grasp of most of them, at least to the point that they just don't randomly happen, but I still don't have refined control. And, uh, do I still get my Company salary? I think that's all."

"You will continue living here.. and like I said. I'll be there too. They want an eye kept on you, and I will be making sure you don't cheat." She gives him a wink. "You will be still getting training with your powers here. On top of the gun training there.. we will be doing it here as well." She chuckles and rests her elbow on the table, putting her chin on her hand. "And you will be getting paid just as much." She gives him a serious look. "I can't even begin to explain how important your co-operation is." Her hand drops away from her chin. "I have to get you ready for field work by time the Company is back into operation status. And I imagine you don't want to be stuck here all the time."

"I wouldn't cheat, if I cheated I wouldn't get anywhere." Magnes says as if it were simply a matter of fact, then starts signing the paper. "I'm gonna say right now, I'm still anti-registration, but I see this as a sacrifice I have to make, which is the only reason I'm gonna register. It doesn't mean my mind's changed."

There is a soft sigh from the woman. "Well, we all have to make sacrifices in this business." Carrie looks at the paperwork in front of her and flips another paper around and sets it in front of him. I've got authorization for you to start taking on line courses with the university. Make sure you take some law enforcement courses. Stuff that will work with the job we will be doing as agents. You might want to start with a couple of general education ones too." Sitting back in her chair, she crosses her legs and folds her hands in her lap. "I won't lie. You will be tired and exhausted. It's not easy work. But.." She puts a hand on her chest. "I will be right there with you through it all. I want to see you succeed. Your a good guy, and pretty damn smart too." Motioning to the paperwork she explains, "Those two items will make you a better agent, I feel it in my gut. I won't lie that there are many that want to see you suppressed and locked away. No matter my feelings for evolved.. I don't want that for you."

"I'll think about what kind of courses I wanna do, for the general education ones. I already have some experience doing college work, my parents weren't fans of how slow the education system goes." Magnes continues signing paperwork, nodding at her every word. "I won't let you down, I promise, and I never break a promise."

Sliding her chair back Carrie, climbs to her feet. "Good. Like I said.. I put myself on a limb for you, Maggie boy." She moves around the table and drops the rest of the paperwork in front of him. "There is course catalog in here.. Some more academy paperwork.. The Company is working the details, they pan to keep your ability out of it all, that's part of the reason for the no cheating." A hand move to grip the young man's shoulder. "Just remember I'm here for you.. and your not going to be alone." She pats his shoulder and starts to move away and then she pauses. "Oh.. and Saturday, we're going to a strip club." She gives a wave of her hand like it's no big deal, even though she watches his reaction.

"I, uh, what?" The paperwork is forgotten, Magnes is sorta gaping at 'strip club'. "I mean, it sounds nice and all, but I uh, guess I wanted my first real live naked woman to be someone I know, y'know?" he asks, cheeks flushed as he stares down at his paperwork. "It does sound nice, but I don't know…"

Leaning over his shoulder Carrie whispers. "No.. no.. We're doing this buddy boy." She tilts her head to the side, so that she can look at him and grin. "We're going to make you a company man.. that means getting over this.." She reaches around to pat his flushed cheek. "It won't spoil the first time you see that special girl naked, trust me.. but it'll help you think with this." There is a tap at his temple.. "Not with your crotch."

"I don't know." Magnes awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, looking up at her. "Can't you just get naked and then we can go watch a movie or something? " he blurts out before promptly staring down at the table again.

The young man gets an amused smirk from Carrie, "Your cute, but no, Varlane." Patting his shoulders, she straightens. "This isn't Billy Madison.. I'm not gonna strip to help you study." Moving to tap the paperwork in front of him. "Get this filled out and to Len's secretary. I got my own set to do since I'll be working there." Reaching up she ruffles his and gives him an affectionate smile. "We'll discuss the strip club more later."

"Alright." Magnes smiles, because despite the strip club, Carrie is a pretty cool person! He just spends the next few minutes happily filling out paperwork, not thinking about Carrie naked at all.

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