Police Comissioner Murdered
Date April 30, 2010
Relevant Logs Dirty Little Secrets

MANHATTAN — The NYPD released a statement this morning that the body of Police Commissioner Karen Lau was found in her office at 1 Police Plaza in downtown Manhattan early this morning. Lau, whom had been working late nights since the blizzard crisis began in February frequently stayed at her office overnight on busy shifts.

It is indicated by sources within the NYPD that Lau's death is being ruled as a homicide, and that a special Homeland Security task force has already been assigned to cover the commissioner's death. However, details regarding how the commissioner was found or the manner in which she may have died have not been made available.

Authorities have stated that they have a suspect and they are working around the clock in order to ensure his capture and the safety of the people of New York City.

In the wake of Commissioner Lau's death, First Deputy Commissioner Samuel Irons has been appointed acting Commissioner until an official appointment by Mayor Lockheart can be made.

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