Police Fear Still Another Serial Killer

Police Fear (still another) Serial Killer Active in Manhattan Two days after a prostitute was found dead two blocks from the Chelsea street corner she was last seen on, investigators with the NYPD are saying that her murder might have been the work of a serial killer.

According to the department, Natalie Jenkins's injuries are consistent with those discovered in at least three other homicides committed in the last month, including partial disembowelment, vivisection, and in the case of a homeless man discovered March third, decapitation.

"What we're seeing here," said Det. Chris Molina, "appears to have an almost experimental quality to it, if it isn't too crass to say so. This guy (or lady, don't get me wrong) is learning as he goes."

Although Molina refused to speculate on how long Natalie might have lived before succumbing to her injuries, a uniformed officer guessed "roughly" that the ordeal might have lasted as long as an hour until her ribs were cracked open to expose the interior of her chest cavity, probably with a pair of lopping sheers discovered at the scene. Initial tests to determine whether or not Natalie was drugged at the time were inconclusive.

Police are advising New Yorkers to keep their houses locked up to stay off the streets at night, especially in areas where the population density is low enough that cries for help may not easily be heard.

"There are a lot've crazy people out there lately," said Molina. "We gotta look out for each other. Watching our own backs probably wouldn't hurt either."

No suspects have been named at this point in time.

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